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  1. Choosing Steel

    I was mainly using the SAE system of steel naming for this, there is also AISI and other conventions for naming steels. The O series, L series H series etc. I did not, and I could not cover them all. The point was to explain what the alloy additions did for the steel to assist a person in deciding what to use.
  2. New hobbiest needs help

    Solder the first piece in place, then glue up the rest.
  3. who said we have to spherodise the steels ? just super high tempering, and Iirc Bainite is not going to be produced by tempering, its is produced from the quench and being held at those temps, it is a different process, even tho at first is may appear the same.
  4. Steel for a corkscrew

    where did you get that idea ? read the Heat Treat stickys for more info
  5. Advice for creators of YouTube videos

    I remember "fluffy" the sue happy Master Sord smith, he was a riot
  6. Advice for creators of YouTube videos

    You tube is a free for all, why use it for serious stuff at all ? Post it here. but you can keep your plagiarizing to yourself, we do not want it here, copying Charcolds posts and pretending it was yours unacceptable. We merged the threads.
  7. Blower Help

    try here
  8. basement shop

    talks about common sense then says he wants a basement forge ?????? errr?????
  9. What colour lights?

    Unless you are using a Variac for the dimmer you are not saving money. Conventional dimmers are just resistive heat sinks, If you have a 600 watt chandelier with a dimmer to reduce the lighting output to 100 watts the dimmer is soaking up the other 500 and you are still paying for that. I am an electrician when I aint smithing
  10. Lets return to the proper topic at hand.
  11. zirconium

    After baking at 1200F , a knife blade wont be a knife any more
  12. Make Coil Spring?

    what is this retemper you are talking about? Please, using standard terms is the best way to get a meaningful answer try reading the pinned posts on heat treating
  13. variable speed blower motor

    Oh Lord have mercy <shaking his head in dismay> Are you going to tell us about the time you stuck your finger in the wall socket next? We try to teach proper and safe operations here, and you just blew that all to hades, the instructions also included a statement of .. only to be installed by qualified personnel, if you were qualified you would have known about the ground wire location
  14. Struggling to improve

    you will be surprised what you can learn if you read through this section, I only moved your post here from where it was lost, the rest is up to you