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  1. Grrr. One of the reasons I opted for two oxy tanks. Sabre saw - I have no spare for that, just alternate means of severance... Robert Taylor
  2. Very fine images and descriptions, much appreciated. Robert Taylor
  3. 40%, fresh vinegar (acetic acid) at 14 hours. Phasing from stipping, over to some sort of corrosion inhibiting patination, all in the same jar. Caution: There was a notable pressure increase at living room temperature, had to relieve it 3 t in 14 hours. Do Not Sniff Jar. Robert Taylor Have you been exposed to hammer toning your bells? The Hammer peening causes differential (sic) hardening and helps to give voice. Quite a good pinch that you have on there... Robert
  4. Agree with all of the above. I have a karachi #5, but having just now (again) looked at the UK site, I would certainly go for several of the used ones currently for sale... Robert Taylor
  5. I support JHCC's premise. My 5 ton flypress gets used for so many different projects. It is a great mechanics tool, and not only can one aggressively work metals hot or cold, but also with delicacy and finesse.... Sure would like to see a pic or five of that flypress... Robert Taylor
  6. Hello Dex, welcome to the Forum. Looking forward to your engagement. This community is made up of Humans from across the globe, been my home away from home for eight years and counting... Robert Taylor
  7. Glenn, well said. I find the result to be quite satisfactory... Robert Taylor
  8. Forging a T-bone... And coking wood... Robert Taylor (T - bone later hot cut on a ceramic anvil):-)
  9. Then I suggest that you edit your comments before posting... Robert Taylor
  10. Yes it is possible to change out the jaws on some on some pipe vises, not possible (unless one can make the jaw(s) one's self) on others. I had to make my own top jaw for my big pipie vise - not a job for those with limited "resources". Robert Taylor
  11. Qb, that is an odd thing to say, as we cannot answer a question that you have not asked. Please correct me if I am mistaken... To answer your new question, can you imagine a use for it? I have one mounted adjacent to my post vise, and find it to be quite handy. Be sure it has a complete set of jaws - top and bottom. That is what makes it valuable, or not... We can not tell much about its value from the grainy image prvided.... Robert Taylor
  12. Once again, going off the rails on a crazy train, but I must say, I will restrike the OP gong and say: A venerable member of this body has published his moniker, 'bei hammer and hand, all arts do stand'. I take this to heart, as iron, ()oxides, and on and on, of alumnina, et al., all rise, often closely bonded [...]. That being said, the first thing I tend to ask a thing is, 'Are you a bell? Do you rIng?' Robert Taylor
  13. Glenn, Depends on how fast I get. Were it profitable, I would make hundreds... The current tooling is adequate for giving them away as gifts, but not for sales... the drawing and blanking can be sped up substantially, but I am enjoying the texturing a bit to much to mechanize at present. I am just grateful right now to be able to walk and breathe :+D... Robert Taylor
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