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  1. The trick on catching a coon in a live trap is to use one ended traps, place the bait in the back of the trap we’re they have to climb over the trigger. You need a relitivly large trap as the tail sometimes jams the door and allows them to escape.
  2. 4” below the hearth to the top of the tuyere and 4” on top of the hearth, adjust your air flow bring the hot spot just above the hearth. I melt hard fire brick, red brick and burn horse shoes in a jobod burning Rice coal for stoves. You can put nut coal on top and it will break up into smaller prices as it works it’s way down into the fire bowl.
  3. I forge shoes off the truck, you learn how the steel feels under the hammer
  4. Time to forge the rapier...
  5. Heat softens the ligum in wood, if you stay below the char point once it cools the ligum sets back up. For tools a square or rectangular tang with a hammer finish will be nearly impossible to separate.
  6. Perhaps it’s for bucking copper boat nails?
  7. My mess is spread out over two shops and a shop trailer...
  8. A hot shear cam be built from an old grader blade. Cut a hunk that fits on your anvil, weld it to a hardy shank, cut a matching hunk and punch both peases for a pivot and instal a handle on the upper. So you can give it a good smak with your hammer.
  9. Most modern forges anvils are forged in two pieces and arc welded together. That is the foot and body are welded at the waist. Makes forging a bit easier as a hunk of 4060, 4” square and about 8” long can have the horn and heal drown out (power hammer would be a good idea) then priceless holes can be drilled and a hardy hole broached. Best to use the same stock for the foot as we often use the foot for upsetting and such. Heat treat of a big hunk like that can be a bear, as steam pocketing is a reality. Myself I would like to see a line of Spanish colonial style anvil (no foot just a spike)
  10. Yep, PT is going to fit right in with the rest of us miscreants...
  11. The only difference l have with voyagers advice is to grip with your pinky and progressively with other fingers (this is classically called a sword grip) Your pinky is acualy responsible for about 60% of your grip. Try both and see what works best for you.