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    Historical Recreation, Pattern Welding, Knife making, Armour Making, Jewelry Work, Chase and Repose, Enameling, Learning new things, maintaining a high project count and learning how to complete projects rather then start new ones.

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  1. Here is some video of the service. I am not sure if it is better or worse audio then the facebook livestream. The batter did fail at one point so it is not the complete service. The link will start at the hammer ringing about 38 min into the service. I would recomend going back to hear the speakers. I will own up to missing my strike. Leave it to Thomas to make sure to give me another lesson. The anvil we used was the one he made. He had a delightful story about twisting it. Any way. I had known it could ring differently and I tries to get artistic instead of just hitting it and well I messed up. A good lesson to stay focused even in a high pressure situation. Thom Student to Thomas, may his lessons always push and guide me.
  2. Part 2 of the New Mexico Artists Blacksmith Association (NMABA) meeting on 4/1/2023. Gathering at Pep Gomez's shop in Las Cruses NM. We were treated to a demonstration on pattern welding. He covered everything from material selection and preparation, to welding and pattern development while answering questions which led to some unique rabbit trails. This video is a collection of multiple short videos I took during the demonstration on one of the cameras I had going. I hope to eventually make a better or multiple videos but for now here is a good portion of what I collected.
  3. We did a bloomery years ago. I was still in college so around 10 years ago? We used scale from his shop, black sand he collected from the arroyo near by, and some material he sourced (he might have spent $). We ran it out in his yard using mud etc. I have pictures of it from it on a goggle drive etc. (I should see if I can share a link to that somewhere for people that are interested.) We ran it all day and most of the night. We even cooked dinner (polish sausage) over it. Any way. The 3rd member of our team was going to study the bloom and get it back to us. To my knowledge we didn't get it back. So the best of the material was lost. There is still some of it in the shop but we didn't go back to consolidate it. We had plans to try and build a better bloomery, based off of a section in the Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity, because it was supposed to be reusable. But it hasn't happened yet. Thom, Student of Thomas, Why are we doing it that way? So we can say we did it that way....
  4. Finally got this video out. It could probably use more polish but I am going to put more effort into the second video of the day, where he demonstrated forge welding at his shop. This video is from a New Mexico Artist Blacksmith Association (NMABA) Demo at the Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruses NM on 4/1/2023. Pep Gomez demonstrated how to forge a Miner's Candle Stick holder (based off of Mark Asprey's work) out of one piece of steel, using minimum hand tools and a small propane forge.
  5. Yep, black tunic, yellow pants, with red hood. Thom Student of Thomas, he trained me to lift heavy things not be fashionable. (It better not melt)
  6. 5 anvils on site. 3 he made, including the one that we rang in his honor during the services. All three of them were different sledge hammer heads and then they got steel legs. One with a twist. I think there were twice as many hammers. A few of his projects, his laurel stone of damacles and his hat. Thom Student of Thomas, may he get away with researching infernal pitchfork design because he will try.
  7. I am sorry if this linking breaks any rules. Jo Ann says they are planning to stream the service. A link should be on the churches website. https://www.epiphany-net.org/ It points to their facebook page but it is something. The service is supposed to be at 1030 am (local New Mexico time) tomorrow 7/5. Thom. Student of Thomas, may he find a way to pass on how they decorated the pearly gates without dropping off a sample.
  8. Finally stringing some words together. It ant easy. Thank you all for sharing and checking in. Home from battlemoor. I made an announcement I never wanted to make but one that had to be made. I did my best to tell people in person, at this point I guess I let the web do the rest of the work. A laurel leaf has fallen. Watch out it is heavy. One of my best friends has decided it was time to ascend and learn what metal made the best halos, how the pearly gates were assembles, how valkery armor is made and may the secret to infernal pitchforks. Thomas Powers. The man that helped forge me into the man I am passed last Saturday. I still can not find words. I will have more information as I can collect and deliver it. I thank everyone that shared stories of him with me. Thank you for honoring his memory in story, drink can comradery. In his time, he had traveled the known world, working the bloomery crew and forging at Pensic. Adding his anvils Ring to the din and noise at Estrella, Grand Outlandish and even Survived the winds of Battlemoore 1, 2, and beyond, no surprise he always had Outlandishly long tent stakes at hand. I helped him run classes in Narune, Citadel, al-Barran and of course Saint Golias. (His time back east in Pennsylvania and traveling up and down New Mexico, Colorado, and into Arizona for SCA events where he would teach and demonstrate all day long.)(some of the events were very windy so he had 1/2-3/4 stock he would make into 12"+ tent stakes to help hold down the big tents) If you wanted to talk metal, you needed to escape before he got you to listen to the spark of divine madness he would instill in you. Batu Mongo, Student to Master Wilelm the Smith - May the sparks from his forge light the passion of a thousand smiths. Image is a pin I made him to celebrate an anniversary. Enameled copper.
