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  1. you should watch the attitude before it bites you. In the future try to understand what is being said rather than looking for a fight. We expect our members to treat each other with respect here
  2. 3/4 Hp is very small, double that is recommended minimum
  3. High Speed Steel is a category not an alloy designation, could be M2 could also be other things
  4. I pay IFI a percentage for every book sold through IFI, but I only get $2 from an Amazon sale and IFI gets nothing from them. your choice The pay pay account is in the first line for how to order and benefit IFI in the process :)
  5. When you joined you were directed to read a few things, then you signed a legal document stating you read and agreed to follow our rules. We are serious about them, Language is one of those, this is a G rated family friendly forum watch your language, I edited out your mistake
  6. you seem to be confusing the terms for forge and furnace, you need to use correct terms to get correct answers, they are not the same, As for your other issue, 120v isnt going to get very much power on a standard 15 or even a 20 amp circuit because they only have 1800 and 2400 max watts respectively
  7. only 2? what about turning cams hardy's, scrolling hardy's and mini stake anvils hardys as well as....
  8. hidden pin will give strength with out showing
  9. I have 2 tanks My sword tank is 6 inch pipe 46 inch or so tall. wide plate on bottom holds almost 3 gallon My other tank is a large Oxy cylinder cut down to about 24 inch tall, that holds 8 gallon both have lids to extinguish flame ups
  10. A gallon of fry oil doesnt cost much less than a gallon of real quench oil
  11. Did you look in the folding knife section? I will relocate this post there for you
  12. do NOT use plastic for the quench bucket its needs to be a fire- and melt- proof container
  13. he said he TIG welded up a 2”x2”x4” canoe. how small a forge does he have? thats hammer head size
  14. I have made damascus hammers in my coal forge, its not the coal forges fault, its your technique, keep practicing and rotate more often after it starts getting yellow, and use a hand hamer to set the weld
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