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  1. Do you know what you are talking about, we sure dont
  2. All steel is a carbon steel Steel is by definition an alloy of carbon and iron have you researched Tungsten Carbide tips?
  3. making a statement like you did about the fibers not being a real issue is very irresponsible
  4. poster hasnt returned since making this post :(
  5. How does any UV light come from it? it is IR that we are trying to stop here
  6. Steve Sells

    Large I Beam

    Since this is about presses, I will relocate it, because we actually have an entire section devoted to presses
  7. good looking pattern, very even distribution
  8. Psssst......... O1 is a chrome containing steel that also can air harden when working, not a good choice for a new smith
  9. There are Chinese markets that sell them, You didnt say where in the 160 countries that call IFI Home you aee located, so its hard to offer any suggestions
  10. sales posts in tailgating only stay online for about 30 days, we dont spam the membership with old sales posts so we remove them after they expire
  11. no matter what your posting from, the math is as I stated. it seems the Chinese didn't translate too well
  12. 3.5 amps at 120 volts is less than 1/6 Hp. A 3/4 Hp motor will be about 8 inches around and draw 13.8 amps which will just about max out a 15 amp circuit HF lists a 1/3 Hp motor for their 1x30 at 7.8 amps so which is it ?
  13. Since he could not understand that 'SUPPLY' meant to connect power supply at that point I wanted to be clear in my response to avoid more confusion. This is a world wide forum and he only stated UK power, English may not be his first language either, explaining his misuse of terms, I don't speak Welsh, Hindi or Gaelic and can only imagine how my words would come across if I tried
  14. At the main point of entry <main panel> only: the neutrals and grounds are bonded, until that point they are kept separate to avoid electrocution but that is a long story to explain the hows and whys (another reason why the apprenticeship is 5 years long for electrical trade) Short version the neutral carries the imbalance of the load, and ground drains stray voltage, also insuring a trip if the power feeds short to the frame. If the frame were not grounded, a shorted feeder would energize the case, and stay that way (potential) until some poor soul makes contact, completing the circuit to ground and possibly getting them killed. Using a neutral for that case ground could in theory also allow the case to be energized and not trip the breaker. leaving a dangerous situation like I just described
  15. Neutral and ground are not the same thing, Ground/Earth connects to a ground rod, and a neutral connects to the center tap or opposing side of transformer(s) we do not connect a neutral to the motor case frame
  16. its an old 2004 Gand Cherokee but i love it, complete V8 engine rebuild 5 years ago,. I could not believe the 5800# tow wt but I have hauled 2 ton of coal with it on a 1050# trailer, from 80 miles away
  17. I am a Master Electrician and have been in the trade about 35 years. and if you think a warning about safety is arrogance, then YOU sir are the one suffering from delusions. I am more worried about your killing yourself or someone else. This is a forum for many types, of many age groups and knowledge levels. Not all are capable to safely work with electricity, I am also a Medic and I have seen what faulty wiring can do to a body. So knock it off rather than looking for a fight when you were asking for free help. You have an interesting way of saying "thank you Mr Sells for saving me over $100 with`your free assistance" as well
  18. you dont need 240v for a 1.5 Hp, 20a @ 120v is fine
  19. you wont like having only 1Hp, neither will 2 inch wide belts
  20. the schematic clearly shows U1/W2 and V1/U2 to make the connections, but I fear a person that cant understand that, may be in over their heads installing this
  21. the negative die could be as simple as a tree stump, the positive a ball peen hammer
  22. If you read my last post where I explained this, you can save yourself some time testing it for hardenability if its not magnetic
  23. maybe how hot does it get? how large an area does it heat? what fuel does it use? Is it convertible? we cant read the plate from here
  24. many of these ideas are not non electric tho lol