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  1. It's fiber board rigidizer isn't going to do the important breathing hazard mitigation it does on ceramic blanket. Apply a coat or two of Plistex or Matrikote to armor it. Either kiln wash fires hard like a ceramic cup but less brittle and is proof against welding flux. Rigidizers are NOT proof against fluxes and fiberboard is susceptible to rapid flux erosion. Diamondback forges are good products and if you kiln wash it should go for a number of years without relining. Frosty The Lucky.
  2. Frosty

    Forges 101

    I almost pulled a good one! I finished the post, sent and read Mikes reply and it didn't jibe with my recollection so I went back and looked at your last one and xxxx xxxx I was responding to someone else! Your forge is looking hot enough to do most anything you want. It may be a LITTLE bit rich but we're talking a few strokes with a nail file at a time fine tuning. Watch your ventilation. Ah you flatter me sir, I'm just a guy who likes to tinker and talk. I got a jump on making NA burners when an old coffee shop friend dumped a box of induction device: fliers, papers and such on me. He was hoping to find an application patent and make a buck but I couldn't figure out a way to make one of these things inflate tires so he lost interest. Anyway, when I started messing around I had the advantage of a bunch of paperwork showing the basic ratios and how they worked together to induce motion in fluids. Mostly though, helping folks makes me feel good, I'm selfish like that. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. Welcome aboard Del where ever you are, glad to have you. Putting your general location in the header could put you in touch with someone who already knows how to tweak your forge and burner for you. Do some reading here in the Burners 101 section it's the most current, (up to date) If nothing else it'll give you a handle on the craft jargon so we don't have to ask what the heck you meant in your question. The "spinning disk" doesn't spin and isn't there to let air in." It's a choke plate to limit air intake. Unfortunately asking good questions requires a base of knowledge you don't have. What seems like a lot of info to you is largely meaningless regarding burner performance. Let's take one term here. "Hot". What do you mean by hot? Habanero if incredibly HOT. If the living room gets to 80f I turn the stove down. If my forge only hits yellow I start trouble shooting to find out why it's not getting HOT. Some of your mods probably are the problem. A propane forge and burner are a relatively high energy machine and stuffing refractory insulation in places just because you have it is a silly mistake. Your last sentence on the other hand is nothing but BAD attitude. You're sorry to make us work? Fortunately for you we have plenty of experience with unsocialized kids who THINK they deserve to have us cater to them. Think about it, if you will. You ask US a favor and when told we need more info to answer it for you you get snarky sarcastic. If course many more cracks and I'll do what I usually do with folks who annoy me. Frosty The Lucky.
  4. Looking good. Looks to be running a bit rich maybe a LITTLE more trimming is called for, no good reason to generate more CO than necessary. With the burner mounted horizontally any chimney effect will be very minimal and ribbon burners don't make a lot to begin with even mounted vertically. You can attach the rubber propane hose directly to the 90 fitting on the burner without worry of over heating and put the valve at the other end of the hose. I've tried the 1/4 turn ball valves I use at both ends of the fuel circuit and it makes so little difference as to be none. Altering the propane circuit isn't so important, you have it well thought out and I see little chance of problems as is. However I do recommend you do a little fine tuning and get your flame closer to neutral, Carbon Monoxide is bad stuff, it takes something like 80x as long to flush out of your blood as it takes to replace O2 molecules bonded to your hemoglobin. Extreme poisoning may require a stay in a hyperbaric chamber. Even if your shop is well ventilated, CO can effect you and folk around you. Sorry to go on but I get jumpy when I see such a rich flame, I don't have so many friends I can afford to lose one without saying something in prevention. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. My, my, my, I'm looking forward to the inventory and pics you're going to get with the new camera or phone you buy with a portion of the spoils. It's been my experience that letting the wife do the final negotiating has been profitable. When Deb gets a $ in her sights she won't turn loose till she has every bit she can get. I've also found the wife is a lot more likely to sell the old man's stuff for a LOT less than he thinks it's worth. I'm not sure how I'll work that at my estate sale I really have to convince her that stuff's worth . . . what it's worth? I can't tell you how happy I am I'm not faced with that kind of temptation, I'm darned excited for you though. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. You can draw a short taper on the end of the rod and turn it for the center of the scroll, then you heat the stock and clamp the scroll's center in the vise and bend the standing end over it. When you get to the vise loosen it, rotate the scroll in the vise, tighten, bend it down, loosen rotate, repeat. One trick to making this a really fast method is rotating the scroll till the standing end (the part you're holding) is almost in the vise jaws on the far side of the scroll this way you get the most turned onto the existing scroll. The larger the scroll the more stock gets turned and faster it goes. When you close the vise on what you just turned they flatten it all nicely so it's flat and even. I hope I've muddied things sufficiently, if not let me know. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Two of the worst fires I'm aware of in Alaska were "controlled" burns, now more accurately called "proscribed". Last summer's enormous fires approx. 6.6mil acres or 10,300 sq. miles, 27, Most were lightning strikes during a record heat wave and drought. However the FWS thought it'd be best to not try to contain or otherwise control them as the forest hadn't burned in some 50 years give or take depended on where in the state. In the last couple dozen years human caused fires have been the result of careless burns from trash fires to camp fires. If caught they'd get something like a $500 fine. Recently however, since the Miller's Creek fire that took some 400 homes, the state bills the perps. Ayup, even a little fire will have you sleeping in a homeless shelter and in dept for a couple generations. The Miller's Creek fire was caused by bottle rockets and now the firework stands aren't open very often, usually a couple weeks before New Years. They were found partially responsible too, used to be a 10 yr old could buy virtually anything. I grew up in S. California and can remember seeing flames on the mountains around the San Fernando Valley. A air of binoculars and you could see flames blowing off the crests and more fires starting. The Borate Bombers used to fill up at Hansen's Dam a few miles from us. The family drove down to watch the PBYs fill up by opening scoops on the boat body and skimming the lake. As I recall they could do 3 water scoops before having to land for more borate, fuel, crew change, etc. If you get the chance to see a PBY do a water scoop I HIGHLY recommend it, brings new meaning to the word courage under fire. There's a scene in the movie "Always" but it's not the same as being there. I cringe every time I see a fire report and ask some favors from higher. My prayers go out to all in harms way. Frosty The Lucky.
  8. Frosty

