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  2. Crucible Shattered

    Hallo C, This is what happens to my cast iron (pseudo) crucible after my second attempt to melt brass. I strongly advice to use clay/carbon/silica crucible for every metal with a higher melting point then 1300 F. Please find also the melting points below. At your service, Hans
  3. Oh man you make me nervous when you say things like "obey" . . .anything I suggest or ask. I know it's a translation software thing. Truth is you're the expert where casting furnaces are concerned I haven't done any casting since high school, say 1970. I held the helper end of the ladle thing on a bronze pour in 2013 I THINK. I'm wrong a LOT I just try to learn from the mistakes and the good folk here are quick to correct me. It's another thing I love about Iforge. I get to learn from other people's mistakes, saves me time and money. Frosty The Lucky.
  4. How does one make a maple leaf?

    I think the first question that needs to be answered is what is their end use. He actually asked how to forge them. My immediate thought went to do just that. If they are tourist gedunks, then the answer is water jet or plasma cut via cnc or whatever that is called. And the least expensive method is the choice. In essence you would be the middleman between the high tech tooling and the buyer. However if the client wanted some forged maple leaves for whatever, then,, well,, now you have my attention! This leaves us two basic choices. Repousse using sheet or the northern European way of forging from solid bar stock. Forging them from angle iron first actually works with either way. There are plenty of examples out there for both and actually far too much to post as a quickie answer here. For the southern Europe sheet repousse there is a great old ABANA publication showing many repousse patterns. As for forging from solid stock check out those great books by the German Blacksmiths. Kuhn and Schmerler come to mind. My preference is to make them from solid stock. Once you decide, and if the job warrants it or just how much fun and learning do you want,, come on back and you will most likely get answers on tooling, setup, and other details. Also, depending on the job, both of these styles can be done from the simple to the sublime. Lol, just because you can put thousands of hammer blows into this type of work doesn't mean you have to. And without a doubt the fun and learning are critical. Isn't that the reason we are here?
  5. Art on Fire!

    Bummer, we were almost crowded with blacksmiths this year. Generally 4-5 working at once. The next club meeting is in Palmer, Saturday July 14th. at Pat Garley's "Arctic Fires Bronze." NOT the tanning studio that comes up on a search under the name though. You're subbed to the FB group yes? There's an event announcement in the side menu and we can talk about local . . . stuff. If next year is like this one I'll have to bring another anvil and forge so the guys can spread out a little. Still it's good for them to have to share kit. I'm still trying to get Carmen to email the announcement earlier, this year she sent it out the 20th. for an event taking place the 23rd. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. How to find a ball bearing.

    Here's one the kids usually don't know the what and why of. There weren't many radio stations that'd play Simon and Garfunkel in the early '60s. We played the LPs in the garage because our folks thought they were evil. I think I'm going to put my headphones on. My comp has Harman Kardon speakers but my sound canceling ear muffs produce studio quality sound. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Questions about Gas Forges

    If you're interested here is a link using google and adding "iforgeiron" lots of discussion on them."iforgeiron"
  8. Art on Fire!

    I just saw this, aaaargh I can't believe I missed this. I've been trolling this site for months and have had a bear of a time logging in. I was finally able to log in today. I've been wanting to meet you for awhile now...aaaargh! There are so few blacksmithing events here in Alaska.
  9. How do you stay cool ?

    trees are cool, lots of shade under a tree
  10. I’m ready for serious casting?

    OK Frosty, will doubble it, it will also made a closer connection between the tail sections around the burners. However I THINK you are being wrong, -to think to being wrong Always better to listen to an expert and obey his (indirect) advice. Kind salutions, Hans
  11. Complete Beginner

    the details posted with your blower show it as 3 phase, if I had known I would have dug out one of the many 3 phase ones I have, they would be going cheap. this weekend we are doing an event where we will be demoing and doing a have a go, it is a land rover event near northampton. if you know someone interested you may be able to get a free lift and for the cost of admission watch us, ask questions and learn a bit john ( copper elf ) will be there and smoggy from here
  12. 1095 skinner

    Oh MAN Grandfather's heart has to be bursting with pride and happiness! He might go hoarse bragging. I can't think of a better Father's Day gift, late or not. Tell your boys Frosty says, Well done!! Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Condition scale

    My scale for anvils is New, Used, Abused and boat anchor.
  14. Found a new replacement anvil!

