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  1. A friend of mine works the towboats and barges on the Ohio R. He came home from one tour with some bags of what they called "coke". It was byproduct from some refinery/factory somewhere. Smelled like petroleum, so I assume it was petroleum coke. It didn't look like regular coke, but the lumps (about 1" diameter) were made up of tiny spherules, like oolites to us geological types. The lumps were hard, not friable. Tried burning it in the forge, but it didn't work. The lumps burned up quickly, no discernable ash or residue and the fumes were not pleasant, so that stuff went by the wayside!!
  2. PR = public folks
  3. If you cook as well as you forge, I think they would be scrumptious! BTW, I like mine scrambled......
  4. You just fry up some bacon n eggs, and we'll all be over for breakfast!!
  5. Great pictures, but.....what are you gonna do with all those fryin' pans??????????
  6. Probably anthracite.
  7. Jim, the RV bunch has meetings at various locations, usually members' forges, around the Ft. Smith area. Sometimes they do demos at parks, town squares, etc. PM me for location detail on the July 8 meeting if you want.
  8. Flash burn, similar to welding flash burn, is not a common problem with forges. The welding flash burn is from UV radiation. Your concern with forging is IR (infra red) radiation which can contribute to cataracts. You need glasses which are IR filtered.
  9. LOL! We have some members who live in the past, so they might just show up at the old meetings...
  10. OK. I think that created a lot of extra work on your part. Seems like a sequence of monthly meeting info under one topic might be simpler than creating a lot of monthly topics, but "you de boss". Thanks for your hard work.
  11. BOA Meetings scheduled for July, 2017: NW Chapter, July 8, Springdale, AR NE Chapter: July 1, Jonesboro, AR Central Chapter: July 15, Conway, AR River Valley Chapter: July 8, Lavaca, AR PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  12. For sure, and often the toe has worn so sharp that it'll cut yer hand!
  13. Nate, here is an example of old, worn horseshoes. I originally took these as a comparison of derusting and cleaning with vinegar followed by a wire wheel brushing. You can see the smooth surface resulting from the shoes wearing on soil/rocks and the thinning toe edge (if you are able to zoom in on the photo). Hope this helps some.
  14. Samuel, I have nothing to contribute to the thread, but just wanted to jump in and express my thanks for your service. You guys all sacrifice more than we can imagine.
  15. Donald, some here who burn anthracite coal may differ with me, but for someone just starting out, my opinion is that burning bituminous coal rather than anthracite would be much simpler for you. Anthracite is harder to start, keep burning and doesn't coke up like bituminous. You can search here on IFI about the differences in the two types of coal for smithing. You have a fun road ahead of you and worrying about controlling your fire, to me, just gets in the way at the beginning of focusing on the basics you'll be learning. All that is of course predicated on your ability to locate bituminous. It can be hard to find in some localities and you have to use what you can get your hands on.