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  1. Installed the new fire pot yesterday! Today I'm taking it for a test drive and forge a handle for the air regulator. ~Jobtiel
  2. Went to my brother's work today to weld up the new fire pot. Some of the welds are very sloppy, that's one me, and my brother did an amazing job welding up the pot itself. Tomorrow I'll install it, but before I do that I need to find some threaded rods so I can actually attach the blower. ~Jobtiel
  3. I forged out some final pieces for a new fire pot yesterday. Everything else was cut and ground with an angle grinder, but these parts I wanted to forge. First is the slit for the air on the bottom of the pot, I used the Bob Patrick design and slightly changed it to accommodate for the stock size that I had available. I drilled two 13 mm holes, and hot cut the middle part, it did ruin my chisel. I also forged the handle for the ash dump, and riveted the ash dump door to the handle using nails as rivets (2.5 mm thick). The handle is quite heavy on itself, I have made a hole for an ash dump weight, but I don't know if it's needed. Saturday I'm welding everything up with my brother. And Sunday will probably be spend installing it in the forge. I'm also eyeing a new electric forge blower to go with it. ~Jobtiel
  4. I checked this afternoon, and 70 rpm is about the rpm I spin on the big wheel, so that rpm is not suitable if I want to connect directly to the blower. Now if this motor has enough torque to spin the big wheel, I might get it. Time to do some more research on this. ~Jobtiel
  5. Yes it is the same forge from the other thread. The inside walls and grill are taken off though. ~Jobtiel
  6. Yes, but that makes it hard to supply coal to the fire. Nevertheless, I cut out the steel for the firepot, so that should hopefully solve some problems, and if not, I'll put back the old installation and try some more things. ~Jobtiel
  7. Hi All, For a while, I've been wanting to upgrade to an electric blower for my forge, but so far I have not found any affordable second hand options. Now I had a thought that I could use a variable speed electromotor to power the cast iron blower I currently use with a food pedal: After looking at some motors online, I found one that is pretty cheap, but I have doubts as to its suitability, as I have little to no experience with motors. This motor would have an rpm of 70 and a torque of 5 N.m. would this be suitable for use as motor for a forge blower, and if not, what RPM's and Torques should I be looking for? The cast iron blower has no internal gears so the rpm supplied is not multiplied by the blower itself. Thanks for your thoughts. ~Jobtiel
  8. Frosty, I tried to make the fire deeper with firebricks, but way the forge is build, I've been unable to do this well enough to heat hammer stock. The forge has an cast iron piece that houses the clinker breaker, and that sits up about 2 cm from the bed of the forge. With the fire bricks to make it deeper there is still not enough depth to make a bigger fire. I've been trying for a few months already and unfortunately I can't get it to work. ~Jobtiel
  9. The last two weeks I spend moving to the new place, and I have managed to set up my temporary "workshop". As you might see in the picture, not everything is quite done yet. The day after moving was spent on getting running water installed, and the day after on hot water. Living room is a mess currently, but at least the bathroom and bedrooms are done. I decided to start fabricating a fire pot for my forge, as the flat bed with some firebricks is not quite enough for me. I spent the last 8 months working with it, and it's just not enough to heat hammer sized stock. So expect some pictures of that in the next week. Saturday I'm going to weld it all together at my brother's work. ~Jobtiel
  10. Went shopping for steel too today, got some 12 cm by 1 cm flat stock to start building a fire pot for my forge. I want to forge me a hammer, and my current rivet forge doesn't have a pot, so time to do some fabricating!
  11. Glenn and frosty, thanks for the tips, I like the idea to put stuff on wheels. But I don't have that much in terms of machinery, so it would just be anvil, vise, and forge on wheels. Most of my stuff is in hand tools, for woodworking too. Speaking of which, tomorrow I'm checking out some woodwork tools my grandma has, from the picture she sends it looks like tools to make wooden shoes. Once I move out, the shop will still be a general work space, just the blacksmithing corner will be gone. In terms of building a shop that I can move in it's entirety, houses with backyards are expensive around here, so the most likely prospect for a new shop would be a garage box, unfortunately, I don't think I can just shove a wooden structure in there ;). And moving in a year is a positive outlook, I think with the way my brother moved out, it's at least 2 years working before I can find a decent place to live. ~Jobtiel
  12. George, We have been moving other stuff around the house for a few weeks now. I've lived here for 22 years, and now every little nook and cranny has to be emptied and packed. Luckily in the Netherlands, a 250 km drive will get me to the other side of the country and halfway back. our new house is the next island over, about a 40 minute drive so whenever i needed something during renovation I could always just go and get it. My shop was one of the last things to go, and I thought I could pack it in an hour, but I guess that barely a year worth of smithing has left me with enough stuff to warrant at least two trips (and now 5 hours of packing it all up, and counting!). I can't imagine the amount of stuff I'd need to move had I been doing this longer. The good thing is that at the new house I'll get a bigger space for the shop, and the forge will finally be inside. Now I can set up the anvil and vise in a triangle too! I'm not looking forward to moving it all again in a year when I'm (hopefully) done studying. ~Jobtiel
  13. Spend the whole day packing up and hauling my entire shop in the back of a combo, at least most of it. you only know how much stuff you have acquired when you try to move it all. Tomorrow I will be moving everything to our new house. My first car was a 1996 Mazda 323F, the thing was three years older than I was, very nice car with low Km count, and it was painted Ferrari red. Too bad I only had it for about a year. After that an Opel (Vauxhall, same brand) Astra from 2003, still have that one. ~Jobtiel
  14. Had a great weekend, planned the whole summer camp, and received my very first comission, a dutch oven lid lifter. The old one was lost a year ago. I'm not getting paid however, but it's fine, I'll be using it myself most of the time. I'll start working on that after moving. Also, I made a belated father's day gift, I'm going to see my dad this Friday. I very originally made a steak flipper for him. From 8 mm round bar, the only thing I really did was form the point and fish tail, and some bending. I think he'll like it! Big BBQ guy. ~Jobtiel
  15. That's a good story Frosty! Personally I haven't been to a Jamboree yet, the nationals are being cancelled every time. I hope to be making stories like that too! ~Jobtiel
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