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Thomas Powers ICU


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I went out to the smithy to ring the anvil under the wisteria vines awhile ago

for Thomas to get to feeling better after reading the news

there was a beautiful tequila sunset out west over the cow field, 

I took a picture and sent it to his phone,

I had hoped he would pull through a get a chance to see a sunset from his old stomping grounds here… 

I hope he’s not hurtin…






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I've been trying to think of what to say since I found out this latest. I'm not going to bother Thomas, Jo Ann or . . . Anybody. If I did have the chance I'd say what seems to always come out at these times, See you o the other side Thomas, it's been a heck of a run. 

I'm just going to keep praying for him and his. It's always been in God's hands.

All my best Thomas, see you on the other side.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I know Thomas will be missed on here for is excellent ideas and quick remarks hope he can get back on one last time to say goodbye

on the plus side because of this forum people can learn from him for years if not decades to come.

sending thoughts and prayers to the family to get through this


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I can confirm what Adlai and JHCC have posted. The family has discussed the situation and decided to move towards Hospice. There will be no further surgeries and the goal is to help Thomas be as comfortable as can be. They moved a recliner into his room so Jo Ann could stay the night by his side. Thomas said they were approved to hold hands, then there was a bit of his usual wit I will not post here. :)

There were moments I could hear the spark in his voice and there were moments he seemed distant. 

  • Jo Ann said she had a letter from Twisted Willow in her purse and I told them about the sunset picture from under the vines. They both reminisced and discussed some of the different vines they could be since I couldn't remember the name. 
  • I told him about Frosty's prayers, and guessing what they meant. He responded about needing a forklift.... I could hear the smile in his voice. 
  • I told him about all your well wishes, prayers, etc. and he listened well. 
  • We joked about a youtube video that went around the minions a little while ago, about Blacksmiths ability to heal and make deals with the devil. He had some input and comments like I knew he would. Even if he never saw the video. ("Why Were Medieval Blacksmiths Considered Magical? | Secrets Of The Castle | Timeline" about 33:10 min into the video I will put a link at the end.)

Overall, I talked to them twice over the night and wished them well. He was thinking he might have the best night he has had in a few weeks. 

Now for a few more items of business:

  • He does not have his phone at this time. In all the confusion and preparation for transport it was stored somewhere by one of the medical facilities and has not caught up to him yet. 
  • He is staying at one of the hospitals for the time being and they are to discuss hospice and the next steps later today. (I have not talked to them this morning.)
  • We had started to come to grips with a 6 month timeframe and now well it could be so much less. 
  • <Warning rant bullet you might want to skip> I was told there might be some undertones in my last post.... I don't like the way the "professionals" have treated my friends family during this trying time.  Nurses that promised to call if the scans showed something didn't. Doctors that didn't take the time to follow up, talk with the patient, talk with the family, listen to the family's concerns, assign adequate support, the list can go on; but the rant has already gone too long. Most of all for releasing him into rehab when he should have still been under observation, this rollercoaster was truly cruel to the family, there I am done. Jo Ann has to focus on getting results so I can carry rage she needs to put aside for now. I just hope that Karma balances the scales. Maybe some nice stubbed toes but again this is starting to rant like a mad grad student working on their first doomsday device. 
  • Last night was the first time in the past two days that a doctor took the time to talk to Jo Ann and Thomas. To listen to their concerns and discuss paths (more than 1) forward. I am thankful that someone finally listened. I think it is all thanks to a doctor in Socorro, Ilene Comstalk (sp?), that listened to Jo Ann and made some phone calls. Bless her or whoever helped out. 

Thank you for listening and supporting my friend and his family now and for all the years. May the blessed lord watch over him, his family and friends for ever and ever amen. 

Thom - Student of Thomas - May the sparks of his forge light the fires in others. 

Here is the link to the video. 


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Thanks again Thom. I can't be there to sit with Thomas and give Jo Ann breaks and tell him bad jokes, this is as close as I can. I'd say pass on my frustration with how aloof medical "professionals" tend to be, especially hospital staff but Jo Ann vented to  me on my second call and I ranted back about my experiences. Nobody who's been in the hospital needs apologies for the rants, we're with you all the way. It takes a doctor on the outside to maybe get some action, I'm glad Thomas and Jo Ann have one to crack some skulls and get some basic care. 

Perhaps someday you and I can sit down together over coffee or beers and share some Thomas stories, hopefully with Thomas himself. Miracles do happen, I'm alive largely I believe do to the prayers of the Iforge gang. 

One more message for Thomas when ou see him again. Tell him I can attest from personal experience you don't really need your whole brain when you start off with so much more than average. ;)

Thanks again Thom, be well yourself. I'm pulling for . . . Heck everybody.

Frosty The Lucky.

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12 minutes ago, Frosty said:

Tell him I can attest from personal experience you don't really need your whole brain when you start off with so much more than average.

ive been told teenagers dont need brains...

from a family friend


between 10 and 12 one takes out their brain puts it in a jar and sets it on a shelf to be forgot about until their done doing stupid $**! in their twenties, when they remember where they put it and become decent citizens.


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Thom, thank you for the update.  My wife, Madelynn, really identified with your rant.  She has had similar experiences with her late parents in Florida and Oklahoma and in Albuquerque with her late husband (also named Tom).  It seems that it takes some pretty agressive behavior on the part of the patient, family, or outside doctor to get the results that should, IMO, be automatic.  Part of the problem may be that hospitals are, like everyone else, short staffed and over worked.  And part of it may be compartmentalization ("I did my job.  Anything else isn't my responsibility.") with no one supervising the whole process for each patient.   Pretty early on I would have been demanding a copy of the pathology report.  OK, end of my rant.


