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  1. Irondragon, if you do open it up I’d wait for about the middle of January lol, that way whatever may be hanging out in there doesn’t move to fast! that looks like it’s mounted about head level and I’d be afraid in warm weather of a massive colony of hornets or a copperhead come flying out right square in face,
  2. The vise in your link is a small wood working vise…
  3. Ark 59 runs parallel to Oklahoma 59 were I’m at and in some places it’s only a few miles between both highways, next time you head up this way let me know how many fans you want and I’ll have you some setting here at the shop,
  4. I agree with Frazer, 12” or a little bigger would work great but I’d be afraid 24” would cause more trouble than it would help.
  5. North east Oklahoma, Stilwell Oklahoma to be specific, not sure we’re in northwest Arkansas you go but I’m ruffly 25-30 minutes from Siloam springs and 45-60 minutes from Fayetteville. Time Depends on how many tractors and feed trucks you get behind lol.
  6. I wish you was closer I could help you out with big industrial chicken house fans, sorry to hear about your neighbors causing trouble, that’s one nice thing about living in the country, my neighbors are far enough away that we don’t get on each other’s nerves lol, maybe you could get your wife a cheap ac window unit to help out in times like these?
  7. Thomas, If you have air conditioning at work, then you should at least keep your day job till the humidity breaks out your way lol. well hopefully that happens before September… maybe with luck you’ll be up and going before the holiday season starts!
  8. I used swamp coolers out in California when I worked out there and they worked pretty good there, here they aren’t good for anything except maybe a fan lol, ive threatened several times to get me a diesel reefer unit off a semi trailer and hook that dude up to my shop lol, ive heard they can keep those trailers down around-30!
  9. Lol I know what you mean Thomas, I’ve been a lot of places around the US and across the pond some hot some cold and it’s fun to see how different people react to different weather myself included, Here it’s really not the 100 degf that bothers me it’s the 100 percent humidity yuck! It’s like working in a sweat lodge, this time of year I always joke that if the humidity get any worse we’re all gonna grow gills around here lol.
  10. Well I haven’t had a chance to try out the fire starter ideas yet, I’m buried under with work and on top of that the humidity has been through the roof and it’s dang near 100 Fahrenheit in the shade and no breeze, looks like we are starting to come into the early dog days of summer. the heat is supposed break in about a week an a half, back down to the high 80s yay! maybe I’ll feel more like dragging everything out and firing up then if I’m caught back up with work
  11. It may be easier and faster to just get any old stand alone blower and hook it up the pan tuyere, because it may take you awhile to locate the exact original blower that mounted to it. just remember to line that pan with clay before firing up,
  12. I’m confused, The forge body in the pictures is a Buffalo forge that’s missing several parts from what I found searching, I don’t think that’s a champion body, I see a forge pan in the background of picture #4 is that what you need a blower for?
  13. JHCC, that’s pretty cool! My dad has one that looks almost identical to that one that belonged to my great grandpa
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