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  2. What I am sure is a dumb question

    Well; since I no longer even have a publisher, and now have more exciting burners in mind, I am in no hurry. This is kind of a case of technology moving on.
  3. Greetings Dave, You are indeed a craftsman... Absolutely beautiful.. Love the Hofi hammer.. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  4. Linear forge burner plans

    Keep your photos; when it is perfectly adjusted, you'll want a record of the journey.
  5. Forge build

    Did that. Opened it up without anything on it outside and same lite hiss so the blockage must be in the tank.
  6. Civil War era blacksmith wagon

    That's the same type of anvil stand that came under my Fisher anvil when I bought that. Seems to work fine, and easy to add or remove layers to adjust the height. -- Dave
  7. Ol' rusty build

    Nope, that's "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
  8. Hello from Canada!

    Bienvenue abord, aussi, SLAG.
  9. Forge build

    Nothing happens to a tank if you put it upside down, in fact that is how you decant from a larger tank to a smaller one, done it many times. Upside down you open the valve and you get liquid propane. Upright you get gas. The safety valve is just a pin wiht a spring that opens up if the pressure exceeds the safe limit just like an expresso coffee machine. Of course the regulator can not take liquid propane so if you put the tank upside down and open the valve you put liquid gas in the regulator. Depending on who refills the tanks it is possible to find some muck at the bottom of the tank including water, so if you turn it down some of that muck can block the opening. Easy to test, just keep it upright take the hose and regulator off and open the valve. Do this outside of course and you should get a lot of gas blowing out. If you don't, your tank is blocked. You could try to unblock it but for what purpose? Just swap it. If you get lots of gas from the tank but none through the burner, your blockage is elsewhere.
  10. Today
  11. Makes sense. Good idea!
  12. Ol' rusty build

    I think I hear it too, I hope its not tinnitus.
  13. Nice work on that wagon. Do you have a pic of the forge? Paint the anvil stand and the wagon prop the same colour as the wagon to avoid questions about them.
  14. Log splitter to a forging press

    btw i'm think that I put a lot of «ing» to my verbs... sorry for that ! .... but this time did I miss one ? LOL !
  15. Civil War era blacksmith wagon

    No there were no military specs for anvil stands. The used whatever was on hand. I spent an average of two hours a day, for four years building the forge, wheels and tools to build the forge and wheels, and I lost track of how many thousands of dollars I spent on it. The anvil stand is wood, and all that I as an old man can move with difficulty.
  16. Log splitter to a forging press

    Above. ... but the horizontal still have some avantages.... The base will doubled with an other section of H-Beam... it will be mounted on a table, a large log,... An other section of h-beam will be but behind the main beam to cut the flex... I think that I have a plan...
  17. Forge build

    This was messed up before his stellar advice. I listened to him but I did not follow it.
  18. Hello from Canada!

    Bienvenue à bord SlabPloX! Not sure you consider Quebec City to be within driving distance, but if you pass by let me know. I'm a new to the craft myself and currently building my workshop, but always interested in exchanging with other smiths. Cheers! Arthur
  19. Hay Budden repair or not

    The 4140 was something I had. A-36 plate would have been just as good. The extra thickness is only needed at the end of the repair piece around the hardie hole, it can be built up with weld in that area. Like Thomas said, the scrap yard is probably the best source unless you happen to work at a machine shop like I do! The repair job is not all that hard, don't get hung up on having to have the perfect plate, see what you can find and figure out how it will work for you. I only put that anvil up to offer an idea of one way to do it. I used to look for anvils which were in sad shape and see what I could do to bring them back into usable shape. I have had quite a bit of experience using Rob Gunther's method of repairing the top and also re-welding an entirely new top plate. I have also repaired a couple which were broken in two at the waist.
  20. Hay guys. No one tried this becma? Nimrod
  21. Forge build

    I think your buddy has given you bad advice. As I understand it portable propane tanks need to be kept upright. Laying them down or upside down will damage the safety valve and that is probably what happened with your tank. As Thomas said swap it out.
  22. Forge build

    swap it for another one; then you are just out the gas.
  23. Hello from Canada!

    Not to discorage you, but you will find forged in fire and man at arms to be very "hollywooded up". On the up side, a coal forge or a propaine forge is a very economical alternitive to a rose bid for heating large stock. Also bending and shaping stock with forge and anvil will save an great amount of grinding. Punching and drifting can also save drilling. The two skills will mesh well, improving your value to yourself as well as futue employers.
  24. Forge build

    My buddy told me to try and flip the tank upside down and the back again, said the valve might be stuck, but yeah this was a swap on a swap on a... I'm probably screwed on this one.
  25. Ol' rusty build

    I here " kathunka, kathunka, kathunka... in the near future!
  26. Ol' rusty build

    I know right rofl, I had a good laugh at that comment.
  27. Hay Budden repair or not

    Stop by my favorite scrapyard, they have quite a bit in 4" plate; I just sold on a 4"x8"x8" piece for US$25 Sunday that I had got from there. (72.5 pounds IIRC)
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