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  1. Then that hole burn hole gets caught on the horn of your anvil and is made larger. My coveralls tell the tale quite well.
  2. My mom's boyfriend is a lineman and the level of comfort he has working on live circuits was very... shocking.. to me at first. I'm pretty sure I had the same look on my face a few times while I was watching him. He says the majority of the work he does is done live.
  3. Heat will take care of the rust. If I were planning to forge it anyway I wouldn't go through the hassle of trying to clean it up first. For the san mai knife I would forge it flat, then grind the face that is going to be welded. Nice score. I'll just add, be careful about what you take from the RR tracks. It is the property of the rail company (even if they aren't "using" it). I don't know if it's any different in the UK, but in the US you can get hit with trespassing and possession of stolen property if you are caught.
  4. If you don't have an angle grinder, that's a good tool to have. A cut off wheel will make short work of those sorts of cuts.
  5. I don't know what to say.. my Vocabulary's Fully Depleted.
  6. That is an incredible piece of workmanship. Such attention to detail.
  7. I Vicariously Feel Displeasure on your account. Vulgar Dog...
  8. Frosty, that's a Game of Thrones reference.. And that is a Verifiable, Factual, Description.
  9. Or perhaps, Viserion the Fiery Dragon Note: Post Season 8 that would be: Viserion the Frozen Dragon.
  10. Arkie, give me 2 months or so. You'll hardly recognize the place. TP, In the end it was essentially that logistical concern that led me to do the floor now. I knew it needed to be done at some point, but it's much easier to do it now -- before I move all my stuff in -- than it would be down the road. In the second case I would need to pull everything out, store it somewhere that is secure (covering with a tarp and tying it to the deck out back with a Gordian Knot doesn't count) and then move it all back in again. Do-able, but not ideal. I'm glad you were able to avoid the hassle. It's muc
  11. I understand having some stiffness -- my whole right elbow was screwed back together after a snowboarding accident a few years ago -- the best thing I can offer is loosen up your grip on the hammer. I use hockey tape around the shaft for a little better purchase without needing a death grip on the handle. If you're tense, a lot more force is transmitted up your arm. This aggravates existing injuries and creates new ones over time. Also, while you're working, you aren't hammering 100% of the time. During your heats doing some finger/hand stretches can't hurt and it might help keep that han
  12. Looking great Jennifer. It's incredible far you've come since...
  13. I ended up going with Consolideck concrete protector SB. It probably isn't necessary to seal it at all, all things considered. Still, I figure it can't hurt.
  14. Ha, I agree. It will remain relatively clean for the next ~20 days so I can put down some sealer. After that I'll start the blacksmithifcation process.
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