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    Supplier list

    Cheap website or inexpensive steel? You looking for a small quantity of metal or tons of metal? It makes a difference in delivery cost when broken down on a per pound basis. We need the details to provide you with a more specific answer. Did you contact those listed above in Blades and Steel?
  2. Glenn

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Helena, Long hair types do not like their hair being grabbed, snagged, or broken. Round all the corners, and wire brush the surface to a very smooth finish, maybe even a little sandpaper. Size and design look great. Next time your in the shop try a hair clasp from brass or brazing rod.
  3. I didn't know there were so many terms for finding steel trash on the side of the road. Sweet mother Detroit provides!  Helena Also known as Our Lady of Blessed Roadkill. JHCC Carrion: pronounced "carry-iron". Thomas Powers
  4. IForgeIron contains some real gems and some pearls of wisdom you can find no where else. As you read the posts on IForgeIron and find one of these items, it may be interesting to list them here for reference. Flux is not glue Do not build a box, that way you do not have to think outside the box.
  5. Show us what followed you home, and from where. Show us the steel, tools, equiptment etc, that followed YOU home. Also where it was found, such as the junk yard, street corner, alley way, flea market etc. And maybe a few details to give the rest of us non-scroungers a little help on how the process works. :?
  6. Glenn

    Portable Forge

    Look at the JABOD, just a box of dirt, side blast. Easy to build, low cost, it works, and is easily modified to your needs. Adding your location to your profile will help in getting information to you local to your area of the world. READ THIS FIRST
  7. Most folks have an anvil of sorts. Show me what you use and how it is set up. That way we can er-borrow ideas to use.
  8. Glenn

    It followed me home

    What folks do not mention is how long and how hard they looked before finally stumbling onto that find, usually be accident.
  9. The reason I looked up a clear paint is because at some point someone is going to question your statement (or memory) that it is a insert brand here anvil and marked x -x -x in size, serial number xxxx. Paint would have to be removed to prove the information. Clear paint would have the information so it could be seen.
  10. What are your suggestions for storing an anvil so it does not develop rust on the face and body? For the discussion lets say the storage is outside in a shed or barn. The storage time may be months or years.
  11. Glenn

    3 faced hammer

    Richard Thibeau forged a qudra-peen hammer with 4 hammer faces on the same head.
  12. Glenn

    A collection of improvised anvils

    For the hardie hole, weld a piece of heavy wall tubing to the side of the plate. Lacking tubing, weld a heavy mechanics socket with the correct size drive hole to the side of the plate. A 1 inch or larger drive socket would work. Add a couple of gussets for side support.
  13. I just spoke with the local Sherman Williams. I requested a product that was clear and would protect metal. They recommended two of their products, DTM Wash Primer, and Armor Seal Rexthane. DTM WASH PRIMER is a low VOC, water based wash primer free of heavy metals and mineral acids. Designed to be applied over aluminum and galvanizing, or used as a tie-coat over zinc rich primers. Accepts high performance "hot" solvent topcoats directly, such as epoxies and urethanes. Rexthane is for industrial, commercial, or marine applications where a heavy-duty polyurethane floor finish is required. First remove any dirt, debris, rest, grease etc to get a clean metal surface. Apply a DTM Wash Primer. When dry apply an Armor Seal Rexthane. Both are clear and should protect the metal well. There may be other paints or coatings by other companies available.
  14. Planned or built in obsolescence.
  15. Now days everything is obsolete after the warranty. JK
  16. If you have used these anvils please post a review of that anvil to include weight, dimensions, and how the anvil worked for you. Photos are encouraged. Please include how you found the anvil and any history of YOUR anvil. This should be much like a book review, only an anvil review, where you comment on the specific anvil.   A suggested comment could be as follows   PICTURE (if available) 1) Weight, make, year of construction and material 2) Rebound test (%) 3) Where did I get it? 4) History 5) Personal review: Why do use or prefer that anvil Would I recommend it to someone else.   The following is a list of anvils (used with permission). I am sure there are others but this will be a start. If you know of other brands please all them to the list so we can write a review.   Acme Ajax Alsop American-Ross American Skein and Foundry Arm and Hammer Attwood Stourbridge Badger Baker Bay State Black Jack Black Prince Bradley Brooks (Baker Vaughans Ltd.) Brooks and Cooper Buffalo Forge Centaur Forge (by Kohlswa) Central Forge (cast iron) Champion Charles Hadfield Cliff Carrol Columbus Anvil and Forging Columbian Harden Co Columbus Forge and Iron Cranberry CW Delta Denver Dural DuraSteel Euroanvil Fireside Fisher-Norris "Eagle" Fulton Grizzly (cast iron) Hay Budden Henery Wright Herculies Hofi Indian Chief Insonora J.E. Pilcher JHM Anvils Kim Bach farriers anvil Keen Kutter KL Kohlswa Lakeside Louisville Forged Anvil M & H Armitage Mankel MFC Hollow Core Mouse Hole Nimba NC-Tool Oak Leaf Old Forge Old World Onsteel Paragon Pedinghaus Peter Wright Rat Hole Forge Record Refflinghaus Rhino R. Redding Rock Island Roberts Anvil Sampson SISCO (Swedish Iron and Steel) Sligo Snyder & Oaks Soderfors Southern Crescent Standard Star Trenton Trenton Indian Chief "USA" cheap cast iron Valley Vernaium Steel Village Forge Vulcan Arm-Hammer West Wilkinson William Foster WT (Wholsale Tool - cast iron) Yost "Y" in a circle     I spoke with Mr Richard Postman and he graciously gave his permission to use the names and brands listed in his book.     Vanadium 
  17. Tennessee is 3 states wide. You may have to cross the border to get to other groups. Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths Kentucky Forge Council Brasstown Blacksmiths Mtg. Top of the Mountain Forge Possum Trot Forge Mtg. Choo Choo Forge
  18. UPCOMING EVENTS DEC 11 Tue 5:00 pm Kentucky Forge Council DEC 18 Tue 5:00 pm Brasstown Blacksmiths Mtg. DEC 29 Sat 3:00 pm Top of the Mountain Forge DEC 30 Sun 2:00 pm Possum Trot Forge Mtg. JAN 3 Thu 6:00 pm Choo Choo Fo
  19. Welcome to the Tenn Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB) Please post your events, meetings, gatherings, etc. Follow up with photos so we can see what we missed by not being there.
  20. Maybe at the end of the day it doesn't matter too much if it is craft or art. If you have connected an object and a person and they have traded you their money for your time and skill it is all good. George N.M.
  21. What pet shares your life? Show me your blacksmith pets.
  22. Glenn

    Dave Evans (Windancer) passes

    Condolences to his friends and family.
  24. Glenn

    Anvil Army Patch
  25. A well known fact? The first recorded use of mokume gane was by Denbei Shoami (1651-1728) who lived and worked in Japan. The husband and wife team of Eugene Michael Pijanowski and Hiroko Sato Pijanowski brought Mokume Gane to the United States in the early 1970s. They learned the technique from ninth generation metalsmith Norio Tamagawa. Today, Mokume Gane jewelry, flatware, hollowware and art objects are created by layering precious and semi-precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Sterling Silver and Copper. The layers are bonded and deformed by rolling, forging, and twisting. Did you read Thomas Powers post and reference?