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  1. Welcome to the forum. You have found IForgeIron where, through the internet, you can help people in over 150 countries of the world with your knowledge, skill, and expertise. You may want to contact SOFA, a blacksmithing group in Ohio, and offer your knowledge to that group.
  2. Never a waste of time when you can brainstorm and list items to help others in the future. 226 people have viewed this thread in just 7 days already.
  3. People used anvils for years that had no horns at all. Why not get a small cone mandrel and mount it horizontally to a hardie post?
  4. You can place a socket over one of the pins for a different radius.
  5. You may want to make a casting mold of the object before you start. Call it plan B. As others suggest glue would be preferred to heat on an unknown material.
  6. And your answer arrived 30 minutes later (grin).
  7. We need all the information you have (plus photos) available in one place in order to answer your question. Your posts have been merged as they are on the same question.
  8. Look up the JABOD just a box of dirt forge (solid fuel) and you can have a fire going in an hour or so. Your choice of solid fuels can be found locally. Look for the thread on makeshift anvils and choose one that can work for you. The IFI store sells gas forge refractories and delivers them to your door. The more you read the less money you will need to spend. You can get metal to play with by going to the places that throw metal into a dumpster. Learning to scrounge is both an ability and an art form. Above all look up TPAAAT, the Thomas Powers Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique. It works for all sorts of things, including anvils. The READ THIS FIRST thread will guide you through the site.
  9. Plates stacked horizontally are a poor choice, unless they have a FULL penetration weld between each plate. Each air gap absorbs energy and efficiency. A better choice would be to stand the plate up vertically and have a 2.5 inch wide anvil face.
  10. Please realign your anvils to north and get back on topic.
  11. The site self corrects. This is one example of the self correction. gwynlaredogranger, thank you
  12. My question relates to the statement about breathing in massive amounts of the fibers for many years before the onset of silicosis. The site is viewed by over 150 countries of the world and errs on the side of caution. Each person is a unique individual and reacts differently. What is the minimum amount of fibers inhaled that cause problems?
  13. Top of the forum is a tab labeled IFI Store, Shirts, Refractory.
  14. Ceramic Wool Insulation, Safety Alert by Chuck Wright MD Please present references and your credentials, to back up your statement. This is not personal, we want to read the information and learn.