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    Ft Wayne Indiana, USA
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    Bladesmithing, Jujuitsu
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  1. Steve Sells

    Hello All

    You may wish to put in a meaningful location. The World Wide Web is a large place. We have members from over 150 countries here. Is Middle River anywhere near Minas Tirith of Middle Earth ?
  2. Steve Sells

    Who-all's heading to Quad-State 2018 ?

    that why I was not able to go, spent all my money on roof (and new glasses) new anvil has to wait
  3. Steve Sells

    Join button

    Lately there has been a rash of spammers to the site, In order to stop or at least slow this down, the join feature is being turned OFF unless an Admin is available to watch the site. If you try to join and the join option is not working, please try again later. Thank you for understanding IFI Staff
  4. Steve Sells


  5. Steve Sells

    My first knife

    much better than my first few blades
  6. Steve Sells

    G&P Machinery 2x90 grinder?

    who buys single belts anyway
  7. Steve Sells

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    yup good man, worked with him a few times over the years
  8. Steve Sells

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    fy wayne meets 2nd saturday
  9. Steve Sells

    Who-all's heading to Quad-State 2018 ?

    cant go, Just paid out $5800 on a new roof (messed up my getting a press from coal ironworks also)
  10. Steve Sells

    Freon tank for Farrier style forge

    you have been a member for 10 years, the "Read this first" post sums it up nicely. there is no need to act out like this for being asked to stop repeating every post here there was a thread about this also not too long ago,
  11. Steve Sells

    Blade broke, don't know why

    might have over heated it, you dont know what steel you used, mystery metal is always a problem. Where you get the idea it may have gotten too soft ? that makes no sense
  12. Steve Sells

    Annealing 5160

  13. Steve Sells

    Looking for a book - Damascus/Pattern

    Last we talked he did not like the idea of his book being available for free, JPH is a member here ask him about giving away his work. This is an example of why I dont sell mine as an Ebook
  14. Steve Sells

    Knives Illustrated article

    Congrats on the article as well as the PR too