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  2. a 9" grinder is one of the most essential tools of the forge! with thin cutting disks for stainless steel they are quite amazing and can do fine work if you are used to using them.
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  4. Good Morning, No Heat Treat required. They will not be receiving any impact. They will be 'Hanging Around'. Paint a tiny face on them, with a goofy smile. Give them Life. Neil
  5. Classic adobe mixes work, say 30% clay to 50% or more sand. A bit of wood ash will help stabilize the mix but yes, keeping it covered is your best bet. Wet soil isn’t heir the issue of wet brick. When you go to actually build the forge you have options with an adobe mix and that is it can be tamed in a box, made into bricks or formed into cobs. The later two eliminate the need for a box but don’t like being left in the rain so much (rain and ash kill steel and iron forges as well)
  6. Frosty, I took your advice and made some changes to the burner. Took all the brass off and connected the stainless steel tubing to the end of the burner with a ball valve. I'm a bit worried about the red feather-like edge. I'm wondering if there isn't enough oxygen.
  7. I made these hooks for my Dad. No, they aren't pretty, yes they'll work. They will be hung in his shop, used for extension cords, air hoses, etc. Should I heat treat them? If so, what method should I use?
  8. Mr. Dragon, Too true! With me the time period is about two to three months. Regards, SLAG
  9. Nice job! My first exposure to a treadle hammer was from the same book. Still have the book!
  10. Welcome aboard Dreams...Have you read the Read This First thread located up in the blue banner. It is full of tips on how to get the best out of IFI and some may help in flying under the moderators radar.
  11. I'm not sure, but I don't think youtube videos that contain advertising are allowed on IFI.
  12. Well that's good, you and Ilya both do great work so I'm glad you're able to expand. I just don't understand how that particular app has so much money to advertise almost everywhere on youtube. Same with Raycon, Simplisafe, etc.. Sorry if my previous post was a little abrasive, just my 2 cents. I don't mean to offend or anything.
  13. hello I'm building a forge with ceramic fiber blanket rated 2600F and coating it with a refractory paint rated 5000F. I am wondering if I should put 2 layers of blanket of if I can just put a third layer of coating thanks
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and providing such interesting info. Much appreciated!
  15. Great anvil.. Tested out over 60HRc over the face and horn. I don't really have any complaints. Its very well finished.. It I had to pick something to complain about it would be the price. I like it better than the Peddinghaus..
  16. Nearly all the smiths I know own mandrel cones.. Nearly all the smiths I know never use them and eventually sell them. They are one of the few items that have always been pricey in the 600-1500.00 range.. I just bought a Wally Yater cone for 1500.00. I own 2 a Russel willey 2 piece cone and the Yater.. Between the 2 I could have bought a new anvil.
  17. We are putting a huge addition on our shop... the RAID promo.
  18. I can guarantee that every time I get rid of something, within a week I will need it and have to go buy another.
  19. Certainly pretty, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about actually using a hammer with silver and 24k gold inlays.. but that's just me, still pretty cool it exists though. P.S. A Raid Shadow Legends ad? I know they're ubiquitous on youtube, but still... first time I've had to FF through one when watching a video on this site... Youtube videos that contain advertisements are not allowed on IForgeIron.
  20. Yes, I know that an organized shop/desk may be the result of a sick mind but I consider clutter to be when I can't find something because of the "noise" of all the other objects. Yes, there is such a thing as too many of anything including tools. If you are not using a tool, piece of clothing, vehicle, furniture, book, cooking utensil, etc. and do not have a reasonably foreseeable likelihood of using it in the future it is, IMO, clutter and taking up space and memory that is unnecessary. I recently moved and had to dispose of hundreds if not more than a thousand books that were excess to requirements. So, I have a tendency to over acquire too. Snaffling up everything you can leads to things like owning 20 anvils or post vices of which you actually use one or two. If you have unlimited funds and space and it makes you happy, fine. However, most of us have a finite limit on what we can reasonably acquire, transport, use, and store. I stand by my opinion that if you can use or pass on a tool and can afford it you should, of course, snap it up. If not, even if it is unusual or rare, you should pass and let it go to someone who can use it. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  21. The Ojibwa word for birch bark is "wigwassie". Your knife is beautiful! Moosetrot
  22. On our most recent video we started with a wrought Iron anchor chain and forged a Bladesmithing style hammer. Ilya also hand engraved it and inlaid some copper, silver and gold. I thought that some of you may get a kick out of it! Video removed due to advertising.
  23. OK, my bad. I was not a forestry major and had always thought that birches were related to aspen and cottonwoods. Now I know differently. The Voyageurs and other northwoodsmen always carried a roll of birchbark to start fires. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  24. Yes it is. I want to offer the IFI membership my apologies for going off the rails. Sometimes things get to me WAY out of proportion to reality. My bad,, no excuse. Frosty The Lucky.
  25. I have good luck with 2-3 pts sand to 1 pt. clay. Unless you're going to fire it like a brick rain will turn it to mud. What I do with the mix I use to clay my rivet forge is I scrape it out and keep it in a bucket till next time. I don't recall what kind of forge you have but in general the layer of "clay" disperses the heat over a large area. Cast iron doesn't like a big temperature differential say RED around the air grate and black 2" away, it's not very flexible so the difference in expansion over a short range teds to cause cracking. All that said, I ram in a little better than an inch, two won't hurt, leaving a shallow bowl shaped depression down to the air grate. Frosty The Lucky.
  26. True, so do I but it's her grand and great & 2xgreat, etc. grandkids who are guessing. Frosty The Lucky.
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