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  1. That’s a good idea irondragon i didn’t think about it holding a shaft, I was just looking at the top and it looked like something has been wearing on it back and forth so I thought something hydraulic used to be connected but maybe it’s just scuffed up, anyways if there are several available maybe you could use them to hold a home made lineshaft to run older machines?
  2. It looks really close to the same jaws used on yost vises, I have a 165 pound yost 34c and it looks really close to the Same build as your reed I’m just curious if the jaws would interchange maybe just have to re drill the pin holes on the jaws? You can order new jaws from yost.
  3. Just a guess from the wear marks but it kinda looks like something that used to be connected to a hydraulic ram. Sorry not much help.
  4. Nice anvil and it looks like a pretty heavy stand to!
  5. Nice vise! Is it set up for a single pipe jaw insert on the dynamic and two inserts on the stationary?
  6. That’s interesting, how well does it work?
  7. Thanks pnut it’s been awhile since i read about it I couldn’t remember what they used but it is definitely pretty cool, odd stuff Ive seen or hit while cutting so far, bullets, chains, steel cable, spikes, a horse shoe, and a few years ago I had a customer come by the shop to get a new chainsaw chain and he had hit a really old black powder revolver! Not sure I want to know why that was in a tree lol.
  8. Just curious if the recipe for making homemade stones with special mortar mix also contains jb weld?
  9. Lol no I’ve never stopped but I slow down and look at it every time I’m up that way hopefully nothing is trapped inside but you never know I’ve seen and heard of a lot of strange things come out of trees when cut up for firewood , Willow does grow pretty fast I guess a gate or a fence could be made from it like how they used to do with Osage but you would probably need to get more moose or goats to keep it under control or you might get permanently fenced in!
  10. The seat idea would be awesome! I’ve seen pictures of bridges over streams in the rainforest made by locals guiding living vines or tree roots together over the stream There is a massive weeping willow close by me in westville Oklahoma standing by an old repair shop down town next the railroad I don’t know how old it is or the old building but it’s the biggest one I’ve ever personally seen.
  11. Just looked them up and I gotta say he did beautiful work!
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