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  1. That IS a cool story TW, thanks for sharing. Frosty The Lucky.
  2. There are a number of ways to make a T burner with an adjustable propane jet but most as those described above defeat one of my goals designing this burner. My intent was an effective burner a person with minimal shop skills and equipment could build and tune. Turning a MPT brass fitting into a collet is as easy as making a couple slices with a Dremel, drilling the through hole for a close fit on a long mig contact tip and it's a done deal. A coupler of the appropriate size makes the nut and locks things in place. It's the sort of things I expect folks with decent shop skills to figure out so I didn't mention it. There was however a method figured out be several people almost simultaneously. Rather than tapping the T FPT it's tapped with a straight thread. A 1/4" scd 80 pipe nipple has the pipe threads removed, cleaned up and tapped 1/4" 28 or 27 or whatever metric pitch in which your mig tips come. The pipe nipple is threaded to match the T, for a couple inches, a nut is screwed on and it's screwed into the T. The nut is a jam nut to lock the jet in place. You connect the propane supply to the far end of the nipple. That's it, easy adjustable jet position so tuning is as easy as twisting the nipple and locking it in position. You can make this jet mount with the T still jigged to the drill press table and keep everything aligned properly. Lots of guys come up with alternate methods for making up to the propane supply some better than mine, some insanely complicated. It's all good, it makes me happy to see good mods and I adopt them. I didn't put the T burner in public hands to keep it my design. Frosty The Lucky.
  3. Keep your forge as small as will serve your purposes. As Thomas says larger costs more in fuel, provides more material to wear out and takes longer to heat up and cool down. You only want enough extra room to manipulate your work without poking and scuffing the liner more than necessary. Frosty The Lucky.
  4. Give Kathy my best please! I was funning you about swinging in the breeze, it's a comfortable state for me. I get regretting stating as fact something you don't know. It bugs me too, unfortunately I get carried away and so it without noticing. The waffling statement was uncalled for. Once again I say something I think is funny that isn't. My bad. Frosty The Lucky.
  5. A good reason to base your air castle on politicians. Frosty The Lucky.
  6. I don't say much anymore Alex, I've run out of ways to say how spectacular your work is. I especially appreciate how you've designed your work so only you know how to match it. Frosty The Lucky.
  7. Granted superheated is the wrong term but it sounds better than super hot doesn't it? It can also refer to a gas hotter than the transition temp to plasma. Water is dangerous stuff where super heated or chilled is concerned, it can do unpleasant things. Ever read about the old steam engine days? Scary stories, especially the river boats. Without looking things up I'd suspect hydrogen being a culprit for red IF a forge is hot enough to cause chemicals to fluoresce in their spectra. (I worded that badly but I'm not looking things up at the moment and will happily accept corrections.) I have to tentatively stick with Mikes logic to a point. A lean flame is pretty transparent. The "purple" tinge to the envelope is the interesting noodling we as nonledgeable participants are enjoying speculating about. Here's a relay from the voices. Perhaps the purple tinge isn't due to radiance. Perhaps it's due to filtering. We know the flame envelope is emitting light or we wouldn't be talking about it's color. So perhaps instead of emitting slightly More red, it's actually filtering / blocking LESS red. Hmmmm? Does anybody else have something they'd like me to toss a monkey wrench or klumpen into? Frosty The Lucky.
  8. I've got a little Frosty brainstorming for your project. What the voices are saying to me is form the pages from light gauge stainless sheet with more arc from the spine so the top few pages would be pulled back off the lower more flat pages. Is the image coming across? Then chase the edges to define individual pages. The binding would provide the structure and a closed box to contain and protect whatever lighting you wish to use. CNC laser cut the text and colored LED lighting could provide some attention getting effects. If you want to get a little fancier and install fiber optics in the sword it could be programmed to have flames. Rippling FLAMES! For those special occasions. Hmmm? Another thought is put the sword a few inches away from the pages and light the Bible from the hidden side of the blade. This poses other problems like making text appear clearly. On the up side, lighting with the sword would make the chased page edges stand out more clearly. If the sign were two closed boxes back to back as described above it would be structurally strong and hard to rip off in the wind. It could be connected to the post at several points, making the standard stronger in the bargain. Not cheap nor easy but . . . Hmmm? Frosty The Lucky.
