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  1. Cost of Gas vs Coal?????

    Militant 83, Welcome aboard, and thank you for listing your general location in your profile. Knowing from where you hail makes a big difference in the quality of responses you will receive. While I am not best qualified, being out here on the "West" Coast, I would say a gasser is a good way to go if you just want to buy the whole kit, and get to it. Others will chime in soon enough - patience though, as some may be indisposed at a barbecue, or perhaps out on the range. You mentioned smoke, and if you have "modernist" neighbors with friends in code enforcement, smoke can certainly attract the bugaboo. On the other hand, I love to burn carbon, and one can always consider coke, as well. Coke has its own advantages and challenges. I am in the process of designing an ersatz gss forge, and eventually will build a ribbon burner. This place is teeming with build it yourself fanatics. Therefore, you must be clear about your preference to purchase a turnkey kit, or willing to build something like a "JABOD", a "55" forge, etc., or any of the numerous member-designed gassers. Again, welcome, Robert Taylor
  2. Be still my beating heart! Robert Taylor
  3. I'm getting married!

    Well Charles, I will resist the urge to add to that theme.... Congratulations to you both, and your anvil, of course, from Robert and Sheila Taylor, wed twenty-seven years this month!
  4. Food "Forge" Ideas

    Is the main course considered to be the guest of honor? Robert Taylor
  5. Moving a heavy anvil

    Just thinking about the OP, and the fact that you are set up in your garage, and while moving 200# + objects on a frequent basis is less than ideal, It is something that I must do in my current situation. That said, Mark G., it would be helpful to know what skills and tools you have at your disposal, to be able to suggest a focused and highly satisfactory motility solution. That way I might forgo suggesting a twenty foot tree trunk hung by a chain from a tree growing in the middle of your garage (MY garage is somewhat rustic.....). Thomas, I am enamoured with cribbing..... Robert Taylor
  6. Moving a heavy anvil

    C.baum, not at all. And your English is fine, ser gut. Wann ich war in BRD, hab ich gesehen in wald zum Bayern..... Now you may laugh at mein deutch! For those who wish a translation of above, I left West Germany in '79, so this was a feeble attempt to describe a treasured memory of seeing folks in Bavaria changing a tire with a Johnson tree. c.baum, timber and chain pulls are used a lot in my empire. Hope to meet you in Thuringia some day!
  7. Moving a heavy anvil

    Would love to have seen that! Robert Taylor
  8. Moving a heavy anvil

    Johnson bars are great as long as the mass is hugging the ground......
  9. It followed me home

    Sulfuric Acid I presume? I crushed some sulfide ore last year and it took three weeks for my lungs and my bronchs to clear up. Robert Taylor
  10. It followed me home

    Thanks for that Mr SLAG, It will certainly be worthwhile to apply that process to these gems. Robert
  11. It followed me home

    Too much treasure to comment upon. Great finds one and all. Getting prepared for the estate sale - Mom and Dad are still with us - working in the dark, I thought these were a total loss. Turns out I lost only 25%, leaving 29 issues if you can get past the smell. Take time to read the small print - there is, for example, an article on the storage of coal. What makes these particularly useful, is that I don't have to do a lot of tangential research to get past today's hand-waving. (Hand-waving (sometimes euphemistically) means the speaker presumes the audience has an adequate of level familiarity with the material being presented). Drool, all ye who would drool. Robert Taylor
  12. Friday word fun

    This Expert on YouTube....... Microwave Oven Forge Video........
  13. Aw Thomas, where is your sense for the thrill of a shop fire!
  14. Love my Milwaukee Portaband. Although, the 4" & 4-1/2" angle grinder with a "thin" reinforced cutoff disk is a tool that I go for without hesitation. Look up Metabo I will, yessssss...... Robert Taylor
  15. Can someone please explain what just happened

    Wow that is bizarre.