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  1. Posted by G-son I took the liberty of making a list of Mikeys suggested MIG tip vs. pipe sizes, and added the actual pipe diameters (instead of the schedule 40 pipe sizes that aren't the real size) and the tip size in percent of the mix tube diameter. I thought it could be useful for people who build burners using other kinds of pipe or tubing, and the gas jet vs. mix tube size may be useful for people building other size burners than the listed ones - something in the ~4.0-4.6% range seems to be right for most of the listed sizes, possibly more on smaller burners and less on larger ones. I just gathered the numbers in one place, everyone gets to draw their own conclusions and use it as they see fit. The information was already out there, I just try to make it a bit easier to compare and use. Original post ----------------------- I just thought of using 3D printer nozzles as gas jets for small burners. I've just made a little research, but they seem to be available down to 0.2mm diameter. Not sure about the internal shape or length of the narrow passage, probably varies between different manufacturers. Do they seem suitable? Availability seems good, price okay (but not great, like the mig tips).
  2. This was posted in another thread for a item to show the patina and yet protect the object. There are several types of wax that can be used. Check to see if it is food grade if you are worried.
  3. The Kast-o-lite 30 bulk density after 1500*F (815*C) is listed as 87 to 97 pounds per cubic foot. Lets call it 90 pounds per cubic foot. A cubic foot is 12 x 12 x 12 inches. Divide 90 by 12 and you get 7.5 pounds per square foot at one inch thick, or 3.75 pounds per square foot at 1/2 inch thick. One source says that when properly mixed it will make 18 cubic inches per pound of material.
  4. The IForgeIron store has one 4# bag of Kast-o-lite in stock. The store also sells 5# bags of Kast-o-lite and 5# bags of Plastix 900F kiln wash. PM me if your interested. Gas Forge Refractories and Supplies
  5. If you check real close Mother Nature does not get them exact either.
  6. Track plates make good places for the feet of tables to rest on, particularly outside. Weld the track plates together and make an acorn platen.
  7. A lot depends on the kid and where they grew up. Many times a farm kid is running a $200,000 + combine and working the the field all day long before he can get a drivers license. They can take care of the farm animals, give then shots, worm them, and etc, This includes animal husbandry from conception to delivery. Each kid is an individual and when given the opportunity, they will surprise you.
  8. And thickness of the application.
  9. Many of these mistakes are made by people that heard the words, think they are buzz words and will increase the number of viewers or interest in what they are doing. Then the buzz words become used more and more because surely they can not be wrong as it was used on such and such.
  10. Mudman, a fiberglass sewing tape works great for measuring her wrist. Or cut a 1 inch strip from the 11 inch side of a piece of paper and wrap it around her hand, from the tucking the thumb to the heel of the hand. It should be close in size to the width of the knuckles on her hand. Add a little for getting on the hand. The strip of paper can be adjusted and then stapled together for a over the hand measurement. A piece of solder can be made into a circle and when she gets the size to her liking, twist the solder to form a circle and keep the measurement. If she already has a piece of jewelry she likes and uses, measure it.
  11. Make the list and we will find a place for it to be posted.
  12. Glenn

    Show me your vise

    When you go to move the vise, clamp a piece of angle iron, or other metal in the jaws of the vise to use as a handle. Makes life a lot easier that way.
  13. Glenn


    As soon as you get a chance, please brace the forge stand so it CAN NOT tip over. It looks way too tall for the size of the base.
  14. Post your location such as the state. How far are you willing to travel? Look for a blacksmithing group or organization near you and attend the meetings. You will learn more in a few hours than you can ever imagine. You can ask at the meeting about classes or find an open forge and someone will help you get started. Individual classes or tutoring can be arranged from there.