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  1. George thank you! I plan to fix up everything I find and keep it in good shape so hopefully it will serve everyone after me more another century, Frosty, your prolly right about it not being grease, the bar oil idea I really like, I think I may start trying it out too, ive been oiling my blowers with sae 30, but I keep several gallons of bar oil on hand in the shop so it won’t be a big deal to switch over, thanks for the idea! i visit grease on a daily basis but I’m still a ways out from finding ancient lol, irondragon, thank you! ive never worked on a cotton candy machine but I have repaired some gear boxes on old ice cream machines for some of my customers lol
  2. So I decided today that I was going to do a heavy oil on all my blowers especially the new to me ones that I haven’t got around to messing with yet, and when I got to this little candy Otto and started filling her up while turning it over I noticed straight rust pouring out after a minute, I decided I’d take a look in the gear box and….. decided it needed cleaned and flushed out, there was lord knows how many years of dirt, rust, and ancient grease, (not to be confused with Ancient Greece) beat you to it Frosty! lol, Anyways the gears had hard packed rust an dirt between the teeth so it was a pretty tedious job, I soaked and used a wire brush to no avail so I ended up using a small flathead to bust the junk out from the teeth, i dugout and chipped out the inside of the gear box and then finally flushed everything out, I reassembled it an put grease in the bottom, to help seal up an hold oil, One thing I found interesting about this blower is it has nine oil holes! Four on each side of the gear box for both ends of the four shafts and then another on top! anyways she’s turns smoother now and turns three times after letting go of the handle, only one thing is I think I may have put a little to much grease in it because after turning it awhile some grease started coming back out of the bottom oil holes, another odd thing about this blower is it’s really short and kinda small, not as small as my tiny Buffalo but it’s almost like it was designed for a child? I was thinking about building another pancake forge to hook up to it so it can go back into action agin
  3. My toddler gets board with toys, what he really gets excited about is riding on the fourwheeler or riding on any moving machines for that matter lol,
  4. I know what you mean angiolino, there’s some human goats that live up the highway from me too…
  5. You just need to be a resistor to all that nonsense and insulate yourself from the silliness lol
  6. Shoot.. we’ll there goes my idea of mailing them all seeds to get a grove growing
  7. I’m working on converting that phase Thomas, I just don’t have the capacity to finish it right now
  8. The alternating topics currently have change to become more direct
  9. I’d mail her some hickory nuts and Osage apples so she could get some growing over there but I’m guessing by the way she talks that she’s probably not around anymore,
  10. That poor lady must never have burned with hickory or Osage! They really put out the BTUs! Lol thats a pretty poem JHCC, thanks for sharing, ive never cut or burned ash wood before I’m not sure if it’s even around here
  11. Looks like it’s just 1/4” or 3/8” round stock heated bent an welded together with a sheet metal socket, I don’t think it would be hard to fabricate if you have a welder, but if you wanted to make it completely by hand without power tools you could heat an bend all the parts the same way but instead of welding them together maybe punch holes through all the tines an run your two bars through the holes and rivet the ends? or forge it all from one piece and cut an draw the tines out?
  12. They way ive split it is starting on the outside an turn the round into a octagon an kinda work in a spiral, I don’t cut a lot of elm just a few a year, I mostly burn white oak, red oak an hickory
  13. 5-6 years ago I was setting on the front pourch drinking a cup of coffee before work one morning and watching a storm roll through, when all the sudden lightning hit the transformer and then hit a big tulip poplar 10 feet from the house, it was so bright it blinded me for a minute, that bolt threw bark an splinters 50 feet in every direction, we were afraid it was gonna kill the tree but it amazingly recovered and has been sealing back up ever since,
  14. I can vouch for elm being split resistant, that stuff can make my 25 ton Splitter really sweat when trying to split it green! Lol I haven’t ever cut sycamore but it does seem to rot a lot faster than other woods when it’s on the ground, but that may just be my imagination, a neighbor up the road a couple miles just had a massive white oak go down, it was growing on a creek bank by his house right on top of a boulder an I guess the creek finally washed away enough dirt after a 100+ years that it lost its hold an fell, he stopped by and asked if I wanted some and I haven’t got around to making a stand for my 225 Peter yet so I told him I’d like a chunk or two, so they saved the last 10’ log for me, I think he said it’s around 36” so I gotta get down there and cut the rest of it up,

    Anvil hold down

    Hello Alfred! And welcome to the forum, you kinda picked an odd spot to post your question, you might want to read the (read this first) thread, it will help answer some questions and help you learn your way around ifi, do you have photos of your anvil?
  16. Thomas, that is a real concern of mine, I’ll definitely have to look into some security systems and be very very picky about who I’ll rent the house to!
  17. good lord y’all!!! I’m not gonna declare war against the highway department lol yall need to Simmer down with the land mines, this is a house an a repair shop I’m not a fort under siege! Besides the worst thing I got laying around to put In Their way is cow patties! Lol
  18. Like I said we are probably gonna just find another house further out And rent this one out and I’ll maintain the business here and I’ll just work around whatever they build, we don’t want to live that close to a 65mph highway. but the shop is further back so it won’t be affected as much, I’ll just have to reconfigure my setup and move stuff around, and I’ll probably use some of the suggestions on planting bamboo and or an hedge of some sort in front of the house,
  19. SinDoc, I just looked him up, that’s a little on the extreme side lol, it’s an aggravating situation but I have more important things to care for like my toddler and wife and my business so I’m not really interested in escalating the situation, I have thought dumping all my shop scrap and junk on the side of my property they will be taking an make them haul it off lol,
  20. Good morning y’all, arkie, next house we get is gonna be far away from the blacktop, Thank you for the advice George! I’ll pm you with questions an details, JHCC, thank you for helping to keep my grammar in check lol
  21. There’s lots of information on here an there are some instructional videos on YouTube to to walk y’all through it,
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