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  1. I started using text, one because I find my self in places with little signal (I have road to the top of a hill, claimed out of the saddle and stood on the horse with my phone held high to text "Little Miss and I are Ok"
  2. Not realy, saw all I realy need to see last time one came around and I was in school. Things are starting to take on that cool blue tenge tho. We'll talk about an optical illusion. I have been seeing what was a modern art version of a close up of "machete" and just now Ryan's avatar turns to a picture of two nice looking young men. I obviously have been neglecting my coffee.
  3. Priests are human too...
  4. "Rivit" and "joint". Belive me you should have seen the toco I made out of perfectly innocent shoes when I started.
  5. Yep, to many peaple out their that think they know everything. They need to see the Magic a modicume of talent and a life time of experiance can work with just the simplest of tools. Many a new tool or proces was not better than the one it replaced.
  6. Looks like a power hammer tool. Leather punches are hallow piece of tubing with a beveled and sharpened edge.
  7. Lay it on the anvil bend up and flatten it. This is not an uncommon accurance. Sometimes you are thinning one edge and that makes one side longer than the other (inducing a curve) or its just an unhappy combination of stresses in the steel. Just take the opertunity as you drop to high red to straiten and planish out any errant hammer marks.
  8. Jerry, you should see the fabrication shops building bridge components, they use them to manipulate the large "I" beams. It's pretty cool to watch them straiten or curve 40" beams with just a weed burner!
  9. bunch of da g hummingbirds, drinking sugar water...
  10. Welcome abourd
  11. Nope, we have soffiticated rats
  12. Been thinking about it. A friends wife served me a cup from one.
  13. One lump and a spot of cream. Or second run on a pot of olong. I'm not predudice. But my first love is coffee, black strong and hot, but hold the French roast and the Colombian.
  14. Desert rat? I resemble that remark! Just give me a squeeze of lemon and poor over ice.
  15. Southerners know how to set a table and greet their friends like family. I am a southwestern boy born to an Okie.