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  1. Tx steephollow forgeworks 2016

    you could not have , Mark G was not paying attention and posted in a 2 years old event thread.
  2. Rebar Knives

    And he still has not read anything here in this section
  3. Dwarven hunting knife

    I am smotten by the attention ( imperfect past tense of smitten ? ) I am also an American so I get to make up words
  4. Rebar Knives

    rebar is only good for reinforcing concrete
  5. Dwarven hunting knife

    if there are a large congregation of wargs would they become frogs as they grow up ? <poly wargs> therefore they must be amphibians
  6. Rebar Knives

    The other problem is when I advocate that, I get reamed for being mean. usually by people that are clueless about tool steels, but it still bothers me
  7. Tx steephollow forgeworks 2016

    Impressive since this was over a year ago ,, do you have room in your TARDIS for more guests?
  8. Rebar Knives

    Using the playdoh does not give you the illusion of the feel of moving metal any particular way, but you can do lay outs. Just mentally, the problem in using other metals one thinks that if they can do it this way with the rebar then they can with the alloy steels and that is not true. nor are proper temperatures as to when to start hitting and when its is not safe to hit, one gets bad habits because the mild steels and rebars have different temperature ranges to work
  9. Dwarven hunting knife

    As a person that has read LOTR, I feel that they did indeed exist, for the entire time I was caught up in the treading it was all very real, which is the sign of a great writer. Sorry that you missed out on that, Good work Basher
  10. Platinum is well known today but there isnt a lot of that around now either. nor would someone make a pipe from it which was my point
  11. there was not a lot of iron around 2,000 years ago
  12. The book - Introduction ot knifemaking

    Used pricing seems a bit high, but I am still selling it for 29.99 PB and 47.99 HC and IFI gets $10 per each copy sold through the IFI site
  13. How bad is when you don't get paid?

    I had a call to repair some emergency lighting for a local branch of a chain sports store. I never got paid, I found out later they filled and closed the business soon after, needed the EM lighting working to sell the building. T real clinker is they filed for bankruptcy 2 months before they hired me to do the work, and I was listed as a creditor on those pages filed the 2 months prior to boot. talk about a set up. but nothing I could do about it. It would have cost more to fight than the bill total, and I may not have won anyway.
  14. New Guy

    start by reading the "Read this first" and stop posting non reference materials in the reference section I will relocate this elsewhere
  15. DIY 2x72 motor question

    only 1/5 Hp for a 2x72 ? you sure about that? I strongly disagree because even a 1 Hp will get bogged down a lot, surely you must have meant 1.5 Hp?