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  1. Hello, Joe. I have a #5, which I bought in 2018 from Pieh Tool. I believe that it will take more than just "a few more swings", to make a #5 work like a #6. In the first video that Mr. Russell put up, the fellow in the plaid shirt says that it is a #6, and I can see that it appears to have more punch than my #5. Mind you, I have yet to do hot work on my press, but I am constantly using it. So far the table has only been 14" off the ground, and I am now building a base for the sake of my poor arthritic knees. I would research fly press hammer eyes, to verify the application, and I would definitely go for a #6. Search here: site:iforgeiron.com fly press hammer eye Here is my continuing fly press adventure: Robert Taylor
  2. I am a fan of wood, copper, and aluminium jaw covers, methinks I will make redundant sets of heavy copper covers, that I will not mind thrashing..... I must say though, that these split nuts have been a lot of fun to use, and were well worth my time to make. Robert Taylor
  3. We will continue to hope and pray for further good outcome, Thomas, Robert and Sheila Taylor
  4. Yes, IDF&C, this particularly rusty thread would take the bite right out of the only 3/4 - 10 die I own. I once made one of these with a hinge - hint: takes two nuts, or a competent weldor to build from a single nut... Robert Taylor
  5. I have a six foot length of 3/4-10 threaded rod. Dad had it driven into the ground at the Old Place, to stake a tree. As I often clamp bolts in the "vise", I usually double-nut the bolt, and clamp on the nuts, to protect the thread, and to increase grip force. This rod is in need of Restoration: Just try running a nut three feet down that. Hence, the Split nut, to hold the rod securely, especially in a leg vise, whilst I treat it with 40% ascetic acid (strong vinegar), followed by a massive cup wheel. Works so well, I am sure that I will be using these for other work - think straightening threads on the press....... Robert Taylor
  6. Thanks Chris and Frosty. Means a lot. Good Memorial Day to all.
  7. Hello. My heart goes out to all of the IFI Family who are going through trials and loss. I am not yet able to talk about the loss of my Brother. I will say, though, that it appears that my property may now be insured, and my disability income far exceeds our present need, for the time being. I will be posting about what I have been up to, as I have been consistently putting in many hours to battle against despair. Works very well for me. Thanks to all of you fine People, Robert and Sheila Taylor
  8. In our prayers, Brother. Robert and Sheila Taylor
  9. Very sorry for the news. Blessings upon the family. I hope those who seek comfort will find it....... Robert and Sheila Taylor
  10. I usually try to read the whole thread before I post, but life is not like that right now. I am sorry for your loss, Jerry, dogs, cats goats, and other critters can sure bond tight with us people. To much emphasis these days, seems to go toward getting past a loss - Well I am not ready to move on. Wishing you well, Robert and Sheila Taylor
  11. Yeah Frosty, I find myself having to use the big (for me) bad boys more often than I would like. Even the 3" cup on my 4" commands repsect. Users must be on top of their game, and not distracted when using these very useful tools.
  12. Water follows the path of least resistance. As Glenn has said, remove the source of pooling on the outside of the building. I had good success with a simple compactable earth berm, at least until it was overtopped. If you give the perimeter water an easy path to your ditch, you will see good results. A lot depends upon the elevations surrounding your shop. Robert Taylor
  13. I am sitting with my brother. David Loy Taylor Born March 23, 1954. Passed at 3:47 p.m. today. They are letting him stay in his bed so family can visit with him. Thanks to All.
  14. WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS. Still smack in the middle of this property mess, and my eldest brother is getting ready to pass into the next world. Friends and Family have been banging our heads against the wall, trying to get him to control his diabetes. Now he is in ICU, and I hate to say on an irreversible downward slide, but that is the reality of it. Was last conscious Friday afternoon. Thanks all, bear with me if I do not reply promply to this thread - Family is on the watch for now. Prayers, thoughts, and intentions appreciated. Robert and Sheila Taylor
  15. Okay, I guess I have to locate mine - definitely a lockwire tool, mine was... Robert Taylor
  16. I have a Sargent tool that looks just like that, and it is emphatically an aircraft lockwire spinning tool. Sargent is still manufacturing high end hydraulic components and systems for Aerospace and the military. Robert Taylor
  17. I may come out in person to hear you out. Medical has recommended that I travel as an adjunct to my recovery. But yes, we have found an agent, and will have to fail the first inspection in order to get the "special" underwriter. It is strange beyond imagination, but can not be discussed on the open Forum. PM is just fine. May happen sooner than you think - see above. To Every Single Person who has replied to this thread: And to Every Single Person who has read this thread, and has in some way related - I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am continuing to struggle. But I am wiggling ferociously, and as the mud fills my gills, I see the rain is coming. My disability insurance came through, and because of my previous high-wage jobs, it may as well be a king's ransom. We have been subsisting on much less, for nearly a year. I still have a ways to go before I am whole, but I think that we are getting a leg up. Robert and Sheila Taylor
  18. Exactly like that! I believe that I may have seen that one - location?
  19. I really like that. Great walk around presentation. Robert Taylor
  20. Go check your headlights - I think they are running low on kerosene! Oh, like the ones in use in California, 1850's - 1900's - I hope there were not too many styles in that bracket. Typically, one to four two pawl actuators on an inline shaft to raise, then drop the stamp(s). Just finished perusing images of Agricola's tome - mind boggling! What is the pitch (TPI) on your screw press?
  21. I have been trying to work out a way to cheat the mechanical limitations of these hammers - I want three inches of heel stomp to translate into fully efficient repetitive hammer blows. I you have ever watched an old ore stamp mill in operation, that would be the closest analogy I have, at present. Would the escapement principle satisfy? In other words, my 3" foot stomp would accelerate, or throw, the "linkless" actuator upward. I have already envisioned the completed escapement cycle. Thoughts? I this gets me egg on my face, I prefer mine scrambled. Robert Taylor
  22. That is some beautiful iron. Sometimes posts get lost in the high traffic on this site, glad that I tabbed it. Hard to get info on this tool: There are no less than three ACCO's that come up, and two are American Chain Company, but completely separate enterprises (I think?) Have you any further thoughts/observations, concerning that one bald jaw? Good luck, Robert Taylor
  23. 2013 was a terrible year, topping off ten terrible years. And the year that I joined this Family. So, fully on board with your sentiments Hang Ten Brother! Robert Taylor
  24. We pray for peace and comfort for you and those who have loved, and no doubt, continue to love your mother. You continue to be in our prayers, Robert and Sheila Taylor
  25. And yes, I am interested. Used to sell for (some models) $50 - $100, including bayonet and other goodies. Nice weld pass on that one.
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