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  1. Thomas: Also being in several high risk groups we have been using the Walmart pickup service and it has been working pretty well. It is something of a hassle to select and shop on line but when you get there you just call in to the number on the sign and tell them your name and that you are in bay #X and in a few minutes they bring it out (while masked) and put it in the back of your car. Very little human contact and risk. In fact, I am going in to do a pick up in about 15 minutes. I've also been using curb side pickup for other stores when I can. "By hammer and hand all arts d
  2. It looks like a good anvil at a bit more the $4/lb. which is probably in the fair market value range. However, you need to consider what you really need for the kind of work you think you are going to be doing. Generally, 175-250 pounds is a good size for a one man shop doing up to medium sized work. Anything larger is OK but it really is larger than you might need and with that large size comes the additional cost and the logistics of moving it around. Even if it is just bringing it home and setting on its stand it is a considerable job. And, this is my main point, for the same cost or l
  3. Thomas, Here in the Laramie Basin the snow doesn't really either melt or sublimate, it just blows back and forth and wears out. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  4. Jackalope, where are you located. Your "handle" caught my eye since the jackalope is the unofficial state animal of Wyoming. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  5. Very nice, Arthur. Are the pieces forge welded together or gas/electric welded on the bottom? "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  6. Whether or not a particular alloy is forgable is probably best determined by experimentation. If you get it hot and hit it with a hammer and it crumbles, then it is not forgable and probably has lead in the alloy. If it just distorts under impact you can forge it into shapes. HOWEVER, this will not tell you anything about the alloy except that it probably does not have lead in it if it doesn't crumble. If you know the manufacturer of the fittings contact them and ask about the alloy they use. If you cannot determine the alloy it may be best to dispose of the fittings as scrap and use
  7. Dear Mac, Welcome aboard. I hope that you and your son will find the craft rewarding. It has been a positive aspect in y life for over 40 years. If nothing else, it fosters an attitude of when you see something you like you think, "How could I make that?" rather than "Can I afford to buy that?" Then, you ask yourself, "Can I make that given my tools available and skill level?" Surprisingly often the answer is "yes" to both questions. Also, making something with your own hands is very pychologically rewarding. If more people made tangible things I believe there would be there would
  8. Jennifer: There are two things that happen to us as we get older. First, you start to lose your memory and I don't remember the other one. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand." "I have terrible short-term memory loss, which I like to think of as Presidential eligibility." ~ Paula Poundstone
  9. You can get a nice matte finish on brass by using a steel bristle wire wheel. Try it on a piece of scrap brass and see how you like it. the harder wire bristles leave little pits in the softer brass. You can adjust the finish a bit by how hard you press the brass piece against the turning wheel. Also, using a fine or coarse wheel will make a difference. Practive with scrap until you feel confident. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  10. Of course, if we a talking about permanent European settlers we would have to be eating amphibians and quiche (to perpetuate a stereotype) if we were one country to the north. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  11. Anvil: The Anglo-Saxons referred to the man who stood beside them in the shield wall as "shoulder brother." All of you here, male and female alike, are my shoulder brothers. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  12. The mill scale is actually rolled into the steel when it is being made. So, it adheres more tightly than just plain old forge scale. If you can ever find a buy on cold rolled steel it does not have that problem since it is mill scale free. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand." PS MRB, where are you located? If we know we may be able to offer suggestions about things like tumbler media available to you locally.
  13. Ya' done good on this one. I will bet that he will eventually regret giving up the coal forge. I find that there are things a coal forge will do that a gasser won't and vice versa. Don't trash the hood. Even if you don't use it it should go with the forge when it moves on from you. "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."
  14. I would bet that both the age and experience level, not to mention any discernable instinct of self preservation, of the balrog herders are both pretty low. That is one of disadvantages of Youtube, there is no filter or any safety warnings. Any darn fool can post anything. I sometimes wonder how many attempts at producing a youtube video have ended in disaster. The person in Nemo's example will probably get his salamander back since, traditionally, salamanders are fireproof. I don't know the digestive cycle of balrogs but this, too, shall pass. "By hammer and hand all arts do stan
  15. Ditto. To expand on the quaint native traditions for folk around the world who may not be familiar with it as we quaint natives: The feast is supposed to replicate what the settlers ("pilgrims") ate at their harvest feast in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1621. Included are roast turkey, stuffing of various types which is often cooked within the bird, cranberries (similar to old world bog berries), potatoes (white and/or sweet), and pumpkin pie. There are later additions such as green bean casserole (fresh, frozen, or canned green beans baked with a sauce based on canned cream of mushroom
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