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  2. Frosty, I think the language barrier is playing up again, the tool I used was a cutting torch, had to look up what an oxygen lance is and I am very glad that is not what we where using. The I beam we where cutting was laying on concrete, we where maybe 17yo fools (the ones that are invincible and know everything) so we just fired up the torches and started cutting into the I beam, you should have seen our shock when things underneath the steel started exploding...
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  4. I have never used an oxygen lance, it sounds like fun. We used to "bore" deep holes in heavey steel with air carbon arc and the slag had nowhere else to go except right back at you. A slag glob WILL find that one weak spot or chink in your leather "armor" and burn and burn and burn.......
  5. Thanks for the info Frosty. My first name is Rob. Eight years ago, I spent about 6 months in Alaska for work. It was the end of February when I left the UP and we had about 4 to 5 feet of snow on the ground. I arrive in Anchorage and as I was driving from the Airport to Wasilla, I was passing fields that had no snow whatsoever. That's when I realized how bad the UP is weather wise. Fortunately, our winters are much warmer than Alaska's. Unlike AK, we may get a week or two of below zero temps during the whole winter. In AK, I recall the temps being below zero quite often. AK is so
  6. Weapons are indeed everywhere, as long as you are not afraid to use them and inflict harm. Being an out of shape martial artist will even work in favor of that, less control makes everything a lot more dangerous. In case of extreme danger, the body will remember things the brain has forgotten. Places that hold criminals above normal people are just wrong, I wonder how the people that make those laws can live with them self.
  7. In a fashion this was probably already covered but in case it wasn't. Folks get the feeling they are using excessive oxygen because it requires more tanks of oxygen to burn a tank of propane than it does to burn a tank of acetylene. There's just a heck of alot more propane than acetylene in bottles of same size. All welding processes (where parent metal is melted) require a gas envelope around the puddle. Acetylene provide's it,propane doesn't. Propane rquir's diferent tips but everything else is normqally interchngable. The regulator need not be rated specific for propane,many if not
  8. Nice anvil! The thing" at the horn body junction looks like a cold shut to me rather than a crack or flaw. That's just supposition without having a closer look that's all I have. Frosty The Lucky.
  9. I don't have a gun by every light switch, the couple we have are in hard cases and put away, even the shotgun is in a closet. Even a 40 years out of practice martial artist doesn't need a firearm to have weapons at hand. I can put serious hurt on someone with a rolled up piece of notebook paper. Let alone a pencil, key ring, book, the hatchet by the wood stove, etc. There are weapons everywhere. I grew up in California and remember thieves suing the victims for injuries and the victims ending up in jail. I'd hate to have to live is some of those places. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. Yes, no, maybe. Who knows what's going to suit you and your Grandson's needs? A solid fuel and a propane forge are two entirely different pieces of equipment. A JABOD or 55 forge are easy to build and produce good localized heat. Propane forges tend to get everything close to the opening HOT and they get everything inside really HOT so processes like setting rivets takes time to master. Start with a small forge and see if you need a larger one once you get a good handle on basic blacksmithing. Anybody who's been at this a while has old forges gathering dust or they're rebuilt them repeate
  11. Why am I not surprised, living in BEAR country and having a gun near every light switch... It used to be so bad here that if some climbed over your fence and he tore up his clothes on barbed wire he could sue you for the damage, and if he busted his back lifting your TV he could sue you for not helping him. Now at least we can use "controlled force" to remove someone, but still, if you hurt him to much you will be sitting in jail longer then he will (8 years for hurting him vs a few months for breaking into a house)
  12. Good Morning Bee, Welcome and good luck with the family. A very common mistake is to think you need a big Forge. K.I.S.S. A single or a double burner that can be blocked to be a single burner, will work well. You normally only work about 3-4" at a time, why waste the heat. Good Luck, Neil
