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  1. Robert "Bob" L. Cruikshank August 1, 1940 - April 17, 2021 Honest Bob was a member of IForgeIron and will be missed.
  2. Look at Holland anvils, and Jymm Hoffman anvils. Both are members of the site and are extremely helpful. Tell them IForgeIron sent you. Jymm also sells hammers. An anvil in the 100 to 150 pound range will do a lifetime of work. If you find an anvil of 200 pounds at a good price, consider it but it is not necessary. Heavier anvils are generally needed for some types of blacksmithing or industrial blacksmithing, due to the nature of that work. There is an entire section of the site devoted to anvils. For used anvils read TPAAAT - Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique and the section on Improvised anvils.
  3. Including today, there are currently 95 days until Christmas Day 2021. What projects are you making for this year?
  4. IForgeIron shirts are only available through the IForgeIron web site and IFI store. All the shirts are printed in house and help support the site. All the IFI shirts and designs are copyrighted. If by chance you see anyone selling the IFI shirts, please get photos and the name of the seller if possible. IFI has many shirt designs, and is adding new designs. I will post information in the store shortly.
  5. Tonight Monday, September 20, 2021 is the full moon or Harvest Moon. Wednesday September 22, 2021 is the fall equinox. That is just a couple of days left to get your forge welds to work before fall (or spring for those in the south).
  6. Just use a hammer to drive the anvil into the ground so the face of the anvil is the correct height for you. Start with the anvil face height about the same height as the break of your wrist. To fine tune the anvil height even more, put a piece of wood on the top of the anvil and hit it 3 times with a hammer. If the crescent is at 12 o'clock the anvil is too low. If the crescent is at 6 o'clock the anvil is too high. If the crescent is at 6 or 9 o'clock, you need to adjust your grip on the hammer. Use a grinder and smooth up the top of the anvil. Make a couple of U shaped brackets and drive them into the stump to hold the anvil in place. You will find that if you raise the forge up to a convenient working height so you can stand to work, you will not have to be getting up and down all the time.
  7. Fastenal will ship internal store to store but there is no promise as to the time. Check with the motor freight companies for less than full load rates. Just be sure it is secured to a pallet and well protected. There are companies out there that specialize in one off items.
  8. Connecticut Antique Machinery Association - 36th Annual CAMA Fall Fire-Up When: Saturday -Sunday, Sept. 24-26th, 2021 Where: C.A.M.A. 31 Kent-Cornwall Rd., Kent, CT
  9. Northeast Blacksmith Seminar: When: Saturday -Sunday, Sept. 24-26th, 2021 Where: Ashokan Reservoir, Olivebridge, NY
  10. New England Bladesmith Sword Seminar: When: Saturday - Sunday, Sept. 17-18th 2021 Where: Ashokan Reservoir, Olivebridge, NY
  11. NEXT MEETING Meeting Info: When: Saturday, October 16th, 2021 1pm-5pm Where: Guilford Art Center 411 Church Lane, Guilford, CT What: Meeting Business, Multiple Demos, Merch Delivery What you need to know: While we are optimistic we are still being cautious. As this meeting is indoors we would like to request everyone please wear their masks while attending the meeting for your safety as well as everyone else's. We are excited to be back in-person, but we are still thinking about everyone's safety.
  12. Do not have a smaller pipe? If you tell us you can not do something, you are right, you have already decided that you can not do it. Instead, figure out a way to use what you have to make what you need. Your a blacksmith, heat up the end of the pipe you do have and swage it down to a smaller diameter. Calculate the internal area and make the new opening round, square, rectangular, etc with the internal area you want.
  13. Try using a 3/4 inch or 19mm pipe. Extend it an inch or two past the wall.
  14. Das, hang on to that strapping as it can be used as cross bracing on some projects.
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