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  1. I'm with the guys who recommend countersunk bolts. Too much welding might introduce warpage and you'd lose the flatness overall.
  2. Jen, that shop is beginning to look like a blacksmith museum! Great collection of stuff. It will all be put to good use by your lucky students!
  3. WAHOO!!!! Finally getting to move stuff in! Congratulations. Looks like the prospective students will have equipment to work with. You are a blacksmith hoarder!!!! LOL Been a long time coming and I know you are one proud lady.
  4. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't some of the rust removing compounds leave the metal with a black phosphate coating? That may work.
  5. arkie


    Nice smooth, flowing shape...no snags from those, well done.
  6. We bought a new GE refrigerator last year. The thing has several LED lights in it. Upon reading the user manual, I discovered that NONE of the LED bulbs are user replaceable!!! You have to have a service repairman come out to replace them! What a crock of ****. I gotta check into a shadetree option for that.
  7. My deepest respects and thanks to all veterans (from one).
  8. Glad you are able to get the book. You'll be forging on the Mousehole before you know it. Just think of the history behind it and how many smiths have had the pleasure of forging on it!
  9. Ashtu, as a proud new owner of a Mousehole anvil you might be interested in the history of those anvils. I strongly suggest you obtain by purchase or ILL, the book Mousehole Forge, by Richard Postman (author of Anvils in America, BTW). It's great reading about the history of the Mousehole Forge in England. I'm not a history buff, but I've read my copy several times, finding new interesting information each time.
  10. That anvil is not/has not been abused!!!!! That is a pristine Mousehole anvil...quite a treasure you have there. Don't do a thing to it but forge on it. Great find.
  11. And, the patriarch of the bunch plead guilty to fraud on the PDF. AK Bush People and Forged in Fire are two shows that I watched about the first 10 minutes and never looked at them again.
  12. Yeah, I've seen that on Google satellite....they aren't as "remote" as they would have you believe....They are closer to shopping and civilization than we are at our place! (not that Arkansas has that much civilization, ya know).
  13. You did very well on the HB. Reasonable price, good condition. My first and only anvil is a 168# HB and I love it.
  14. You may not believe me, but I mainly watch ALF and LBZ for the beautiful scenery when I can't see it on National Geographic. I envy you for the vistas you have at your disposal (but not the winters!). The story lines and dramas are of little interest to me, particularly the Klavik stuff.
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