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  1. Yep. I would use reasonably sharp carbide (not so much radius on the cutting edge), since "IFB is so soft". Robert Taylor
  2. That is certainly a variable that ought to be eliminated. That stagnant fuel air mix would be just waiting to ignite. Since you have an nc mill, the quickest way to find a hole count sweet spot would be to drill test blocks with systematically increasing hole counts, since plugging seems to be problematic..... Do you have a good idea of what to use for drilling? No reason I can see that the drilling would be difficult/expensive........ Robert Taylor
  3. Lately, when using my weed whacker, watching that little plastic string lay waste to whatever it contacts - hurling stones no less - I gain a deeper respect for the energy contained in that little disk. Cut-off wheels do not tolerate being banged into the work, or being twisted or bent in the cut.
  4. So..... what are the ratings for the potentially defunct system that you acquired? This is your baseline..... Robert Taylor
  5. This is the kind of work that reminds me that I am just a hack. Splendid. Not to say that I can not, myself, some day aspire to this level, but Mensch, you have the chops! Robert Taylor
  6. Wow. And still, only on page #1 of this thread...... a large amount of data gurging through my four stomachs..... I will eventually hunt this down and add it to my toolbox...... I have quite a bit of heat resistant ceramic to work with. I have yet to determine its thermal conductivity. I envision an initial test rig as perforated inconel sheet, and behind that, in full contact, a ¼" thick carbon fiber (a very poor conductor of heat) diffuser. It will be quite some time before any of this comes together - I simply wish to put that mental image out there. D.Rotblatt, while I have not been able to absorb and catalog all of the modifications between your 125 and 336 hole burners, would you say that the hole count (flame area?) is the largest variation between the two systems, or am I once again out in the weeds? Fascinating. Robert Taylor
  7. Excellent Review, Kozzy, and I believe that I am in complete concurrence with your assessment. The noise for me is terrible, and I am not thrilled by the raggedy cut. That rough cut was also throwing out chunks, which was not particularly pleasant. I will see how my 4-½" Lennox works on brick - I think that I will do that right now....... Passes through hard fire brick like butter, cuts cool and easy through high-iron gabbro, no heating of the blade. For twelve bucks, I think I have found myself a new stone disc. I would be surprised if the Freud Diablo did not perform equally as well as the Lennox..... Buzzkill, how is your blade life so far? As far as band-sawing goes, my portaband is the go-to for me. Robert Taylor
  8. Yep, that is the same reference that I found. Best so far, but not completely satisfying, as it can be presumed that the optimal 12,000 SFM is derived from a 14" dia wheel at 3,450 RPM, Approximately. Thus, this number may be altruistic. If I use my 4" cut off disk down to diameter 2" @ 10,000 RPM, I still get appropriate stock ignition @ 5,000 SFM. (in most cases). Stainless steels appear to require higher surface speeds and or specialized wheel composition, but now we are getting into the weeds of my incomplete knowledge. Again, I draw my working experience from cutting high-speed steels and tool steels. So JHCC, when you gonna abate my anchovy breathlessness, and mount that motor? It has the speed, just maybe not the horsepower. At worst, you will know better your next step. At best, you will be cutting! Robert Taylor
  9. Photos! Photos! Be sure to post reduced size photos - I keep mine at 100Kb size max. Robert Taylor
  10. D.Rotblatt, Have you found that there is a minimum allowable thickness for the burner block, as applies to inducing a modicum of laminar flow to the Fuel Air Mix, or to prevent backfiring (pre-ignition)? I have some .030" thick perforated inconel sheet that I am considering........ will have to dig it up to get hole size and count........ Robert Taylor
  11. Hope to do as well as you have, next time. Good on ya, Robert Taylor
  12. Do not know about the TV thing. Just got fitted for hearing aids last week (Rexton Li RIC Rechargeable/programmable), had to purchase an additional peripheral device to (bluetooth) interface with my android phone. Apple products have more resident compatibility with the hearing aid Cartel. Wish I had gone deaf next year, when there will be many more over the counter options. Se la vie. I am fortunate in that my hearing aids make my very loud tinnitus go away. Does not happen for everyone. Robert Taylor
  13. Thanks. I have not yet started down the electrolytic path. So far only working with 40% acetic acid, and retail dilute hydrochloric acid. Trying not to build to quickly opon my stockpile of hazmat byproducts. BGD: Getting more and more difficult to find plate shops, no? Robert Taylor
  14. "Every swayed back anvil has 2 flat spots." Jennifer, JLP Services, Inc.
  15. Personally, I thought your statement was just fine, Kozzy. And this current post is meant neither to incite nor challenge. We used to have bronze information plaques and a spring-fed drinking fountain (our version of a Monet) here along the Interstate. Boils my blood every time I see the empty spot. Jennifer, you are soooo right! Robert Taylor