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  1. Junk mail after posting

    This is one of the major reason we dont allow Email and phone numbers in posts here. There are too many bots to collect them, then people want to complain to us about the spamming, so we remove them to prevent it, or at least slow it down.
  2. Automobile spring

    My teacher was a Govt test engineer, so it would be near imposable for me to not have picked up this stuff from him, still it can be a head ache waiting for a place to happen. So its understandable why so many dont get it, At the simplest stage of understanding: heat it past magnetic, and then freeze it to lock the carbon in place. From there we get into various levels of detail. but when people change the story or didnt pay attention there is no way we can know what happened
  3. Automobile spring

    I posted all this in simple English in the sticky and they wont read it, you expect them to try to understand this ?> lol gotta love the internet
  4. Where to get square/round stock

    Rather than looking in your phone book, you post on a international forum asking us all to do it for you, when its your back yard ? ummm ok
  5. Automobile spring

    you detailed a classic annealing then say that you didnt anneal, Please make up your mind, we cant help you, if you do not even know what you did.
  6. Ground Rods

    what scares me is that apparantly somewhere there is an electrician that is cutting off the ends of ground robs, rather than installing them correctly, they are rated only for installations as full pieces.
  7. Automobile spring

    Pictues will help, but be aware that annealing also gives large grain and doing that 3x is asking for monster grain growth, as does extended unnecessary soaking times where did you get this information about hardening I guarantee it was not in the pinned heat treat threads here. Also stating that you used " a proper quenchant" may not be true either, it all depends on what you used, why wont you tell us ?
  8. Does it look like this one ?
  9. 2 hp motor wiring help?

    If you are going to use the 30 amp plug then you need to have 30 amp wiring, not the suggested 14 ga it is a hazard to use undersized wiring, just play it safe. Breakers are set for wire size. You could easily rewire the motor to run 120 volts, where it will use 17 amps and need a 20 amp/120 volt circuit, if you have to use 14 ga wire then use the 15 amp 220 volt outlet..
  10. Oregon blade maker 2x72 grinder

    what is a 56 HZ motor ?
  11. Can i substitute a Habaki with a Ricasso?

    here is one of mine
  12. Christmas gift ideas for kids:

    I can think of a few member that would be good for also
  13. Automobile spring steel

    did you look in the knife section? we even have lessons for knife making... I will relocate this there since it has been covered to death there already...
  14. Can i substitute a Habaki with a Ricasso?

    I ummmm never mind, Just do it and have fun
  15. Liability question

    I always wonder about people that have to have their guess work opinion heard even when it contradicts the lawyer that had already posted legal facts. I felt that had to be heard also, and a big thanks for your non-billable time Slag.