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  2. What is it?

    Note that "civil war" depends highly on which country you are referring to.
  3. fan speed controller

    Motor speed controllers depend totally on the type of motor you have. A universal motor can be controlled by a simple rheostat but that will burn up a different type of motor. How much it will cost will depend on the type and on the size needed information you have not provided; so Free to several hundred US dollars.
  4. fan speed controller

    What type of motor Your blower has?
  5. Portable Blacksmith shop

    I had it weighed.. the person doing it swore it was correct but I doubt it is.. 16,600 combined weight of truck and trailer.. 6800 truck and 9800 trailer... I don't think it's right because the truck is a 96 F250 7.3L Auto with long cab and long bed with all the shoeing equipment in it.. GVW on the sticker is 9800lbs and it has a Dana 60 front vs TTB.. The anvil 275, stand 290,, vise 230, forge 225, HC box 275, bar stock 600lbs, tongs 150lbs, hammers 100lbs, shear 35lbs.. coal 100lbs.. 4 sheets of 18G 4X10', 2 18G 4X8' sheets. 40ft of 3" heavy channel, 40ft of 1/8'x 1" sq tube. 80ftx 0.062X1"sq tube, 50ft of 1/8"X1"X3" tube, Fenders are 1/8" X24"X 8ft X2, Stack is 100lbs, Work bench I figure is about 200lbs and blower 80lbs... Water tank 300lbs.. 30ft of 1/2" black iron water pipe.. Jacks 50lbs.. The springs in the trailer don't even take a sag and have plenty of arc left in them when on the ground... if someone wanted to figure it out all the materials and equipment weights are there..
  6. What is it?

    That's what a tree planting spade is, you push it into the ground and then after dropping the tiny saplings roots in the hole you push th spare in a sort distance away and push the dirt tord the first hole to close it. What I see is what to me is a handle minus the wood cross piece, a place on the shaft for your other hand and then a spade shaped blade below that. Was it used to attack the face in tunneling or mining? Whatever it is being almost all wrought or steel it was desighned to be abused.
  7. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    nah I was lucky to find this one the last was dead and like I said I have a bad reputation with online forums but they are helpful. I am trust me I got a little closer last time with that dirt box but it wasn't right with the side shaft the whole pipe turned red. now progress. Its done just putting the final touches on it like a proper stand to hold it up. I didn't find my phone also so I'm gonna wait till Thursday and make a YouTube video unveiling the new forge.
  8. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    I'm just hanging on to see if he ever does, in fact, make some tongs out of rebar.
  9. What is it?

    Seems short for a digging tool, unless you're talking some kind of oversized dibble. Might have cut down from something larger, though.
  10. What is it?

    Thanks for your input Charles. That was my initial thought. The blade was sharpened. Don't know if that matters but I thought it was a bit of on such a soft piece of iron. Any guess on age?
  11. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    This whole thread is starting to look like an angry ex member of the site that's come back to troll the community. I don't normally put on my tinfoil hat and get into conspiracy theories but even as a young man when i was seemingly allergic to good advice i'd have never blown through this many suggestion. u couldn't find wrenches so you took a torch to it? Box of dirt nightmare? Good gracious... It's literally this simple: find a design, follow it to a T. That's it. If i read the "i can't spend" excuse one more time... In my estimation you've already wasted a pile of money ignoring advice and being bullheaded. You can't afford 5$ components but already have a pallet of coal delivered? I'm no expert, far from it, but I do know one thing. Do what others have shown to work before you. Reinventing the wheel just causes you to spend too much in the end, wasting time going in circles.
  12. What is it?

    Some kind of digging instrument minus the handle. Looks similar to the tre spades used in re forasting
  13. cts-xhp or elemax

    Hey guys so I started making folding knives a few moths I had been using 440c and cpms35vn on my fixed blades so naturally I used that in some folders I have also used some stainless Damascus on the I am looking to a new steel to use on some of my folders. Now from what I can see is CTS-XHP and Elemax are both very popular on folders. I have done some researching and reading of the spec sheets but I want some real world info on how these two steels stack up both to each other and the steels I am already using. So any info any one has on these 2 steels that might help me make up my mind on wich one to start with. ALL info would be appreciated from actually working with the steel to sharpening and edge holding decision on the 2 is still up in the air but I am leaning slightly towards CTS-XHP........thanks guys!
  14. Gratitude

    I came across this today and thought it was worth sharing.
  15. What is it?

    So a guy brought this to me wanting to know what it is? So I've brought it here to the vast pool of knowledge. It's old for sure. Civil war maybe a little later according to the owner. Have at it guys. Thanks Pete
  16. Today
  17. Ceramic Wool Insulation - Risks and Remediation

    Silicosis is one of the oldest reported workplace health issues being reported by the Ancient Greeks and Romans and on a regular basis since then. (Agricola mentioned breathing problems in miners for example) Another term sometimes used is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which is, unfortunately, almost impossible to use in scrabble. So add in black lung, brown lung and all the other lungs and you basically get that BREATHING IN DUST IS A BAD THING TO DO!
  18. Etching demascus

    Hot vinegar super saturated with salt. Lime Juice Coffee Tea Soaked in a bog high in tannic acid HCl HNO3 H2S04 Note that the strong acids are much more dangerous to work with! The food based one will not provide much in the way in topography but often provide interesting colour effects.
  19. Greetings from the NSW mid north coast

    A trip to the scrapyard is my treat for this American Holiday weekend too---hoping he won't be closed. Funny the others are talking about a Black Friday Shopping spree and I'm planning on a scrapyard spree...
  20. Where to get square/round stock

    I've never heard that one, I have used lye based strippers in the past, NaOH, chemically nasty, proper PPE of course.
  21. Can you tell

    Sometimes, not always. Some people are very demonstrative and easy to read. Other people are much more guarded, and it's hard to discern what they are thinking or feeling. It's also very easy to measure what you think you perceive against how you think people should show attitude or ability; observer bias is a real problem.
  22. Can you tell

    The physical "ability" to perform any task is only a small part of the equation. You can discern someone's underlying "attitude" in a matter of minutes. .
  23. I think the guy that made those dies is a member here, uses them on a small self contained.
  24. HCl and a wire brush work a treat for stripping paint, especially those thick layers of tough paint found on many tools like crowbars.
  25. Antique bellows restoration begun

    Varnish isn't going to give you "fireproofing" -- the resins therein are usually pretty flammable in themselves, even after the solvent evaporates. A decent homemade fire retardant for wood is a solution of two parts borax to one part of boric acid (e.g., Roach Prufe) dissolved in water, sprayed or painted on, and allowed to dry. If you're doing forge welding, you've probably already got the ingredients on hand.
  26. Can you tell

    Given that a person has decent physical and mental health, that person can learn many procedures and become good with time and practice. Geist brings up the subject of passion, which might also be termed "desire." I couldn't see desire in 10 minutes. Perhaps someone else could.
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