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  2. Hi, new here, I was just wondering in a comment here for the 55 forge link, is there a homemade design to add a clinker for it, even if it is more complex or complicated?
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  4. Heyo! Not sure how many people are reading this, or how far I’ll get with this considering the COVID-19 crisis happening, but I thought I’d introduce myself and get started somewhere. So I’m Tyler Savage, aka black raptor, I’m 23 and I live in the ghost lake area of Alberta, Canada. I am beginning blacksmithing and leatherworking, and I am also starting out my own (temporary) shop, which I’m hoping to upgrade it and turn it into a business, I have some cool things for the business aspect. I’m also on a budget ($50 to be exact, and whatever I get from my GST check) and I’ll probably be recycling metal, melting stuff, crafting and making whatever tools I don’t have, as I have a bit of tools, I also made some cool stuff from my last blacksmithing class (I’ll post pictures tomorrow if people ask) I’m very open to anything, new ideas, criticism, etc. As long as you don’t tell me to give up blacksmithing for the rest of my life, I learn very fast on some things and I have some cool things I want to try and experiment, I’m also a fan of Damascus and bladesmithing, the problem I have is that not many people want to apprentice or train other blacksmiths where I’m from (at least not for a decent price, or free, which I didn’t expect) which is why I’m here! I have lots of junk and a friend with lots more junk, but I just need to learn and try some new things I haven’t experienced, forged in fire can only teach you so much, lol, but yeah, that’s me, sorry it’s so long, and if you want to ask something or you have something you want to tell or talk to me about, let me know! You can even ping me if you like, I’m used to it with discord, and yes, I did read some of the beginner tips for this site here, stay safe everyone!
  5. I love it! It appeals to both the artist in me and my other alter ego, the Crazy Chicken Lady Fantastic
  6. There are those who do not understand why I could not part with a 4' chain sprocket. I
  7. Cris J

    Burners 101

    Howdy all, I’ve been reading these threads for a bit now to soak in what I can, but I decided not saying anything Is hampering my learning ability. I have recently taken up interest in blacksmithing and decided to tackle my own forge build rather than buying one (hoping I’d save a little money). I dove right in to cutting up my forge and painting it with heat resistant paint, planning out where I’d get all the stuffing, so to speak, for the forge (Insawool, Rigidizer, ITC-100 all that). I realized I should also plan out burner placement a bit later than ideal and just opened up a can of worms. I had no idea there were so many that could possibly be used. After binge reading some of the posts from over the years I realized I could use help with all things burners as I know very little. Rounding up a smidge my overall volume inside the air tank is 780 cu/in. I know it will shrink once the insawool and flooring is inside. I’m lost on how to calculate the space I’ll lose, then subsequently find out how many burners I will need, which of the infinite types there are to use that I need, then where to place them. My soon to be gas forge is round so I planned to put them 15° off from directly above the floor for even heating throughout. At first blush I thought I may need two burners, given the volume. The height of my forge is 15.5” so if two are necessary 5.16” apart was my current plan. Please pick it apart and tell me where I can be better, what can be trashed or improved. If you guys need pictures of what I cut up and measurements for anything as well I’m happy to oblige. Thank you all for any help or advice, Cris
  8. It turned out to be 75-25 in the tank of the welder. So after I found and pulled out a welding hood from my uncle's stuff. I cleaned a bunch of galvy (I ground it off with and angle grinder outside away from my normal work space, masked and standing upwind) and rust off a small piece of 2x4 welded wire fence I welded (again outside and upwind) it to a frame that's been sitting in the barn for a hammer rack. I also ran a BUNCH (5 layers deep, along the whole piece)of beads on a piece of 3/8 truck spring before making this guillotine tool with the next layer of the spring. I cut 1 piece in half lengthwise for the sides, then full sized on both faces top and bottom, on top of a full size piece from the center where a bolt holes is so I can push the bottom bit out of needed, welded to some square tube for the hardy hole. I clamped it tight with 2 layers of newspaper around the moving pieces. The spring was at the thickest end of the welders capabilities but I've hit it a few good times with a hammer and it seems to be solid. It's still a little tight, but I can take off some more scale from the bits to make them slide better. This picture is after I hit it with a wire brush on an angle grinder to see the welds.
  9. Mr. Dragon, Your wife is right And, you are a generous soul that fits, in here, so very well. Regards, SLAG.
  10. Dear Cannon Cocker, I'm not sure that is the Black Hills in the background. It looks a bit more like the Pacific Northwest. If I am wrong it is probably the snow making the high country look higher. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  11. This emerged from my scrap heap. I see many fine bird sculptures here, I hope there is room for another. It reminds me of some Rhode Island Reds I raised once. They were mean and ultimately tough to eat.
  12. I literally suck at haggling... I lack the social skills to finesse a better transaction. I'm even worse at setting prices on my labor, or work. I own a commercial grade vinyl plotter, and make stickers/artwork and stencils for my custom gun cerakoting. I, because of that reason- only usually do work for friends and family. That way, I dont have to set a price... we usually just work it out. When shopping- I see a price and make my choice. Period.
  13. I usually haggle at yard sales and junk stores. A while back my wife & I were at a junk store that had three large wrought iron wagon tires. He wanted 10$ apiece for them. I offered 20$ for all three and he accepted. While loading them on the truck he said he didn't know what they were and asked what we were going to use them for. I explained we were blacksmiths and because they were old wagon tires made from wrought iron they were getting harder to find. As we were pulling out my wife chastised me for giving him an education and if he comes across any others you can bet the price will be tripled.
  14. Mikey A great analogy if I ever heard one! Thanks for the tip! Cheers! Phil the Bearded
  15. Oh come ON man, you can't use old terms like BACKOFF! You have to invent something new, something properly pretentious. At least they didn't tack a bunch of redundant sometimes contradictory suffixes on a an already irrelevant word. Remember, "religiosity"? There was an amusing bit of video of a guy I think in NYC who duct taped a bunch of tent poles together into a ring 12' across and hug it from himself to keep the 6' distance. Folks were stepping into intersections to avoid him while he was using a cross walk. Riding the bicycle was entertaining too. What's wrong with 3-4 vicious dogs on 6' leashes? A pitch fork and torch would clue folk into keeping their distance. Frosty The Lucky.
  16. Read a story today that folks who are working from home are drinking a lot more. I don't drink any more or any less since this "social distancing" started. I have been wondering which genius coined that term, the very act of distancing is antisocial. Since I've been called antisocial by some, I decided to use the term "physical distancing" instead. Thomas, putting some smoldering oakum in your beard braids would really top off the look.
  17. Frosty

