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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Viking, strange coincidence on your candle holder! I made 6 like this, similar to yours, for Christmas presents this past year. Mine were made for the small, short votive candles. I really like the flare on yours...might have to do that on the next ones, looks really sofisticated. Very nice work on yours.
  2. Rail springs

    Jim Coke, those ring top tools are a great idea. Thanks for posting the pictures! Great way to form dish shaped objects when one doesn't have a swage block. Several ring sizes like shown and yer good to go! Can't wait to get to the forge and make several.
  3. BOA Meetings scheduled for April, 2018: NW Chapter, April 21, Gentry, AR (Tired Iron Show) Note: This date is different from our normal 2nd Saturday for the NW Chapter NE Chapter: April 7, West Plains, MO Central Chapter: April 14, Benton, AR PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  4. Time for a new apron!

    JHCC, those ropy shoulder straps look uncomfortable. Do like I did with my old apron...get one or two old leather belts and make wide shoulder straps. Sew them on with one of those hand-held sewing awls. Easy to use and work fine stitching leather and canvas. Any thing works for the waist strap.
  5. Anvil Reviews by name or brand

    X2 on Postman's "Mousehole Forge". Great reading. Particularly on how the anvils were made back then.
  6. VERY interesting and informative article, Joel. Thanks for posting!
  7. I've decided, as well, to forego any drilling of files. Bits are too expensive to ruin. I'll just punch from here on out and either drift or clean up with carbide bits/reamers. Cleaning out or enlarging a punched hole in a file with another file doesn't always work either. I had one punched hole (in an "annealed" file) that I tried to clean out with a rat tail file and it wouldn't cut. I have yet to try the sub-magnetic annealing.
  8. Heat treaters guide App

    Mike, this has been mentioned in several threads regarding searches, but the best way to search IFI is to use Google, including "iforgeiron" in your search terms. Works much better.
  9. I think your comment/need about holding the dog leg may be missed by some... thinking that the stubby hardy on your anvil might be there just left over from some other task. Good that you pointed it out again here on the thread. Some folks just watch videos and mute the sound.
  10. Forging and Hip Relacement

    I had back surgery (laminectomy) about 35 yrs. ago. Was in martial arts at the time; about 4 months after surgery I was back at it and completed a black belt. No problems at all. If done correctly and by a good dr. there should be no problems. I know of several friends who have had similar procedures, all with favorable results. My wife has had both knees and one shoulder replaced, going in for the second shoulder replacement next week. All due to severe arthritis and ligament damage. All successful with no problems. Like some others, she never regrets having the procedures done and wonders why she waited so long with the pain. Now her back is bothering her. Too bad they don't do back replacements! (Sometimes I think she could use a brain replacement, though...she doesn't read IFI thank goodness!!!)
  11. Heavy Hammers?

    My go-to hammers are 2, 2 1/2 and 3 pounders. They do probably 98% of what I need to do. The other 2% would be a 4 pounder. I just don't enjoy using a heavy hammer.
  12. carbon monoxide

    Steve, start your fire first with something relatively "smoke free" like newspaper or wood kindling to start a good upward draw on your flue, and only then start your coal or coke fire. That will help significantly. Fans in flue pipes are not a good idea. Search the site for threads on why not; it has been discussed extensively. Super suckers are very good. Have fun!
  13. notebooks

    Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a smartphone (I still use my flipper) and they use them extensively to photograph demos. I don't have a problem with that except for occasional abuse of the practice. Lately at some demos, the smartphone photo enthusiasts tended to run up and cluster around the demonstrator so that the rest of the spectators were left looking at their backsides....ARGGGHHH!!!! It would be kind if the demonstrators could suggest beforehand that those wishing to take photos consider the other spectators, possibly pausing for photos, then resuming after those folks finish photographing.
  14. Television giving people wrong ideas

    Yes, that's the thread, thanks.
  15. Television giving people wrong ideas

    Seems as I recall a long thread here on IFI about someone wanting/needing to make a sword for a school play and all the inherent dangers and liabilities attached thereto.......