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Thomas Powers ICU


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Charles, if you are looking for a chunk of soapstone try asking stome counter places about drops.  I was once in a stone yard and telling the woman working there about the stories you could read in the stone and she was so intrigued that when I asked about drops she gave me some Carrera marble ovals from cutting out sinks in exchange for the information and entertainment I had given her.

I'm still worrying about Thomas and his diagnosis and prognosis.  He's #1 on my prayer list right now.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Just now, George N. M. said:

Carrera marble

I used to live in one of the marble producing areas of Vermont; there were a LOT of people there with the last name Carrera, descended from folks brought over from Italy to work in the quarries and carving sheds.

I say all of this to distract me from worrying about Thomas.

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Soapstone was quarried just north of me on Soapstone Rd Which turns into Buffalo Mine Rd. Which turns into Limestone Rd. . . and so on for 100+ miles. Not many interesting stories that I know though. 

Yeah, hard not to think of then say a prayer for Thomas and get anything done.

G'night all.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Just got off the phone with Thomas,

i wanted to make sure he was doin good on thanksgiving,

he said he got to eat turkey and gravy, and that he’s had a good batch of visitors today!

no eta on discharge yet but he said he wants to share a picture of a railroad track across his head when he gets back! 

he also told me that he’s watched a lot of TV since he’s been in and he doesn’t approve of modern preschool children’s programs, 

Thomas quote:

“ I’ve seen better looking septic tanks” :lol:

over all he sounded alright and in good spirits!

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That's funny. The first time I talked to him he was kind of excited about getting to watch politics on TV. I suggested he needed to get out watch more TV and gain some perspective. 

I can't comment on children's programming and what is being taught. Thomas is right.

It's good to hear he got a bunch of visitors and turkey dinner. I'm going to toast him with a glass of white zinfandel at dinner tonight.

Thanks for keeping in touch with him Billy.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I got to talk with Thomas around 7:45 this evening. He is still in good spirits, although he hasn't heard from his surgeon yet. We both thought that was a little odd. He said it may take torches & pitch forks to get some information. 

They have an alarm on his bed and if he tries to get up by himself, the room becomes flooded with staff to help him. He said he is going to have his daughter the Vet bring a staple remover to take out the incision staples so he can save them to do a pattern Damascus out of them.:D I told him some of his minions are helping Jo Ann around the place and he was happy about that. All in all we had a good talk even though my wife says I just grunt when on the phone.:wacko:

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To business first....

As with all things when there is great advancement there can be set backs. Last night / early this morning Thomas was transferred back to the hospital. When I was updated, they were planning to do more scans. Good news is the hospital was basically across the street so the response was quick. All chatter about release dates has been paused. 


For lighter topics ...

Chimney has been swept, some pathways have been cleared and the minions made progress on the house. We hope to return soon and continue working while the master and mistress are out of striking range. Although the mix of hammers, Viking combs, and other 'Tools' of their trade keep us mindful of only doing what is in 'THEIR' best interest. No corners cut here. 


I will try to get some more information out as I get it or as I can find ways to write it. 

Thom - Student of Thomas - May his hammer always strike true.

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A little more blunt, so please be warned, and I will do my best not to rant and rave about stuff or go off topic. 

To my understanding, Thomas was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. At this point his life span can be in months or less. While some experimental procedures were discussed they would require him to undergo procedures and/or treatments that would keep him away from his family, home, and shop. It would also set him up to be immune compromised, with his age, diabetic status and other existing conditions.... He is a man about the quality not length of life. So the family has discussed and will most likely NOT go down that road. 

(Per my earlier post) Yesterday he started acting unusual again and he was sent to a hospital for evaluation.

I just got off the phone with Jo Ann and ,well, the situation is dire. He is on standby in the emergency to be air lifted to the operating hospital. Where he might undergo a second procedure, as early as tomorrow. One of his daughters is with him and I think the others are waiting in the wings either at hospital A or B. There was concern it could be a brain bleed now it might be the tumor was not fully removed and/or has returned. 

It is as it always is, in the Lords' hands. We will wait and see. 

In lighter topics - 

I was told he had a very nice Thanksgiving with both daughters there. His mother made the trip up and has been staying in town, so they have all gotten to have some lovely family time around the holiday even if it was short and not the full dinner spread, they were used to. 


Thom - Student of Thomas - May his forge always burn clean. 

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1 hour ago, Thom Noblitt y Gonzalez said:

It is as it always is, in the Lords' hands

Absolutely, I still believe in miracles though, sometimes it is not what we want. I am glad that I got to talk with Thomas the other day. Now it's off to the Celtic garden to ring the anvil and pray. Thank you for keeping us in the loop Thom.


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