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  1. Hi, I've been using the forge for a while now, and there is one big problem I have at the moment. The band that connects the blower with the cast iron wheel of the foot pedal. I replaced it after the one I got with the forge broke. I use a piece of ratchet strap, but that one is on the end of it's life now too. What do you suggest I use as the new band to connect the blower too the pedal, I found some leather band online but that is quite expensive, are there any budget alternatives that I don't know about? Thanks for your help and replies. ~Jobtiel
  2. Thomas, I don't think that'll be necessary (luckily), the wooden shoes are quite easy to get off the stump. Would be hilarious to have some friends try doing that when they come over to be my minions.
  3. JHCC Thanks! It's not even my idea, I picked up the wooden shoes idea from other Dutch blacksmiths, so it might be our national gimmick in terms of blacksmithing.
  4. This is my anvil stand in my small shop, on the left side I have a wooden shoe full of punches and drifts, and to the left I have a wooden shoe with currently my handheld hot cut and hammer eye drift, but those are going to get different places as soon as I have the stock again to make a second rack. Also a hook for the block brush. On the back I have a ring rack, as well as a small mild steel cutting plate so I don't damage my anvil. ~Jobtiel
  5. Your work looks amazing Alexandr! I'm looking forward to see how those hooks turn out Thomas! I bet the shop will look amazing using those logs Dennis. Had a busy week so no shop time until today. Spend the time fixing my forge, as the blower was acting up lately. Opened the blower up and gave it a good clean, and put it back with some tweaking to make sure it was all in the correct place. Oiled the thing up, and now I can comfortably run the forge again. I am thinking of getting a hand-cranked blower or modify the existing one to be hand cranked, foot-pedaling is not the most f
  6. This handle doesn't have a really interesting story behind it. It's an abbreviation of my real name, Job Tieleman, and the one behind is because "jobtiel" was already taken the first time I wanted to use it. It has been serving me well for 10 years now!
  7. I was 21 (22 now), when I started, and I too wish I started when I was younger! Cannon gave a very good idea, i have my first leaf as a keychain, and whenever I see it I think about how I thought I was never going to get better in the beginning. Now with not even a year of blacksmithing I can already make most of the things that I want to make. always remember you don't need expensive tools! everything except my first tongs and my hammer and Anvil I have made myself, I'm up to 10 pairs of tongs and 2 wooden shoes ( Klompen ) full of handheld punches chisels and drifts. The most impor
  8. Hi Thomas, That's quite the difference in height, I don't really think about living below sea level anymore, maybe that's the same for you up there as well. I have seen some Dutch posters already, Deimos standing out as a frequent poster that also happens to live nearby. In the Dutch sense of nearby anyway, Naarden for example is quite far from me, halfway across the country! The fact that it's only a max 2 hour drive is washed away when you say it like that. It is indeed nice to not be tied by a business, and so far I haven't had any commissions from friends or family, apart f
  9. Hi All, Thought it might be time to write a small introduction about myself. The name's Job, I'm currently 22 years old, and still in school doing a master's degree in analytical chemistry. I live in the province of Zeeland, on a peninsula largely reclaimed from the sea, and currently live 3 meters below sea level. I started blacksmithing last summer, mainly because I wanted do get back at creating things. When I was a kid, I used to do carpentry with my dad all the time, building treehouses and the like. Due to studying and getting older, I quit doing that. Now I got back into it w
  10. Irondragon, the key hole is not in completely the right place, and the bolt would wiggle without the washer. But now critically looking at the bolt I'm forging a new one, should be better now that I know what to look out for when forging bolts. I'll update after I have some forging time again.
  11. I helped a friend get into woodworking, just by telling him he doesn't need to have expensive tools to do what he wants to do, his interest was there, the final push to actually start was still needed. When I was younger I would like people to tell me that being smart is not an excuse to slack off, that hard work and smart work are needed to grow. Would've saved me a few years studying to reach where I am now. Getting into blacksmithing and wood/leather craft actually helped me teach this, that sometimes the way to do something is plain hard work.
  12. The first tongs I made were scrapped, I have them somewhere, but they are not usable, the second pair is still use once in a while, the only fit 16 mm round but they are very good at picking that up. Yesterday I finished the hot cut that I started working on with a friend. I used an old ice hockey stick as handle wood. It works great so far! However, I might have forged the hot cut too thick, and might forge it thinner if need arises. Furthermore, I finished restoring my great-great-grandfather's post vise today, the details of which I posted in the thread in Vise
  13. It's been some time, but I finally found the time (and need) to finally repair the vise completely. I used Glenn's suggestion to remove the part of the old bolt that got stuck in the pivot hole: with the old bolt completely gone, I didn't have the right size new bolt, but I did have the right size stock, and as JLP suggested, I tried forging a bolt. I do not have thread cutting tools, and thus tried the approach Thomas mention he saw used on old vises, and punched a slit and forged a key to wedge the bolt tight. I do need to re-forge the key so that it fits better and doesn't c
  14. I've found that for any smaller size (up to roughly 25 mm) mild steel stock, shipyards, if that's the correct english word, at least the place where that build and repair ships, throws a lot of good usable stock away. My brother works in one, and I got all of my mild steel from him, completely free. If you're lucky they might let you take brass, bronze, or high alloy cutoffs too.
  15. Quiet day today, at least for the forge. After attending lectures till 3, I fixed an issue with my forge blower, as the leather band was too tight and warped the blower's axle, it's all fixed now with no damage to the blower. A package arrived today with new leather, so I can start crafting some things with that as well.
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