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  1. As per usual, no way to keep up with all of the neat stuff on this thread...... Made a bit of fly press tooling - I want to work out a line of 1"-8 based top dies, so I made the adapter today:
  2. I was so eager to use the thing that I built a swage set to expand .177's till I got some .200's in. Three pumps max to keep from breaching the fence. Rot Iron is my favorite kind! Robert Taylor
  3. Is that ball caliber proprietary information?
  4. Frosty, I just started the rat season with a 5mm Sheridan Blue Streak as my back up. No rear sight, Fluorescent front post. It is a real charmer. Now I am having to wait for the neighbor rats to come around...... Not used to they eyes open sighting, but got a runner that way a week or two ago...... CGun, nice to meet you. The Missus owns the S&W 19-3 .357 mag, been her favorite for 46 years, although I had to replace her original about ten years ago. Fits perfectly in her tiny hands, and I am happy with her group. I qualified during the cold war with an M-16, I do not know how anyone could miss with that ring and post....... Objects thrown or slung? Robert Taylor
  5. Just as a general point of interest concerning hold downs: https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/52504-motorcycle-chain-holddown/ and: site:iforgeiron.com hold down site:iforgeiron.com hold fast until one throws one across ones anvil, it is difficult to appreciate the utility of this tool. Mine employs a foot stirrup. I did a mock up from what I had lying about, and it works so well, I have yet to finish it. We can not have our hot work spitting themselves out from under our hammer blows....... Robert Taylor
  6. Would your dad be willing to bank that $300 / month for you, in order to give you more time to research and ponder your way forward? George N. M. has given you many thoughts quite worthy of your consideration...... All critical aspects applicable to your goals. There really is no way for these intelligent and well-experienced Members to advise you, as George has implied, based on what you provided thus far...... I love a good hammer. Robert Taylor
  7. As if your celestial thermonuclear ultraviolent source were not enough.....
  8. Thomas, with our community water system, we get variety: Poop from the old well, or Uranium from the new. The latter gives the skin a glowing complexion, although we are advised to not ingest it. BGD, good to see that you are maintaining. Robert
  9. Thomas, our prayers are with you and your people. Robert and Sheila Taylor
  10. Hello, Joe. I have a #5, which I bought in 2018 from Pieh Tool. I believe that it will take more than just "a few more swings", to make a #5 work like a #6. In the first video that Mr. Russell put up, the fellow in the plaid shirt says that it is a #6, and I can see that it appears to have more punch than my #5. Mind you, I have yet to do hot work on my press, but I am constantly using it. So far the table has only been 14" off the ground, and I am now building a base for the sake of my poor arthritic knees. I would research fly press hammer eyes, to verify the application, and I would definitely go for a #6. Search here: site:iforgeiron.com fly press hammer eye Here is my continuing fly press adventure: Robert Taylor
  11. I am a fan of wood, copper, and aluminium jaw covers, methinks I will make redundant sets of heavy copper covers, that I will not mind thrashing..... I must say though, that these split nuts have been a lot of fun to use, and were well worth my time to make. Robert Taylor
  12. We will continue to hope and pray for further good outcome, Thomas, Robert and Sheila Taylor
  13. Yes, IDF&C, this particularly rusty thread would take the bite right out of the only 3/4 - 10 die I own. I once made one of these with a hinge - hint: takes two nuts, or a competent weldor to build from a single nut... Robert Taylor
  14. I have a six foot length of 3/4-10 threaded rod. Dad had it driven into the ground at the Old Place, to stake a tree. As I often clamp bolts in the "vise", I usually double-nut the bolt, and clamp on the nuts, to protect the thread, and to increase grip force. This rod is in need of Restoration: Just try running a nut three feet down that. Hence, the Split nut, to hold the rod securely, especially in a leg vise, whilst I treat it with 40% ascetic acid (strong vinegar), followed by a massive cup wheel. Works so well, I am sure that I will be using these for other work - think straightening threads on the press....... Robert Taylor
  15. Thanks Chris and Frosty. Means a lot. Good Memorial Day to all.
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