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  1. This'n was 5/16, so I would consider that to be pretty small, I might try that on the next one just to see what happens.. I almost wish the threaded end was a bit longer so I could bolt the other side of it. The threads are pretty shallow for just screwing it into the wood like I had initially planned. If I had to guess I would say it has something to do with not over thinking it, just thinking about what you're trying to do and less about the steps you're following to get there. So you end up just kind of shooting from the hip and moving the material around 'til you're happy with it. Or
  2. I may have left the scarfed end a little long and cut it off just above that seam Without measuring out where to upset the bar it was not seamless and of constant thickness at the very tip of the weld. I'm sure it's possible to do, but I expected I was going to have trouble there. For whatever reason, the first time I try to make something always seems to go better than the second, or third.. or sometimes fourth time I try to make it again. So I'm going to call it beginners luck on this one.
  3. I saw their promo on the youtube and added the date in my calendar. I'm hoping to get down there and I'm glad to hear you'll be demonstrating! I would say congratulations, but I can't say I'm surprised to hear it. (...but still congrats )
  4. Nothing all too exciting, but I made an eyelet, finally got around to making a bottom swage.. I've been putting that off for way too long. Having made it I wish I hadn't gone quite so deep with the 5/8 round, but I realized that a little too late. I also made myself some more tongs. They're heavier than all my previous ones as, for the most part, they are for holding thicker stock.
  5. With some snakes, including garter snakes, the eggs hatch internally and 20-40 baby snakes are born live.
  6. That's what I fed my pet snake, only much smaller than they use in the zoo I'll wager. Yep, a thawed out, slightly warm, former mousicle every week or two right up until he escaped and was never seen again.. For not having any legs they are rather skilled escape artists. I then replaced that snake with one I found in the back yard. Imagine how excited my dad was to come home and find the tank FULL of baby snakes... Needless to say I wasn't allowed to have pet snakes anymore...
  7. I have not eaten a rabbit, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. Except the one that lives in my backyard somewhere, I give him part of my apple everyday he shows up. It might be a different rabbit every time, but I prefer to think it's the same one. I think it's dinner so long as it is bares the proper title... Pest-o comes to mind, a fine and versatile addition to any meal.
  8. It's funny when pets find a new "toy" and want to share it, all proud of themselves. I have one cat who does that, and another that runs away with it and hides and then will growl at me if I get too close... It's tough to be a rodent. Everyone wants to eat you. Except people.... Well, except most people..
  9. Hahaha I took your syntax.. Bar shaped object!
  10. Even a master blacksmith started by making BSOs. Or perhaps NSOs (nail shaped objects). TP will probably correct me on that, from a historical point of view.
  11. Haha so it's a modern art take on a NSKSO (not-so-KSO). I think there may be a market for such things! I Because it's the internet, and things are often lost in translation to text, I don't mean to be critical or anything, so take my bad jokes as such. As far as teas go, I used to drink a lot of genmaicha. I don't really drink a lot of tea nowadays, mostly coffee, but I do remember that was some good stuff.
  12. The shop vac is very likely putting out way too much air, resulting in an oxidizing flame. This oxide layer may get in the way of your welds. It applies for steel so I image it applies for this too. That's also why you generally don't put your material on top of your fire, and instead bury it slightly to protect it from O2 in the air. It does make it harder when you can't see it, especially when there is a risk of melting it.. Maybe some sort of time based system will help on your next attempt. Yes, flux will increase the amount of clinker, or at least stick it all together in a big mass.
  13. Oh my, don't get me started on finding chipmunks in containers.. I worked at a horse barn 2 summers ago and we kept some grain in a metal garbage can. It was almost empty and we forgot to put the lid on one night. Next morning there were 6 chipmunks in the can. The two... victors.. seemed to have formed some sort of truce and were sitting calmly on opposing sides of the battlefield. The other 4.. Well lets just say they didn't make it.. I love chipmunks, they're adorable, but after seeing the inside of that can I have learned that they can also be very, very mean to other chipmunks.
  14. Forgot to harden it??? That's a KSO. Perhaps a butter knife.. Easy to sharpen though I suppose.. To each their own.. What kind of scrap?
  15. John, I feel like if he doesn't get it you're going to jump in the car and head there yourself haha
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