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  1. Thanks much Chinobi! I may have to join CBA this time. AGSEM is a really cool venue. Robert Taylor
  2. The link yielded a pdf download for me. I have some empirical observations to add to this erudite "fray", from grinding and quenching tungsten carbide every night. Be a bit though, surprise guests from Tucson are arriving at my gate....... Robert Taylor
  3. Just took another look at this thread, JLP, your rig is an inspiration. Rolbert Taylor Oh, and really enjoying your videos, just saying, others should give them a look.
  4. That's an RSA, Rock Shaped Anvil, a Real anvil .
  5. Excellent thread, you may be inspiring some competition. Now where can I find a really big rock around here?
  6. Bravo, ausfire. I would loathe having a dozen of those nipping at my calves and ankles - terrified and laughing at the same moment!! Robert Taylor
  7. HEY! Watch it now! Robert
  8. I despise all of this electronica and website architecture, so bah. What Andrew Martin said. But Glenn, Steve, Dale, and all the other awesome people who ARE I Forge Iron, if my house is on fire, if I am grieving, or if I want REAL CONTENT about this craft, IFI is where the REAL People hang out. In the real world, this is where the people who have my back hang out. With Gratitude, Robert Taylor Sorry SLAG, I encounter that glitch from time to time. Get out your bag of runes (I use chicken bones) and seek out the answer.
  9. Re - T Powers - "file not found", Bub. Robert
  10. Great discussion. I grind drills every day, and I even get to drill holes sometimes ! SO, if anyone wishes to review a thread from 2014, here it is: The bonus content is a bonified chart on the composition of twist drill steels AND a link to a very good site. To emphasize what others have said, the #1 drill killer is Too much speed, too little feed. Robert Taylor
  11. Theo, the possibilities are endless. I have been pyrolyzing some suggestions for you.... And stunning work. Robert Taylor
  12. First time I have had a look at your thread - you are quite the talent, and I salute you. I use everything from a four oz. ball pein, to a four pound cross pein, and everything in between. I have not started into serious blacksmithing yet, but I do quite a bit of hammering, nonetheless. Whatever hammer I choose, it has to be loose in my hand, and do the specific task without me thinking about the blow, like pitching a baseball. I pick up this method from 22 years of precision hand finishing, positioning my work in the natural path of muscle memory. This helps prevent repetitive shock injury, at least for me. Keep up the good work! Robert Taylor
  13. Mr. Bumpy, may I encourage you to follow this link for your safety: And this as well: You, being a mathematician, understand the importance of adherence to rigorous constraints, lest your work come to naught. Same goes for safety. Read up, and welcome to the Craft. Robert Taylor
  14. Was this piece of metal colored black, or silver, when you bought it? Very important question. Robert Taylor