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  2. Aaaaah Thomas... Well said indeed! Thanks! Actually I thought about it too. Tho I never made something with axles. With zero experience I can't help but feel a little awkward not knowing for sure what steel I am going to work with. But most important I did't notice any car junkyard in my area so far. Anyways, if I manage to find one I will give these axles a shot for sure.
  3. I have had had bad heath for many years, it has gotten worse since I finished school, I got a hair test done the other day and my arsenic leaves were super high and off the chart, Mercury was also high, I always wear a double filter 3M mask and I don’t work with tantalised wood and I haven’t had my coal forge going for years, I do not understand where it is coming from? Would arc welding rods cause it?
  4. I have a question: Do you think my furnace is hot enough to melt copper yet? I went to go add more load and saw my crucible was tilting but I hadn't jostled it at all... Looked down and saw a puddle. Immediately skimmed slag and poured pulled the firebrick out and put crucible back in to cool slow. I haven't ever seen this before today lol.
  5. He needs to be aware that skinning and defleshing hides of different species is very different. Generally, the larger the animal the tougher the hide. The toughest and thickest I have ever done is a buffalo and that was a job. Also, that big and thick a hide is very heavy. I've never done a cow or horse but they could be formidable too. I suspect that a defleshing knife for a large animal would ideally be longer and have a shallower curve than one for a smaller critter. Just speculating. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  6. We never had a swamp cooler. Dad wouldn’t go for it. The doors and window frames in the house would swell, plus mold can be a problem. I sure wanted one though. It wasn’t until sometime between my Freshman and Senior year that Dad finally got the house sealed up enough to buy a window A/C unit.
  7. They are moving to a little town between Houston and Beaumont in about a week. My SIL is a structural welder. His next job is a three year deal. When that one is done, there is sure to be another in the area. I think every third man down there and in the Midland area must be a Sooner. Most of the men in my family and the kids I went to school with have spent at least some time working down there. It is going to be tough seeing them go. My grandkids have been with us since they were babies. Back on point, the rag worked Ok, but I will need to work out how to get it over my eyebrows without it getting over my eyes and being a bother. Whoever above had said I would need to get my eyebrows covered too was certainly right. Didn’t get the hole punched. Worked for an hour or so and then came in to watch a few episode of Z Nation on Netflix. It was bloody hot out. I need to look for a fan or two. Almost forgot. xxxx would come to town if my wife were to learn of it, but I have been using the pool when I want to take a large piece like the hammer from a black heat to cool enough to hold really fast. Works well, and since I am the one who will be sweeping and vacuuming up the slag that pops off, I am fine with doing it.
  8. Various, he's just getting into it. He's done deer and coyote so far, not sure what else.
  9. Lol. I understand for sure. My wife has been pretty understanding but now she see's all of my wants in terms of knives. Everything I mention now that I "need" she says "how many knives is that? Better get busy" lol
  10. My mint condition 469# Fisher cost me 75 UScents a pound; but this was back in the late 1990's and so predated IFI and the Fisher Museum. I haven't told my wife what it would sell for today, I'd never be able to eat a home cooked meal again!
  11. Thanks Thomas, I guess this one would have a branded title. I'm just starting to acquire the tools I need so this should fun. I'm sure I'll be spending more time on the forum. I bought a 300lb Fisher about 8 years ago and that was a pretty good score but I had a lot of back and forth with the owner of the Fisher museum in New Jersey before committing to buy.... Looks like a lot more research on vises is in order for sure.
  12. Naw, you keep having to fish the kids out of it before you can use it!
  13. It's like buying a used car; that one has been in a major crash and was "repaired" by a shade tree mechanic using parts that are not OEM. Possibly they don't realize that, possibly they are trying to scam you. That is a known fix; but we can't tell how well they did it. I picked up a broken base screw jack last Saturday; just to have on hand if I ever needed to try that fix. I may sell it on at Quad-State as I find enough vises with good screws/screwboxes that the only ones damaged enough to need that repair; I've bought at scrap rate, 20 USCents a pound. (And here in tool poor NM; I bought and sold 5 postvises in the last year.)
  14. Ahh got it JHCC, I just sent the guy an email so I will keep looking. I appreciate the feedback and the info very much. Thanks Irondragon, I am learning that now I guess. Lol. I will check them out
  15. https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/268-tpaaat-applied-anvil-acquisition-technique/ The internet is the worst place to look for blacksmithing tools. I learned that the hard way years ago. One of the best methods for locating stuff is to talk to members of your local blacksmith club. Seems to me the NWBA is in your area. https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/212-northwest-blacksmith-association/
  16. TPAAAT = Thomas Powers Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique. In a nutshell, tell every single person you come into contact with what you’re looking for and ask if they know of any such available.
  17. TPAAAT? not familiar. I'm in central Oregon so most everything I see here is way overpriced. Lol. If I was on the east coast I guess it would be different, it is what it is. Of course when looking on eBay it's 500 shipped for most anything so it's always a challenge. I guess I will keep looking. I have been making knives for years (stock removal) but finally decided to approach the forging angle and recently finished my first Damascus billet. Seems like a vise will come in handy for sure.
  18. In my area and estimation $150 is way to high for the condition it is in. My high price would be $60 if that was refused I would keep looking. Have you used the TPAAAT when searching for one, it works just as well for vises as it does for anvils.
  19. I will let you know how a cut up t-shirt tied around my head goes. I hope to finish messing around with the peen and at least get started on the hole this evening. It’ll be dark in less than an hour and it is still way hot out.
  20. Thanks for the response BIGGUNDOCTOR, Is this a common fix? Lol. He wants 150 for it and I never see these locally so seemed like a good deal if it functions properly.
  21. Someone modified a house jack as a screw replacement.
  22. Hey all, I am looking for some info please. I am going to look at this vise on Saturday. I'm told this is a 5 1/2" jaw. He says the vise is functioning but I am wondering if it is missing the box? That the threads go into or were there some earlier vises designed like this and the threads are actually in the screw "eye". Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  23. I guess a timely question would be what type of pelt is he going to use it on ?
  24. Yesterday
  25. I like your punisher! Here's a couple of skulls I produced back in my casting days. I read your other comment about what can go awry, thanks from me as well for posting it. I melted for years and am blessed that I never had one incident.
  26. Monkey see, monkey do. And one day while mom and dad were at work, it wasn’t hard for 9 or 10 year old me to copy what I had seen my dad do countless times and light the cutting torch. That was what I used. I don’t remember what I used for stock. Just something from dad’s pile of junk. What I made were a few latches for some of the wooden gates around the barn. Dad didn’t find what I had done nearly as cool as I did, but he did begin to actually show me how to how to use his tools AND to only do so when he was around.
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