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    Real name's Jerry Frost. I've lived in Alaska for 37 years. Been a hobby smith since I was maybe 10.
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    metal working of all kinds leaning towards blacksmithing.
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  1. Frosty

    Hello from Northern MS

    Welcome aboard Grumpy, glad to have you. I've lost count but I think you're the 3rd. Grumpster who's joined the forum lately. Cool. What do you want to make? Frosty The Lucky.
  2. Frosty

    First Knife

    Your forgings look darned good, well done. The knife shows good skills all you need to know is how to employ them. Maybe direction is the word I'm looking for. The leaves are marketable and your bottle openers look nice a little style and they're sellers. You don't need a longer forge, you can only work about 6" at a time and heating more will degrade the steel for no good reason, even if you were making swords. Honest, take it from a guy who keeps making forges too large. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. Frosty

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I like it Lou! I'd have to call it, De Candle Cups and give it to his wife. I've seen "door knockers" but you're right your scandalous sconce is a first on me. I like new, well done! Frosty The Lucky.
  4. That anvil doesn't need any prep except grind a radius on the ends so it doesn't cut into the work when you set shoulders. Some wire brushing won't hurt a thing but no need to do any serious grinding. A flat anvil face isn't that important, if you really need one for a project you can flip it over, the base is all flat surface. Rail is a lot more useful than it's popular reputation says. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. Frosty

    Electrical Steel coating

    The iron foil is pretty pure iron. The coating is an impregnating paint used to be lacquer, maybe varnish I think. The modern stuff is an impregnating epoxy. I picked that tidbit up trying to find a source for Cactus Juice or a suitable replacement to stabilize wood for knife handles. Before you take ANY action on that, bear in mind it comes from the memory of a TBI survivor, if I needed to know I'd ask a motor rebuilder like Hayden Electric or the generator rebuilders in Anchorage. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. Frosty

    First Knife

    A little more grinding on the inside and some decorative file work on the spine will take care of those. I'm not a knife guy I let myself get talked into finishing one at least a year ago and am still a way from finishing. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Frosty

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Looks pretty good Darlin. One of these days when someone says they made a plant hanger I'd LOVE to open a post and see a steel hangman's noose and wrought gallows. Just once, is that asking too much? This is GOOD, I always dress before I haft hammers or do much of anything in the shop. It's just full of pointy scratchy things. We having fun or what? Frosty The Lucky.
  8. Frosty

    First Knife

    More pics of the knife please Max. Steel takes much better pictures with the light from one side than an attached flash. Outdoors on an overcast day is good lighting without special lighting. From what little I can see it looks pretty good. I'm not a bladesmith guy but am willing to share my opinion anyway. Frosty The Lucky.
  9. Frosty

    Getiing rid of the Dragons Breath

    huh, what's that you say? Frosty The Lucky.
  10. For reference use a "steel on stone" hard facing rod, it's impact deformation and chip resistant intended for things like loader bucket and crusher drums. Steel on steel hard facing is abrasion resistant but can be chipped under impact. If it's not too far off build a stand that's off level to compensate. Or just shim it. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. Frosty

    Anvil ID and info, please?

    De meeses holes up in der bunker? Frosty The Lucky.
  12. Frosty

    Show me your shop!

    Mess? Where's the mess?! You promised us a mess and I see more open floor and bench space than can be believed! Don't be teasing us like that Zrognak! Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Sorry to disappoint but I've picked up the "need help dating . . . X" straight line so many times I think I already did. I mean REALLY, I'd have to think something up a dozen times a week! Have a little mercy will ya? That's a good one Thomas, like you can get a 12# sledge hammer away from an Alaskan skeeter. Frosty The Lucky.
  14. Oooooh the stars were shining for you that day Darlin! You DID buy a lottery ticket? I HOPE! Frosty The Lucky.