    Yep... snort one more case of anvil envy.
  15. Condition scale

    Julian: I'm a huge fan of Soderfors anvils so my opinion might not be as objective as it should. I've been using a 125 lb. Solderfors for close to 30 years and it's my go to anvil in almost any circumstances. Working on bottom tools with strikers is when I use my swage block instead, I don't want a missed sledge hammer blow on my good anvil. From what little I can see that one looks to be in good shape and 202 kg. is a great shop anvil size. It's going to be LOUD though, a missed blow will probably make your ears ring if you're wearing ear plugs and muffs. Mine did before I built it a tripod steel stand which damped the ring to bearable levels. Just try really hard not to hit the anvil with the hammer, she'll dent your hammer and make your ears ring. The heat treat may have been drawn out if it was in a building fire. a rebound test will determine that in seconds, expect a 90%+ rebound, mine runs over 95% rebound. I'd love to have that one in any condition. Anvils CAN be repaired but the person doing it MUST know how or they are more likely to damage it further. I steer away from anvils that have been welded on. I have a 200 lb. Trenton with welded edges, I bought it before I knew what I do now. It's okay but could be better. Frosty The Lucky.
  16. Neat video on YouTube cutting an ASO w/ Water Jet

    Well it is harder than the pumpkin, watermelon and eggs but the cola left a chip.
  17. bad anvil tie down

    Wild guess, -the wrong welding adding supplies?
  18. bad anvil tie down

    Been around long enough, thought I'd seen everything. Once again I'm wrong.
  19. Today
  20. How do you stay cool ?

    He was cool before being cool was cool!
  21. Don't have to try to stick to lampposts, they're evil kid traps. I'm enjoying this thread fun to see folk trying to keep cool. I'm Frosty I've been cool my whole life. Frosty The Lucky.
  22. Info Request DIY Ribbon Burner Forge Build

    OR over pressured like some blown designs showing a couple feet of BIG dragon's breath from both ends. The NA version of multi outlet burner is relatively sensitive to back pressure so it needs a reasonable balance between chamber and burner size. If you're not sure experiment with a brick pile forge. I do and I'm still getting things wrong. And that boys and girls is why I do NOT have a chamber size recommendation for the size ribbon burners I've built. Frosty The Lucky.
  23. Light years per attosecond? Frosty The Lucky.
  24. Complete Beginner

    Sorry gents, I AM running a JABOD. I've followed Charles' design pretty much to the letter. I've upgraded to the forge blower shown above (NOT PICTURED), attached to a 1" ID Tuyure. I wonder whether the size of my charcoal is now an issue? Some pieces are 2" x 3" pieces? I try to break it up a little as I go by bashing it with my rake. Since the edges of my fire bowl have broken away with use, the size of the bowl is growing a bit. I guess that could be one of the problems?
  25. Only one inch? I'd think insulation would be more important but I'm not a caster. What I THINK is often wrong, I'm used to it. Frosty The Lucky.
  26. bad anvil tie down

    It was probably modified after it broke... but you never know. People do weird things. "Rare antique Trenton clip horn anvil farriers knife makers 79 pounds collectible" Funny thing is I remember seeing this a few months ago. Oddly it is still there... Must not be rare enough.
  27. Knife Newb seeking input

    Relative newbie here too, but curious why you think a horizontal quench (edge-in first, not held flat) would cause warping on a blade this length. I can see the advantage to vertical quenching on something of sword-length, but I wouldn't imagine knife-length would matter. I'm really asking not to sharpshoot you, but for my own edification, because I too, use a more horizontally-oriented quench setup (a belted 40mm Mk-19 ammo can), and am moving to larger knives up to 18" overall, and I am hoping I am not setting myself up for an unforeseen problem.
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