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Thomas Powers ICU


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I went to the local (New Mexican Artist Blacksmith Association) meeting yesterday. Thomas would have loved it not only because it was a blacksmiths meeting but Robb Guntter held a fantastic demonstration. He asked for questions/suggestions before the meeting and attempted to address every one of them. From layout and planning projects, mass production, quenching and heat treating he even drew a simple body centered and face centered cubic diagrams. Some jargon clarification/discussion, and neat details surrounded by even better stories and advice.  Fun times. I got video but it will take a while to process.

I gave the group the same information given in this form and pointed them here for more information. I had some get well sheets for people to write messages, now I have to get them over to Thomas. I had many kind words and some funny sorties told to me. One of the members wanted to make sure I sent her regards. She said he made the biggest impact of all the demonstrators because he kept things simple. He demonstrated with what was on hand and easy to get for beginning smiths. If he used a tool he described how to get it and do it with minimum tools. Ya, that is one of his specialties, keeping things cheep and achievable.

Updates on him, well his brother is in town and visiting, so are others. The newer hospital location lets that happen. His other minion got to visit yesterday and got more marching orders for house preparation. Yay, it is good to hear the family is looking at getting him back to his home (even if it is remote this brings me some hope and things to do). He will start treatment early next week. The goal isn't to beat cancer into submission but make sure he is comfortable and get the time we can get.

Thom - Student to Thomas - May his shop always welcome new smiths ready to listen and learn.

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Quick Updates

  • He appreciates the cards, letters, etc. that you all have sent hm. The celling and walls are rather boring so your helping brighten up the place. 
  • He is really advertising the "In RUST We Trust" shirts. The facility is named Rust. 
  • The plan is for 10-15 treatments depending on how he responds but that means he might stay there until Dec 29.
  • He was really spot on when I was talking to him. Great conversation.  Have to contact him through Jo Anns phone instead of his. (meh it gets the job done.)

Thom - Thomas Student - In Rust we trust. 

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Thanks again Thom. Next Sunday I'll try to remember to have someone take a couple pics of me throwing rock, just for him. I didn't realize how poor my penmanship was printing his name on one of our rocks last night until I looked at the pic I took. I'll do better next week. 

Oh, if you haven't seen the Thomas Powers Curling Rock. Yes we were yellow and won 4 to 2 and I scored two of the points. Stole them actually, I bumped a blue rock farther from the button and then threw my second one which bumped my first into the blue again so my rocks were closer to the button and scored!

I filled Thomas in on it in a . . . text <blech> earlier. I hope he didn't injure himself or damage the facility dancing in celebration for my stellar beginner's luck. :D

Frosty The Lucky.


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20 hours ago, Frosty said:

I didn't realize how poor my penmanship was printing his name

Get Thomas' wife to give you lessons. The first time I saw her writing I assumed it was done with a computer using a calligraphy font. Then I did a double take. It was hand printed on a cardboard box, NOT a label . I was so impressed I cut it out and saved it. 

I was really disappointed that I couldn't make Quad State this year, knowing that Thomas was going. I still hope to meet him.

Get well Thomas!


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Right now he is for sure Steve but Thomas isn't Just another anything. I'd forgotten to write his name on all of them so we could spend the evening whacking Thomas's stones together. We're on next Sunday evening I have to get video of me throwing a stone. There's something really cool about the thunder of them sliding on the pebbled ice and the crack when they hit each other is surprisingly loud. 

Oh MY Robert that is beautiful! I was thinking of getting some "Thomas" stickers. I don't think I'll live long enough to learn to letter that well. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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The only video I found was skijoring, fun but it's not curling. I was expecting curlers being "Cowboy." You  know sliding frozen cow pies, horse shoes, horses, or maybe each other at a target on ice. I'll bet pushing concrete or ice filled 55 gal drums with 4x4 pickups on a frozen lake would  be fun. Plow trucks pushing compact cars down icy streets. . . You know, COWBOY UP and CURL! :lol:

About six of us newbies showed up at the ice and nobody else did so we couldn't even slide rocks for practice. We stood in the lobby waiting for probably 45 minutes before heading home. I was thinking we should've had some snow saucers so we could practice by shoving each other on the curling sheets. I figured it'd make quite the impression on the club if they were only late.

We aught to start an Iforgeiron curling league!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Purple Bullet;


Frosty - check out the movie "Men With Brooms."  As for myself I learned to curl in Grade 7 gym class, back when straw brooms were used. Never played in a league, but at Unit/Sqn sports days would surprise co-workers by using a straw broom (if I could find one) and making it 'slap' when I swept for a stone.


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Sunday afternoon a 30'x40' red iron steel building reduced itself to shrapnel and sound waves that rattled windows for about 15 miles and was heard 35 miles away. One human injured, no vultures reported killed or injured and no report of raven, chickadees, finches, robins, grossbeak, rabbit, squirrels, etc. casualties.

Everybody's talking.

Sunday evening curling was great, we won 11 - 0! The drive home in white out conditions was slow but not too stressful, driving in worse used to be my job. It would've been nice to be in a belly blade sander but the SUV has good heat and 4WD.

Frosty The Lucky.

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   My name is Terry Griner, and I have know Thomas since 1993. I met him at a party just off OSU campus, He was stashing a toilet under the porch of Joe, his College roommate... That set the tone of life with one of my best friends. We were Members of the MOB (Mid Ohio Blacksmiths) with the MOB rule #1 "Do not set Self on Fire!"  I was never on Fire only on Smoke!

the one thing Thomas has taught me is try it, the worse thing you can do if fail. Then you learn what to do better the next time.

I was very lucky to meet the minions at Quad State this year, I have new brothers!

Best wishes Thomas, You are in my daily personal Petitions to the other Powers that be.

I love you my friend


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On 12/6/2022 at 12:12 PM, Steve Sells said:

so I guess that makes Thomas another stoner?

I'd say more of a Stone-ie... 

3 hours ago, Frosty said:

Hmmm, I'm visualizing a labeled jar of, "Vulcanized Vulture Kimchi," who's trademark is an Xray view of a vulture being struck by lightning. 

With Scorpion jelly!

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