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  1. JHCC, forgive me if I missed this somewhere in the thread, but the reason oxy-propane is not suitable for gas welding is that the flame doesn't get hot enough for welding, whereas the oxy-acetylene does get hot enough. The O/P is fine for cutting and brazing. I wish I could get an O/P rig and bottle but it's not in the cards at this time.
  2. Jen, not dishing your heater, but that thing looks as complicated as the Mars rover that just landed! LOL
  3. If I downed 8 beers in an afternoon, I would be down the hatch or in the ER.
  4. If you have some farmers around you, a friendly visit explaining what you are looking for might yield some steel parts to work with. Those guys always have a big stash of scrap and good steel for farm repairs. Often times they might be blacksmiths of sorts as well. Take a bottle opener or some goodies for the wife in your back seat to show your appreciation even if you didn't find anything.
  5. My first post vise had the wedge mounting bracket. Hated that thing. It never stayed tight, loosening frequently. At first, I was tempted to weld the wedges, but that would have devalued the vise. Otherwise the vise was in good condition. I sold that one and got a Columbian that had a U-bolt bracket. Never has become loose.
  6. I happened to see the shepherds' method of castrating...biting them off, on Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs" once....gotta have a pretty strong stomach to see that. I don't know if they talked Mike into doing it...I changed channels before that may have happened.
  7. Frosty, if you keep posting about all that fantastic, delicious food that you're cooking up, I may just have to come up there and eat you out of house and home!!! LOL
  8. Unfortunately, the next immediate crisis facing the folks in Texas is the repair and recovery phase. Even though there are many reputable repair and replacement people/companies out there, there will be the scam artists within the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, restoration, loan sharks and other "services". They are the scum of the earth taking advantage of people in crisis. My personal opinion on price gouging laws, is that they are either not persued or enforced fully enough.
  9. Well, George, the follow up to the heater problems was that the next day, when the lady wanted to use the heater, we played their game...we called the building superintendent who had to call the union steward who had to get a union electrician on site and had them come plug in her heater for her...really embarrassing to the the union electrician who had to crawl on his knees under the desk to simply plug in a heater. Needless to say, we never heard from or saw another union person on our floor, for any reason. Not knocking unions here, but just pointing out how ridiculous some things can com
  10. I experienced something like that a few years back. We had office space in a 75 story building in a large city. It was about 50% finished and occupied; the construction company was continuing to finish out the remaining floors. Our floor was a couple of floors below the lowest construction floor. Our secretary, seated in a cubicle outside my office, had plugged in a space heater to an outlet strip built into the cubicle walls, as many are. For whatever reason, one of the construction guys happened to be on our floor and walked by her cubicle. He noticed the heater plugged into the cubicl
  11. They also make the frost free faucets for the side of your house. They extend about 18" to 2 feet through the exterior wall to the inside of the structure or crawl space. For the exterior frost proof hydrant as pictured or the wall faucets, ALWAYS remove any hoses or outside appliance so that the faucets can drain back, thus preventing any freezing.
  12. The blade is beautiful and and the handle as well; rather unique pattern and iridescence.
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