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  1. A lock, wegde and spring would get that vise working a lot better. They can be made fairly easily. Cool dig, looks like fun. There was a site called pennpilot where you could look up old aerial survey photos from the late 30's till the mid 60's or so. The site is down but there is another one now that took over the info from the site. I can't recall what the site name is now. It was really interesting and helpful in locating some older structures (if they weren't obstructed by forest).
  2. I think you might be starting a new trend. I've been thinking of engraving my name on my main anvils I plan to keep. I might include my birthday, roundabout year I started forging and leave instructions in my will to have my death date added. I'd add the anvil acquisition date if I could remember. Might be cool on a new acquisition.
  3. Hey Chip, nice find. I was thinking tuyere but wasn't sure. Are you just excavating or metal detecting? Evaporust would work but you'd be better getting the heavy rust off first to save the solution. Something like that does better in an electrolysis tank. Then as george mentioned, preserve it with a write up of its location and history that you know of. Preserving it you could coat it with boiled linseed oil or boil it in wax and wipe off the excess after then let it dry. What other things have you found there? I do a bit of metal detecting. It's fun to unearth history and try to figure out the who, what, when, where, how and why. Where around pittsburgh of you don't mind me asking. I'm about 45minutes south.
  4. I have a "dead end" sign i put on a tree at a side entrance to my field on the hill. I'm honestly surprised it is still there. I did use torx bolts to anchor it, just to deter the lazy.
  5. Awesome work Cathsonn. I agree they are very lifelike and well done! Thanks for sharing. I'm not certain what the Ouroboros style dragon is but I like its look a lot.
  6. That reminds me. At an auction years ago in a lot of stuff I got a pepper spray bomb door trap. You would screw it to the door or wall and the trigger to the opposite. This was a boxed packaged/sold item at some point. I still have it tucked away somewhere. The reason Charles mentions is why I wouldn't use it.
  7. Some kind of coloring die would be great. For those that have the anvil as decoration, coating it regularly with antiseize would sure mark the culprit. That stuff spreads everywhere when touched lol. And it would make it a bit slippy to try to carry. Unfortunately we also live in a sue happy world where even criminals can sue property owners when they get injured robbing them. I think marking anvils and documenting it is the best idea. Would help in the police report and proving ownership if located. That and keeping them out of sight if possible in the first place.
  8. I've been seeing way under priced items from plain jane looking sites that just show a wild variety of things and learning that they are scam sites. Unless you luck out on a used item and have good contact with the seller, if it sounds too good to be true online, it probably is. I've seen this happen where they show an item, send you a total piece of junk that is nothing like you ordered and it's a nightmare if not impossible to get refunded, even through paypal or other "trusted" payment companies. Research before you buy!
  9. Depending on the hardness of the anvil and of your hammer, watch your head on a hard swinging mis-strike lol.
  10. Hey Bud, is this new or used? I'm not finding anything on a Hell's Fire forge on a quick search. The Hell's Forge two burner forge runs around $300. I did see some very questionable sites advertising them in the $60-$70. range but I Really wouldn't trust that. There are a lot of scam websites out there which makes me very skeptical when something sounds too good to be true. I'd hate to see someone get ripped off by them. Can you PM me a link? You also have to know if it comes lined and if it still requires rigidizing and coating the lining since that's additional money you'd have to put towards it.
  11. You definately prove the blades strength. Funny how people want the wow factor with things now. Like testing to critical failure. I trust that you know what your blade can do. I'm glad it held up to expectations. It certainly proves the expectations beyond, and that is a great selling point. I know people that could break a bowling ball, but they are usually cheapskates and would want it warranted due to their own misuse. You certainly prove that false.
  12. Not that it is something proffered, but TechnicusJoe has a great video on making tongs from rr spikes. It's not just his talent, it can be done and after my first botched pair (that still do function) i made a pair of tongs that are a go to of mine. In fact a couple pair. TJ has more than one tong making video, and even for the novice, watch it several times, try, then watch again with a little experience under your belt to understand it more, then try again. Tongs can be made, nippers can me remade into tongs and really anything that lets you solidly hold the metal to be beaten will work. There are blueprints on tongs from flat bar stock...I prefer tongs fit to the stock as others have stated. No problem in making your own or maning from started blanks. It's all in what capital you have vs. What you are willing to try. You could always just pay the money and buy some well crafted tongs. LittleBlacksmith looks like he has a bunch ready to sell. No shame in any way you do it. Long as you can hold the stock to hammer it.
