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  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Is that a 'dead hot, water heater', or a 'dead, hot water heater'?
  3. Is plaster of Paris mixed with sand a good liner for a forge?

    I've used the plaster of Paris and playsand mix in my 20lb propane forge. After about a month of use and not heavy use at all, the plaster degraded enough that I could not use the forge anymore. I tipped the forge up and it all fell out.
  4. New Gas Forge Cart

    Sorry Frosty - Didn't see your post until now. It's a surplus Lab/industrial regulator I picked up somewhere? Swap or yard sale maybe. Its actually rated for hydrogen specifically - but works fine with propane. It also came with a huge spark arrestor on it - but I took it off for this set up. PS - lol I used gas rated teflon tape.........
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    What.. wait, what...? Did someone say bratwurst??? I am inspired... Time to fire up the grill!
  6. Hi guys! My first post here and its about my first anvil! I've always wanted one, for nothing more but to use it as a convenient place to hammer on something. Only after following one or two folks on Instagram and really reading about it did I want to get into smithing! I called one of the folks I follow on Instagram and asked him if he could help me make the decision whether to buy this anvil or not. After some pictures were sent, I was told to go ahead and go buy it, that it would be a good starter. I knew next to nothing about anvils or how much they cost. What to look for and how to look for it. After scouring Craigslist for a couple weeks, this one popped up and I pounced after the go ahead I mentioned above. It's a 129lb Nicholson. I don't know how to figure out how old it is. The P.O. said that it was his dad's, who was a welder. The edges seem rough, but I could be wrong. I will post pictures later today! Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling, I honestly don't know what to say about it yet.
  7. Suitable press for forging?

    hi Ross , are you ever in Johannesburg? if necessary i can put you up for the night i have a couple of surplus presses i'm sure one can use and a fair selection of power packs too.i have a bunch of smiths coming over on the 2nd weekend of next month maybe you would like to join in? regards Ian
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Not to be confused with a dead friend's water heater, of course.
  9. Saw blade bowl

    A rather violent-looking bowl -- perhaps "ET too brutish"?
  10. Badly ventilated forge

    i would second Ausfire with that really stunning venue. a small word of caution however, should you elect to involve local officialdom ie. fire dept. that is one genie that will not go back into its bottle.thinking outside the box for a moment "temporary structures fall outside of the ambit of historic protection. so if it can be removed easily with no lasting/permanent effect you can get away with it ie. if you get sone spiral duct and suspend it via light chain over the forge rising upwards toward the window it will "extract much of the hot/contaminated air. so whilst in an ideal world you would want it to go above the highest point of the roof as previously noted any improvement is better than none. spiral duct is cheap and if you are not size specific you might find a local "duct shop/a/c installer that will donate or some-such . if painted Matt black it will not be very noticeable and once covered will your dust etc. it will take on a timeless appearance.
  11. Today
  12. Thanks for the response. He only paid $50 for it 10 years ago.. Could anyone take a guess at how old it may be.... I'm starting my blacksmith course next week. I'm very excited.
  13. Show me your anvil

    Thank you, it's been fun but alot of work and expense making them.
  14. Show me your anvil

    You ain't kidding, that is NEAT!!!
  15. Watering Can

    Thank you @jlpservicesinc; I really appreciate the compliment. I like yours as well; between you and the other commenters, I am going to knock out another one with holes for sprinkling the fire - hopefully make less water do more work that way. Maybe I'll try a hybrid with a pour on one side, sprinkle on the other. I'm just getting back to the home forge from a few weeks on the road, so there's lots to do.
  16. Newbie here just saying hello

    Finally, a blade maker who wants to get into ornamental smithing! Usually, we have to twist people’s arms to get them to learn basic smithing techniques before they start trying to make swords!
  17. Saw that on your Facebook page. Very impressive!
  18. Show me your anvil

    Here is a bounce test on my 85 lb H13. VID-20180422-WA0007.mp4VID-20180422-WA0007.mp4
  19. Newbie here just saying hello

    They typically yield five or six feet of steel and are less tightly curled than automobile coil springs. So easier to straighten out. If not disassembled properly they will expand explosively and blow themself and you into the next county, Just ask the shop manage if he can remove the spring from the rest of the assembly. Most shops have a press designed for this purpose. Ask nicely and say thank you and you will be welcome back in his shop. Also show the shop manager some of you finished work, that helps.
  20. Badly ventilated forge

    Health issues aside, I just have to say what a beautiful building! Heritage stuff!
  21. Belt tracking problems

    Thankyou so much for your advice. I'm at work now but will give the makeshift idea ago as so as I finish
  22. Home made refractory

    I coated the inside of my first box forge with zircopax and letting it dry. I have just under a quart of it made and saved in a jar.
  23. My first projects

    So it's been snowy can't get to the shop snowy but finally it's nice and the snow melted. I took a picture when I first started up the forge. I can't tell if this is normal. I ran the forge for a while and it works great I can't tell if it is better or worse than the other flare. Does a frosty t burner need secondary air? I feel like the pieces scale more with the frosty style flare I'm no expert. This is my first item I am making well a pair of tongs. They don't match. I still need to draw one out about half an inch and the area around the pivot point are sloppy.
  24. Belt tracking problems

    With no crown, there is no way/reason that the belt will stay centered, no matter how aligned and square everything is. If your driving a straight road, and hold your steering wheel fixed straight, the car WILL eventualy stray. You can makeshift a crown by wraping tape on the middle of the driving or tracking wheels (or both!). 1-2mm will do. A VERY nice machine you have there. Kudos.
  25. Belt tracking problems

    itll almost certainly be the tracking wheel needing crowned, as long as you've aligned the other wheels using a straight edge to each other.
  26. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I shall have to give this a go. I tried to silicone seal a big galvanised bin to hold water, but ended up with more over my gloves than on the bin... either way, it didn't stick or seal at all. I tried a high temp silicone after the first failure... it did stick to the bin, but dissolved in water... go figure. Third times the charm? right???
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