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  1. It's for a guy that promotes and sells at events around the area. He has a trailer with a large humidor built in. There are a lot of cigar shops around the area here. I have some other ideas kicking around including some forged/ scrapart ashtrays. +1 on what Pnut suggested. There are some casinos in my area as well Thomas. Might be some ideas there.
  2. Finished 25 cigar pokers for a commission I got. Seemed simple at the time but it was drudging. Thankfully I was able to draw it out. A few here and there.
  3. Great pictures pieces and atmospheres Hans. Some of the rooms look pretty interesting.
  4. The hard part was fully diagnosing before taking it out. Honestly if I would have had that camera scope I would have instantly seen that the honeycomb was blown apart just by peering into the pre o2 sensor hole. That tool is deffinately on the list to get now. It went from "eh, would be nice" to must have. Anyway, with it how it is I'm deffinately not going to cheep out on it. These newer cars are built to run on the components they were built with. Look forward to seeing the horseshoe triangle Robert.
  5. CtG, I'm looking into new cats first than possibly higher end after depending on cost and affordability. I agree with everything you mentioned. And also add confidence in the fit as well as functionality. I'm at @125,000 miles. With another 125,000, how could I argue. I'm a vehicle lifer. As in if I like it I keep it till it is fully done for. CGL, been down that road. Honestly taking longer one one big commission because life keeps happening. Thankfully they are patient. Be patient with yourself and don't rush that which is not in a rush.
  6. Billy, like most modern vehicles everything is packed in tight and that cat y pipe is more of a dr. Seuss nightmare that it looks in the picture. I have no idea how reducing to two cats would go and think, on this at least, I'm better to go OE style in the long run. I'll get OE prices tomorrow then see about aftermarket direct fit. They are anywhere between $300-700. Online. Some don't look too trustworthy. I love that bumper jack whenI can use it. It's an old napa brand. An old body guy that taught me a lot gave it to me back in the day since he needed room in his garage. It still works great. Haven't seen another in a long time. Really would like to give it a cleanup and new paint to keep it nice for many more years. Nice looking set CGL. Im sure the commissioner will love it. Any time I get cracks/cold shuts at the necked down area I just start over. Used to get them working too cold I think. I work hotter and try not to neck down anything too early in the process.
  7. Yeah, having an electric blower does not make it as easy as letting go of the blower handle. I do have both an on off and deadman foot switch but don't use them. Tho, I probably should use one at times. I also have an on off switch built into the variable speed router controller I use for my blower, and usually utilize that.
  8. Tough on the spoon. Well, if you do get a welder you could weld a new handle on, or fire weld one on if you're feeling lucky. I always warn people visiting my forge and more so that take up a hammer to pound something out that it only takes seconds of not paying attention to ruin hours of work. I have to remind myself that as well, sometimes the hard way.
  9. Really like the setup and selection. Nice looking work. It all stands out nicely. The cards for the small necklaces is a good touch so they aren't lost on the table. Hans, great photos and setup. Nice varied table display.
  10. Mark, she took some great pictures! You are a great blacksmith so keep up the awesome work. Bluerooster, I agree, must be a good hair drier. Forge table and setup looks good for bituminous coal. Might be a bitwasteful for charcoal, but it can work if you get the air right. After further tests on my jeep I've determined it Is the cat system. And tonight after getting the old one off I'm sure. The sensors were not lying all along and the issues were telling. Just that spending $400-700 for a new 4cat y pipe, I wanted to be sure. The driver side fore cat guts are scattered over the system and now the floor. So now I just need to come up with the loot for a new y pipe4 cat system.
  11. There are a couple ways to limit the air. One would be to have the source disconnected from the inlet pipe and to aim it off till you get the correct amount of air. Another is to add an adjustable plate to either the inlet of the blower or a damper of sorts to the pipe after the blower. I might or probably have missed (or forgotten ) your setup being explained to offer better advise atm.
  12. Billy, gatta do what you gatta do. Just throwing options out there.
  13. Billy, there are groups out there that will spay and neuter ferrals for free if you can live trap them and take them in. Not sure about all areas of the country but it's worth looking into. We had a large growing population but got them all fixed this way. So far no new cats have showed up. They nip an ear so they can identify the ones that are already fixed.
  14. That's a lot of fun there Thomas. Can you feel your back aching yet?
  15. Thanks for that Joey. All awesome work and really great to be able to see the welds take shape.