  9. Just got back from an SCA event, made an announcement about Thomas at one of the courts. I will see if there is a record. Any way I got this notification on my way back. Sad news: The College of Saint Golias lost our beloved blacksmith last Saturday. The services for Master Wilelm the Smith, MLA Thomas Powers, will be held at the Episcopal Church across from New Mexico Tech in Socorro on Wednesday, 5 July at 10:30 am. Please pass on this information to others who knew him. The pictures are one of his banners and his laurel stone. Instead of a fancy scroll they carved a stone. It was his scroll of damacles because when he got it they held it over his head. Thom, student of Thomas, do you think he has figured out what they make halos out of yet?
  10. If you have pictures or know where I can get one please let me know. Thom Student to Thomas - May the gates of heaven be well secured, not because he would break out, but he might do destructive testing on the iron work.
  11. To big for a bracelet, to small for an armband on me, and the original plan to make it a penanular style brooch will not work with this current shape. If I added a pin it would slide off the ends. But, as I thought of rebending things, without annealing, I heard a voice telling me stop before I made an irreversible mistake. Like the last one, that I almost ripped in half. That is enough for me. I swung hammer, I moved metal, the anvil rung, even burned some propane. That is enough for now. Words fail me. I am sure they will return. For now I make this statement. The work will continue. The lessons will keep coming (notice where I damages the piece trying to twist it with the wrong tools and technique, again.) I will keep to the path and improve. The road goes ever onward. Thom Student to Thomas May he always be kind of enough to laugh before I make a mistake, so I have time to stop, and laugh nervously.
  12. Thank you. JHCC. James just confirmed the information for me. Thom. Student to Thomas. May the gates of heaven live up to his scrutiny and standards.
  13. What a difference a week can make. As a general update, Thomas is doing much better. He is able to carry on most conversations. He is able to take calls if anyone wants to check in with him. I was told that by the end of the weekend he was making short walks, so he is out of bed and starting to move about. I don't think they have sorted out how to get the internet really working out there so don't expect him be posting to soon. He was usually checking in when they visited town to run errands and I don't think he is that mobile yet. Thom Student of Thomas, may the forge always welcome him.
  14. Monday Morning Update, He has improved a lot since things kicked off late last week. When I saw him on Friday he was trying to keep up with conversation and was capped at about 2-3 words. I was told, on Saturday he tried to stand up. He was going to convince everyone he was perfectly fine and they could stop over reacting. When that didn't work out he went back to the drawing board. Although his legs were not up to the task he was getting back into his stubborn self and was ready to be up and doing things. From what I was told he didn't remember the last couple of days. I should note that the minions kind of expected some of this. When his sugars get that high he usually suffers from some memory loss, kind of like being really really drunk. James told me to be weary of Darling Doctor Dana (Thomas's veterinary daughter) I guess he was not aware of her power. I went to college with her and knowing her lineage so I never doubted the fire that burns in her. He was surprised when she laid down the law, starred down Thomas, and told him he needed to rest. Thomas could be a powerful curmudgeon, capable of sending minions scurrying but against a daughter protecting her family, he lost. It is good to know that he is in good care, even if she has to threaten him with the cone of shame. He had the whole family there, his mother, two of his daughters, some of the grand kids, a minion, and his loving wife. I think that did more for him then anything else. When I visited on Sunday he was keeping up with most of the conversations and adding in bits and pieces. He wasn't up for leading a discussion but he was adding in a few words at a time etc. He also asked for a bacon cheeseburger with light green chili. First time I had seen him eat or ask for food since all of this started. They are still working on getting his sugars and everything back in order but it is a lot better than earlier. After a full meal he followed along with most of the conversation but eventually drifted off to sleep. I am sure he needs his rest. I will not lie, I was a mess late last week and most of us were preparing for the worst. Some still are but as someone that knows him put it, he is a stubborn man and he is going to make death work for it. Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes and ringing the anvil for my friend. I will try to do my part and keep you up to date. Thom Student of Thomas May he remember to nap early and often, because studies* show it is good for him, and his minions. * there is no need to look up those studies, really, they are honestly there, and not some minion sponsored propaganda.
  15. As an update. My master has returned home. They have set up his oxygen system and he sounds better (less of a rattling cough) and he is answering in longer sentences. On a side note does anyone know: (in jest) 1- the minimum safe distance a forge should be from the oxygen machine/extra tanks? 2- how best to hook up any spare oxygen tank to a forge for high efficiency. Thomas just gave me a look when I suggested it. Thom Student of Thomas May his forge always light on the first match.
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