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  1. Looks like you had a blast! I wasn’t able to make it over there this time, the axe looks awesome! on the topic of the dog, I get stray dogs and cats at my shop all the time and I’ve had to get on to some of my customers for kicking at them, that really ticks me off, if an animal is walking up an wants scratches it’s not a big dang deal, if you don’t want to pet it then ignore it and it will go on its way, there’s no reason to kick a dog for walking up an wagging it’s tail, or a cat hopping up on your lap, it’s interesting that more women showed up then men to the conference I’m glad to hear that! Hopefully more people from different backgrounds will feel comfortable coming to blacksmithing conferences in the future and help grow interest!
  2. George, One of mine is marked Kansas City southern along with some numbers, Ive thought about keeping it like it is an just hanging it on the wall of the shop
  3. Lol y’all don’t be giving her no ideas! we already went round and round when she made me go to a masquerade party for her work a few years ago, I wore the mask and the suit she wanted but I showed up with my work boots and ratty ol ball cap on to compliment that get up, apparently thats frowned upon at masquerade party’s and didn’t go over well, also my ordering a six pack from the caterers didn’t fit in well there either lol,
  4. The ATF joke is hilarious! I’m gonna have to remember that
  5. I think I was in high school the last time I dressed up for Halloween, but my wife has been bugging me to dress up this year to take our boy trick or treating, so I compromised and agreed to wear a jack o lantern t shirt lol,
  6. I get to meet and talk with all kinds of interesting people from all backgrounds an professions that pass through my shop, sometimes that opens doors and sometimes it means good scores on hand me downs lol,
  7. I agree Thomas, I’ve never seen a blower of any manufacture or model with two holes in the mount let alone a round one for that matter, All the Buffalo 200 silent blowers I saw had oval shaped handles running through the mounts
  8. One of mine I traded labor for, one I found at a yard sale for $2 and the last one was free from a customer of mine who was a truck driver for a company that contracted out to the railroad to haul scrap off, so he would always pull a few things aside for me before he dumped a load, I got a bunch of cool tools and junk that way lol,
  9. Ive got a couple blowers that are just crank handles but all my blowers that have a handle running all the way through the mount are oval shaped
  10. I haven’t got around to doing anything with them yet, I planned on using a horse drawn buggy axle for the shafts, but I’ll have to do some upsetting work first to beef it up, I may scrounge around an find some bigger stock to work with though before I build one,
  11. Ive been picking up a spike mauls every now an then as I come across them, I plan on copying that idea
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum; if you have not already then you might want to read the (read this first thread) it’s full of useful information that can answer questions and help you navigate through the forum! on a side note we like pictures here! It’s easier to help price a tool if we can look at it and know where it’s located,
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum, if you haven’t already then you might wanna read the (read this first thread) it’s full of information that will answer some questions and help you navigate through the forum, On a side note if your afraid of dinging up stakes you should see some that Thomas made from recycled railroad hammers, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t break one with a 10# sledgehammer lol,
  14. That makes sense Thomas, I will say that my online image search showed actual photos of them with an without the counter weight too, but I guess someone could have removed them sometime in the past,
  15. looks like Not all of them have the counterweight, If you the advertisement you posted it shows one without it but the last one I posted shows one on there, But now that you know the model number you can look it up online and just pick a handle design you like and copy it,
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