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  1. The proper name escapes me at the moment, but the solid cylinder goes into the collet or chuck of a milling machine, or drill press,for example, and a test indicator into the bored cylinder end. then the machine spindle is rotated as the indicator tip is in contact with the table, thereby "tramming" the angular relationship between spindle and table. Many other uses..... No coffee yet, but definitely a test indicator attachment. Robert Taylor
  2. That is exactly what I thought, Balbasarado, you do not have to feel foolish alone! Robert Taylor
  3. Nor did I, when I joined IFI. The year that I joined, 2013, was one of the worst in my life, a mid-life crisis on steroids. Anachronist58 is a reflection of rising from severe cognitive impairment, and despair. Thus, for me, the nom de web represents my year of birth, and how I began relating to the world around me. I usually sign isolated posts with my actual name: Robert Taylor
  4. tjdaggett, Sheila and I are holding you close in our intentions and prayers. Difficult sometimes to know what to say, but know that we care...... Robert and Sheila Taylor
  5. Glad to hear you are in recovery, Mr. Daswulf. You are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy healing...... Robert and Sheila Taylor
  6. I am waiting for the Forum Sages to straighten us out, so we will see..... Robert Taylor
  7. OK, I may not be a very sharp tool, but am I incorrect in my observation, that there are no rivets at all in this assembly? Certainly, we pien tenons, but that does not make them rivets? Very pretty work, by the way, B3NDY, I would be happy to have one of those at my hearth. Robert Taylor
  8. Thomas, I can not entirely rule out prion consumption by my fore bearers, based upon known familial behaviours..... but frankly, I can not countenance my food looking at me, and have an aversion to consuming any type of animal organ...... as far as Joking is concerned, I run all of my material past Mrs. Sheila Taylor first, so my vetted joke output approaches Zero. I have not seen that in your conduct, seriously.... Robert Taylor
  9. wut??? the head is the best part!!
  10. Oh, and even though it has little to do with this thread, Really Nice Birdie Sculpture Scott! I guess all the cool kids like to hang out in your yard......... Ooops, what am I doing here??
  11. '76 - '79, IHAWK Missile Launcher Crewman 3/59 ADA, Hanau and Butzbach, FRG. Got to Battalion HQ, and when they found out I could touch type 14wpm, I became the equivalent of a paralegal. Never shot at, and an otherwise undistinguished tour of duty during the Cold War. Robert Taylor
  12. Helena, plenty of bad anxiety to go around these days, so plenty of us who can relate. besides, you belong wherever you choose to belong. Work at building your confidence in your self, and do not let the old norms rent space in your head. A great friend of mine is regularly reminding me about those who seek to rent space there, they do not pay their rent, and they usually trash the place........ Robert and Sheila Taylor
  13. So now I will have one right foot and one wrong foot? Always put the best foot forward, unless one is kicking fresh lava? Robert Taylor
  14. I have so many projects brawling for attention, it is no wonder nothing is ever quite complete OK, we do have completed phases that get put to work before they are quite finished. For those of you who asked me questions 10 pages ago, I have not forgotten....... Organisation can be a challenge on the Creek Ditch - I have built a shop, but have yet to get the building it goes in......
  15. Good to hear Charles, You, your Mother, and your Loved Ones, remain in our prayers....... Robert and Sheila Taylor
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