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  1. arkie

    Hearing misconceptions (use and abuse).. Aging

    I can relate to that!!
  2. arkie

    Rusted bench vise question

    You can leave it in the bucket without being plugged in. For times I'm not around the electrolysis process, I just set the container outside my shop on the ground or on a metal workbench when its plugged in. You can put some non-flammable cover over it if you are concerned about rain, leaves, etc. In fact, I do all my electrolysis outside on the ground.
  3. Ted, I think that your anvil stand has been beaten to death in this thread. I'm surprised it's still holding up the anvil (tongue in cheek comment......) If it works for you, so be it!!!!! Happy forging!
  4. arkie

    Rusted bench vise question

    Mellin, it won't hurt to leave things in the electrolyte longer. I leave some pieces overnight if they are heavily rusted. If mostly light rust, maybe only few hours during the day so I can check it.
  5. No, you just cleaned it up. Wire wheel..OK. Grinder... NOT ok
  6. arkie

    Farewell. At least for a couple years.

    We'll miss seeing your fine work and contributions. Best wishes on your future endeavors.
  7. Wow! Congratulations! Brian made a good choice picking you. Summers in TX have you conditioned for summer down there...might be a bit more humid, but smith's like to sweat, right? LOL
  8. arkie

    Mousehole review

    Understand the concrete floor! Great that you have father and son anvils. Hope the son enjoys smithing
  9. Frosty, you are so practical... that's why we like you so much! No mess, no fuss.
  10. arkie

    My Heybudden

    You might try dusting some flour on the serial number and maybe you can decipher most of the stamping that way. Looks like a lot of chisel and punch testing went on there.
  11. arkie

    Mousehole review

    For a temporary fix for the "too tall" stand, consider digging a suitable depth hole and bury the rim and all. That would make it more stable. I have some things on stands mounted on large truck rims and they can get tipsy sometimes.
  12. arkie

    It followed me home

    That oughta work fine for S-hooks!!!!
  13. Catch it in a live trap then take it off into the country someplace far enough it won't come back. I do that a lot with coons and possums.
  14. Oil damped rags would be the worst choice. Oil rags can self-combust causing fire. Irondragon's suggestion of cosmoline or an equivalent would be best.
  15. arkie

    What did you do in the shop today?

    SLAG, no sweat...we are still friends! Interesting insight on the soap. I have used it on many occasions when wax was not readily available, but never saw a rust problem. Probably because it might have been buried in the wood. Thanks for pointing that out...I probably will not use it any more. (Maybe that's why my hands have a reddish-brown look to them after washing!.....jus' messin' with ya there).