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Thomas Powers ICU


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Alright y’all I had someone ask me earlier today if I’d talked with Thomas recently and I said no but I’d call him this evening,

im glad I did…

I just got off the phone with him an his wife,

he’s in the icu at a hospital in Albuquerque,

the doctors found and removed a brain tumor from him on Monday 

6cm x 2.5 cm in size, 

he’s hungry, drugged up, has a bunch of tubes sticking out of him and only recently have they removed the restraints on him

there is no eta yet on when he will be allowed to get up an walk around or when he will be allowed to go home for that matter, 

so far the post operation is going well

he sounded good to me on the phone he was a little bit forgetful

he said he’d love to have a juicy BBQ steak soft enough to cut with a fork, and that he will log on as soon as he’s allowed to come home and tell all y’all about his ordeal,

im gonna call them back regularly to get updates, so y’all can stay posted,

If y’all don’t mind keep him an his wife in y'alls thoughts while their hold up in the hospital during this rough time, 




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I just got off the phone with Thomas and he's seriously wanting some hot and sour soup to help clear his sinuses. He sounds drugged up but aware and making sense. His surgeon hasn't talked to him at all so there's not much to say about a prognosis other than to say he's in pretty good condition now and Mrs. Powers is making sure the hospital staff are doing a proper job. 

His Daughter the vet is bringing him the largest cone of shame they have at the clinic so he'll stay out of trouble. I'm hoping a picture gets posted.

That's all I have for now, other than he needs to sweep his chimney before they can build a wood fire for winter heat, he said so several times. :rolleyes: Anybody on the forum near his place wants to give him a surprise I'm sure a warm place would be a big help. Coordinate with the Powers, I don't mean a wood stove full of :o creosote SURPRISE!! THAT'S a bit much and if he finds out who suggested it. . . <gulp>

Keep him and his in your thoughts and prayers.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Wow, I'm really glad that I asked Billy about Thomas.  He and his wife will be in our thoughts and prayers.  

Billy, do you happen to know what hospital he is in and his room #?  I'd like to send a card or other greeting.

I'm assuming that his friends in the NM Blacksmith Assn. know about this.  They are better located to physically help.


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8 minutes ago, George N. M. said:

do you happen to know what hospital he is in and his room #?  I'd like to send a card or other greeting.

Its the prespetyrian hospital there in Albuquerque 

he told me but I can’t remember what room number, I was kinda shocked at the conversation an forgot to write everything down 

I’ll let you know when I call him back

im not sure if his local guild knows yet,

I met some of his students when they all stopped in at my shop in September but I don’t have any of their phone numbers,

 I think some of his local friends are IFI members so hopefully they see this thread an can spread the word there if they don’t know already know,



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I remember when they removed my tumor they lost me for about 20 minutes due to an allergic reaction to the anesthetic.  It was benign and about 2cm x 7cm glad its gone, but mine was on the outside of my skull. so easy to remove.  I am glad they found that bugger in Thomas in time

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Howdy everyone,

I just got off the phone with Thomas a minute ago,

he told me to tell everyone that the rumor of an estate sale is untrue so don’t be snoopin round his stuff!!

 He said they are weaning him off some of the drugs,

they are feeding him but it’s 50/50 on weather it’s actually edible or not,


he told me to tell you that he doesn’t approve of your method of time off work

to everyone else he said he will be back online as soon as he gets home and is able,

I called the hospital a couple days ago for the mailing address and the receptionist didn’t even know he was there, so don’t bother with those people,

any mail y’all want to send him, send to his home address, his wife is bouncing back an forth between the house an hospital so he can receive it that way,

over all he sounded in good spirits!

he gave me a verbal lesson on gold extraction on patios that confused me!

so I think he’s gonna be okay! Bahahaha! 

I’ll keep y’all posted with any further news!

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