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  1. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Not a strong correlation---I got a 770 out of 800 on the english section of the SATs and my spelling is sub-abysmal! I often spend more time making corrections than in typing a post and it's only by the spelling check of my browser that I'm comprehendable at all Perhaps that's why I go in for word play as so many words can be spelled the same way as far as my brain is concerned.
  2. Jasen's smithing progression.

    I better watch it; I'll be driving out his way in mid March heading for NW Arkansas for my Father's memorial service.
  3. Coke cost vs worth

    I think the idea of charcoal is that you can make your own out of scrap wood and it's historically the blacksmith fuel that's been the longest in use.
  4. elmax

    Hardness needs to align with the alloy; but it needs to align with the intended use and the personal preferences of the user too. There is not *1* hardness to be strived for. Personally I HATE knives that take a diamond hone to sharpen. Others LOVE them; what is the correct hardness then?
  5. I haven't seen one for a while but after WWII the US confiscated a lot of Oxy tanks that had been used on German Subs. They originally had the swastika on them but were restamped with a box around it changing it to a + within a box. I have one scrapped extra heavy tank where the walls are double thick---save the dishing form made from the dimple on the bottom for personal use; especially for hydraulic presses or large screw presses.
  6. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Naw those have handles made such that they will float if dropped in the water, and serrations for rope cutting. Though the "Mark with a Buoy" definition could apply interestingly... I've long thought CRS uses a voice writer; though one programed in another language---perhaps Dothraki?
  7. Jasen's smithing progression.

    As differentiated from a Bowie knife? I'm from Arkansas...
  8. Salvaging Sandpaper

    When I received my Laurel in the SCA my "scroll" was a hand carved Runestone that my wife says she will use as my headstone.
  9. Rebar Knives

    If you need a good set of tests the Journeyman tests for the American Bladesmith Society would be a good choice.
  10. 3" flip top custom cane head

    Suggestion: make one in wood and modify it till you like it and then see about getting it cast in brass.
  11. Dwarven hunting knife

    No basements out here; everything is built on a slab; but I can get you into some D&D games with folks from one of the worlds best Astrophysics Research Organizations. The don't check if you have a PhD at the door... And JHCC wouldn't one necessitate the other? Been hoping to use wast in conversation lately; (I read the *authorized* King James edition just for such things!)
  12. Dwarven hunting knife

    It's Friday: shall we not mentioned the noted one eyed opera diva Polly Famous?
  13. Dwarven hunting knife

    I found Wargs to be very unsuited for use as structural members in a boat, sitting on them is even worse! One end is snappish and the other *stinks* (more so than the Warg in general). Also if you try to fasten one down to the boat frame they tend to get quite upset. OTOH I probably could work out building a coracle from one or more of them.
  14. Dwarven hunting knife

    Naw, I've been Impressed, Depressed, Repressed and Press Ganged before.
  15. C-1; may I respectfully (and Fridairly) point out that if your forge is cooler than other types---you are doing it WRONG!