    Burners 101

    DANG Mike! Didn't I just say I haven't seen a burner with a reducer between the T ad mixing tube work well? Well, there you go. Maybe I charmed the build! Looking pretty good Shawn. How do they work in the forge? Frosty The Lucky.
  18. Were it my truck I'd be looking for a big hammer head to lift with the boom. My anvil's a Peter Wright. My hammer's a Peter Built. Frosty The Lucky.
  19. Finally put gas through my burner build just wanted to post a picture and say thank for the help and time you guys invest into the forums
  20. You could make one heck of a treadle hammer with that log
  21. Good point! I'll leave a log on my truck at the end of the day. A 25 footer aught to do it!
  22. The liger is a male lion with a female tiger. In lions the females pass on the size restricting gene, while in tigers the male passes it on, giving the size discrepancy to the ligers and tigons. Funny thing about ligers/tigons is that they can produce offspring, unlike most true hybrids like mules. Showing that lions and tigers are more closely related than horses and donkeys. Lions/tigers and cheetahs can't reproduce even though they are from the same continent, but pumas and cheetahs can even though they are half a word apart. Large cat group vs small cat group I remember hearing about the foxes bred for temperament. If I recall correctly they took "wild" foxes from fur farms with the requirement that the fox showed curiosity or indifference and no signs of fear or aggression (those that didn't cower in fear or attack). Then through selective breeding of that temperament they found certain traits that may be linked to domestication like spots, curled tails and a "bark". The problem I saw witht the experiment is that the foxes weren't wild. Though there wasn't any selective breeding, they had been bred in captivity for their fur since the 20s. With pictures in the 30s of foxes with similar marking from some of those same farms they chose from. So the genes were already there in receive form in a restricted gene pool, they just pulled them to the surface. The hybrid pigs can be noticably larger, but thats only if they get the right mix of genes, you can also get some that wont ever get as large as either parent breed, so its kinda a crap shoot as to what you'll get. We've been breeding pigs most of my life, and we prefer hybrids to pure bred stock, but we use pure breeds when introducing outside blood. Our current sows are red wattle/Gloucester old spot/Hampshire crosses (with some Yorkshire and large black way back in the bloodlines as that's what we started with). Our next new boar is going to be a heritage Duroc, we will cross him on to our best sows. We have other pig breeders with similar bloodlines to ours, so a son will go the them and we will get a son from them the next year and this is who we will use for the next generation of piglets for breeding. Our next 2 outside blood boars will be Hampshire and red wattle to pull them back to what we like (~4 and ~8 years from now, respectively). This will add outside blood and hybrid vigor but still be close enough bloodlines to keep our consistency, which to us is crucial. We'd rather have 8 consistently good piglets vs 3 great ones, 6 good ones and 3 poor ones, which is more likely with outcrosses. Until we get that crossed boar we will use the Duroc for terminal crosses (those we won't keep for breeding) so we can still have pork. The Duroc puts on great muscle, grows faster and has great marbling, but we don't want to keep too much Duroc blood as they are known to have nasty dispositions and aren't great mothers, but the piglets we will get from the cross bred boar will be more like their mothers temperament. The first requirement we have to keep any of our animals is a good temperament, mothering ability is also shares that spot as both are heredable. No use keeping a nasty sow who won't mother her babies. We keep a similar mindset with our Dachshund lines, though our outcrosses come from breeders with no related blood because you can't sell a pure bred dachshund with some whippet in the background. Sorry this post became long winded, it wasn't my intention, but once I started typing I couldn't stop.
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