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    rare ti ?

    Excellent tip, Frosty! I guess that could apply to any toothed blade? I do that to my hacksaw sometimes...works great.
  2. I hope they haven't "lost" your $3000, what with their creative accounting......
  3. TW, that absolutely sucks! So sorry to hear about the imminent domain mess. Hope you come out with a reasonable settlement. People like to move out to the country to get away from the city, then BAM!, here comes a highway or loop.....and destroys that dream.
  4. Sounds like a kitchen remodel we had done one time. The contractor PROMISED it would be finished by end of October. Finally finished on Christmas Eve under threat of lawsuit.....
  5. Yet, another estimate...you probably can count on that one being double as well.....
  6. I have a friend who lives up on a mountain here and he has said that nearly every time he leaves to go to town, he runs across a bunch of wild hogs. He always carries, pistol and rifle, and if he sees a juvenile, he'll shoot it for the meat. Never eats the adults...says they taste a little gamy to him and are tough. Rest of them, he dispatches as best he can. Says the young ones taste ever bit as good as store-bought pork.
  7. Perfect example of electrical bait and switch.......
  8. And, if one is not allergic, alfalfa in bloom smells so sweet!
  9. anvil, I spent my first years in college as a math major. I had reams of calculus courses, diff, integral, etc. etc...I subsequently changed majors to geology. I NEVER, NEVER had an opportunity or need for the many hours of calculus I took. What a waste of time! Computers did all the math.
  10. John, thanks for explaining the differences in the curves and noting the angle for the Fibonacci curve.
  11. John, VERY easy way to lay out a scroll. Thanks for posting it! Like Frosty, I bookmarked it immediately. Drawing the squares for the Fibonnaci or Golden Mean is a pain in the backside. Question, myself not being well versed on scroll/spiral curve generation, I realize that several of the different spiral curves look almost the same. Is this the same or just similar to the Fibonnaci or Golden Mean curve?
  12. Purple Bullet, We saw several news reports from La Place after Ida did her damage dance. Hope your family, pets, house and container shop didn't sustain any significant damage (from the reports, La Place had severe damage from the storm).
  13. Beautiful knife, beautiful video, beautiful country.... I can't believe you have cobras around your house!!!!
  14. They have been known to get into an attic and have young ones....bad!!!! If you do put out a trap, try to place it as near to the entrance point the coon was using. He WILL return to the scene of the crime.... Yeah, SinDoc, I chose my avatar because when we first built our house here in the Ozarks we were "covered up" with coons. Took a couple of years to reduce the population to "manageable", if that's possible.
  15. If you have skunks in the area, a different kind of trap is used (shaped like a tube to restrict their "spray" ability), but then you can't forecast the errant Pepe le Pew wandering into the area...... That remedy requires a method not suited for family forum.
  16. SinDoc, for bait I use some tuna or salmon from an expired can (we don't eat much of that), peanut butter, bad hamburger meat, anything smelly and/or attractive to a carnivore. They were climbing a pole and tearing up one of my bird feeders, so I guess sunflower seeds would work too! Randy, I have caught coons up to about 40# and the Havaharts withstood all their anger and abuse.
  17. Don't "sell yourself short" as the saying goes. You might just be a better smith than you realize. If a potential buyer is happy with the appearance, quality, functionality, etc. of whatever you might have made, then the buyer is the one you need to please. Go ahead and take the leap and sell some of your stuff. You will feel gratified that you have forged something that another would like to possess and the buyer goes away happy. I tell folks that if they are unhappy with their purchase of something I have made, to bring it back and I will do my best to make it right.
  18. Sounds like that ole coon just needed a glass of milk! In all seriousness, get a Havahart coon trap. They are great. I have two and use them all the time with problem coons in our area. I take the trapped ones about 2 miles away and turn them loose at a place near a creek.
  19. Jennifer, thanks for the info. I suspect now that some of us who may run across some WI we might have thought was "trash" and beyond help may now turn it into "treasures", LOL
  20. Great idea.. congrats on getting it marketed. Now.....design some more with different radii for different dishing projects!!!!!!
  21. Beautiful hammer! Jennifer, just curious...is it possible to work that badly corroded and rusted WI back to usable stock? It would take a lot of work at welding heat and most would be lost I assume.
  22. Charles, I haven't heard that term used for decades....my Mom had one!! When I was in the service living off base in San Antonio, we did our laundry at a place that had a big sign over the door..."The Warsh House", LOL. (We always called it the warsh house, too!).
  23. That's a great price even with a somewhat low BTU and high ash content. According to sources here on IFI, the Phoenix Mine in Vinita, OK is "importing" Utah coal to OK (since they are not mining now) and selling it for $225/ton......the Phoenix Mine price pre-shutdown had been around $70-$75/ton
  24. The one thing that grinds on me is advertising. In many cities, there is ONLY ONE (often called a monopoly) electric utility, gas company, phone company, cable company (if cable is offered), and/or internet provider. WHY do they have to advertise a monopoly??? It only serves to add to the cost of utilities. Why not have a monopoly divert their advertising costs toward a reduction in rates?? (off soapbox....)
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