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  2. I've never lit myself on fire forge welding, lots of times arc welding and couple times with a cutting torch but not many. Don't worry Bantou, keep at it and you too can learn the difference in the smells of various welding electrodes, fabric materials and torch exhaust gasses. There wasn't a kid in jr. high metal shop 1 who didn't know the smell of burning Levis instantly. Nobody showed up in school wearing a pair of unfrayed Levis! Even I wasn't THAT uncool, it was the 60s. A new chamois shirt really gets your non-metal head friends freaking out when a spark lights the fuzz and y
  3. pnut, you looking for the earlier individual books or the later version where all three volumes were combined into one book? eBay has one of the latter for $75 OBO.
  4. I'm sorry. All I see is material to make a dandy metal art bird sculpture! I suffer from tunnel vision.
  5. Darn, I've got to find that article, I've misapplied what I read badly. I know what I meant, what's wrong with you guys? "Artefact of Preservation," is it, I believe. I'll keep quiet until I find my clue, I know I have one around here somewhere but . . . Frosty The Lucky.
  6. I can’t say that I’ve ever been on fire because of a torch but I don’t use them all that often either.
  7. it sends me to a google account sign in page so cant see M.J.Lampert
  8. Something I recently finished, monosteel 1085, brass guard and pommel, carved ebony grip, leather sheath with bronze fittings The guard started as 1/4 x 1 flat bar that I turned the ends down on and threaded 1/4-20 then made the finials like acorn nuts. The guard was finished by filing to profile. The pommel was 1" brass freehand turned on the lathe and also threaded 1/4-20 to screw on to the tang. The sheath fittings were made from thick sheet bronze, shaped, and brazed together before finishing and polishing. The blade started as 9/16 round rod which was forged to shape then the bevels
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  10. That seems quite reasonable. I feel that would be the case here as well. In my youth I was both politely and not-so-politely told to get off the tracks. This was long before I would have considered anything I found on the tracks to be useful so I had no thoughts of taking things with me. However, I did find $20 once.. Sorry Scalebar, my intention was not to steer the conversation from rusty WI to the legality of one's presence on the railway. Especially because you were not on them in the first place. I'm interested to see what you make with your haul.
  11. Having just had a snoop at the relevant sections of the Railway Regulation Act of 1840, the Regulation of the Railways Act of 1868, and the British Transport Commission Act of 1949, I'm inclined to say that the UK railroad laws are just as weird, although perhaps in different ways. Under the first of these, for example, a person is guilty of trespass if they are on the railway line, a railroad employee asks them to leave, and they refuse, but possibly not guilty if they are on the railway line, a railroad employee asks them to leave, and they comply.
  12. I just welded over the threads on the bolts that held the mounting plate to the welding table.
  13. I've caught myself on fire many more times using a cutting torch than in forge welding!
  14. As US Railroads often cross state lines the interstate commerce statutes may apply. I know "special laws" were enacted back in the bad old days and may have been enhanced with counter terrorism ones more recently. TLDR: US Railroad laws are weird, avoid being subject to them!
  15. Hmm perhaps a set for planting marked GROW! and a set for weeding marked DIE!
  16. I spent 15 years in a house that originally had gas lights and most rooms originally had a vented gas heater in it, (4 double flue chimneys!). I added back in a small gas heater in the bathroom: Central Ohio, Structural brick house, corner room bathroom, *cold*! to warmest room in the house with the small heater.
  17. Arc is often harder to strike and maintain. Your call.
  18. I am not sure what the problem is. I can see the post and image fine on my PC. I think this may be a problem for the Admins to figure out.
  19. Ditto, for Windows 10, chrome, image not appearing.
  20. What about for practice padding beads?
  21. I did say 'in their origin' meaning they have their roots in a very simple design meant to be inexpensively produced (from my shallow read up) , peasant probably wasn't the right word. It just got me thinking about the grades of metal and what a low status person would have had access to.
  22. That is correct. I don't know why, but I seem to never include gas in my plumbing generalization. My mind seems to always stick it with HVAC for some reason.
  23. Using old rods is rather like forge welding; it's a harder technique to use for beginners; but a lot easier for experts! (Also don't use dubious rods for mission critical applications!)
  24. No problem for me running Windows 10 and Chrome.
  25. I guess when you say "plumbing" you mean water only and not gas? Gas can be very sneaky indeed!
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