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  1. It's not a mistake if it can be fixed. Irondragon ForgeClay Works
  2. Chain or somehow lock the tanks into an upright or vertical position so they can not be pulled over when you only need a few more inches of hose to get to the project. Or something falls across or snags the hose.
  3. You may have heard the term adjusting or replacing the *points, plugs, and condenser* during a tune up. Ignition files were used to file the ignition breaker points, when cars used breaker points in the ignition system. Look around and see who has a smile on their face. Ask them what BTDC and dwell means. Sigh, the stuff your exposed to on a blacksmithing site.
  4. There is only one letter difference between anger and Danger.
  5. She, and family, are on the list.
  6. Or how do you line up two pieces of pipe to be straight and in line with each other? Another reason to be kind to a curmudgeon. (grin) They know the old school tricks.
  7. Ignition files work great, made of metal. May take some time to find them now days.
  8. 3/8 to 1 inch round or square. The tripod was shown to me by Bill Epps, and you can not loose the pieces. For a grill I use old BBQ grills
  9. When using sand to reduce the ring of an anvil, just level the sand at the proper level for the anvil height and set the anvil down onto the sand. It may settle a small amount during use but just raise the anvil and add a bit more sand. To further reduce the ring of the anvil I found that 2-3 inches (or more) of sand over the feet works well.
  10. Your location is requested in order to get you good information that applies to where you live in the world.
  11. They make boats, bridges, and many other things using rivets. If you can use a drill you can bolt metal together.
  12. Let the grinder spin up before you touch it to the work. Lift the grinder away from the work when you finish and then let it spin down. When actually doing the work, always move the grinder toward the edge and off the work. If you move the grinder toward the edge of the work, it will catch on the edge and bad things can happen. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for catching it Frosty.
  13. I started seeds early this year and now have blooms on some things that are not suppose to be planted until mid May or later. High 30s*F or less last night and the wife said bring bring the ones she pointed to inside the house.
  14. When using steel tape measures, always cut with the same steel tape measure that you measured with. Yes, there is sometimes that much of a difference between tapes. Depending on the project and how much accuracy you actually NEED, influences the price of the measuring instrument.
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