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I Forge Iron

Thomas Powers ICU


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I am sorry if this linking breaks any rules. 


Jo Ann says they are planning to stream the service. A link should be on the churches website. https://www.epiphany-net.org/ It points to their facebook page but it is something.


The service is supposed to be at 1030 am (local New Mexico time) tomorrow 7/5. 


Thom. Student of Thomas, may he find a way to pass on how they decorated the pearly gates without dropping off a sample. 

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Thank you Thom, I watched and prayed along, shed a tear and sang hymns I knew well enough. Lots of Thomas's friends must've been attending it seemed we crashed the live stream a number of times.

Frosty The Lucky.

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5 anvils on site. 

3 he made, including the one that we rang in his honor during the services. All three of them were different sledge hammer heads and then they got steel legs. One with a twist. 

I think there were twice as many hammers. A few of his projects, his laurel stone of damacles and his hat. 



Student of Thomas, may he get away with researching infernal pitchfork design because he will try. 





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I was at the eye doctors appointment (cataract surgery), scheduled preliminary computer mapping. Sad that I couldn't attend. However if someone recorded it to You Tube and posted the service here, it would be much appreciated.


I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails.

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Thanks Frosty,

I don't have a facebook account but Debi logged in so we  could watch it. Your comments were spot on about the poor audio, couldn't understand a lot of the dialog, but the ringing of the anvil during one of the hymns Thomas would have loved and his love of junk yards was 100% Thomas. I could hear him laughing like he was apt to do.

Thom thank you for posting the pictures.

I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails.

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Thanks for posting Thom.  Ill get the wife to login later and see.  


I did get a chance to see him on the NMABA meeting you posted from last years event.  Good to see him.  

Did he ever start work on that bloomery to turn his collected scale back into iron?  

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We did a bloomery years ago. I was still in college so around 10 years ago? We used scale from his shop, black sand he collected from the arroyo near by, and some material he sourced (he might have spent $). We ran it out in his yard using mud etc. I have pictures of it from it on a goggle drive etc. (I should see if I can share a link to that somewhere for people that are interested.) We ran it all day and most of the night. We even cooked dinner (polish sausage) over it.

Any way. The 3rd member of our team was going to study the bloom and get it back to us. To my knowledge we didn't get it back. So the best of the material was lost. There is still some of it in the shop but we didn't go back to consolidate it.

We had plans to try and build a better bloomery, based off of a section in the Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity, because it was supposed to be reusable. But it hasn't happened yet.


Thom, Student of Thomas,

Why are we doing it that way? So we can say we did it that way....

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Here is some video of the service. I am not sure if it is better or worse audio then the facebook livestream. The batter did fail at one point so it is not the complete service.

The link will start at the hammer ringing about 38 min into the service. I would recomend going back to hear the speakers.

I will own up to missing my strike. Leave it to Thomas to make sure to give me another lesson.

The anvil we used was the one he made. He had a delightful story about twisting it. Any way. I had known it could ring differently and I tries to get artistic instead of just hitting it and well I messed up. A good lesson to stay focused even in a high pressure situation.

Thom Student to Thomas, may his lessons always push and guide me.

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