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  1. I agree with Thomas...I never let anyone use one of my "good" hammers at any time, demo, meeting, at my shop, wherever. I have a couple of cheap big box store or flea market hammers that I loan out and if they are damaged, then a couple of bucks replaces them. As a matter of fact, I don't loan out ANY tools, smithing or otherwise. About 30 years ago, I learned a hard lesson when I loaned out some very expensive tools and the borrower said they "couldn't be found", or so he said. That did it...don't care WHO it is, I don't loan out tools. (And...I have made it practice to not borrow tools either.) I didn't consider animal traps to be a tool, so just recently a lady who traps feral cats and has them fixed (a commendable task) needed to borrow one of my coon traps. I buckled in and let her use one.....yep, you guessed it. When I asked for it back, she couldn't find it, but offered two beat up traps in lieu of the "missing one". Arkie SLAPS FOREHEAD....WHY DID YA DO IT DUMMY??????
  2. Thomas, maybe like Arkansas....did they tell you WHICH Monday????????
  3. I've been using Adblock Plus on Chrome for years and have never seen an ad...fingers crossed!!! I'll get caught someday, LOL Works on Edge as well, but I hardly ever use Edge...a MS product.
  4. The body may be cast, but the face is a plate...the anvil experts here can identify anvils with (probably) a cast iron body and forge welded-on, hardened face plate.
  5. I checked that post and the pictures were obliterated in the "update". Would you mind posting one or two again? I'd love to see them.
  6. We have to fit it in the forge first.....LOL!
  7. That's a great idea for smithy walls. One can cram all kinds of stuff in the drums for storage as you said, and, they are fireproof too!! I would like to make a short stand and use one or two drums for short length stock storage. Mine are all crammed in a corner of the shop and I have to use a flashlight to sort through them.
  8. Thomas, you can relate to this.... Here in NW Arkansas, when someone says, for example, "I'll be out to work on your stuff Tuesday." He just doesn't say WHICH Tuesday....had that happen more than once.
  9. Hey! That picture looks like my avatar!!! Don't shoot!!! LOL
  10. Randy, if the repair shop you found in OK is the one I'm thinking about, the folks over on the welding web who have had repair work done by them, recommend them highly..... A search on the forum would confirm the work the guys have had done.
  11. Twisted, my stuff is under a shed now, but before that I had a plastic storage container covering my anvil and rwo rubber feed buckets covering my post vise and outside bench grinder. You could cover the swage block similarly. For your forge, a large metal wash tub would work. That way you could cover it while still warm after forging if rain was imminent.
  12. Jen, you're gonna be as cozy as a bedbug this winter. LOL Although it's taken a lot of time and $$$, you did it right. Doubt there will be any regrets.
  13. When we built our house some 15 years ago, we had two 4' x 6' double pane insulated picture windows installed. Like yours, one was apparently a tight fit. The carpenters did a slow, tap-tap-tap with backup on one of them...it cracked! They were obligated to replace it at their own expense (per contract)....$600. Like they say, "if it don't fit, don't force it!". Particularly glass.
  14. Another coal grading "tool" often used is "vitrinite reflectance"....you'll have to google it....too much trouble to explain it here, sorry. (In simple terms, the shiny-er it is, the more mature, or harder it is.) No, "shiny-er, is NOT a technical term....LOL
  15. And....you guys are giving me a headache!!!!
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