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    First time

    clamps like this
  2. Smelting Aluminum is done with an electric arc furnace. But getting the correct answers usually starts with asking the correct questions, you didn't say where you are getting the bauxite for smelting or how you plan to dispose of the fluoride waste, those are serious problems to consider
  3. we have a local steel mill that buys up everything, only one scrap place will sell to us, the rest are already under contract
  4. sell to scrap yard at 20 cents pound, and while there buy more the correct size at 35 cents
  5. Steve Sells

    Anvil Horn Casting

    You dont need a London pattern shape to forge. not sure where you are in the 150 member countries that call IF home, so I wont bother listing places near me that you can get them, but I call your attention to the thread on improvised anvils here
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    Leaf spring making from mild steel?

    I will relocate this to the knife section, to keep things clearer
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    Stock for making axes?

    Just a wall hanger if it doesnt have a bit inserted in that 4130
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    Stock for making axes?

    what steel do you think you need to use?
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    New to this. Bought a devil Forge

    why are you using Oxygen? just use atmospheric air
  10. STOP plaster of paris may be fine for lead and tin, but not anything like bronze or copper read more before building
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    130# PW

    For about 25 years I have been begging my In-Laws neighbor to sell l me his yard ornament. Its been neglected and lonely for a lot longer. It seems it was his anvil in the shop before he bought the company long ago. He has refused to sell it, said it had sentimental value to him. He has been in a nursing home for a few months now, with no living relatives, and he relayed a message to me last Friday, said to come get my anvil out of his yard, his house is being sold. I guessed it was about 150# but the bathroom scales says 129.4# it was painted but that seems to have protected it from rusting, its face is like new still. Now my 100# Kholswa has company on the other side of the forge. He said he wanted it to go to a good home where it will be appreciated and not just resold. I wIll get a photo after my new battery for the camera gets in. All the years of begging paid off. in the end he didnt sell it, and I do get to have it.
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    130# PW

    I had only seen 2 of them on >400# anvils not the smaller ones Another lucky stroke, the hardy is the same size as my other anvil so all my tools fit.
  13. Steve Sells

    130# PW

    Here she is with her new chain to deaden the noise, its the loudest anvil I have ever been around. Odd that one this size has 2 pritchel holes. Just off center is the only blemish it has a small piece chipped off on the corner of the face
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    Refractory help

    you posted in solid fuel FORGES asking about a foundry with explosive material for the lining, are you sure you are in the correct place?, this is I Forge Iron, we do have a foundry section, that explains a little of this, I suggest you start by reading before you hurt yourself trying to reinvent the wheel I will relocate this as it makes little sense where you posted it
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    First heat treat in years.

    Austenite is formed at critical temp
  16. Steve Sells

    First heat treat in years.

    i have no idea where you are getting your mis information, there is NO martensite to preserve before or during the quench. It forms from austenite because of the quench if its fast enough., also there isnt a measurable amount of carbon migration during tempering either.
  17. Steve Sells

    First heat treat in years.

    close up of the head of tempering tongs I made
  18. Steve Sells

    4140 Cracks

    I see as odd is the fact it cracked long wise not to the short side of the drift
  19. 1) there are better and cheaper ways to get steel, and when you buy it new you know what it is and how to treat it 2) not really 3) why would you even think about an oil quench if you think its air cooled steel? 4) why? what do you think it will do? 5) maybe, where did you get that temp from? 6) again, why My suggestion is to slow down and start at the beginning. You dont even know what the steel is. The first step is to use test coupons to find out how to HT
  20. Steve Sells

    Press build

    50amp should cover it nicely
  21. Steve Sells

    Coal forge in a shed, in a hanger.

    wont be as effective as if the fan was Inline with exhaust fan will mainly move air from the fan pipe, not much at all from the fire, you are not generating much of a venturi effect this way
  22. no one cares about the cast iron, it is done to hard face the mild steel as stated in the prior post in reply to YOUR question
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    Uri Hofi just got home form hospital where he has had a leg amputated, currently in a wheel chair soon to be fitted with a prosthetic prayers welcome
  24. Steve Sells

    help Identifying an old forge

    What kind of car do I have it has 4 wheels and a V8 engine, with no photos or other real info you can not expect us to know what it is