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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Love that cam actuated filing vise. Robert Taylor
  2. Good Anvil and appropriate price

    Hello Shanda, and welcome to I Forge Iron. If you put your general location on the into your profile, the members will be more able to answer your questions, as anvil values vary widely depending upon location. I agree with Brian, it does not appear to be gem quality from where I am sitting. Let the more knowledgeable come forth and render a more qualified assessment. Welcome, Robert Taylor
  3. Arbor Press

    Five tons is a decent rating for quite a number of applications - would you be inclined to post an image or two of this press? I am a visual thinker........ Robert Taylor
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    A fine effort indeed! Funny enough, Mr. wulf, my first spoon was made for flux. Robert Taylor
  5. It followed me home

    In some industrial circles, known as a compass rose, salvaged from a maritime navigation system. Ain't goin nowhere til the day I die! Note the very fine gear teeth on the periphery - there's gonna be some engineering goin on alright!
  6. It followed me home

    fantastic swivel jaw!
  7. It followed me home

    Yes indeed, a KDK quick change tool post, which completes an awesome set of accessories:
  8. It followed me home

    Fine examples of upcyling, indeed! These followed me home today - Anyone know of this type of vise?
  9. Angel Fire Forge

    Hmmm. I am 59, losing weight, and have been with my bride for 30, married 27 years. I am practicing hanging up my millstones from time to time - allows me to swing a heavier hammer with better posture. As for the humbugging, the Missus and I have an arrangement - she earnestly celebrates the holidays in my name (a very comprehensive package deal, indeed!), and that eases the challenges of my peculiar brain chemistry - Which becomes more challenging as the suns' zenith trends further South. Welcome to the Forum. Robert Taylor
  10. Side Effects of Blacksmithing: Friday Topic

    Side Effect 10(a): Running into the street like a maniac to photograph manhole covers, drain grates, and all manner of cast utility covers (San Francisco, and just about any old town). Robert Taylor
  11. Leg vise help

    Thomas that is the terminology that I was at a loss to remember. Well said. Hawk 18, your add-on pipe socket should do the trick....... Robert Taylor
  12. Your spouse and mine appear to have a common appreciation for our obsession. Robert Taylor
  13. home made anvil

    Apples and oranges are fruit. Apples look like fruit. Oranges looks like fruit The anvil DOES look like an anvil. The anvil DOES look like a certain type of anvil. Robert Taylor
  14. home made anvil

    I see from your other work that this is not your first rodeo - What is the anticipated final weight of the finished anvil? Pleasing to my eye. Robert Taylor
  15. Leg vise help

    The end of the leg must be planted firmly on something solid. The stationary jaw and the entire leg, being a single piece, function as a post anvil. Virtually all of the engery from hammer blows is meant to be transferred straight down this leg and into some additional mass at ground level. Think of your post vise as an Anvil with a vise jaw. Robert Taylor