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  1. A cardinal rule on making scrolls is to never strike the same place twice in a row when forming the curves...tends to form flat spots.
  2. Red Wolf Arkie,

    First, welcome to IFI.  Great site for blacksmithing.

    Your inquiry regarding fire brick...  What part of Arkansas are you located?  I'm in the Jasper-Harrison area.  A friend told me that the Harrison location of ABC Block & Brick carried fire brick.  Beyond that, I can't speak authoritatively.  You might give them a call to the location nearest you.  He said they were relatively cheap, inasmuch as he had bought some there...don't know when.  Alternatively, search or do the yellow pages for refractory shops, pottery suppliers, kiln stores, etc. that might be in your area.  Here is a link to the ABC locations:

    Interested in smithing? There might be a chapter of BOA (Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas) in the NW (NW part of the state) and Central (Little Rock) chapters near you.  A recent spin-off from BOA is an excellent group of folks called "Northeast Arkansas Blacksmiths" in the Jonesboro area.  They have a facebook page you might check out.  BOA has a semi-active facebook page for the NW chapter, "BOA Northwest Chapter".  If you would like more info on either group, reply to me here on the IFI message board (I'm a NW Chapter member).  BTW, the NW Chapter is having a monthly meeting tomorrow, Saturday, April 20 at the Tired Iron Old Engine Show in Gentry; far northwest part of the state.  You are most welcome to come by and visit.

    I posted here in the message board so as not to publicly interfere with Glenn Conner's (the IFI forum owner) suggestion you check the IFI Store.

    Regards, Tom Bates(aka "arkie" on IFI)  (the original arkie...LOL)

  3. CORRECTION/UPDATE: The Central Chapter meeting at Roland, AR will be on April 13th, changed from April 20.
  4. There are a myriad of youtube videos on electrolysis setups...go looking. The links posted above are very good.
  5. arkie

    Is this wrought iron?

    That's wrought iron for sure. When were they no longer made from wrought? Who knows. Some folks still make them from WI. If they are in good shape I would keep them for history's sake or just use them.
  6. Save your bent-up T-posts. They are fixable. A friend brought over some T-posts that had been bent over when a dozer ran over them. Put them in the forge, heated and straightened them out. Good as new....
  7. I have found that there are basically two types of T-posts one finds these days. One, the cheaply made, tend to be made from a thick sheet metal, folded and stamped to shape, and light weight. The other is a heavier, solid steel post apparently either forged or extruded. Some of the so-called "new" posts are just as heavy and serviceable as the "old" ones. I only use the heavier, solid steel ones.
  8. One source I read (don't remember where) said that a lot of T-posts are made from recycled railroad rail. Now to find out what that is...
  9. No apology necessary. At least you remembered "someone"did...I would be lucky to just get past the "remember" part!!! LOL
  10. Jen, I posted a photo of the split ring trivet in your thread on 12/13/ commented on it. It was fun to make, albeit a challenge. The thickness depended on the location of the end holes, as I recall, and that's probably where I got off track.
  11. Jen, beautiful work on the flat basket twist. I think I like those much better than the customary rod type. I gotta take a stab at making a flat inspired me! (BTW, you inspired me to make the split, non welded ring trivet on your video as well, LOL)
  12. I think you'll find that a 12 pound weight for a hold down might be a bit heavy. Try about 3-5 pounds for starters....jus' sayin'
  13. Sucker rod is also used in some water wells....although not commonly found.
  14. NW Chapter, Gentry, AR, April 20 (Tired Iron Old Engine Club) Central Chapter, Roland, AR, April 20
  15. Hey guys, I am not into gas forges (I use coal only) and know zero-zilch about them or 3-D printing but this may be of interest (in the future). I browsed through a few posts and it seems that you are printing in a plastic media. My son happened to run across an article about 3-D printing in METAL. I thought you folks might be interested in pursuing this sometime. Looks like it's in the formative stages and probably will/would be rather expensive.....just food for thought. NOTE TO MODS: The link below may be construed to be a commercial link, but I'm posting it for the informative value. If you deem it to be commercial, please remove and let the guys in this thread know how they may access it. Thanks.