  9. I think that refractory will work just fine, some of the applications listed have pretty fast extreme temperature changes. Your burner flames are beautiful. Now I'd like to see them in a hot forge. Not rushing you, take your time and do it right but I'm not getting any younger you know. Frosty The Lucky.
  10. I recognize the terms and remember different cultures spin left or right handed yarn. I had experience with rope as it effected my work drilling and got to know the lays. If you use right (common) lay rope on the safety hammer it tends to unscrew the joints. Left lay doesn't unless you have to use the hammer to break the sampler or penetrometer rod loose so you can pull it with the hydraulics. Counter rotating rope has a left lay core and right lay sheath. I got into rope, somewhere in my boxes of books I have "Rope" the book. When Deb started spinning I discovered I knew yarn. Not spinning but yarn. It was an eye opener. Otzi the Ice Man, cir. 3,500BC woven wore wool fabric. Frosty The Lucky.
  11. You sound like a fun guy. I'm in touch with my inner 8 yro, when someone tells me to grow up, that is. I'm one of those people who never talks baby talk to babies or dumbs things down for kids. I simplify explanations but never dumb it down. If you talk baby talk to kids they talk like babies. Little ones are plenty smart, they just don't know much yet and they're natural sponges if you don't talk down to them. I haven't been on large scale camping trips like you describe since I was a Boy Scout and one of the kids. Some of the best times of my life. Frosty The Lucky.
  12. While carding is the better method you CAN hand pull raw wool to align the fibers and twist it into yarn with your fingers though a drop spindle is pretty easy to make. You can pick Qiviut (Muskox fiber) from brush and fences in the spring but it's illegal unless you're an Alaskan Native. Qiviut doesn't have much crimp so it's easy to pull by hand rather than card. Spinning it takes a delicate touch for it's lack of crimp. Knitted Qiviut is the warmest fiber out there, warmer even than polar bear under coat. Spinning is a really handy craft, the process is the same for sewing thread and hawser or steel cable. strands twist left handed, ply yarns right handed. Same same. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. My thought exactly Mike but better expressed. With an adequate work opening, the joints in walls and lids would have to be pretty large for flame to pass. Mine shoots flames in a number of unexpected places if the doorway is blocked completely. Frosty The Lucky.
  14. Check into automotive clutch and brake pad adhesives. I remember it from auto shop class in the mid 1960s but learning to reline a clutch was a more advanced class than I took. Frosty The Lucky.
  15. Welcome aboard Glenn, glad to have you. Putting your contact information in an open post on the forum isn't allowed, so don't be surprised when it's edited and you get a message as to why. The way we exchange contact information is through PMs (Private Messages) To access PM select a name or AVATAR, the photo of me and the moose is my AVATAR. Put the cursor on it and left click. A window will open with stuff about me and near the top is a button saying "Message" left click on it and follow the directions. Someone will be along with the book, "Anvils in America," and answer your questions, the info stamped is clear or reasonably so. I CAN tell you it's a "farrier's" pattern anvil, the small round shelf to the side of shelf is for pulling clips on horse shoes. The two pritchel holes is also involved with shoeing though I don't know what or why. She looks to be in good condition, used but well cared for, a beautiful old lady. I want to say how much I salute your efforts to preserve your family history and it's place in American History. Frosty The Lucky.
  16. I think I'd go ahead and make that giant spatula and have it handy. Just - in - case. All my best wishes to the betrothed. Live long, feast well, and spread the good. Frosty The Lucky.
  17. Let me see if I have this straight. I point out something I THINK is a mistake. You reply with a cogent logical explanation I believe understand and agree with. At least till someone who actually knows gives us straight information. In response to me agreeing with you you offer an official waffle leaving me flapping in my own exhaust. Thanks Mike. I still don't get it but thanks, you're a pal. Frosty The Lucky.
