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Thanks for the update Billy, I'll try again today if I remember before it's too late. Hmmm, if he disapproves of flint knapping and curling I'll have to give him a full report when I get him on the phone. That'll fix him. There's NOTHING like hearing ALL about it from someone who's only qualified to make scary sharp gravel. :ph34r:

Have you asked Jo Anne about a sale? Estate or not she might be willing to thin the piles while he's not watching. "Don't be silly Thomas, you didn't have 26 anvils, 30 post vises or . . ." 

It's really good he's making jokes! 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Lol if I recall correctly when he stopped in here at my shop he was wearing a red floppy hat with deer antlers sticking out of it,

he said he wore it for protection!

because it was only a 2-4 pointer or something like that, 

he said no one wants to shoot a deer that only has that many points lol

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Good Day Everyone, (Warning a little rambling and many ATTEMPTS at humor to keep spirits up)

I am Thom Noblitt y Gonzalez one of Thomas’s loving Minions (students). The one driving an overloaded truck to Quad state, a more over loaded truck from Quad State and an amusingly over loaded truck away from Twisted Willow. I have pictures. But your not hear to hear my wining you want to know about the Dread Master, may his forge always light.

He is out of the ICU/hospital and into a rehabilitation center. We have many concerns because it is an aggressive form of brain cancer (Glioblastoma?) I just remember making a joke about him having rocks on the brain when they told me. I haven’t been told if they got the biopsies back to be sure but it was scary enough. He has his speech, they have gotten him to walk about, and he is doing his best to recover and make his way back to his shop. I have been told he wants things moving faster and is pushing for earlier release. I keep reminding his wife how stubborn he is. This gives me hope because he has set his mind on recovery, and he has a way of finding solutions to even difficult problems. (Moving 500 lbs anvils and screw presses on his own because it is too dangerous for minions to help.)

We will have to watch out while his brain starts to take back the space it was pushed out of. He is a Brittle Diabetic so healing can be slow. We will have to watch out for strokes which can happen after these kinds of massive brain surgeries. We are all hoping for the best and optimistic while trying to stay aware of the possibilities. Prayers and well wishes are welcome. You can send them to his home address the mail will be forwarded to one of the daughters and they are visiting regularly (daily).

He is in good spirits and has made the general threats about having an itemized list of everything in the shop and knowing who has keys (me). Seems some people have posted about ringing anvils. Me and his youngest students went to check on his shop in the early days and took the time to ring each of his anvils with a sentimental hammer, guess we did the right thing.

Anyway, paths forward.

He has family (two daughters) in the city so we expect him to be released and stay with one of them for a while. His wife has given his minions some things they can try to help with around the house. The wood stove being one of them. It is a great comfort to me that he has a solid support network in the city and they are taking care of many things while his minions sit with hammers waiting for directions on who needs adjustment. I have not spoken not the local smiths but there is a meeting in early December and I will make sure they get an update. I will admit that I thought about posting here but had issues typing something up and logging into the site. Thank you Twisted Willow for letting people know. Thank you everyone for your support of my friend. It means much.


PS I have pictures I will try to get them posted. 

PPS I just got my password squared away so I should be able to post and check in more often. If you want more details or specific questions please feel free to reach out. 

Yours in Service, 

Thom Noblitt y Gonzalez
Student to Thomas Powers 

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Welcome aboard Thom, REALLY glad to have you. Thomas talks about his minions often, nothing personal but with obvious affection. 

I trust the minions got his stove pipe swept and the firewood cut, split and stacked. I hope Jo Anne isn't being bashful about her minion do list. She's going to need as much or more support getting through this, even with all the practice Thomas has given her. The fewer stressors she has to worry about the better, stress is multiplicative and little ones build into big ones. Please believe me when I say ANYBODY that close to Thomas is important to me if not everybody. 

I'm sure this will be no surprise to you but Thomas is a living legend and much loved here. We're still looking forward and waiting for the picture of him in the cone of shame. :)

Thank you for the update and please keep us in the loop, Thom.

With sincere thanks, Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you, Thom. Glioblastoma is no joke; here's hoping for good biopsy results.

On 11/21/2022 at 1:48 PM, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

he was wearing a red floppy hat with deer antlers sticking out of it

Quad-State 2018, The Meeting of the Hats:



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Thank you Thom for the report. Thomas and I have a connection, both being Arkansans, even though he does not live here any longer. I will continue to send healing light and ring the anvil for his total recovery.

I am a cancer survivor, 6 years cancer free. I also am a firm believer in miracles having seen many in my 80 years in this life. When you see him next please assure him there are a lot of folks praying for his recovery.

Randy AKA Irondragon

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The cone ... 


Some of his first steps to recovery.


Doing his lizard impersonation at the rehab facility. Enjoying the sun and big open windows.


He says he gets out and about more often, even found out which break area has the hottest water but he still can't get a cup of tea that's to his standards yet. 



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Just got off the phone with Thomas, he seems to be doing pretty well considering. He sounded a lot better than the first time we talked, even cracked a few jokes.

We compared hospital food, therapies, nurses, post apocalyptic novels, etc. I liked the rehab facility a LOT better too, you could get real food and occasional walks outside. He was still worrying about having to climb the roof and sweep the stack so I told him the minions had that covered. Not going to make a liar of me are you Thom? :rolleyes: It made him feel better to know you were handling things around the homestead for him.

That's about it for now. 

Frosty The Lucky.



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4 hours ago, Thom Noblitt y Gonzalez said:

a more over loaded truck from Quad State and an amusingly over loaded truck away from Twisted Willow

Bahaha! :lol: ( I tried and tried and tried to talk him into letting me load that junk on a trailer and sending the whole shooting match home with him so y’all wouldn’t have to do that!) 

Howdy Thom!

Glad to hear from you again!

Although I wish it was under different circumstances,

it’s great that he has a strong support system there in Albuquerque! 

Hows the firewood pile looking? Do they have plenty to get through the winter?

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He was on a blood sugar low at that time. Looking back some of his oddness might have been related to this.

I wish I had more time to chat and hang out, but I was more concerned about getting him fed even though he said he was 100% a-ok. Sigh.

We did talk about making another trip your way last month. One of the other students (Eli - the biggest and youngest of us, don't know what they feed him) has lined up another trailer so we can take more things your way. We just haven't set a date/time yet. He wanted time to prepare for it and maybe avoid winter weather. 

Firewood looks good even though it might be young. I am a city boy and only know so much but he had said Jo Anne bought more wood and they would have plenty for the winter, before all of this started. 

The bigger trick is getting her to tell us if we need to relocate or split it. One of the other minions is looking into it. So far we got a house cleaning effort, the stove and making sure the swamp cooler is taken care of, fire wood, and some plumbing work. I am about an hour away from the home stead so one of the local minions is looking into it. Jo Anne had talked about getting professionals to avoid any minions in accidents. I assured her no minions will get hurt on the property. That some might take trips to a nice farm but none of them fell off roofs or had other miss haps on the property. We would be sure to divvy out their tools according to the appropriate ways. 

All joking aside we are making arrangements as best we can and checking in with Jo Anne as best we can. 


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I want to thank you and the minions for being there for Thomas and Jo Anne. Even green wood cut stove length will dry quickly in the desert so by time it gets cold enough to need a fire it should be good to go. If you spot some dead fall that isn't punky you might want to pick it up anyway. You can't have too much firewood you know. 

If I lived closer I'd be there helping you divvy up the tools for the big sale.

Frosty The Lucky.

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