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  1. But my anvil IS in the middle of a junkyard! Seriously though, the smithy is being retooled and is a wreck. At least the creek ditch has stopped running.
  2. Definitely too slick to stick to the wall without ribbits. Almost croaked when I got a look at the big green fellow.......
  3. Yes, that is what weighs on me, second to the I am sure venerable workers / professionals who have kept this craft alive. It is not always possible for this type of legacy technology to be replaced, I speculate, by "modern" methods. Best of luck to you, Robert Taylor
  4. HA HA! Back at ya.
  5. That grabber is bad luck you'd best mail it to me. Anyone else who has had regrettables follow them home - pm me and I will give you my shipping address. Sorry to hear that.
  6. Stay off the tracks Sonny Boy, or at least don't encourage your fellow juveniles to do the same. Robert Taylor
  7. So sorry to hear of this tragedy Frosty. Sheila will put all concerned on the big list. I am hoping for the best possible outcome. Robert Taylor
  8. JLP, Bootube is behaving erratically, so I will post redundantly here: Another overall first-rate presentation. Thank you JLP for sharing your valuable time with us and producing such a fine educational tool. I spend a lot of time thinking about heading/upsetting tooling, and your video is high-grade fertilizer for my imagination. Good Schtuff. Robert Taylor
  9. The first line is the fellow's name - Carl Kreuse. The second line would normally indicate the town of manufacture, but I can't make out the letters. I speculate that you will have good success with a restoration - I have mixed feelings about a total take down - if you have the time, strip it down and clean it up. The paint probably has lead in it, so take care. I am thinking that one should be about six tons. Robert Taylor
  10. If I knew your travel radius, etc., I might be able to source for you a good prospect on CL.
  11. Very sorry to hear that - no way to give it back? Robert Taylor
  12. You bet it does - I thought you were AT LEAST in high school!!
  13. Ha! Good one! Yes, a great story indeed.
  14. I'll dig some up, or dig the wagon up - It's under a pile of utility pole crossarms.........