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    Bladesmithing, Jujuitsu
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  1. wow... added to the list.....
  2. I detect someone using my name in vain ? I will try to get there, but work rumors being what they are hard to tell until it gets here.
  3. bearings is my first thought
  4. True ya taught Bill..... lol If they let us wear the rank belts we already have earned in our respective arts, we would likely be near each other anyway.
  5. Maybe now I can read that review you said you were going to do of mine
  6. I really like this one
  7. I always enjoy watching people inflating themselves at the expense of others. please continue its funny
  8. Welcome, given your location and the MMA thing we may have met, I play a bit Jujitsu and have been around a while. Thank you for your Service. stop by Ft Wayne sometime we meet the Second Saturday of the month at the Jefferson Fairgrounds near New Haven we have 5 stations permanently set up for people to work and at least 2 of us to teach those needing help.
  9. Welcome there are a few over in Ohio keep looking
  10. I would comment if I understood why people multi quench myself. It just appears to me they are thermal cycling. I still want to understand why people insist on interrupting the quenches...
  11. here is a list of suppliers from the knife section
  12. I have an assignment I am working on that those thin strips will be perfect for, its the JPH MAD 6 mix M2+A2+D2 for a coal fired pattern weld...when I get this to work I am keeping it just for principle
  13. welcome from Ft Wayne, I know personally of a few smiths your way so you are on good hands if you hook up with the local groups.
  14. Try dry ice and acetone it gets about -170
  15. Pre bronze oops my typo/mitsake I corrected it