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  1. TFS and JMH are malleable Iron, a cast iron that is suitable but not necessarily the best anvils. I work with a pair of JMH anvils but when I use steel anvils I can tell a difference. For anyone starting out I am with TP, a good steel drop at $20 is a lot better for the guy starting out than an ok anvil for $600. You don’t need to spend $3000 to start. My buddy came buy, and we burnt the bottom out of the MKIII JABOD. Sent him home with a 40# “anvil” and a electric bed inflator. I had $4 invested. It won’t cost him $50 to finish his setup.
  2. Mom is a week in a rehab hospital, still making slow progress. Dad is understandably stressed, hopefully he gets a clear CV19 test tomorrow so he can go back to visiting.
  3. They moved Mom down from ICU to CCU so a move in the right direction.
  4. They closed the incision to day and i staled a wound vacc. As per normal the surgeon hedged his bets with a list of possible complications that would lead to a poor prognosis, but the nurses reported sighs of the bowl beginning to work and we will see what the icu attending has to say tomorrow thank you for your kindness. Now I just need to keep Dad together. Last thing I need is for him to flame out.
  5. 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8”

  6. This looks a lot like what you described


  7. Thank y’all. They reattached her bowel this morning but hope to close the incision Monday if it all looks good. So a step closer.
  8. you will be surprised what a properly sharpened, shaped and hardened chisel will do. Clamped in a vice I have cut 3\16” mild steel cold. Thicker stock is layer on the anvil and scored. Perhaps more than one pass. Use a sacrificial plate on 3\8” ur you risk cutting threw and striking the anvil when you flip it over. a handled cold cut and a striker can cut thicker stock. Round and square stock to 1\2” can be cut threw this way as well. Curing the heads off 1\2” rivets and bolts are a mater of a blow or 3
  9. So an update, they are going to attempt to reattach Mom’s bowel in the morning.
  10. As my brick was old soft brick as a power to new soft brick I used a cold chisel and patience. Hard brick may well require a different method but if you aren’t on tearing it down each use Adobe works real well, and you can use the deeper box just either install the floor higher, fill it al the way with dirt or cut notches and sculpt your trench walls up against the walls.
  11. Update, they plan to put her back to gather tomorrow afternoon. So far their has been no bad news. Will let you all know how it goes
  12. Forgot to mention in this case it’s shallow only something like 2” deep. I will have to measure it.
  13. Clay or hard fire bricks, cement pavers or bricks tend to spald more. Further cement is made buy heating the material to drive out the molecular water, then it is reweted to allow a chemical process to make it hard and durable, a clay or fire brick are actually fired to vitrify the clay and make it hard.
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