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  1. BOA Meetings scheduled for July, 2018: NW Chapter: July 14, Mountain Home, AR NE Chapter: July 7, Paragould, AR Central Chapter: July 28, Sheridan, AR PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  2. I use a 10 gal. galvanized trash can. The lid keeps everything out. A birdbath heater is adequate to prevent freezing down to at least zero and the current draw is low, something like 0.5 or 0.7 amps. Never have had it freeze. Don't have to worry about poking/burning a hole in it.
  3. Camp Ax

    Very nice work, Zachary. It should serve you well.
  4. Mouse Hole rescued

    Very nice find! See if you can buy or borrow Richard Postman's book "Mousehole Forge". Facinating reading about the history of the Mousehole anvils and the forge.
  5. Friulian blacksmith

    Your works are NOT ugly. They are absolutely beautiful.
  6. I have eaten rattlers on a few is they say "tastes like chicken".
  7. Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    Hope you didn't get too cozy with that guy in picture #4... copperhead?
  8. Two days ago I was shoveling a load of coal out of my truck, me on the ground, looked down and a 3' long timber rattler was slithering by about 4-5 feet away...too close for comfort!!!
  9. Quick & Dirty Tools "SOLD OUT" ??

    Larry and Andy Blakney were making tongs, as well as other things. They had a devastating fire in their shop several years ago and that shut them down for a while. In the interim, Larry wanted to delve into other ventures related to blacksmithing, power equipment etc. The result was that Andy became the one man band making the Q&D tongs along with some other items while Larry pursued his ventures, both in a very amicable relationship. Sorry to hear Andy may have gone under the knife, but best wishes for a speedy recovery. As mentioned before, condolences to the family and friends of Larry.
  10. Rest in Peace, Larry Langdon

    RIP Larry. Condolences to his family. One of the first set of tongs I had ever bought were from him when they started Q&D. I will cherish them for sure.
  11. Wet lands river railing.

    Very pretty work! I like the way you have all the fish swimming upstream...
  12. What did I miss?

    And,...thank you for your service, George.
  13. BOA Meetings scheduled for June, 2018: NW Chapter: June 9, Harrison, AR NE Chapter: June 2, Paragould, AR Central Chapter: June 23, Hot Springs, AR PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting. Visitors always welcome.
  14. What did you do in the shop today?

    Here's one I made a while back for a meeting trade item. Not as much detail as the real thing.
  15. It followed me home

    Good score on the tank,.......but just whatcha going to do with all that powdered metal???