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  1. Prayers needed for Dad please

    I am getting to old for all this kneeling, grabbing the heal and horn of the anvil and bowing my head works better. I imagine after all the gate leaning I have done wile talking to the friend we all share, bowing at the anvil seems to work very well.
  2. Frosty's under the Weather

    Sorry to here that, getting older isn’t for the faint of heart.
  3. It followed me home

    Considering that remote boshes were common I have considered sorseing an old cast iron radiator and using antifreeze (the low toxisity kind) Classically they would use a barrel mounted on the wall as a remote Bosh.
  4. I wish one could lay hands on the UV die marker traps
  5. Alpine among other venders make non staining non toxic smoke ejectors for auto and commercial alarms, if they can’t see to drive it off they can’t steel it, and neighbors get much more exited about the prospect of fire than your alarm. I installed one in my Moms 1960 sprite after some jack wagon stole the radio knobs.
  6. Jasen's smithing progression.

    I actually have a 3 grade spelling level. Though it is canted as Latin and Greek root words are more likely to be right. Plays heck with the word processor, and if I don’t pay attention adaptive text bites me in the butt.
  7. Bellows Installed

    Always had a soft spot for bellows
  8. Unfortunately pressure sensitive mines are not an option in most countries...
  9. Jasen's smithing progression.

    And your welcome to stop buy, I’ll sett a place at the table for you and the missus. But alas I don’t use a voice writer. Thanks for the kind words, Jasent. TP is among those who patently helped me. Honestly my spelling disability usually leads not to the amusement and good natured ribbing I reserve here but to predudice and the assumption that I am stupid. Surprise.
  10. It would take two of those and a thrall to pump them. $10 double acting box bellows, alla air bed inflitor. this a peice if 3/4” black pipe, the wash tub in the foreground dirt and somthing to set the forge on...
  11. Light over your work benches is is important, but not over the forge, indirect lighting, shade will alow you to judge your steel temp better
  12. Show me your anvil

    That they are, honestly doesn’t look like it needed more than a flap sander to clean up the working serfaces.
  13. Show me your anvil

    Carful, you may end up having to open another line then...
  14. Making iron pipe...2000 years ago

    It would take a bigger gasser than I have, I knew a lady who did stained glass lampshades with custom curves she did in a kiln. This is what got me thinking about using pickle jars for small panes as seen in early American multi light windows. We are constantly surprised buy the quality of early Iron Age works, so I wouldn’t make an assumption as to the quality of their work being crude or nesesitating larger diameters. Because of the cost of the material (taking huge numbers of man hours to gather and prepaid the ore and charcoal then Smelt and refine the bloom) they could afford to spend the time to do high quality work.
  15. Show me your anvil

    Foundry guy, thanks for taking on casting a quality product. Their acualy is a market in the USfor such things as swage blocks, cone mandrels and such leg vices come to mind, but I think that’s a drop forge type product) One either has to find them used (forged in fire and action Fever has made that real expensive) or import them from India. Yes I know that Saltfork and some other blacksmith associations have some cast but they are small artists types not large industrial types.