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  1. ThomasPowers

    Should I buy this old anvil?

    I once spent a summer posting from Germany, (installation business trip), while my account was my OSU, (THE Ohio State University), student account---I wasn't even on the same continent as where I "appeared" to be. (Some may remember: "On the internet nobody knows you are a dog")
  2. ThomasPowers

    Pit method charcoal making

    Note that some things don't scale well. For example smaller heaps have a greater surface to volume ratio and so lose more heat in the process and so may not work as well. When I use charcoal I like to make it and use it as I go along---I have a raised firepit I build a fire in and I built a shovel out of gravel screen so I can scoop up the hot coals and shake out the ash and small bits and transfer the good stuff to my fire.
  3. ThomasPowers

    Should I buy this old anvil?

    Weak correlation: I have milk crates saying Ohio and Arkansas and am a long day's drive on the Interstate to get to the closer one.
  4. ThomasPowers

    Forged In Fire Tests

    Very seldom is there any drama in tempering. Hardening however always has the chance of catastrophic failure. Guess which one Producers like?
  5. ThomasPowers

    ...Another leg vise question

    Wedge was original to that; usually found with older vises. Does your vise also have the tenon mounting system? And I assume you will take it apart and clean and lube the bearing area(s). Makes vises work much smoother!
  6. ThomasPowers

    To wedge or not to wedge

    I've had a round wedge fall out too and have been known to use my screw press for wedge/handle insertions. I've had great luck withe BLO soak for a week system.
  7. ThomasPowers

    Should I buy this old anvil?

    The answer may differ depending on which of the 150+ countries that participate here on the World Wide Web you are in. Also what do you include in "working rebar" Cold work, hot work, forging items from it(not suggested). As such it shows a lot of face thickness left. If you plan to do cold work it would be a good anvil to abuse at a decent price for the area I live in for your area??????? I'd guess a Peter Wright. Check the side for a weight stamp and see if it's in CWT.
  8. ThomasPowers

    Who-all's heading to Quad-State 2018 ?

    Did you sit in on any of the demos?
  9. ThomasPowers

    What did you do in the shop today?

    If it's higher carbon then I would not use it as collar stock! (Look a lot like a hood spring from a car...)
  10. ThomasPowers

    Central Ohio smiths?

    Used to be the MOB, Mid Ohio Blacksmiths in Columbus OH; but it broke up after I left. Adlai Stein teaches smithing in Columbus Ohio, I can dig out his contact info if that would help.
  11. ThomasPowers

    Black Widow Anvil stand build.. photo heavy

    We also get rattlesnakes in the scrap piles too; perhaps someone is trying to tell us something with excessively hot temperatures, poisonous spiders/snakes in the shop; etc...
  12. ThomasPowers

    Hitting the flea market

    I pick ballpeens up when they are very cheap US$1 or perhaps $2 for a very large one. I find enough at those prices to have some on hand.
  13. ThomasPowers

    Black Widow Anvil stand build.. photo heavy

    As I have a bunch of Black Widow spiders in my shop, I was thinking that the square tubing openings would allow them to "set up shop"; then when you showed the modified version it all made sense... (You don't reach where you can't see in my shop and you check your gloves and hearing protectors BEFORE putting them on...)
  14. ThomasPowers

    Over the blower opening, screen or no screen ??

    Which blower opening? There are generally 2 to 3 of them. Inlet(s) and outlet. I don't screen any of them myself. If I had young kids in the shop I'd probably screen anything leading to a moving blade...
  15. ThomasPowers

    Hitting the flea market

    Just an optical; the both have the same termination with the rectangular tang end peened over onto a steel cap piece. I have a number of drawknives as each shape variation is good for specific use; though they all can pinch hit for other ones... One of my favorites has folding "adjustable" handles so you can set how they are canted as well as fold them in for travel.