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  1. I may have had it last Feb. A friend I work with was around 2 nurse friends that both tested positive. A week after that, he and I both developed a cough that would not stop for 4 days for me, 5 days for him; both of us had a mild fever. We are electricians but never got tested because we didnt know about corona until after we recovered, Now there is no reason to test us, other than knowing we may now be immune. not much of a story, He may or may not have given it to me, but even if we did have it what does it matter now?
  2. Sourdough thread has been moved to the food section
  3. I wish you would not have removed the safety guard for that grinder.
  4. you should read through our threads on building a forge, FYI PoP and Sand is not recommended by anyone that actually uses gas forges. and you need a regulator, Sorry for starting you off with all the bad news but welcome to IFI we will help you get started
  5. Beware of crossing over into politics, lets get back on track
  6. various anvils brands are more common in some parts of the world than others, if you let us know the location it would help to narrow down the maker
  7. 4,5,6 under one wire nut, how would anyone connect them in series anyway?
  8. be careful of using water on the A2, it can shatter violently
  9. First, A2 is a air cooled steel and therefore it contains Iron, so placing it in nonferrous sections is a bit off, also this is more about heat treating than alloy content I will relocate it. I have no idea what you expected dropping the ball bearing to do for you
  10. Since 20 to 22 foot is standard size for bars, 3ft IS a small quantity
  11. Of course all of that is assuming the file was hardenable in the first place and not just case hardened
  12. I am afraid for you, Hire someone to do it for you before you get hurt
  13. A knife is not a good first project, and damascus isnt good for a first knife either.
  14. I have a lead on a possible new job, but I will have to tell them I refuse to work residential, I am not entering all those peoples homes during this crisis.