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  1. stainless can shatter being quenched in water, Hope your insurance is paid up, I suggest you read about heat treating before quenching any more metals
  2. I have to ask, why are you quenching it? and in what?
  3. they can be welded, but little contrast. Read a bit and you will understand
  4. kneemail sent, Sorry about your mom Charles
  5. You have a VFD that works on a single phase motor? even if you did there would not be any torque to speak of at 50 rpm
  6. I was thinking long tons, I will bow out now I dont know what I am talking about either now it seems
  7. no it does not convert to 3,031.356 American tons, you are having a serious math problem over this a US Ton equals 2,000 POUNDS, some how you came up with Tonnes equal Tons
  8. how would anyone think steel will suck out heat but cast iron wont? PLEASE take a few steps back and learn more before hurting yourself
  9. I can not see using 4140 for chisels or punches
  10. why not post photos then ask? all we can do in make blinds guesses with out any real information
  11. Nonsense, I don't know who told you about this but they lied. The Earths magnetic field has nothing to do with hardening steel
  12. It is a bit odd posting a book review with no review and not naming the book dont ya think?
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