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  1. Anybody here really think Fred PEPSI(?) is doing anything but messing with us or maybe is a youngster? Frosty The Lucky.
  2. Frosty

    Forges 101

    Tourist questions in general are pretty entertaining even if you give them a straight answer. I've been asked when the queen Salmon run, the family had seen the King Salmon. Let's see (an interjection to separate tourist questions) Ummm, "what season do Caribou turn into Moose. One of my favorites was the gentleman standing on the ferry dock who demanded a purser's mate, addressed him as Captain, he had braid you know. He demanded to know what the elevation was. The poor purser's mate was looking pretty stricken he just didn't know what to say so I rescued him. I didn't know his rank so didn't try I just said, "I think I can answer that for you, you have a LOT to do getting the ship loaded." I sort of combined a wink and rolling my eyes and asked the gentleman to step to the bull rail on the dock. I picked up a piece of debris, wood chip I think, held it in my left hand so I could start the stop watch. (Cassio calculator watch is my sort of trademark) While he was jabbering about how rude people are not answering simple questions. Just a second sir, dropped the debris and stopped my watch when it hit the water. Then I turned to the mate and asked him where the tide was and said . . . Something. Then I spent some time fiddling with my calculator watch, it takes me a lot of time and a pad of paper to work acceleration, distance, etc. calcs. We were about 28' above sea level at that moment but I was reading the depth marks on the Ferry's side. A BUNCH of people had gathered around to discover what the answer was going to be, the guy had been pestering a lot of people. We were in Haines the tides don't run as high there as in Cook Inlet but they're still significant, 22' IIRC. And I told the gentleman to paraphrase, "Without dropping a tape measure I calculate the dock is approximately 30'(?) above the current sea level, of course this changes with the tides." I don't recall exactly what I said but his expression is burned into my memory. Tourist questions, gotta love em. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. Not bad at all. Both tapers look pretty even and fairly matched, well done. Next time you take pics of a product like this how about turning it around so we can get a look at the knot? Frosty The Lucky.
  4. She can't lift a 20 lb. bottle, we went by the local propane office and I'll be setting her up with a 4.6 lb. bottle hose and adapter. Full they weigh around 12 lbs. I can get 2, maybe 3 meals out of an 8 oz. Coleman stove bottle so a 4.6 lb. refillable ought to work a treat. I'd just run a tap off the RV propane tank, there's a even kit but it's on the other side from the coach door and really inconvenient to use. What I really like about this little griddle is frying outside and not getting the inside of the RV greasy. It doesn't matter what you do frying smoke gets on everything. It's a nice griddle too, 17" square and gets too hot easily. I'm liking cooking on it the more I use it. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. If I were a better student I'm sure I could've gotten a better education but I ignored the wrong teachers. Ahh, I've found mistakes in math books and I make mistakes all the time. I try really hard to keep things simple. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. The burner size to forge volume rules of thumb are laid out in the early posts in I think Both Forges 101 and Burners 101. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Welcome aboard Emily, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header we'll be able to be of more help. Are you thinking of taking up the craft? I hope so, we need more lady smiths. What are you thinking of making? If you're shopping for a husband, boyfriend, son it's good. Blacksmithing is addictive and we like to help. Frosty The Lucky.
  8. Darn, I wanted to see the video. It WOULD BE HOT. And too dangerous to actually try! Anybody reading my last couple posts I AM JOKING about hooking your forge up with nitrous injection, it'd be WICKED DANGEROUS! Right now Propane is in the $2.50?/ gl. range here and a 100 gl. tank holds around 25 gls. That's a rule of thumb number I'm not looking it up. A 40lb. tank holds roughly 8 gl. If you think you'll go through 100 lbs. in a couple weeks you might consider having a residential tank, say 100 gls. installed. Rental (demurage) isn't bad and they deliver. 100 lb. tanks don't freeze up even in sub zero weather. It has to drop below -40 f. before propane starts getting slushy and in a large tank enough will sublimate from the surface to run appliances. I don't know about forges though, they draw considerable volume. Frosty The Lucky.
  9. What are you using for air blast Jono? It's really EASY to burn charcoal too fast, it wants a gentle air blast, a blow drier makes enough air for a really BIG fire. About 1/4 of the output of a blow drier is enough for most small work. I consider knives small size stock unless you're welding up a billet, then you might want 1/2 a blow drier's output. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. Frosty

    Forges 101

    You could cut Texas in half and be second and third largest states. We love Texans touring Alaska, they're fun to needle. My in laws are mostly Texans and S. Californians. Uh let's see, the rule of thumb is one each well tuned 3/4" burner to bring 300-350 cu/in to welding temp. IF the chamber is more or less mono-dimensional, roughly spherical or cubic, long narrow chambers benefit from multiple smaller burners. Ribbons seem to be more effective heating the chamber I believe it's largely because the flame velocity is low so the flame stays in the forge longer and transfers more energy to the liner. I copied your sketch to another window and hit ctrl + until I could read it. I general it's a proven design but lose the brick floor. If you make if flat by filling the bottom curve with Kaowool feathering the edges so they blend smoothly with the sides and rigidize it more than the rest it'll make a fine floor. The final blending is with the hard refractory and kiln wash if you wash it. I like about 1/2" of hard refractory for the floor, it takes more beating than the walls. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. I like Trewax, Carnuba paste wax. Applied to fresh cup of coffee/tea hot work it liquefies and is very penetrating. Wipe off excess and it's very hard when it cools. Another good one is LPS 3 aerosol spray. It contains rust converters and preventatives and leaves a coat of hard wax when the volatiles evaporate off. It IS expensive though. I keep a piece of bees wax on hand for folk who want bees wax finish. Doffers and other things spinners use on or around wool get finished with raw wool, the heavy lanolin in raw wool makes a good finish and won't stain wool or other fibers. Frosty The Lucky.
  12. Break it into smaller pieces, acorn max. The greater surface area will allow it to burn faster and will consume the oxy from the blast lower to the air grate. This means more heat in the same volume, hotter, and no oxy means your stock wont scale up in the fire. Make sure the thralls have plenty of cookies and root beer. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Yeah, I wasn't taking issue but most folks wanting to work soil make it crazy too wet, even road crews. The word trowel often brigs to mind plastering or masons smoothing mud. Frosty The Lucky.
  14. I'd picked up a surplus 286 when the C128 was hot then bought a 386-33. WooHOO! What does "C: (enter)" tell you about programmers? The death of my last 1541 and it's unavailability was what convinced me to go with IBM platforms. Apple was WAY too expensive and restrictive, still is. Just TRY cracking the case and installing a SCSSI card on an Apple motherboard. When I installed a Bernoulli disk drive I was styling. Frosty The Lucky.
  15. Finial scrolls are NOT the place for scroll tongs, you're just turning 1/4"-1/2" and rolling it tight. That's over the edge to start and finish on the face, takes seconds. Twisting a taper isn't easy to get right. Practice practice practice. Frosty The Lucky.