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  1. Shady, a fella over on the welding web used to have a tagline that read something like "Never weld more in the morning than you can grind off in the afternoon". I always liked that one.
  2. Is this wrought iron?

    Relic Man, you might just cut and bend the piece, not break it, to see if you have a fibrous texture. Wrought iron "bends" can show a range from very fine to very coarse fibrous texture depending on the purity or refinement of the WI. Sometimes wrought iron has been forge welded with other steels in layers and that may be confusing on a bend.
  3. If you happen to demo forge welding at some point in a setup, a guard from flying flux is important. Our group has a member who made one out of plexiglass (or maybe polycarbonate) about 3' x 4' encased in a portable frame and set up in front of his anvil. The clear material allows spectators to see the anvil work. This is used primarily at club demos and not at craft fairs.
  4. The date for the NW Chapter meeting is incorrect. It should be the second Saturday, which is November 11.
  5. BOA Meetings scheduled for November, 2017: NW Chapter, Nov. 18, Greenland, AR NE Chapter: Nov. 4, Harrisburg, AR Central Chapter: Nov. 18, Glenwood, AR River Valley Chapter: No info available. PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  6. Addendum.... BOA will be setting up our demo forge, etc. at Harrison, AR Harvest Homecoming on the square in downtown. Dates are Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 & 7.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thanks for the texturing info. The cutoff disc sounds like the way to go. I'm going to have to make a hardy tool and textured hammer now!
  8. Dealing with dust

    Sounds like ash to me. Do you stir your fire and empty the ash dump after the fire has been sitting for a while? If not, you are just blowing it up out of the fire pot and not dumping the ashes.
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Plastidip might just work. That way you wouldn't have to remake the holders. I've used that a lot and it works for all kinds of things. When I make a trivet that uses round or square rod for the feet, I often dip about 1/2" of the end in plastidip so it won't mar the user's fine wood table tops.
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Das, your demo anvil stand looks great. One thing I did notice right off the bat were the rings for your hammers. When I made my anvil stand I had rings just like yours. Made them out of cut-off pieces of pipe. Not long after using them I noticed that when putting the hammers back into the rings that the edges were chewing up the hammer handles. I tried filing the edges a bit rounded, but that didn't help much. I finally took them off and replaced them with rings made from 3/8" round more chewed up hammer handles. (Now, I need to find a use for all the old rings welded in rows!)
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    LBS, if I might ask, how did you go about putting the texture on your plant hanger limbs? Hammer or texture tool of some sort? Work looks beautiful!!
  12. BOA Meetings scheduled for October, 2017: NW Chapter, Oct. 14, Harrison, AR (Rusty Wheels Tractor Show) NE Chapter: Oct. 7, Paragould, AR (Crowley's Ridge State Park) Central Chapter: Oct. 21, Sheridan, AR River Valley Chapter: No info available. PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  13. Cost of Gas vs Coal?????

    I get small propane tanks filled at the propane supplier where I buy propane for my home propane tank. MUCH cheaper and no middle man.
  14. It followed me home

    Use it for a hold-down. They are heavier than bicycle chain and not "roundy" like conventional chain. They lay flat wonderfully. I put a hook on one side of the anvil stand and hung a good weight (2-4#)on the other side. I just raise it up and down. I used a piece of bush hog blade for the weight. This was actually a piece of logging equipment chain. I went to a motorcycle repair shop to find chain, but they said that so many of the newer bikes these days are belt driven, therefore motorcycle chains are getting hard to find. You're lucky!
  15. End of day relaxing

    I kinda figured that "moo" was for advertising purposes. We don't have the luxury (??) of seeing moose here in Arkansas.