  13. Doesn't look like you got too aggressive with it and likely it is fine.
  14. Hey Dax, nice score. On the strapping, I don't have a dispenser but plan to use tie wire to keep it rolled as I cut what I need off. I do not need a giant bundle of strapping letting loose in my shop. I have enough of a mess as is.
  15. Tortilla press on the LG eh? I like it. Screw press to make sauce. I've seen videos of asians beating green stuff in a big bowl with a big mallet and a lead (baker/chef)? like the main smith calling and turning the (dough)? Was fun to watch. They had great coordination. I recomend Not cutting/ carving pumpkins with a chainsaw. I carved a pumpkin with a chainsaw once and it was a Very messy operation. I'd imagine cutting anything with a lot of moisture in it to be about as bad.
  16. Steve, no worries. You can bypass the safety on the sawstop for when you need to cut wood with a high moisture content or if you feel like cutting through a nail that you pounded into the end of a board. It will also cut your hot dog in this state. Pizza cut on a table saw! Brilliant! Well, if you like strips or squares. Someone probably has a hack to cut wedges.
  17. No doubt. Even the whole table saw replacement cost would be less expensive than an emergency room trip. I just rewatched some of the videos on this saw. You are correct that it is just a matter of replacing the blade and the braking mechanism.
  18. I've seen videos of them. They always seem to use a hot dog. I wouldn't trust it with My fingers. When the mechanism triggers it looks pretty destructive to the saw. If it didn't work, well, it would be pretty destructive to your hot dog.
  19. I'm blown away that it diced nails up, but wow it hurt to watch. That blade surviving the torture is no surprise, and it held up amazingly. All the wood chopping and other stuff I would expect. I would never ask a knife to chop nails. Even if it could as this one does.
  20. There is something I didn't mention. Cutting nails with that thing. I really cringed. That is a test beyond normal use.
  21. BigGun, I'm convinced. I'll hang onto it for now. If I had the tool it would be a nobrainer. Never know, the tool might end up in there next I look. I've been told they throw away thousands. My friend had given me hundreds of pounds in bolts from his scavenging there and said it was a regular thing. He was right. Just think, those bolts would at least be $1. Or a half each to buy them. John, thanks, and it is deffinately worth checking out. I've found out all places are different. Depends on how management acts. Some places pitch stuff while some recycle. Best of luck with your project. Sounds like a big build but you can do it. That is a good "other use" for the strapping Glenn. For the amount there and fact it is neatly coiled to tuck away, it is deffinately a keeper for project material. Free with a little labor getting it at that. If BigGun is right, which I wouldn't doubt, that is a free $200. in material.
  22. The other night while dumpster diving I visited the Fastenal dumpster. I painstakingly dug out a 80-100# roll of 1 1/4" x about 1/6" strapping (average size spray paint can for reference) and a lot of stainless and other bolts. The ones in the bucket are different sizes and types but layered. This was not in a metal hopper but in their regular garbage hopper/dumpster. Debating on saving the strapping for pattern welding or scrapping it for cash. Being a nice neat roll to store, it's a tough decision. Either way, their dumpster will be a regular stop from now on.
  23. Is the fruit much sweeter knowing it sacrificed so much in the name of pain and discipline? Lol
  24. There's a guy I watch on youtube that goes by Aquachigger. He does metal detecting and cave exploring. He has a recent video where he was attacked by a rabid beaver. It came up behind him and nipped him while he was in a river metal detecting. Then it proceded to persue him for a bit. He mentioned having had a rabies shot before which may have helped him not get rabies after getting tested and testing negative. He called animal control and ended up dispatching the beaver and it did test positive for rabies. There's a b rate movie about zombie beavers out there. Hmm. Now real rabid beavers....
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