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  1. Excellent. My home is at 2112 feet, whilst in the shadow of Viejas Mountain, whose summit is 4187 feet. Racing against Disability to put my 8 ton OBI, and 5 ton fly press, et al., into service for custom fabrication work.... I am too tough for the vultures to dine upon... Robert Taylor
  2. Welcome from Alpine, California, where we are currently experiencing hurricane force wind gusts... Love that AG&SEM in Vista! Robert Taylor
  3. I am curious to see what is stuck in that hole. Also, it would be ideal to have the hole in the movable jaw resting on bolt shank only, in other words, not on threads. Robert Taylor
  4. Samal, thank you for your Service, and welcome to the forum... Robert Taylor
  5. SLAG San, I perfectly agree - Das Wulf is a genius! These Critters walked all the way from Charleroi PA., to Alpine (San Diego), Ca. Regards, Robert
  6. Hello. A few months back, I was considering applying a fresh coat of BLO. Now, I am not so sure. I think the past 3-½ years of exposure is looking good on him. What do Y'ALL think? Robert Taylor
  7. There is more bonus consideration to be had. First, if you can see the butt end of the broken tool from the threaded end, you are in luck. If you can not, you may still be in luck. These Shrinkers are designed to be thermal cycled thousands of times... Bring the xxxxxx end to a low red heat, and the carbide may either fall out, or be drifted out. Be sure that the heat travels the length of the broken stub. Now you have a piece of 1" dia tungsten carbide with excellent hot working properties, as a fuller, for example. Shrinkers are coolant quenched in many systems, so the carbid
  8. Hello LaneSiders, could you post a pic of the broken tool end? It looks like a shrinker.... Robert Taylor
  9. Welshj, I am bypassing reading this whole thread, and just focusing on you. I am an undistinguished Cold War veteran, did three years, saw no combat, lost no military Brothers or Sisters. I have had unspeakable loss in my life, as a civilian, these losses from which I will never completely recover, nor would I ever want to. I will never let go of those whom I have lost, nor would I. Hold those who have gone before you, close to your, heart, this is the only way to keep the love alive. Just how I see it, Robert Taylor I will always be a Soldier, all trained up, and ready to go.
  10. That looks Pretty! Same one I have. I am In front of my fly more often than any other tool. Can not wait to start doing hot work on it, this winter, hopefully. Makes a great bench vise, by the way! Congratulations! Robert Taylor
  11. May your trench be free of boulders, and none rest on your shoulders! Robert Taylor
  12. Many thinly chrome plated items are prone to have pinhole defects. The rust blooms through these defects, making patterns typical of what we are seeing here. Proceed with caution.... Robert Taylor
  13. Looks miighty tastey, Shabumi. Started Restoration three sets of ball slide/rail assys from a scrapped Kearney Trecker NC mill. Ball slides are very forgiving of corrosin, up to a certain limit. Robert Taylor
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