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  1. Glenn

    My first knife.

    Choose a plain background to contrast against the details of the knife.
  2. Glenn

    It followed me home

    Das, Bypass the compressor and use the tank for air storage. Or charge the tank and wheel it out to inflate that flat tire.
  3. Glenn

    Right or left?

    Many tools are specifically designed for one hand or the other, diagonal pein hammers for instance. Anvils, for me, work better with the horn pointing in the direction of the dominate hand. This allows the hammer to work over and around the horn, without the rest of the anvil getting in the way. Step in front of the horn and you have a full circle of access. Now turn the anvil horn toward the off hand and you will find you have to work over top of the entire anvil to get to the horn. You do not have full access to the horn. When you purchased the anvil, you bought the whole anvil, not just the face. So turn the anvil every which way but loose. Lay the anvil on its side and use the curve between the feet as a radius (swage block), with a different radius between the feet and the waist. Turn the anvil horn up to use the radius between the horn and the feet, and turn it heel up (horn down) to use the radius between the heel and the feet. Horn up lets the horn act as a cone. Heel up lets you access the edge of the heel (side of the face away from the horn) as a 90 degree corner on a slant. It is your anvil, use it to your advantage. More importantly use it the way it is most comfortable for you.
  4. Noting's too nerdy for blacksmiths. Frosty the Lucky
  5. Design: Dumpster Diver 100% Cotton, ink on a black shirt. IFI anvil on shoulder Sizes , L, XL $19.95 plus $8 shipping USA Contact me PM or email for orders or additional information. Please include the name of the shirt design, size, and quantity in your pm or email.
  6. Glenn

    BP002 Cleaning up the shop

    BP002 Cleaning up the shop By Glenn Conner Copyright 2019 IForgeIron Blueprints Copyright 2002 - 2019 IFORGEIRON, All rights reserved. Trying to keep the shop a bit cleaner. Start with a plastic flower pot 11 inches diameter at the top, from the garden center. Cut off the bottom. Insert a plastic grocery bag into the pot and over the top edge. As debris is collected, put it into the pot. When the pot is full, tie the bag closed and lift the pot. The bag will slide out the open bottom. Throw the bag of debris away. The pot keeps the bag open. Insert a new bag and start cleaning again. It is surprising how much stuff you can dispose of a small quantity at a time.
  7. If you could go back in time to when you first became interested in blacksmithing, what advice would you give to you? Read and learn as much as you can. Then try it out to see if it works. You have permission, and are expected to fail. It is how you learn. NEVER forget that fire you have in your belly. Let it drive you to learn, gain knowledge, and try new things. NEVER forget the excitement. It can be an hour at the forge, creating something you made, or savoring that Ah Ha moment. Share your excitement with others. Encourage then to have as much fun as you have, and show them how. What advice would you give to your own self, if you could ?
  8. The difference is called their profit for dealing with the small guy. You can narrow this gap a bit by cookies, donuts, or gifts you made from the scrap you purchased.
  9. Glenn

    Starting a forge

    Think Side blast. Just lay a piece of pipe across and into the fire.
  10. Glenn

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Daswulf, I point the end of the rod, turn it 90 degrees, and start the scroll on the edge of the anvil for the first circle. Then it is heat as long a piece of rod as I can and holding the spiral with tongs, vise grips, etc, start wrapping the rest of the rod around the spiral. Keep the rod HOT and it will fit against the spiral during the wrap. Stop and heat more rod before it is needed, that is do not work the rod against the spiral once it starts to cool. Stop when you get to the handle section and flatten the spiral on the anvil. Then make the handle. Spiral is and stays tight that way. When your finished, grind the point at the center of the spiral to the length and sharpness you want.
  11. Glenn

    Stock for making axes?

    He says that Our axes are hand forged from a block of 4142 chrome/moly alloy steel, and heat treated to provide exceptional performance. The camp axe comes in 2.25 and 3 pound weights.
  12. Glenn

    Hello from Woodland, California!

    We suggest you READ THIS FIRST in order to get the most from the site. Solid Fuel Forges is be a great place for information on solid fuel forges. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Glenn

    Video "How to Forge Chain Makers Tongs"

    At 2:30 the show the use of a tommy hammer.
  14. Glenn

    Soft metal practice

    Starting out as the OP is doing, there are ways to gain experience using materials other than steel. Modeling clay is one of those items. Anything that can be made with modeling clay, can be made with metal. For that reason modeling clay is great material to solve problems and techniques. You can then take that knowledge to the forge (when it gets set up), and transfer that knowledge to metal. You are correct, there is always a learning curve when you start working with a new material.