    Forges 101

    Open it up more, the opaque yellow flame isn't doing any good, just burning fuel and altering YOUR breathing air. I don't recall if you said so forgive me for asking if you have, please. Why are your burners so close together? Frosty The Lucky.
  9. Chris: A little clarification please and I'll probably be able to help out. Who recommended such a prolonged curing process? Kaowool doesn't require it and rigidizer heat cures with ONE trip to high red temps. When you say 1/2" of "cement" what exactly do you mean? Portland cement concrete of any kind won't last at all. Things like furnace and refractory cements or mortars are NOT formulated for flame contact in a furnace so they don't last long. Most castable water set refractories do NOT dry, they hydrate and form molecular bonds that harden them. The method of curing them works best when kept wet so the calcites in the binders can hydrate completely and form their most stable bonds. Let us know what kind of refractory you have, we'll be more than happy to help. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. A must have demonstration technique! It's 73f. here but it's been bouncing between about -6f. and 8f. outside all day, sometimes changing 2-3 degrees in minutes. There's still flooding in Willow but they're working hard to get the ice dams cleared. Developers built a couple subdivisions on the inside of a long oxbow in Willow Creek well inside the flood channel. Nice day to keep the fire stoked and provide a warm lap for the dachshunds. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. For $100 you could buy a nice 2" wide monosteel bandsaw blade new and know what you have. Senor Slag clearly outbids me. Frosty The Lucky.
  12. It's -16f. right now, 7:00am. The shops been VERY quiet since temps dropped into the 20s. If I light a forge water will be dripping from the ceiling in about an hour. One of these days I'll get it insulated and paneled so the double barrel stove has a chance but it's nice in my easy chair, the wood burner in the living room keeps things nice. I've forged in the cold but I'm a hobbyist so there's no pressing need to burn 2x the fuel for 1/2 the product. It'd be different if I were making a living out of my shop of course. It would be nice to have a less than one minute walk as a commute though, put my on parka and gloves on, walk to the shop take them off, start a pot of coffee and pick up where I left off. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. About annoying the neighbors, rock transmits sound much better than compacted soils, you can look up how seismology works for an explanation. In short it's the transition between solid bodies that absorbs energy, hence volume and velocity diminish. In the case of an anvil energy rebound. Frosty The Lucky.
  14. My goodness Thomas, what an example of what the TPAAT can lead to! You're trapped now Brother, the clean my shed deals are going to take up all your time. My little Sister has a garage full of sewing machines people started giving and then just dropping off after it got out she and her SO were refurbishing and using them. She must have a couple hundred. Still a LOT of good stuff there though, every shop can use a washer dryer set and a salamander is always handy to have around. I'm thinking you have a club meeting or two just to organize the haul. It'll be good to see it back in use. Here's hoping the deal goes through. Frosty The Lucky.