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    Real name's Jerry Frost. I've lived in Alaska for 37 years. Been a hobby smith since I was maybe 10.
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  1. Pretty weak SinDoc, I don't think there's enough glue available to get it to stick as a funny. I AM waiting to hear a punch line though, I like obscure humor. Frosty The Lucky.
  2. I've had the very same conversation with a bladesmith friend who produced documentation to prove his case that consisted of opinion rather than any sort of scientific analysis. Marketing, just like the time honored Japanese bladesmiths who have the ONLY source of iron sand, wood for charcoal, traditional technique, clay for hardening, even water for the quench to make THE best blades. Marketing is the tool of the sale. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. That sounds like a great day Das, wish I could come. Frosty The Lucky.
  4. Half a cup of chlorox in a 20lb. propane tank full of water cleans out the mercaptan. Safe is good, Good Das, have a scooby snack. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. I wouldn't mow in case your dog was sleeping in the grass! Even if I had to chase him off the porch and slip him a micky. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. Another thought would be to contact knife maker type suppliers and ask if they know any bladesmiths in your area. They aren't going to give you anybody's contact info unless maybe a club but you can ask them to give other bladesmiths YOUR contact info. If worse comes to worse put an add in the paper or online. Do you have a Facebook page? might work for Craigslist too. I'm brainstorming ideas here, playing detective like I was looking for a group. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Minions and chimnea are popular. I forgot who used propane tank steel for the lower carbon component in a pattern welded blade. It's not low C, IIRC it sparked closer to medium C. Frosty The Lucky.
  8. Nice candle holder Ted, well done. I have to agree it's a little creepy. Morticia's strangle flower is a good thought. I thought carnivorous plant at first glance, one that grabs you as you walk past and draws you into it's mouth. Now you mention worms it's obvious the leaves grab you, the serpentine limbs draw you in and feed you to the worms! I'm going to have nightmares now aren't I? In all seriousness, it's really well done even if I don't know what kind of plant it represents. I'm a fan of candle holders and really stable attractive candle holders are excellent. Fros
  9. I'll be lucky if Deb lets me put a hammer head or pair of tongs in her RV. So yes please, grab all the good stuff before I show up and save me the temptation. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. I hear it's good BBQed so that'd be a yes. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. Deb and I talked about it and if we can't find a spot for the RV on site we'll camp elsewhere and rent a car. She's in for showing up early and hanging out if it's not too early. I forgot to ask and assumed we were talking about 2022. I don't THINK we'll see you this year but . . . . Frosty The Lucky.
  12. Ain't it the truth, audiences at demos seem to think we have time for incidentals and they get nervous over so little. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Now we're talking BLACKSMITHING! Frosty The Lucky.
  14. Chickens at rest tend to braise in peace. Chickens in motion . . . Rotisserie? I'm thinking of a stream of sauce and maybe corn on the cob. Frosty The Lucky.
  15. Lorica segmentata armadillico. No? Frosty The Lucky.
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