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I was sent to hospital many years ago after collapsing at work (heat stroke after too many 12 hour days in a row) and after setting in the ER for too long of not having my button answered, I unhooked myself from all the monitors and the IV bag (I am a medic after all and know how too do that stuff) and went to the nurses desk to ask what was up myself,  It got their attention and I got answers

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Thom: Tell Thomas I had a great time Curling last Sunday and am going again soon. Our club just got a bunch of new rocks and I'm naming a set, 8, "Thomas," because I KNOW how much you really love the game. 

No fair hiring someone to come kick my butt, do it yourself!:P Next session I'll remember to have someone video me so you can listen to your rocks cracking together! 

Any local Iforge members who are the least interested we have an open curl 7:00 - 9:00pm Dec 4 at the MTA event center in Palmer, come on out and listen to us crack Thomas's rocks. :D

Frosty The Lucky.

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I think a large part of the "problems" with the "professionals" is that they have become numb or indifferent to pain and suffering and don't know how to practice sympathy with family any more...maybe I'm wrong, but it surely seems that way.

Thom, you and the other minions are indeed true friends for the Powers family.  Lucky to have you around for them.


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My endocrinologist Dr. K came to the hospital I was in for my shattered elbow at Deb's request and did a little straightening out. Later he explained that hospitals are always understaffed, the benefits are poor and pay not great. Most nursing staff starts out with the best intentions but being overworked and constantly tending sick and injured people sours them. Nobody goes to the hospital to have a good time everybody is in a bad mood and the only ones around to take it out  on are the staff.

I know I'm a lousy patient though if they'd just do what I told them it'd be tolerable. 

You may have noticed any time you want them to do something different the bring out "protocol." What brought Dr. K in on my behalf was the "protocol" for diabetic care. The food is mostly starches and about 3 hours later they test blood sugar and maybe a couple hours later come the insulin. Then in a couple hours I'm crashing from low blood sugar and you can maybe get a response to the call button in an hour or two. 

I took to keeping the bottle or orange juice that always comes with breakfast for when I needed snack and just got used to the nurse noting my blood sugar readings smiling at a BG of 300+ being good. Dr. K. explained they're terrified of low blood sugars, nobody dies of a 300 BG but let it drop to 25 and . . . 

Unfortunately it's really hard for them to break the mold and in Thomas's case it could be disastrous. He's a brittle type 1 diabetic and his BG can swing a hundred points in minutes. Hospital protocol becomes dangerous, life threatening in fact. Thomas needs a bull dog to keep protocol from doing him harm and that's what Jo Ann and his Daughter the Vet have been trying to do. Drag the duty nurse in by the ear if necessary.

When I was in for the TBI injury Deb had the entire floor terrified of not getting it right. They'd earned it though, they really dropped the ball a couple times.

Anyway, hospital staff seems to be aloof and unfeeling but I'm pretty sure it's been ground off by sick, injured angry people demanding their time 24/7.

Still, when its your loved on in need.

Frosty The Lucky.

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My mom was a nurse for 45+ years. Always said about understaffed and new nurses not caring as much. She Was a bulldog about care and did always care but we would hear about rude, crude, unwilling patients on rare occasion. Probably a Lot less than she dealt with. She even went to work part time when she finally retired but between covid stuff and a really rude response to a situation with taking what was supposed to be understood time off they let her go and denied her of seniority benefits she was supposed to get. Most of the people she worked with are now gone as well. There was a time I would need to go ant the staff would talk about my mother fondly. That seemed gone the last couple times i had to go in. 

She even tried for years to bulldog my dad (needingly) about his health and his response was to try to divorce her. At the moment that is on hold but his health and condition are Very bad. He doesn't try.  That makes me feel all the more sad for people who try and still things knock them down like with Thomas. 

Thanks for the updates Thom. And thank you for doing all you can. 

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my kid brother left nursing to go head a admin position over facilities at the local university

because it paid way more, way less headache, and way better benefits and way more time off, 

I have a really good friend I grew up with who’s a RN he makes decent money where he works but he gets pretty burned with the nonsense he puts up with from the higher ups always trying to cut costs an raise profits,

I know personally 12 years ago I was busting kindling one morning barefoot and half asleep in the cold and landed a hatchet on a finger instead of the wood,

I came in the house to rinse it off and tape it up and ash seen it an flipped out, an made me go to the ER, 

I didn’t have no insurance then

I was in there 30 minutes and got a half dozen stitches, 

no pain killers, no antibiotics, no nothing,

$3800.00 :rolleyes: for maybe 10” of thread an some rubbing alcohol,

your right it’s the bean counters running those places!

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My last visit where I was sent from my dr office for a sonogram of my leg for a blood clot i mostly waited in the room. A nurse gave me an iv and took blood (they never used, Almost gave me an x ray (but I wasn't that guy after they asked name and dob) then did get a sonogram and learned it wasn't a deep vein thrombosis but superficial, then waited forever to get out with the iv nurse saying they didn't need my blood. ( told her to give it to a vampire as a sampler). Was asked my dob so much at one point I started giving my ssn. Then finally got out knowing I wasn't critical. 

Got the bill. Er visit was around $1200. Sonogram a bit over $300. And my pay portion with ins. was over $800. Ugh. Never again unless I know I'm dying like when my appendix about burst. 

Stitches I'll do myself. That is another story and yeah, unless a tendon or bone is severed, I can deal with the pain of doing it myself

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