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  1. If the tank is freezing up it is because you are drawing off gas faster than it was designed for. If that is happening you need a larger tank. that is the only safe way to address it. no matter what some myths state, There is a pinned thread about this here:
  2. don't you realize this is a world wide forum we don't even have a clue to what counry your in
  3. I disagree about spark testing, because that is not best it is only a educated guess. A chemical analysis like Gas Chromatography is the best way, he did say he has a lab
  4. "the metal" is not telling us anything, and a dremel isnt doing anything for working on a cannon, but will be nice for cleaning up Chess pieces so to answer your detailed question: Get the thing to make the metal look like you want
  5. shape what, and grind what with what rotary tool?
  6. I received a request to delete this entire thread because its gone on far enough and those involved now understand the eye protection issues. It wont be removed, because this is not a one-to-one conversation, this is world wide and people come here to learn, this is an issue that people need to be aware of, not just today but in the coming tomorrows as well. so this thread stands as is
  7. you should be smart enough to have some safety glasses on the kid for WHEN he smacks himself with a chip, clinker, ash or something...., is that clear enough to understand? We encourage safety first here even if you dont
  8. I think Frosty has some goats he may be able to rent to you
  9. I suggest you forget your idea of standard, and start over with a known to work forge design, the only time you need to heat all of a sword is for hardening.
  10. nonsense mild steel is a terrible choice for any cutting tool, after welding there is no longer any low/hjigh layers, its all now medium carbon due to migration.
  11. Chimneys are tall because that is how they work, not because its fashionable. A fan can help draw the smoke into the flue, but it also helps to get the smoke away from your shop when its up and out of the way. If you have the proper permits for building it, you should be fine, and not have to worry about complaints later. HVAC is a licensed trade, Many places allow a home owner to perform their own work, but if you want to do the job yourself, you should know what you are doing. If you need someone to explain it to you, why should they have to train you for free? do you still do your work for free when some one doesn't want to pay for it?
  12. no plated metals belong in any forge.
  13. what you consider as standard may not be the same as what the rest of us think of as standard
  14. All books were mailed today, You all should have them in hand by this weekend
  15. but he needs to be aware of the parent materials carbon content, if he is using high enough carbon steels, then after the quench he sill has to temper to relax the martensite
  16. Why would you think that? did you read the pinned posts on heat treating?
  17. I thought they were talking about Theophilus
  18. Do you have any plans for removing the sulfur form the coal? Your research also seems to have missed that fact that the entire purpose of a bloomery is for making iron from ore, and where did you get the idea you need steel swarf to make bloomery steel? (yes a bloomery can make steel if you're careful)
  19. 5160, 4150, 1060, 1045 would be fine
  20. I dont think he is a member here
  21. there is an entire section devoted to knife making here in the form, I suggest you stop what you are doing and read some of it before moving on. I will move this post there
  22. I will relocate this to the knife section seeing how that is the way this is going, but i want to state that attempting to harden 1095 that way is a joke, this method leaves no soak time to get the carbides into solution, I suggest you read the HT sticky pinned to the top of the page