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  1. fan speed controller

    Motor speed controllers depend totally on the type of motor you have. A universal motor can be controlled by a simple rheostat but that will burn up a different type of motor. How much it will cost will depend on the type and on the size needed information you have not provided; so Free to several hundred US dollars.
  2. Ceramic Wool Insulation - Risks and Remediation

    Silicosis is one of the oldest reported workplace health issues being reported by the Ancient Greeks and Romans and on a regular basis since then. (Agricola mentioned breathing problems in miners for example) Another term sometimes used is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which is, unfortunately, almost impossible to use in scrabble. So add in black lung, brown lung and all the other lungs and you basically get that BREATHING IN DUST IS A BAD THING TO DO!
  3. Etching demascus

    Hot vinegar super saturated with salt. Lime Juice Coffee Tea Soaked in a bog high in tannic acid HCl HNO3 H2S04 Note that the strong acids are much more dangerous to work with! The food based one will not provide much in the way in topography but often provide interesting colour effects.
  4. Greetings from the NSW mid north coast

    A trip to the scrapyard is my treat for this American Holiday weekend too---hoping he won't be closed. Funny the others are talking about a Black Friday Shopping spree and I'm planning on a scrapyard spree...
  5. Where to get square/round stock

    I've never heard that one, I have used lye based strippers in the past, NaOH, chemically nasty, proper PPE of course.
  6. Burners 101

    Or perhaps how small a ribbon burner...I was once using a large forge heated by a ribbon burner and accidentally had my 2.5" sq stock welded to some 3/4" round stock, the round stock owner re-positioned it in the forge and ran it up alongside of my piece and it welded---had to use a hand sledge to separate the two. This was at about 7000' altitude too...I was impressed.
  7. Anvil Assistance

    Yes they were used to tune large circular saw blades, hammering them so they would run true at speed: some here:
  8. Anvil Assistance

    I'm on the sawyers side; Steam hammer would have a deeper side for wedges I think.
  9. Hardening a CR-V based hotcut hardy tool

    Don't look behind you because you are really *2* of them!
  10. No the rest of the steel will hold it together, you will just have a crack in the HAZ making it weaker no fireworks.
  11. Great Grandfather's Anvil

    which side of the foot is each one of those stamped in?
  12. Where to get square/round stock

    wire wrap handles for tools, baskets, small hooks, spirals, tendrils, miniatures of larger items--- it's usually very soft under the hammer!
  13. Can you tell

    I don't have a TV so can't tell you which one it was. He didn't win I was told.
  14. Tin Roofing

    Tern Metal Roofs, Propanel roofs, corrugated metal roofs; I've heard them all called "tin". so is it UUUUUUUUUU or U------------U--------U-----------U or |__________________|_________________| ? Basically any of them I have not used for smithing. I did used some strips when building a bloomery once to hold the outside together while it dried. My shop uses pro-panel as that was what was free but it's all full sized pieces.
  15. Remember to preheat the tines when welding! They are quite large enough to autoquench and get HAZ cracking! Vertical no tie plate.