  18. None! Cement begins spalling around 240f so unless you like having really hot pieces of concrete flying around your shop, no cement anywhere in a melter. Frosty The Lucky.
  19. Very nice! You even get a feel for the personalities! I LOVE good junk art and that is excellent. Frosty The Lucky.
  20. Yes Thomas it did. The neighborhood bad boys got faces full of won't wash off yellow. Put word out and another neighbor had seen one of them so they were IDed. Police were called, my front door and alarm examined and declared to NOT be a booby trap and the perps rounded up. The police investigator got a search warrant and discovered stolen property stashed around both household's property. I didn't get my stuff back though it and other stuff was held as evidence and I never heard if it was released or what. No alarm system is better than the people backing it up. Look how much video there is of criminal activity and how seldom it seems to get an arrest let alone conviction. I didn't live there much longer, I was out of town most of the time so I got a place in town. Running water, thermostats and a landlord to take care of problems was worth having neighbors I could contact by bumping the wall. Frosty The Lucky.
  21. Just a guess? When I took metal shop 1 in jr. high you had to pass a written test before you were allowed to buy your file, then pass another to buy your draw file. Then we got to pass the "shop" test by filing a 3/4" cube from 1" stock. We had our micrometers (bookwork and test passed) to get it right. I believe we were allowed a .0001" tolerance, the cool guys turned them into dice. I try not to be pedantic about it but cared for and used properly a file is a joy to use so I tend to carry on. Frosty The Lucky.
  22. I doubt the bees will care once they know it won't threaten the hive. I'd suggest not running anything in the shop while the keeper is messing with the hive though, you don't want to become associated with disturbing the hive. A friend of mine here has a hive about 20' from his shop and the bees ignore him and heck anybody. Frosty The Lucky.
  23. I don't know monkey boards. The only oil rigs I got near to, could hang IIRC 6 lengths in the tower. Uh HECK I don't even remember how many sticks in a length. 3 I think? I was working for AMF Tuboscope inspecting and magna fluxing rod. We stayed as far from the rigs as possible. Having to inspect on a rig usually meant lawsuits and a whole BUNCH of suits making suggestions and rig hands trying to keep them from getting themselves and others killed. Our's was a different world. Frosty The Lucky.
  24. I've only ever seen one true black appaloosa and he was stunningly magnificent. He knew it too, an arrogant horse isn't particularly welcome in my herd. Maybe as one of the studs but I'm more of a pleasure horse kind of guy. Even when I was sort of in the game. Red roans are nice, a friend had a gelding named Rusty and we used to give him a hard time about cliche names. Teased him about clicheing to his horse instead of clucking. He was a fine horse, good natured and well found. A nice alfalfa field helps keep thing cooler and ups the humidity some. When I was growing up most ranches were in the middle of alfalfa fields. The ones in the desert were dry dusty and HOT most of the time. Thomas, haven't you contacted an apiest about hives? Alfalfa makes for good honey both quantity and quality. Is the bee killing fungus thing keeping the number of working hives low there? Frosty The Lucky.
  25. Nice try Thomas! Driller's HELPERS AKA Driller's Pimp, (That is NOT a dirty word moderators, it means "HELPER, use your dictionary before editing please!) throws the chain. Real drillers: pull levers, watch the action and gauges. Drillers even on 3 man operations like ours didn't break rod, spin pull pins, hang dogs or spin rod. Not on our drill, the Geo couldn't keep his hands off so he tended to do a LOT more than his job description said he should. The helper had to run rod, we could only hang 75' in the tower. See why I push for using a single blacksmith jargon John? Were I to step on the deck of an oil or gas rig I'd have to find a corner and learn a new job and jargon, at least until I could move safely at all. I don't even know how many roust abouts are on an oil rig deck. I do know what the tower man does in the crow's nest. I know the process of making hole but not on that scale, it's a different world. When we hit a gas pocket we all just puled the clutch and stepped up wind till it emptied and went back to work. The geo noted the depth an length of time if stunk things up is all. Frosty The Lucky.
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