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  1. building the Dog box.

    I like a nice fly-weighted wingnut - they can remain quite cool in operation: Robert Taylor
  2. Lump of Steel

    If the only object yielding to the impact is the heated steel, and not the hammer nor the anvil, then most of the work is being applied to moving the heated stock, Yes? Robert Taylor
  3. When do you finally throw scraps away

    DavidF, Yes, my concern is with Nickel Powder, and/or the the breaking-down of solid Nickel by hammering. Not knowing the construction of your specific anodes, and lacking, myself, expert knowledge (or time to acquire it) of the subject, I am not able to be more informative. I note, however, that some anode grids are described as being constructed from Nickel-infused materials, which would be problematic. Robert Taylor
  4. When do you finally throw scraps away

    I wish to alert our Resident Chemists to your Idea. As Thomas Powers would say: "May I commend to your attention," Recycling of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries I am concerned about the accidental generation of Nickel tetra carbonyl, which may possibly be quite easily produced by heating (finely divided) Nickel in the presence of Carbon monoxide. The Carbon monoxide ligands in metal carbonyls are known to be extremely destructive, in very small quantities, to living organisms. Will the experts step in and corroborate my assertion? Robert Taylor for clarification, the original post is by DavidF, and if you are indeed a well informed chemist, I beg your pardon.
  5. When do you finally throw scraps away

    And how does one REALLY know that one will never use that bit or this?? 3:00 a.m. here on the U.S. West Coast, good night!
  6. When do you finally throw scraps away

    Oh, how big thy yard, how understanding thy spouse, how camouflaged thy loot, er ah, inventory, from the scrutiny of the municipalities and their incitors!! Robert Taylor
  7. Is it worth it?

    Catastrophically fast. Thanks Woof, for naming the brand. Robert Taylor
  8. Anvil mounting policy

    While not suggesting that anyone could be slow of wit as I "once" was, I offer the following Cautionary Anecdote: Long ago, I was cutting apart a car with an Oxy-Fuel rig, and set the rubber door seal alight. I set about to pat out the fire with my FINGERLESS gloves and drew back four flaming, gooey fingers. I am not as foolish and inattentive as I used to be, but just as clumsy. Robert Taylor
  9. Anvil mounting policy

    That's just goofy.
  10. Treadle hammer mechanics?

    If you value your time at about ten cents per hour, you will still come out way behind once your failed experiment is completed. Latticino, I make tungsten carbide spade drills offhand and by machine for hard materials (band saw blades, screw and tap extraction) but I have 27 years of limited experience with hard materials. Just go to HF and buy the drills. Mr. Blister, with all due respect, if you can not afford to buy cheap and perfectly usable for the application HSS twist drills, then you surely can not afford to build a treadle hammer. Naturally, no one can tell you what to do, so feel free to demonstrate your ability to be rational, should you decide to respond to my post. Now that, Latticino, is a very exciting and evocative piece of information. Not unlike a machine operating at its natural resonance. Robert Taylor
  11. Horizontal/Vert or Porta Bandsaw

    So clearly, it is a matter of what scale, geometry, and volume you will be working with - for instance, cutting unrestrained cylindrical stock can be quite hazardous on a vertical band saw. There are workarounds. My Smithy is currently a tent next to an awning (under construction). So for the moment, the brand new Milwaukee Portaband that I found for half price at a pawn shop has been serving me well. Very nice with a bit of Boelube when cutting on 10' & 20' lengths of Strut Channel. you are making me drool. Robert Taylor
  12. 26 to 31 in 2017

    Thank you Glenn, For hosting us on your Forum. And thanks to those members of this community, who act as a Unified body of individuals with a common interest. Without you, a number of us might very well be left without a place to call home. Certainly, there are other forums, and other places that rise to the level of the above definition of Community, but this is the particular Island upon whose shore I washed up, four years ago. And for that, I herein express my gratitude. Happy New Year, Robert Taylor
  13. burner size

    Glenn. As I struggle to keep the weight off over the Holidays, I appreciate your posting of this inspiring video which endorses healthy eating. At least as far as the pizza is concerned, I see a well balanced and nutritious combination of all of the necessary food groups. Interesting how the coal is piled to one side of the oven. Robert Taylor
  14. just because i like making knots

    Fabulous. When I grow up, I would like to attempt some of that. Yes indeed, thanks for sharing! Robert Taylor
  15. Norlund Style Axe Dimensions?

    Fascinating. I have a Norlund, it is a single bevel axe, either a Voyager, or a Tomahawk. I will have to weigh it, or get specific dimensions. The main thing is, it is hands down my favorite limbing axe. Will you be folding or punching to obtain the eye? Good luck on your Project. Robert Taylor