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  1. I thought about that when I made them. Considered duck's feet LOL! Jennifer, the video is great as is. If it works, don't fix it. The PIP really helps visualize things.
  2. Well, after watching Jennifer's video on the unwelded ring trivet, I couldn't resist it...had to give it a try. I was reluctant to post my results but Jennifer talked me into it. Instead of the 3/16" x 2" x 9" stock she used I only had some 1/4" x 2" laying around and cut it to 12" instead of 9" length to make a larger ring. Her video is spot on with instructions. The 1/4" is a bit more difficult to open up into a circle than the thinner 3/16", but it worked anyway. The ring got a bit narrower than the planned 1" wide in one area (upper left part), but I had to make a LOT of passes hammering around the horn, so I probably got a bit heavy handed on that segment. I liked the square mortise/tenons for the feet to keep them from turning. Completed trivet is about 9" O.D.
  3. Aus, your longhorn steer heads are awesome as usual !! "The bigger, the better", as they say.
  4. No offense taken. I have heard many horror stories from vets about problems there, more than the pleasant experiences.
  5. Possibly wrought iron?

    Forge wrought iron bright yellow to white. Too cool, and it will splinter on you.
  6. Possibly wrought iron?

    The rods you cut and bent are wrought iron; notice the fibrous texture. Do the same to the angle iron as well as your spark test and look for fibrous texture on the angle. I was working on a piece of bar stock the other day and thought it was just another piece of mild steel in the scrap pile, but upon making some very pointed curves quickly found that it was WI when it splintered and raveled on me! I then forged it hot as wrought should be, and it worked fine.
  7. Who's made a set of spurs?

    Beautiful spurs, Pancho. Well done!
  8. Reminds me of my avatar!!! Coons show up in the darndest places!! I believe that's a bunch of the most beautiful maple I've ever seen.
  9. At least cataracts can be more easily remedied for some than floaters. Having both is a double bummer!!
  10. My wife and I both have floaters and cataracts. We HAVE researched it extensively. Inasmuch as it's difficult to determine one's true meaning in internet dialogue, Anvil, I hope your comment was not meant to be sarcastic. Have a good day! Forge on!
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Very nice, you'll really enjoy your own self-made hammer.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Beautiful job on the hammer(s)!! What weight, about 2#?
  13. Floaters and cataracts are not the same thing and are not caused by the same things... research it.....
  14. Welding glasses and hoods are for UV, not IR. Forges and hot steel emit predominantly IR.
  15. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Das, I apologize if I'm barging in here, but to suspend my workpiece, I wrap it once or twice with heavy steel wire a time or two and hang it from a non-conductive rod (wood, PVC, etc.) and affix my clamp to the wire. That way it's out of the solution. Good luck with the electrolysis.