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  1. Crucible Shattered

    Aluminum should be able to use steel crucibles, and why melt cans? they are not a castable alloy
  2. furlongs are for horse races, are you racing this snake against Glenns new friend?
  3. How to find a ball bearing.

    last week, but I listen to a rock oldies station... for those that are clueless.
  4. Legless Blacksmith Vise

    no clue cant see it from here
  5. Bench Grinder vs. Belt Sander

    bench grinder is restricted to only one size of contact wheel. belt has many options. Bench is stuck to a few grits, belt has many, plus small wheel and platen or slack belt work can not be done on a bench grinder. there is no speed control on the bench grinder, they are not the same machines
  6. Pugio

    thats buss bar not bus bar Just FYI
  7. Famco 4 price

    not good for forging
  8. Coil spring failure

    also used metals are always a crap shoot
  9. Coil spring failure

    that is a burnt end, while good for brisket its not good for steel
  10. Doming discs

    take a 1 inch disk. make the bead, measure it and there is your formula, if its a 1/2 inch bead you know its a 2 to 1 ratio
  11. need help or scroll through the pages its all there, you are making this too hard on second link, click on an item and get the grit selections
  12. need help

    Since the web sites list the grit then the name and type . its hard to understand how you dont know the grit. Also Norton R981 is the type not the grit
  13. need help

    If tru grit doesnt stock them, then no one will. I buy mostly form USA knifemaker, but I dont know of anyone that makes ceramic 400 or 800 grit.
  14. japanese blackening

    1 pt Ammonium Chloride and 2 pts Lye ... to make your own hot bluing
  15. San Mai Bowie

    He said its san mai