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  1. Air going through the pipe cools the pipe. If the bellows is too powerful, then do not pump the bellows as fast or as hard. YOU are the one generating the air.
  2. A collection of improvised anvils can save you some money. Any 2 pound hammer should work. BP001 Easy to make tongs The more you read and research the less it will cost you to get started.
  3. Think of the pride the grandsons will have when it finally gets passed on to them.
  4. Now you need to add the cost of the chiropractor to the cost of the anvil LOL. Sorry for your trip to the Dr.
  5. The only thing wanting it RIGHT NOW guarantees is making your mistakes permanent more quickly. Frosty
  6. M.G. have them supply their own wine bottles. (grin)
  7. If you get the anvil, use the rent to own system, that is to charge your self rent every time you use the anvil. At $1 a day you will pay for the anvil in under 2 years. If you pass on the high dollar cup of coffee, put that money toward the anvil. Trim your spending when you get a chance and put that money toward the anvil. If you sell something made on the anvil, put that money toward the anvil. If it is a gift, put the equivalent money toward the anvil. Do not count the money you put aside for the anvil for a year. Remember you are paying rent to use the anvil. That size anvi
  8. Follow the advice and instructions given on the site. Build something and learn how to use it so you have some experience on which to base your questions. If you build a suggested forge, the site can assist you as they know what you are doing. Keep things as simple as possible until you know what to change and then only change ONE thing at a time. Going slow is easy as it only creates small failures that can be fixed. You learn how to improve from each failure. No one ever did everything right the first time. We want you to succeed, and to be a small part of that success. Acc
  9. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Natkova
  10. IF the hair dryer it putting out too much air, leave an air gap between the hair dryer and the pipe going to the forge. Aim more toward the pipe for more air, and not so directly toward the air pipe for less air. You can spill what you do not need.
  11. You know you're a real blacksmith when you make a tool to make a tool to make a something. George NM
  12. A quick search of the site produced the following. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/16997-inswoolkaowool-saftey/
  13. When someone questions your standards, evaluate YOUR standards to see if they need raised. Do not be afraid to raise them again if needed. As your standards rise, the questions then become why are your standards so high. Smile and say Thank You.
  14. In 1840, American humorist Seba Smith indicated in her short story “The Money Diggers” when she wrote: “As it is said, ‘There are more ways than one to skin a cat,’ so are there more ways than one of digging for money.” In the 1855 classic, Westward Ho!,” Charles Kingsley wrote, “There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream.” Mark Twain in his 1889 “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”: “She was wise, subtle, and knew more than one way to skin a cat.”
  15. Look up the TPAAAT thread on the site. Apply it early and often. Many times you will find what you seek close to home.
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