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  1. Anachronist58

    It followed me home

    Yeah Thomas, loaded my truck on pure adrenalin at an estate sale a couple of years back - When I got it home, most of it was too heavy to even budge. I think you have me beat with that tine story though!
  2. Anachronist58

    It followed me home

    Yep, Das, still doing that. Been hualing large storm burls, the size of bowling balls, off the beach for the last couple of weeks. Not one of them "drive up" beaches, no less.
  3. Anachronist58

    Diamond stone hand sanding

    I was concerned this might happen. Do you own a belt sander? I ask this because there is a line of cushioned belts that run to 1200 grit. If I did not have the machine, I would cut the belts and lay them on a flat surface, as in, a lapping plate. What specific type of paper have you been using? Steel can be very rough on nickel bonded diamond. One reason is, while nickel is tough, steel swarf is hard and sharp, therefore abrasive, and will undercut the substrate. Hit a diamond with a hammer, and it will shatter. There are a few more paragraphs i could add, but oh, the time! If you would like to look into it, I can PM some links to you. Robert Taylor
  4. Anachronist58

    It followed me home

    Too much good stuff, Gang! Some may think me a wierdo, or even, perish the thought, a nerd, but I found this cool fossil on the beach today. The storms have exposed quite a bit of Pleistocene strata. I payed the dickens getting it loose with a 3' wrecking bar. Hard as the hubs of the "Bad Place" 21" x 6" thick, appears to be nearly pure carbon. Behaves like coke under the torch. Micrograph is monocular 60 x.
  5. Anachronist58

    the true history of the Tomahawk

    Better check that post for splits.
  6. Anachronist58

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Yep, I am reaching retirement age, with no pension. Having to invest beyond my means - fly press, OBI press, tool and cutter grinder &......... It can be stressful to make those choices. I expect many independent builders are facing the same challenges. Best of good fortune to you, Robert Taylor
  7. Anachronist58

    Desert sculptures

    Here is a Raptor about to wolf down my little brother. For scale he is 6'5" tall. Robert Taylor
  8. Anachronist58

    Desert sculptures

    I will be coming back home to San Diego soon - really fond of Anza-Borrego. Fantastic sheet metal work, for sure.
  9. Anachronist58

    House plant chopper

    Those goggles are just nutty! Safety first! Robert Taylor
  10. Anachronist58

    Beginner stuff for the wife!

    HAHA! Very very pleasing to the eye! Robert Taylor
  11. Anachronist58

    20lb anvil?

    I am going to miss you bro.
  12. Anachronist58

    Black locus scales

    Yes, as in, glows, or fluoresces under black light, one sure test, I have read, to differentiate them from Mulberry.* These are pegs turned with spherical terminations. Not properly finished, so they do not show their full potential. Certain applied finishes are said to enhance the effect, while others cancel or mute it. These were polished with 600 grit silicon carbide paper. *Sometimes the fluorescence is not apparent 'in-situ', look up "Locust water or alcohol fluorescence". Robert Taylor
  13. Anachronist58

    Diamond stone hand sanding

    DMT laps typically are nickel bonded to the substrate, backing, etcetera. Diamonds DO wear out. I have worn out quite a few diamond laps, I have found DMT laps to be very durable. Even high quality monolithic diamonds experience wear. The more expensive stones (octohedrons) get unbrazed and rotated in their mounts, and finally, reground. Soft steel is toughest on a polycrystalin lap, less so for hard steel, less so for carbide. I would definitely give it a try. In the meantime, I am still pondering your question. Robert Taylor
  14. Anachronist58

    Black locus scales

    Black locust can also be both fluorescent and chatoyant. Got two each 5" dia. x 6' sticks - been drying for 18 years...... Robert Taylor
  15. Anachronist58

    New from So. Cal.

    Welcome to the Forum MurphyD, in case you are using a device that does not show my location, My home is in San Diego, but I have been mostly living and working for 10 months in Santa Barbara. Hope to be home soon. Enjoy! Robert Taylor