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  1. If you have to ask that question, then that barrel wont be safe to use for anything except looking at
  2. If you are into production, you should be aware that using odd fonts or all Italics makes things hard to read, I cleaned it up for you since you dont seem to know this
  3. Arsenic is also a necessary nutrient found in sea water but in very small amounts, dont want too much or it causes problems
  4. the free method is to ask River Gazer to touch or taste it for you, He used to visit here often
  5. Gas chromatography is the only way to test for everything, as you advocated in this thread
  6. may be best to try to return it and start over rather than have it fail after modifying
  7. How can they sell new steel for that price? that was the question, not scrap
  8. At the time I was owned by a 1/2 timber wolf I rescued. Was a member of SCA household called House Loki, add in the Norse mythos about Fenris the wolf son of Loki. and the fact I hate coming up with names for things.
  9. UPDATE I now have the paperwork in hand, and as of Dec 24 I finally have the trademark accepted as being registered to me, so now I can go after the 2 name stealing offerders with some legal backing to get them to stop using my shops name.
  10. looks like a pike or other pole topper someone would walk around with, look into Religious orders or a lodge