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  1. That is an exile to design for coal and coke, it will be a fuel hog for charcoal. Yes deeper will help, but bottom blast forges just aren’t efficient charcoal forges and electric blowers typically ply way to much air. Try opening the ash dump to waste some air, experiment with some damp subsoil to form a narrower fire bowl with high sides. A coal forge is banned against the unburnt fuel and the green coal closest to the fire cokes. Charcoal can’t be banked as all of it will catch fire, so you will have to use dirt or as you suggest plate steel. I melt hard fire brick so I wouldn’t use it.
  2. 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the post works around here being that Your taking about 30” above the ground shoot for a 60” post down to a 45’’ one
  3. Cutting bale net isn’t to bad except we’re it roles around the corner. Any fat bellied skinner works. I being a dedicated knife abuser I would recommend an “American Tanto” style, that is a 45 deg tip blended into a curved blade belly. As to steels, those hard to sharpen stainlesses that first came out in the 80’s work well because they are wear resistant steels, just hard to sharpen without a diamond stone. Further a 4” blade seems to fit most tasks. But 90% of the time it’s either the inch closest to handle or the tip see the most work except in the case of bale net or skinning hogs (honestl
  4. My buddy Jeramia and I succeeded in melting the bricks and burning a whole in the floor of the Mark III a few weeks a go. I was was so dang happy I just kept saying “outstanding!” As I pulled it apart. ;-)
  5. My Mother took her last breath a little after 5:30. Thank you for all your prayers and kind thoughts
  6. Those Egyptians must have been manly men, the hair on my hands scorch when I use a short punch...
  7. TFS and JMH are malleable Iron, a cast iron that is suitable but not necessarily the best anvils. I work with a pair of JMH anvils but when I use steel anvils I can tell a difference. For anyone starting out I am with TP, a good steel drop at $20 is a lot better for the guy starting out than an ok anvil for $600. You don’t need to spend $3000 to start. My buddy came buy, and we burnt the bottom out of the MKIII JABOD. Sent him home with a 40# “anvil” and a electric bed inflator. I had $4 invested. It won’t cost him $50 to finish his setup.
  8. Mom is a week in a rehab hospital, still making slow progress. Dad is understandably stressed, hopefully he gets a clear CV19 test tomorrow so he can go back to visiting.
  9. They moved Mom down from ICU to CCU so a move in the right direction.
  10. They closed the incision to day and i staled a wound vacc. As per normal the surgeon hedged his bets with a list of possible complications that would lead to a poor prognosis, but the nurses reported sighs of the bowl beginning to work and we will see what the icu attending has to say tomorrow thank you for your kindness. Now I just need to keep Dad together. Last thing I need is for him to flame out.
  11. 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8”

  12. This looks a lot like what you described


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