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  1. I’ve got a vise vice and I’ve dragged home quite a few but I’ve never come across anything like that one it’s pretty cool, curious how wide are the jaws? Sorry I’m like frosty I can’t help with info either on the vise or cart but they are both really sweet finds.
  2. Doing more research in my area I found where a cable suspension bridge used to pass over the baron fork creek almost a century ago. No real way to tell if this vise was used for that project but that’s the only cable bridge I can find that was around around here. We have some 100 year old bridges still standing an in use but they aren’t cable.
  3. Glad to hear you got your problem figured out and was able to bring it back online
  4. What I found interesting is that his company was involved In everything from several famous bridges to military equipment to Lindbergh’s plane!
  5. Lol that’s a good idea frosty, Thomas don’t worry I keep up to date on my tetanus shots because every were I go I’m digging through junk piles, billy and pnut it’s not that I actually buy pbr on the regular it was just the cheapest beer I could find that day lol.
  6. It’s a really neat project and I hope you find your wiring issues without to much trouble or frozen fingers, I can’t wait to see your machine up and running again! You already got wheels turning in my mind about making something like that for my shop.
  7. I’m not an electrician or a hvac guy but Im wondering What if you returned the wiring back to its original set up when it was working and see if it does work agin then put your kill switch on the supply line? Also does it have any thermistors, thermocouples or fuses that might have blown like on a dryer? I know a dryer motor will still spin but if one of those things blows then the dryer won’t heat. If it does have one of those you could test them with your multimeter set on ohms and rule them out as a problem. Sorry I’m not much help.
  8. Here’s another one of my junkyard finds, i guesstimate it to be 175 to 200 pounds but my wife has banned me from using her bathroom scale to weigh dirty rusty junk I drag home so I’ll have to get a weight later for it. The searching I’ve done so far has led me to it being a wire rope eye splicing vise. The company that made it turned out to have a pretty interesting history but I was unable to find any info on when it was made. It has three jaws and two move at the same time. I haven’t found a use for this thing yet but it was weird and I didn’t already have one so of course I needed it.
  9. Andrew, If you can’t mount it permanently maybe you could find a piece of plate and mount it to that to help keep it from spreading out like Jennifer suggested. You could drill and tap the holes and put the bolts in from the top so it will set flush. you could still have it mobile that way and maybe take some of the stress off. I think everyone here is just worried about the cast iron failing and dropping and anvil on your foot.
  10. My vote is also cast iron I’ve got an old cream separator out in my junk pile with a stand similar to that one and i believe mine is cast iron. Neat old stand I just haven’t figured out what to use mine for yet.
  11. that’s a nice silver! I’ve found two just like yours but they were both missing parts or had broken parts and neither looks as nice as yours. I’ve still got one rigged up in the shop that I use but it’s not near as complete as that one.
  12. If you get it I’d be really interested to hear if it is a green river foot vise. I’ve been hunting for one for several years now but when I find them they are either to far away for me to get them or they are higher than I I wanna pay. So I just keep hunting I figure one day one will turn up we’re I least expect it. Did you get the swage block that’s setting buy the fire pot? Also that cone looks really sweet how tall is it and what’s the top and bottom diameters? Sorry for all the questions I get excited when I see a pile of old rusty tools.
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