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  1. We are taking advance orders for this design at $15 each plus $5 shipping USA. The advance orders end April 14, 2017 and the shirt then goes on sale at the regular price of $19.95 Design: Hold the cold end, color 100% Cotton, yellow, blue and white ink, on a black shirt. Sizes , L, XL, 2XL $19.95 plus $5 shipping USA Contact me PM or email for orders or additional information. Please include the name of the shirt design, size, and quantity in your pm or email.
  2. TPAAAT works for welders also (grin)
  3. Many years ago my dad's partner blew his nose at a Horse Auction and bought a race horse!. As my Dad said "cost money to go to school" Noitownkid
  4. I just spoke with Ted by phone. He said THANK YOU for all your prayers and good wishes as it has made a large difference. He is in good spirits, and said to say Hello to the folks at IForgeIron.
  5. Aisles are on the list. Turbo says he is high and dry so far.
  6. It is not a tool, but all moving parts come to a stop when visitors arrive. They want to touch everything, and can distract you from everything you are doing. Distraction is spelled D A N G E R .
  7. Most folks have an adjustable height rest, or third hand, in their shop or close by. They call it an auto jack stand. Cribbing may help get it to the right height. For taller projects use a transmission jack stand. Need a micro adjustment? Use a bottle jack on cribbing, an auto hydraulic floor jack, or engine hoist. And if a fellow had a screw type house jack handy , , ,
  8. That anvil is something like 200 years old. Still a lot of life left in it. If you are willing to learn how to use the anvil and its blemishes, it will do a lot of work, and pay for a brand new anvil if you insist on replacing it. Use it for a year and then decide if you need another anvil.
  9. Blacksmiths are packrats with a purpose. Keeplokd
  10. You aren't going to know an improvement from a mistake till you have some hammer time. Frosty the Lucky
  11. A blacksmith can and will use most anything available to their advantage. He will recognize the advantage and put it to use in his shop. And it is ok to borrow from another craft or industry as they have already invented the wheel so to speak. You just put it to use in another way. We always need new tools, or ways of doing things. What items have you put to use in your shop? To measure a curved object, use a plastic sewing tape measure which is very flexible and follows the curves very well. Read the measurement directly on the tape. You can use a piece of solder to do the same thing.
  12. Everything in blacksmithing is either hot, heavy, sharp, or dangerous. Each shop is different, and each set up is different. There is a common theme as to when to use extra caution around tools. Hand tools are a bit different from large mechanical tools, and each has its own level of danger. Just to remind us, what is the most dangerous tool in your shop? .
  13. Dorothy Stiegler, Plymouth, California, USA Glenn Moon, Braidwood, NSW, Australia Douglas Pryor, California, USA Benoit Laurent, Victoria, BC, Canada Matt Jenkins, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Gennadii Boyarskyi, Peachland, BC, Canada Gerard Laverty, Surrey, BC, Canada Kerry Neilson, Surrey, BC, Canada
  14. She is on the list. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.