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  1. I would do horizontal to avoid the stratification problem.
  2. I have missed Ian not being around, now I will have to miss him more
  3. If it matters, its too late, I noticed you already, welcome to the forum
  4. I guess they need hardened to hold their shape, My old teacher was a test engineer so he got various things tested at his work in his down time, a few things he tested surprised us like L6 for the leather wrapped Estwing claw hammer
  5. Some were 1080 others I had were L6 both good for blades
  6. Minor denotes a chord or progression not a note
  7. If he makes one himself, he would know what it takes to make one
  8. Which scale you used matters, sounds like you were using the B scale, can not imagine why a mild steel plant would use C scale for anything
  9. you forgot to ask for copyright releases for those photos you are asking for as well
  10. that cover was a good choice
  11. safe as an axe? sure, usable as an axe? not unless you insert a high carbon bit
  12. the Shirt also has Frosty and Dale Russell and me, on a wall drawing from a cave in France, some of the original curmudgeons. My Makers mark is simply Fenris over the word Forge, not very creative, but everything I came up with was already being used
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