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    Meadow Lakes Alaska
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    Real name's Jerry Frost. I've lived in Alaska for 37 years. Been a hobby smith since I was maybe 10.
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    metal working of all kinds leaning towards blacksmithing.
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  1. I've been burned by beginners almost more often than by myself. Keeps me alert. Frosty The Lucky.
  2. Frosty

    Burners 101

    Probably competition, maybe advances in manufacture. I've just noticed carbide tools have become cheaper over the years. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. John: I could feel your wife's eyes roll up and down my back. I think you should send Anvil something nice for that straight line. I've owned and used Stihl chainsaws for close to 50 years. Hard to beat them. Frosty The Lucky.
  4. Frosty


    Good news! You are all still on the list. Happily I'm starting to be able to pray for a speedy recovery. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. Okay I get the scale but do you REALLY think its a good idea to give a Sasquatch that big a blade? Frosty The Lucky.
  6. Got the picture, it couldn't go any other direction. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Are you trying to throw us a kerf ball Thomas? What exactly is a "traditional" argument? Frosty The Lucky.
  8. Now I'm going to have to ask Tommie for a pic of your upper thigh Chellie. Cauterizing temp is a little high for a soldering copper isn't it? Might work to solder wounds though. Hmmmm. I wonder if solder is antiseptic. Frosty The Lucky.
  9. Frosty

    Burners 101

    Carbides and diamonds have become much cheaper to produce too. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. Oh yeah, the cryptobatics get . . . interesting every time the guys who own the OS decide to Up(?)date it. Then we all get to do some learning curve climbing. We used to run lakers at El. Mirage Dry lake. High school friends and I put together a "racer" though didn't have the money or expertise to put together a streamliner. El Mirage is a tune up dry lake for Bonneville racers. It was also an alternate landing . . . lake for experimental aircraft including the SST and space shuttle. It's a wonderful place to see how fast your car really is, got my 62 Vette up to 135 once. Second time I turned the wheel and hit the emergency brake. Turns out spinning a car at that speed wasn't really much fun. Didn't barf in my car though so it wasn't a total bust. We even got chased off the lake a couple times when they were testing aircraft. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. Buck up John you'll get through it. Frosty The Lucky.
  12. Stitches, HAH. Get out the stapler, you'll be good to go as soon as . . . Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Once AGAIN it was overcast for the Perseid meteor shower here. Seems every time something good is predicted it clouds up. Friends and II used to lay on our sleeping bags in the Mojave watching the Milky Way, stars and meteors. Frosty The Lucky.
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