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  1. Vice mounted on surface for chisel work

    There are all manner of clamping used to hold metal. There is a ramp used in a vise to angle the metal so it is easier to work on. It all depends on your project and what you have available to clamp with and clamp on to.
  2. Glenn, I want to go to the New England Blacksmith Association meet on June 1-3, but on June 1 I have school, and my parents will not let me skip a day of school for blacksmithing. Am I able to show up on the second day, or do I have to do all of the days?

    Owen Hinsman

  3. Cut nail machines at work
  4. This thread has been dormant for 7 years. A warning was given to the original poster at that time. Recommending a produce or source without first trying that product is of no benefit to anyone. Advertising is the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service. The thread is closed.
  5. It followed me home

    Lay one on edge as an anvil, #2 one round end up as a horn, and #3 curved end up as a swage and #4 wide flat side up. Problem half solves as you only have 4 remaining.
  6. Anvil costs

    Vaughans Hope Works in UK sells the S60 leg vise new for $379.
  7. Anvil costs

    There is no perfect anvil, forge, hammer, etc. You can wait until you think you find what you want only to find that once that tool is actually acquired, your wants or needs have changed and the search starts over. Or you can purchase what will work, get the job done, get paid, and start the next job. Put the money into the bank and let it accumulate until you have enough for the brand new anvil you want. Nothing wrong with having two.
  8. Tinsmithing Anvil

    Where are you located? Makes a difference sometimes in the price, local vs shipping.
  9. It seams that the time for talking is over, and it is not time to go to the forge and apply the suggestions.
  10. Shop Class?

    My son was in the shop and needed a ruler to measure with. I told him to go out in the yard and get a stick about the size of his thumb and one that was 2 to 2-1/2 feet long and NOT straight. We peeled off the bark hit it lightly with sand paper, and proceeded to use his bent stick as a ruler for the entire project. Put the end here, and make a mark when you want the other end to be. Transfer that stick and measurement to the metal and cut on your mark. Works for inside or outside measurements. At the end of the project his bent stick ruler had done it's job well. He ask how it could be that he made the entire project and never touched a standard ruler. I told him it was because, to start with, he had chosen a smart stick. He came back a couple of months later and said he figured out what I meant by the bent stick ruler being smart. He had to use a yard stick for another project and none of the pre-existing marks were in the right place. The marks were always too long or too short and never right on. His parting comment was that straight sticks are dumb.
  11. The next meeting will be June 9 at 6792 County Road 424 Mokane, MO 65251. Ned and Esther Digh are hosting. Drew Johnson will be the demonstrator. Lunch will be provided.
  12. BAM's 27th Ozark Conference Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO May 3 - 6, 2018 Demonstrators will be Pep Gomez , Fred Crist , and Mark J. Hopper .
  13. Welcome to Please post your events, meeting, hammer ins, etc so we can plan to attend. Follow up with another post and include photos so we can see what we missed if we did not attend.
  14. BAM's 27th Ozark Conference Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO May 3 - 6, 2018 Demonstrators will be Pep Gomez , Fred Crist , and Mark J. Hopper .