  13. Show us some pics or we'll make wildly useless suggestions based on guesses. Frosty The Lucky.
  14. Self defense is allowed in Alaska more so than many states in the USA. It's perfectly legal to have the coroner remove an illegal intruder from your house. There is paper work though. It isn't the wild west but you aren't expected to hide in a closet until the bad guys are finished taking everything they want. I don't know if you can still buy Mace, Pepper spray is WAY more effective and in Alaska Pepper bear spray is commonly available, in convenience stores. Happily I don't go places where I'm likely to need them. Break into the house is different and as out of practice in the mar
  15. Pictures or it did not happen
  16. That is what makes martial arts work, taking parts from other styles that work better in the streets. Since Silat was designed for warfare and the complete destruction of limbs/lives my teacher thought us Indonesian boxing as well. Since most people these days only know kickboxing, you wont need more then a solid skill in exotic boxing. About the Mace, you guys are so lucky stuff like that is legal over there. Over here anything you could use in self defense us illegal. About 10 years ago it was even illegal to "remove an intruder from your house with force"
  17. I hope this is the proper place for this question. if it isn't plz move it and i apologize in advance thank ya i have a single burner box type forge, forced air and i have it hard piped in at 3/4 blk. pipe however i need to move the burner pipe as it is getting a little to hot i have it to close to the top of the forge i think. (of course after it has been used and good and dry) lol ugh the flex line was just a thought to not have to damage the inside coating of the forge by torqueing on the pipe with a wrench if this makes sense i will attach a picture soon
  18. Thanks for the help, would a two burner propane forge be a better route?
  19. At the encouragement of a fantastic member here (Wicon) I'm posting an interesting Refflinghaus anvil. It is a fantastic North German #9 with an upset block that weighs 248KG (550lbs). It's stamped both E & R on the feet, pointing towards an Ernst Refflinghaus manufactured anvil but it's also stamped with the ARSM brand on the upset block along with the number 91. Here's the twist, its a hand forged anvil with a steel top plate. According to records, Ernst Refflinghaus stopped building anvils this way in the 1950s, so why the 91 stamp?
  20. So I was thinking of getting one of the Holland anvils, but then found this Papa Rhino 240lb Anvil. Looks really nice. The horn being a little blunt is a little bit of a disadvantage, but other then that it looks nice. It is suppose to be hardened throughout the entire anvil to 54HRC. They are $1600 which seems reasonable for a new anvil of this size. I started out thinking I would get the 125 double Holland, then figured might as well upgrade a few hundred dollars to a 140lb, then from there why not pay a few hundred more and get a 190lb, now thinking why not spend a few hundred more and
  21. Still trying to get the face to weld. Tomorrow will be the third try. First I will weld some more WI to each side of the WI body. With each try an incredible amount of mass is lost to scale. The first try was a fail that didn’t surprise me. On the second I was really thinking the weld had taken, but when I started working to get the lump back to square I noticed the face cooled much faster than the body, so I set it on the anvil with the face just sticking out over the edge and gave the face a good whack. Just as I expected, it popped off. I wonder how many times the spring ste
  22. Dear Odie, There are lots of reasons why something made from an old coil spring will not harden or temper like new stock. It could be some weird alloy, you might have de-carburized it while forging it at a high heat too many times, it might need very special heat treating, or a dozen other things. That is why, when using a piece of steel of unknown qualities, you should take a small piece, forge it out to a flat, quench it, test for hardness with a file and putting it in your vise and hitting it sideways to see if it breaks off, examining the grain structure at the break, and test the
  23. Have you checked that exact coil spring to see if it hardens without the over heating? What type of coil spring is it? In 40 years of smithing I've actually run into one low alloy strain hardened leaf spring---it couldn't be quench hardened. What was your heat treat process? (The answer to your question is Yes, No, Maybe depending on information you haven't provided.) Did you normalize? What type of oil were you using? Was the oil at around 140 degF when quenched in? How long did you have it in the forge? Many people starting out take so long to forge a blade that they decarbu
  24. I agree with Thomas, the time I tried to build a forge from a large truck brake drum, it turned out to be worthless. Another forge to consider is the 55 forge, bottom and side blast. Both the JABOD and the 55 forge are easy to build and will work. Also reading through the pinned threads will get you off & running.,
  25. Thanks, I hadn’t thought about the drum being to deep. I will look into the JABOD.
  26. Yes; ditch the semi wheel! Way too deep and very difficult to cut slots in the sides to push stock in. The workpiece needs to go in fairly horizontally NOT at a steep angle. I had a student who thought bigger was better and tried using a semi drum First he had the tuyere at the bottom and couldn't get the middle of a work piece into the hot spot. Next he filled it with dirt till it was about as deep as a regular car or pickup drum and put the tuyere there. But it was so heavy he couldn't move it around. When he moved he abandoned it at his old place. How about building a JABOD out
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