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  1. I have to disagree with that Frosty, its takes a lot of electricity to crack the bond between Hydrogen and Oxygen and as physics states about the conservation of energy, there is no free ride, it takes more electrical power to crack it than you get from re burning hydrogen. so its neither free nor cheap
  2. Where you have more than 2 tool arms needing a place to live I dont waste time retooling the arms, I have them mounted and I change out the arm as one assembly/ Its faster switching back and forth that way I am set up with arms for the 10 inch contact, 3 inch contact and slack belt combo arm, small wheel arm, 44 radius platter. That's 4 arms currently and since only one can be used at a time I have to put the other three arms somewhere when they are not being used. If this doesn;t make sense to you, then I am not sure I understand your question Mine mount on the wall of my sh
  3. why do you think a little Chrome in an alloy help to prevent corrosion? its Chrome oxides formed by FREE chrome in the matrix that make SS be stainless, The 1% chrome or so in alloys like 5160 and 4140 wont matter
  4. you sure its 330 ft you ordered? our PMs stated other
  5. no clue, back lighting an object make it hard to see
  6. welding to the solid side has better leverage than the movable side
  7. normally when melting a metal you want to reach a higher temp than the melting point to allow for the times it takes to move it from the heat to the pouring mold, Your question tells me you have not cast metals before, copper isnt the best starting point, try Aluminum first to learn the ropes them move to other metals
  8. I use 8 through 44 inch depending on the style. The 44 inch radius is a water cooled platen I have, great for straight razors
  9. 4 inch is more viking fuller than hollow grind, and I cant imagine using a hard metal contact wheel
  10. no, sometimes you have to cough up the cash to get the tools to do the job, I didnt spend my money on a Bader B3 for fun
  11. I switched to using a 2# hammer to type, KBs last much longer this way
  12. its a delta there is no such thing as delta wye, and it should be 240 volts for the high leg
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