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  1. Oh to be Retired!
  2. So Pretty. So Ugly. Nice spike to ball blend. Robert Taylor
  3. So sorry Tmomas, you and your loved ones will be in our prayers. Robert and Sheila Taylor
  4. Wow. Reminds me of a weighted staff I made years ago - I thought I was pretty good with it til I clocked myself on the head - I'm glad it didn't have spikes!
  5. Patented August 16, 1938 Robert Taylor
  6. GooGoo Damascus nib pen. They got a nice mid price one for $250,000.
  7. Well now, here it is July, and Trimontasaurus has been walking west since January, from Pennsylvania to San Diego, and has FINALLY arrived Just in time, too! My geburtstag is Monday, so let the party start. I may be crawling on my hands and knees, but I am Chasing my Dream! And seeing your work on the top landing every day is quite the dose of whimsy and craft to charge the creative juices. Aric, looks even better in person!
  8. What size is the 'T' burner?
  9. Fantastic - I am on the edge of my seat! Robert Taylor
  10. Mr Smith, I am sure there are other forums that would better suit your inquiries, no less your demeanor. Perhaps you are having a bad day. If not, a good way to enhance your self control would be to use the mute feature. Mute Frosty's posts, and preclude the risk of horribly insulting someone you don't know on an international venue. Since I am only three-fifths as knowledgeable as Frosty, Please put me on your mute list as well. Get well soon, Robert Taylor
  11. Good to see you posting. That thing is useless mail it to me in a flat rate box. You don't have any use for that. Mail it to me in a flat rate box. JHCC, I have been driving past a piece of heavy sheet metal for five days now, picked it up a midnight-thirty this morning - too shiny! Robert Taylor
  12. Well now, after re-reading all of the posts in this thread, and reflecting upon my place in the scheme of things, I wonder about my rodent-like affinity for the shiny rusty stuff, and: Thinking - If I were someone else reading Robert's post, would I tend to view this as a psychological disorder? Am I abnormal, because when my brother's mini chest freezer died with ten pounds of meat in it, while he was away for two weeks, I HAD to have the compressor, controls, and tubing out of it? In my defense, all other parts of the freezer no longer reside on my property. I have a third of a rural acre. Prior to this thread, I had hit an estate sale for four consecutive mornings before work, and then all day on a Sunday on the last day of the sale - 50% off! It's not Junk, it's INVENTORY!! However, I was thinking, as I stood out on the side of the road, looking up into my yard, that last trip is pushing me toward an abatement issue. At my back, across the road, is a FREE 57 gallon electric water heater, with brass fittings, and a steel tank! I went across the road and inspected it, touched, caressed it, and patted it and sighed. I left it there. Four days later, it is there, like a "Siren, Sweetly Singing" (Homer, Eric Clapton, Martin Sharp), it sings out my name. Just a two-minute jaunt across the road with a handtruck ! Heavy Breathing now. I am indeed well balanced, and not a rodent! The tank is still there. Robert Taylor P.S.: just looked again, thank goodness someone took it away er, ahh,
  13. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!
  14. That is stupendous. No less for a prototype. Robert Taylor
  15. Haha, I looked that term up, and as much as I am enjoying this, we are indeed skirting the precipice of the rules, shucks . Did not see the latest post, so please pardon the redundancy. Robert Taylor