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  1. Glenn

    Why does size matter?

    You can tell which formulas in my notebook are referred to most by the burn marks on the pages.
  2. I understand your dilemma and then your choice of where to put things. As with google, a single search string only narrows the field. You need to use those results to better define the search string for future searches. If someone were to get one of these axes and search or information, where would they start? A google search for this item would use the words carpenter's hatchet, roofer's axes, or hand ax. We have a section on axes so it was placed there. This would make the topic easily available in a search 6 months or a year from now. I have changed the title of the thread to Steel Carpenter's Hatchet, Roofer's axe, or Hand axe so it will show up in a google search.
  3. We try to organize the site with similar subjects in the same section. You want to rework an axe into another shape and then heat treat it for the new purpose. The post was not deep sixed, but moved to another location. No matter where the post is located, the very next reply brings it to the top of the forum when you click on unread content, or when you open a section of the site. This is true for every thread and every post no matter what section it is posted in. To answer your question, use modelling clay and create an az similar to the one you have. Rework the clay into your new shape. If you come up short on material you will be move likely short on steel. If you have too much then you can cut off and throw away what is in excess. Heat treating an unknown steel is YOUR best guess as to what might work. If you want a good heat treat, then start with good steel. Asking an opinion as to what might work is just that an opinion, or a guess. Even if someone worked in the axe factory and made them for years, it does not mean your as came from that production line, or was made from that type of steel. You are back to guessing.
  4. I will take the lift, thank you.
  5. Glenn

    DFPROF2 + 1D 2 no reading on regulator

    Regulators are designed to regulate pressure and volume to a manageable level. Are you asking how to SAFELY bypass a regulator and put full pressure and full volume gas into the pipe?
  6. Glenn

    Chisel ground santoku

    No, it is a safety issue. Time to close the thread
  7. Most things are usable at some point. You just have to have a place to store them until that time comes along. Discarded tools are always fun. They may have been discarded for warn brushes (electrical motor contacts) or who knows why. Many are repairable at little or no cost. Nuts and bolts are always usable. Anything except rebar that is solid with shape (round or square). Pipe and square tubing has many possibilities. The aluminium wire rack could be useful for storage. Buy a hacksaw and make a chisel. Many solid items can be scored or partially cut with the chisel and then broken at the mark. Other things can be cut to a manageable length, or scored and broken. Thomas Powers took a bow saw and replaced the blade with a long hacksaw blade. Now the saw stroke was much longer and the cut was much easier and faster. How much is too much? When you no longer use the material to build things. In order to get rid of some of the excess material, go to a blacksmith meeting and put the material in the iron in the hat, or use it as a trade item.
  8. Glenn

    Lining a forge?

    Cover the hole with a piece of plate steel 11 ga to 1/4 inch thick with a hole in the middle for your air inlet. A simple piece of exhaust pipe with a T in it will do. Put a couple of pieces of 1/4 rod across the pipe to both act as a grate and to hold the pipe above the plate. It can stand an inch or so above the plate and the ash will fill in the difference. First fire should be a small one and a cool fire so the forge can heat slowly and dry out. Kindling will be fine. Next day again a small fire to start then add more fuel after the forge has started to warm up.
  9. Glenn

    Common Mistakes that Beginners Make

    We have a rule at the forge, everything goes onto the hot table that is beside the forge. When it is time to go to the work table away from the forge, it is picked up from the hot table and put in water, then put into your bare hand, and only then can it be put on the work table. This way there are NO hot items on the work table and no surprises when someone picks up an item. It may be warm but it is below 200*F (steaming). There are reasons to wear gloves, and to wear gloves with cuffs. If gloves and cuffs are necessary, then use them. For most things, I cut the cuffs off of the cloves. It does not interfere with the use of the glove, and if you snag the glove, it will slip off the hand with little effort. If you snag something on the cuff, it can lock the glove to the wrist and can pull or throw you around by the arm. No cuff and the glove is gone before you know it.
  10. Glenn

    Gday im warrick. New

    There are many suggestions on how to lessen that ring. One of them is to bed the anvil down in about 2-3 inches of sand, another is to secure it to a base. Anything to deaden the vibration of the anvil (think tuning fork) will work. I like the sand method as you purchased the entire anvil, so why not use it, the whole anvil and all the surfaces. The curve between the feet, the curve between the waist and horn, the heel and horn, and etc.
  11. Glenn

    Gday im warrick. New

    1-2-20 should put the anvil at 188 pounds.
  12. Glenn

    Looking for an anvil

    A collection of improvised anvils is a good place to look at alternative anvils that others have used. It is too much fun to forge to be hung up on a particular shape, size, or brand. Get something and get started.
  13. Glenn

    Centaur Forge tool kit

    Easiest thing to do is to WEAR the safety glasses from the time you enter the shop. They are inexpensive so buy a bunch of them. Leave them new and in the bag where they will be needed, grinder, forge, drill, etc. That way there is NO excuse. Place the remainder of the glasses at the door(s) to the shop. Save one pair out to put in your vehicle. They will be needed at some point, whether it is changing a tire, the visit to the junk yard, or other occasions. Put a pair in the chainsaw carrier. Earplugs are inexpensive and should be put in many locations throughout the shop. No excuses, just pop in a pair when needed. People thing that ear plugs are for noise, which is ture. They are just as important for keeping dirt, welding spudder balls, and etc out of the ears. When things get really loud or loud for a long period of time, add ear muffs over the ear plugs for a second level of noise reduction. To get your attention, just flash the lights. You can not hear them sneaking up on you anyway.
  14. Hi Glenn,  I wanted to give you some follow up regarding the young blacksmith with silicosis from way back in January....he is awaiting further testing for some new nodules  that have appeared, otherwise the lung fields have progressed as expected in their appearance.   If no evidence of cancerous growth has appeared and he is still a silicosis patient, he will be awaiting heart lung bypass.   Given his age and health outside of the silicosis, he is expected to make a full recovery.   I do have a follow up X-ray that I need to remove his patient info for HIPPA considerations....Sorry about my prolonged absence, in that time span, I had lost my Mom and I finally am in remission from my leukemia.


    Hope to hear from you soon, 



    1. Alexi Croteau

      Alexi Croteau

      hello Chuck, I have been forging with an uncoated ceramic wool forge for a short period of time before coating it (about 40 hrs total... average 2 hours/week) should i be worried?


      thank you


    2. Glenn


      Chuck, Thank you for the update. Our condolences to you and your family. We wish you personally the very best of health.


    3. Chuck Wright

      Chuck Wright

      Hi Alexi,  I wouldn't worry about short exposures.....however, now would be the time to add rigidizer and refractory cement.

      Kevin, our patient had logged almost 7000 hours unprotected.

      Thanks Glenn,   I have a new warning to give in this heat wave....

  15. Glenn

    M&H Find

    Hot metal will shine the face. The rest of the anvil can be protected by a variety of materials, including paint. Keep in mind the best way is using the anvil on a regular basis.