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  1. Lots of work there Billy. I still get a chuckle out of the mouse. Last week at work my friend found a fully dried out frog while cleaning up a corner that holds the coolant, oil and oil dry collection barrels. I poked around the web to see if he could be rehydrated and maybe brought back but from what I saw I think he was too dried out.
  2. Got some good advise there. A few more options, collision repair shop, go in and talk to the guys or the manager explaining what you are looking for and they probably have some coil/ leaf springs, axle/cv shafts and some other useable parts out back. A box of doughnuts will potentially get you a Lot of scrap. If going for coil springs make sure they are not on the strut or see if they would remove them. It's nothing you'll be wanting to do yourself, (dangerous). Also, look for metal fabrication (Fab) shops in your area. Call them or go down in person and talk to them explaining what you a
  3. Arthur, the scrolls all look nice especially being freehanded. Also the scroll finials for the feet. Well done. It's a very nice design.
  4. Welsh, here is a video my buddy linked me about modifying the hf blasting cabinet. Language alert https://www.howtomotorcyclerepair.com/hfblastcabmods/ One on making a simple cyclone dust collector. And modifying that, Just sharing incase it may be helpful.
  5. Leather gloves. You'll probably just be wearing one on the tong hand but you never know if you might need to move or handle something a bit warmer than you'll want to touch. A fire extinguisher. Forges if built and used right tend to be pretty safe and containing but best to be safe than sorry for a freak incident. Make sure you both are wearing natural fiber clothing likecotton, and better with leather shoes or boots. A lot of kids cloths seem to be synthetic fibers and melt or burn easily. Be sure to read through the safety topics and beginner topics. Any hands on exp
  6. Bolting would be easier to replace later. As long as you just do a few stitch welds to secure them, that wouldnt be too hard to cut loose later to replace. It's really in what you want to deal with down the road.
  7. Haha yeah, it happens often. I tried hiding the sunflower inbetween working on it and had the flower head painted, she came up to the shop to tell me something and spotted it right away among my cluttered junk. She asked if I was making it for the upcoming show and I told her I had figured when she saw it she would want to keep it. (She loves sunflowers) Money is tight so she told me to take it to see if it sells. Deal is if I don't sell it she gets it and if it does sell I make her another. I already need to make more anyway lol. Thanks, We had a good Thanksgiving day and feast with my
  8. Thanks MacLeod. Feel free to use the idea. My version is just made from someone elses. Would love to see yours. I've seen a lot of different takes on the horse shoe Christmas tree. They are all nice. I wanted to make something to be smaller than the full shoe trees for more variety of display options. I left this one on the table for my better half to see this morning and now I need to make more. Lol
  9. Had some "odd" requests too. Same with the tos. And had to turn them down.
  10. Thanks. There are many faiths out there, I've done work in one way or another for many of them. The only way I pick and choose is if I can do the work or not and if it goes ok with my morality or not. Thankfully the latter is Very rare in asking. Obviously religion is against tos so I'll leave it simple like that.
  11. With Thomas mentioning horse shoe christmas trees, here is one I slapped together. The idea to do one did actually come before. While I have seen many done with full shoes and many different styles, here is one less done. Not like it is really my idea tho. And also used used horseshoes and on most had to cut off the clips, a few bent nails and get the "crud" out of the shoes.
  12. Lol, no worries Frosty, the "does it have to be motorized?" question was to Justin's inquiry. Tho, why couldn't they be? Haha.
  13. I agree with Swedefiddle that the starter motor would likely overheat and burn out with continual use. If you can attempt it safely tho, it's only a waste of time and materials if it fails, since it is already in your scrap pile.
  14. Does it have to be motorized? As far as mechanical, Animal leg spring traps come to mind as a good mechanical project and there are many examples to study. Studying and rebuilding simple machines or mechanical works. Start simple, work big.
  15. Jobs are always there. Family is first and my scrap pile won't deteriorate any time too soon. (Just might have to dig it out from jagger bushes, vines and saplings.), man, those things grow fast.
  16. Hope the best for them John. On the list.
  17. Man, Frosty, or Peat. If only I had that kind of time to put into things anymore. I'm sure someone who blows glass could do better. I'm lucky to get much of anything done anymore with two young kids and adding more to the idea can kill it all together lately. Just going to be a sculpture and it'll be lucky if it has a hookah. Lol. Sorry, just the way it's been. Maybe once the girls get older I can play again. Maybe Maybe lol. Ugh. The life of an artist with a wife and kids and a day job supporting all. Give you one guess who all wins and who doesn't. Maybe one day. Wouldn't trade my girls for
  18. Lol, Frosty, It isnt going to be That big. If only lol. At most the catapillar will be 12-16" at best. No functioning hookah. I have had hookah smoking friends but it wasn't really my thing. If it were my spirit animal it would probably be a cigarette smoking, beer drinking opossum or something lol.
  19. Funny you say that. Sounds more Alice in Wonderland, or something than alien. I've actually got the hookah smoking catapillar in the works, hopefully to look more like the more recent adaptation.
  20. Sunflower hanger /sculpture is welded up and painted. Probably needs another coat but I'm out at the moment till tomorrow.
  21. Twigg, if you twist it tight then just use a flat head screwdriver or small forged spatula to separate the screw turns you might have better luck. Looking good. Also might want a sharp point to initialy dig into the cork better. Dewnmountain, there is a Lot to get wrong with forge welds. There are a few great threads on here on how to. Be sure to check them out. One thing is be vigilant with clean clean clean mating surfaces. Another is maintaining welding temps and brushing, reflux, and back in the fire once you start losing that heat. Initial sets are light taps till it sticks, and mak
  22. Not sure how I feel about this. Was just going to be a sunflower but I added hangers to it for plants or whatever as a yard hanger. Got the leaf stems and leaves tacked on. Plan is to paint the leaves and stalk once fully done.
  23. What BigGun and IronDragon said. The top hardened plate is gone. The name brand is not rare here in the USA. It has uses but not much as a functional anvil. Also collectors more want anvils in good condition. Antique collectors want good functional condition. In this case it's not that rare or old to have much value other than someone wanting an anvil shaped object for decoration, or someone wanting a usable hardy hole to use for tools and a horn. No disrespect intended.
  24. Love the work and wow on that forge.
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