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  1. Must be a vegan because the others are as rare as unicorns
  2. the big problem with quenching through a body is that a body is not a homogeneous medium and you wont get consistent cooling rates, so whether it is slaves or prairie dogs hitting a bone will warp the item. the organs all cool at different rates, not to mention if they were alive when you started they wiggle around a lot also causing more warpage. dont ask how I know this.
  3. I am not going this year. work is going to get in the way
  4. Who's made a set of spurs?

    looking in fernier and horse stuff would have found more than in just general smithing also, I will relocate this post
  5. Road to Damascus

    I have to call Nonsense on the "nickel wont draw out" comment. I have no clue where that came from. it is simply not true. I have made damascus using pure 201 nickel as well as various nickel containing alloys and it draws just fine, Pure nickel may appear thicker due to nickel likes to alloy with the layers next to it, but I am not sure if any of that applies to 12N20. Using the same thickness of 12N20 and 1080 is not going to be a problem, use what makes you happy, but please dont present rumors as facts, it makes life harder than necessary for everyone.
  6. Ground Rods

    well I forge bronze in the same forge as I weld never had an issue so I cant see how it could be that copper prevents forge welding.
  7. I am still waiting on your book review
  8. Ground Rods

  9. you missed the point ? ok to be clear it could break and cut the person using it, or another person near the person using it
  10. this explains why he cant find borax either
  11. Bladesmithing in Baton Rouge

    Brother Dan has passed on, His anvil rings no more on our plane
  12. Steel disintegrated at welding heat...WHY?!

    sounds like too much heat
  13. You did ask in the other thread and a flux is the best way to deal with scale forming. If you object so much to chemical answers to your problem with scale forming why would you post it in the chemistry section rather than in general smithing? Edited
  14. if $3 is too much for what amounts to be a multi year supply to make his life easier after all his talking about it, over 2 threads. then maybe smithing is too expensive for him as well, because he will burn up a lot more than $3 worth of steel trying to learn forge welding with out it. I am trying to help rather than insult his ability to afford it, after all he can afford internet access. He said he was worried about being robbed in am online sale, Edited
  15. Either you want to forge weld or you do not. Stop being so cheap, and buy the Borax to prevent scaling, it is not expensive and the little risk of loosing $3 for a a kilo is not that great. they have better ways of stealing money then with a low cost item like borax