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  1. I know a great smith just down the road from your location in Russia. Or do you want the fellow from Australia? This is why we ask that you put your location in your profile.
  2. DO NOT use Plaster of Paris and sand mix for a forge. Let me say that again: DO NOT use Plaster of Paris and sand mix for a forge. Read the discussions as to why it is a bad idea by clicking on the link. Click here.
  3. You may find the following links of interest. A collection of improvised anvils TPAAAT - Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique
  4. Why lose some heat and efficiency with the slightly greater distance between the forge and the anvil? Move the anvil to be close to the forge. To make the forge last if it's going to sit outside in the MN winter, remove the ash and cover it with a tarp to help protect it from the water and moisture of the winter. You can make a second forge and store it inside, ready to be put into service when needed.
  5. If you were considering ordering refractory material, and want to beat the price increase, now is the time to request a quote. The refractory material in stock will be quoted at the old price while the stock here lasts. After that new prices on the refractory supplies will be quoted.
  6. Looks great !! Take a day off while it cures, you deserve it.
  7. Pack a lunch and a cold drink and find a section of IForgeIron that is of interest to you. Read it. Then if you find another section of interest, read it too. The more you read the less expensive blacksmith will become. You are building your own personal data and knowledge base. Buy a brick of hobby modeling clay. Use it to build your blacksmithing projects so you will know how to do things when you go to the forge and use metal.
  8. Please find, borrow, or purchase a tripod and USE IT. You lost me at 0:10 and by 0:30 I was starting to get motion sickness. Or take still photos and then video the still shots to add commentary.
  9. Thank You Frosty for a batter explaination.
  10. Round over the face to side edge a bit.
  11. A bit more costly up front (the cost of the ditch) but wind, rain, falling trees, and most other things will not interrupt YOUR side of the utilities. The utilities on their side of the pole can still be damaged and your out of power until they get their side repaired. Be sure to lay in phone lines while the ditch is open.
  12. Thank you for getting the eye protection. That does not allow you to be less careful, just offers you a level of protection you did not have before.
  13. Thank you for an interesting video. Can not wait for the rest to be made and posted.
  14. Only 12 ?? The site tries to have something new available every time you log in. It may not be exactly what you were looking for but it will be interesting. In case you have not found it yet, Words of Wisdom is good reading material.
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