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    Help with new shop design

    Get some grid paper and draw the shop space, including any windows and doors. Draw to scale the equipment you have now and what you expect to purchase in the future and arrange it in the drawing. When you have a working design, go out into the yard and duplicate at exact size your drawing and equipment positions. Use cardboard boxes, string boundaries or what ever works and you have on hand. This will give you an idea of the room needed to swing a 10 foot bar of stock and the walking distance from one piece of equipment to another. Finally when the walls are built, put everything that you can on wheels so it can be easily moves about and re positioned, or moved to sweep the floor. There is no right set up, only what works for you in your shop.
  2. Most folks have an anvil of sorts. Show me what you use and how it is set up. That way we can er-borrow ideas to use.
  3. Show us what followed you home, and from where. Show us the steel, tools, equiptment etc, that followed YOU home. Also where it was found, such as the junk yard, street corner, alley way, flea market etc. And maybe a few details to give the rest of us non-scroungers a little help on how the process works. :?
  4. How many anvils does it take to make a harem of anvils? Is there a minimum number? Is there an optimum number? Can you have too many?
  5. Glenn

    First time coal forge

    Use one half that length of fire and half the width. After that, you may want to build some walls in order to make the fire a bit deeper. If the leaf blower makes too much air, separate the blower from the air pipe by 3-4 inches and air more directly for more air to the forge, less directly for less air to the forge. Move the forge to the door opening or outside to get rid of the smoke. Welcome to the site. Read the thread READ THIS FIRST in order to get the most out of the site.
  6. How to safely ask curmudgeons for advice?  
  7. Thank You for your post and your kind words.
  8. Please allow us to interview YOU. The following questions are sample questions, and are simply a place to start the interview. 1) Name 2) Location 3) What type blacksmithing do you do, what do you make. 4) How and when did you get started in blacksmithing 5) What object or thing did you use as your first anvil, 6) Tell us about your first forge, hole in the ground, camp fire, brake drum, stacked bricks, 7) Who assisted you or encouraged you in the craft 8) What event changed your attitude about blacksmithing 9) What tool has changed or made your life easier in the shop 10) What advice would you give those starting out in blacksmithing 11) What advice would you give those already involved in blacksmithing 12) What are some of the interesting things that have happened to you in your life as a blacksmith. Please add any thing we may have missed or should have asked.
  9. What pet shares your life? Show me your blacksmith pets.
  10. Glenn

    New bench grinder

    Keep the guards in place, and close, while using the grinding wheel. ALWAYS keep the guards in place and close when using the wire wheels. They will grab the metal out of your hands and throw it back at you before you realize it happened. Watch for grinding dust and loose wires being thrown from the wheels. Eye protection and respirators are required. Additionally a full face shield is suggested. Heavy aprons are good for this type tool. Before you use either the grinder or the wire brush, step to the side and turn on the tool. Let it run for a minute or so before you start to use the thing. The grinding wheels have been known to come apart from impact, wear, or defects and you want to check it runs at speed before you use it.
  11. Use a hammer and hot metal on the face to make it shine. Anything else and your removing material from the face thickness, no matter now small an amount of material. For the body, go lightly with a wire brush. Do not remove anything that can not be replaced in your life time, such as a patina. A bit of light oil will stop any rust and add a bit of color to the metal. Work in the anvil for a year (2000 hours) before you decide to modify the anvil.
  12. Glenn

    Show me your vise

    Show me your vise and how it is set up.
  13. Glenn

    Show me your vise

    Not all vises are modern. A simple wedge makes a serviceable vise.
  14. Just be sure to secure that thing to the vehicle. Then check the bindings early and often to be sure they remain tight. You do not have to move it legs down, it can be moved legs up or taken out of the frame. Old tires will aid in keeping it from sliding around on the bed of a truck. If you run out of options, rent a U-Haul box truck or trailer. (think large enough to haul a vehicle) As I recall they may weigh about a ton each so be careful and do not get under the thing.
  15. Glenn

    Mark III JABOD forge

    It is not about what you make in the forge but that each time you go to the forge you learn something. Fuel does not make the fire hot, air makes the fire hot. Use only the amount of air to generate the heat you need. You might be surprised just how little air that is required.
  16. Just throw out some bait and they will bite. Many times it ends up in a feeding frenzy.
  17. Glenn

    Anvil Harem

    Never too many or always room for one more?
  18. Anything is better than that 5 gallon plastic bucket. Find a proper and safe anvil stand. Then look for a pair of steel toed boots. (grin) What is the weight of the anvil? Congratulations, and welcome to IForgeIron. To get the most from the site READ THIS FIRST
  19. Meeting Info: When: Sunday - February 24th, 2019 Time: 1-4pm Where: Blacksmith Shoppe Mystic Seaport Mystic, CT Info for entry: Enter through the regular entry gate. Tell the attendant you are here for the Connecticut Blacksmiths Guild Meeting. YOU WILL BE ADMITTED FREE AFTER 12PM. Ask to be directed to the Ships Smith Shoppe. Any problems you can reach Bill Scheer Demos: TBD
  20. Why pay full price to play second fiddle? You deserve full instruction from the teacher for the money you invested. If not, ask for a full refund and sign up for the next class. As to the person that burned the back of your pant leg with hot metal, I would tell him it is a major safety issue and they are NOT get within 10 feet of you with hot metal. Report it to the instructor as a safety issue. A trip to the hospital will pay for several classes. Safety is always first. If it is not safe, then walk away. You and your family will thank you later.
  21. Glenn

    newbe question

    Take the information you have been given to the forge and try it out. Then come back with your results (and photos) of your efforts and ask specific questions so we can provide specific suggestions. How difficult can it be to tie a magnet to a string, hang it somewhere, and then pass a piece of hot metal NEAR the magnet to see if the magnet moves?
  22. IForgeIron contains some real gems and some pearls of wisdom you can find no where else. As you read the posts on IForgeIron and find one of these items, it may be interesting to list them here for reference. Flux is not glue Do not build a box, that way you do not have to think outside the box.
  23. Glenn

    newbe question

    20 hours ago you posted Peined mortise and tenon joint Example so I can research this? What size tenon are you making? Is it the size needed for the project that requires a tenon? Go to the forge and actually make several tenons of different sizes by forging. This will show you what is needed when you make the tool you are considering.
  24. Glenn

    Temper colors and steel

    As he is not available to offer his opinion, let us move on.