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  1. Charles R. Stevens

    how i make charcoal

    Softer woods like pine and Adler contain less silica and their for produce less ash and have been used for forge charcoal in Northern Europe. So don’t be afraid to use construction scrap.
  2. Charles R. Stevens


    Be carful, Jerry grew up in an aerospace metal spinning shop. He took up blacksmithing to relive the stress of working to hundred thousands of an inch. I remember the power company my dad worked for still had a blacksmith in the weld shop to make blanks for “unubtanium” parts. Then when steel prices dropped they let him retire and didn’t replace him.
  3. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    I keep an eye out for mud flaps, as around hear the spring steel hanger fatigues and breaks off, now i have a hunk of rubber or plastic for a floor mat and a piece of square spring stock. All kinds off goodies fall of oilfield and farm trucks
  4. For those who think wheat meal is something special it’s the same flour and water mix you make paper machea with
  5. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from east Alabama...

    Welcome to IFI. I am sure some one will refer you to one of the casting sites but I have not found many other forum to be as generaly friendly and well run. Jerry has a PDF floating around here some where (I think it is pine dinnthengas forge section) and their are two prety active threads on on gas forges and on on gas burners. less we forget, charcoal has a long history as well
  6. Charles R. Stevens

    Any good ideas for coal storage

    totes work well. I have a feed bunk and coal bunk made out of them with the outlet firing cut out and a slide door made up to slide between the cage and the tank
  7. If you haven’t figured it out yet, TP has some hands on experience
  8. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    We like newbies and their questions, especialy the ones who do their homework and then ask good questions.
  9. Google should tell you what are average % or elimental iron in madnitite or then a comparison of the weight of your compacted bloom - an estiment of the amount of slag should give you a ball park.
  10. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Gas pipe doesn’t use sink as it can flake off the inside and clog gas jet orifices. Alomost every one caries 3/4” schedual 40 pipe and fittings.
  11. I believe most primitive smelting experiments base success on %of available iron in the ore vs weight of usable product where 50% is very good.
  12. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    The JABOD forge is an evolving project. It has taken inspiration from others and has inspired others like the “just a pile of bricks” forge. It also was conceived to provide an alurnitive to the provasive “brake drum” forge. As to ignorantly modifying anvils. Many have sought to “repair” sway backed and scared anvils buy milling the faces flat and welding up the edges to grind them sharp. That is all to common. Wile experiences smiths recognize that sharp edges are bad as they Lead to sharp bends that crack and flat faces not only make it hard to cold straiten stock (you need a little over bend to over come the springiness of steel) but the faces of good old anvils approach knife hardness and heating or grinding in them removes this.
  13. Charles R. Stevens

    Natural Gas with a High Pressure Line

    On a farm you may very well have a high pressure meter already (high pressure being a relative term) you also may have 3 phase power as well. Mike wrote the book on burners, and I believe he started out on the glass blowing side of things. I would realy suggest running your design buy him and the other gas’s gurues in residence. They have even gin so far as to combine naturally aspirated propane burners with ribbon burners. One note, with gassers for effecencies sake you will probbably end up with more than one. Forging small projects in a big forge works but is waistfull of fuel, wile forging large projects in a small forge can be impossible.
  14. Charles R. Stevens

    My First Forge - JABOD

    That’s the beauty of these simple forges
  15. Charles R. Stevens

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Not selling anything just helping new folks get started on the cheep.