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    Bladesmithing, Jujuitsu
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  1. Not so much forum law, as just common curtsey to get permission from the owner . also it by posting in a place like this people assume it is your work.
  2. i would not expect those plastic wheels to last very long, and as they wear the tracking will get harder to keep usable.
  3. perhaps a class in Kenjitsu if Iaido isnt enough.... lol
  4. I thought I explained that in the pinned heat treat post... hmmm
  5. out of productions means no one makes it any more. I think F series was a Tungsten Alloy, but maybe it was a Vanadium alloy
  6. In addition to the ever popular case hardened mild steels, the out of production F series comes to mind....
  7. first tip is to answer people when you join chat and they attempt to talk to you., Its rude to run away like you have done 2x already Also post post a general location the world is a big place. giving you info for working in China is different than at the North Pole. and we have members form both places.
  8. why rewire to 208? you will be fine at 110 as long as it isn't sharing the circuit
  9. that reminds me, I need a serious class in Bo-Hi scraping
  10. why do you try to reinvent the wheel ?
  11. Interesting how you bash our forum when a few of the staff have been using computers long before you were born. You say you feel we do it wrong and we are not doing it the right way, but refused to tell us the correct way. I looked for your website to see an example. but I failed to locate any. In your 4 weeks of membership here all I see is you asking, none helping anyone else You threw down a gauntlet so here is ours Show us....
  12. i make lots of mistakes, it is not that great of an accomplishment to find one, AND CORRECTION I NOT THE SAME AS A TYPO OR DROPPED WORD
  13. I love my Bader B3. read through this section and you will see many people have them and love them, tooling is very fast to change so no interruptions to the work/thought process
  14. yup I seem to have dropped that word here. Thanks
  15. fyi there is no such thing as over hardened, they just didnt temper it back as far as they or you wished.