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  1. https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/205-books-printed-material/ Intro has the basics of knife making, the 2.0 has the bloom in it
  2. there is no hardness from the little Mn in there (and its about the same amount as in the 1095) and Chrome effects how it hardens, not how hard it gets
  3. You passeed me while posting, and 5160 does have migration problems, I think you have typos there
  4. assuming equal parts of steels like 1/2 inch steel in middle and 1/4 inch on the sides in the mix, and a perfect world, 5160 - 60 WI = 10 60 +10 = 7/2 = 35 points of carbon, which is barely hardenable due to carbon migration. 95 +10 = 105/2 = 52.5 points of carbon, a much better content now its not a perfect world and you will lose carbon to the air while forging, so your final numbers will be lower, its your call
  5. I have to agree with the guys; place blade in water to keep it cool and weld a new tang in place
  6. Perhaps you should follow your own advise and no longer post until you start to listen to people who reply when you ask for help
  7. If it has good rebound its a great price
  8. You have already been told there are color charts, and between camera settings and computer screens there will always be a color variance in pictures on the forum, Use the provided charts and stop asking the same question over and over again. You are over complicating things, exact color only applies to an exact steel alloy, and not all rasps are the same, even from the same company. There are variances in every melt that effects the end tempering temp needed to get an exact point, and exact hardness is not needed either
  9. Be sure to leave 2 ft space between copper phone and power, fiber doesnt matter
  10. YES A tempered rasp will look the same as a untempered rasp. Also being rude will only cause you grief I promise
  11. its not practical to repost chapter 14 of my second book which covers the basics start to finish, of a bloom but I will answer specific questions you have, Or you could just by a copy, you should have it within a week from ordering
  12. as has been already said, that depends on where you and the anvil are located
  13. He is not in the US; he is half way around the world where even the idea of worker protection is foreign. A poor kid working on his own with out any real resources. I am impressed in how well he has been doing under the conditions he has to address, but I will also insist he gets eye protection as soon as he can find some before he puts an eye out
  14. we have 2 entire sections on heat treating I suggest you read through them and you will find out what happened
  15. perhaps that is why he is an X policeman
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