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  1. I think you should have used a picture instead of having us wait on a download for a video! Not everybody has access to high speed internet.
  2. You don't need a giant piece of steel something under 1 cubic foot would be fine; no need for a 20000 pound piece.
  3. Hmm I'm going to go out and bend a file into a helix and leave it in the tool rack just to cause trouble in the future!
  4. Or space where no one can hear you scream....I've had times when I want to go argue with Einstein over his statement "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Because I have strong experimental proof that things do tend to happen all at once!
  5. Rustbelt Art Installation
  6. Leaf blower puts out way too much air and is noisy; look into getting a smaller blower like off a car heater (12 volt) or an exhaust assist blower from a super efficient furnace junked by an HVAC company.
  7. Search out and print a copy of the Robb Gunther Anvil Repair method and take it to a local welding shop and see what they would charge to follow it to the letter! If they have a "better idea" of how to do it---flee the premises screaming! Probably only cost a couple times more than buying an anvil in better shape, It's lost the most important part of the face, over the sweet spot, where you would do most of your work and all of your heavy work. For me I'd think of buying it if it was US$50 or less; but then I am notoriously cheap and anviled up from when I lived in central Ohio
  8. Good most folks confuse large knives with crowbars. I tell them to go look at kitchen knives used for extreme cutting and even the *heavy* chopping knives tend to be half the weight of many big knives folks make...
  9. And NOT 4140! A sword deserves better!
  10. I'm one of those people and some of the metal cutting bandsaw blades will have appreciable nickel. I also test the pallet strapping and use the higher carbon versions, (heat, quench and break). Getting a billet that will easily weld, look good and harden well is more of an art than a science if you are using scrap materials. I strongly suggest you find someone to teach you the welding part hands on (in person) as that will speed things up immensely. Till you get skilled, you may want to use known good materials in your billet so you can factor out material issues while you are learning.
  11. No problem with the forge; what are you using for fuel and air?
  12. Friday suggestion: can you get 1000 hamsters to run inside it and roll it to your place?
  13. Great to meet someone from the Island of Jersey; do you have problems sourcing equipment since everything needs to come in by ship? Or are things like anvils relatively cheap like in the rest of the UK? Or did you mean *NEW* Jersey the state surrounded by New York, Pennsylvania and DDelaware? (I graduated from Holmdel High back in the mid 70's, Holmdel is located between mile 114 and 117 on the GSP) We have folks from over 100 different countries participating here; including several from various islands all over the world.
  14. "mistakes" all end up in my possession as my using blades; my perfect knives all belong to other people! (Save for a large dagger I did 33 years ago where the original buyer disappeared and my wife to be requested it as her wedding present from me so she would have something I had made...)
  15. So are we talking about an artist blacksmith like Albert Paley? An industrial blacksmith working for a major factory like Scot Forge? A small scale ornamental blacksmith doing gates and railings? I suggest you research the first two mentioned and see if there is one of the third near you. Also some knifemakers are blacksmiths and are self employed. Careers are often more fractal than people on the outside see them. Like I have worked for Bell Labs, National Radio Astronomy Observatory and a major computer company; all as a software engineer, quite different jobs and situations, (At Bell Labs I once spent 89 days in Germany on a business trip. At NRAO I had to get a cardiac stress test so I could visit the antennas at an altitude of 16400 feet down(UP!) in the Andes...)