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  1. Daswulf

    drill bit collar machine

    Thats pretty cool Aus! Id love to have one that made them for the auto repair sized air hammer/ chisel bits.
  2. Daswulf

    A Bit of something

    I yield to the rightful name of Center Drill that was mentioned by the more knowledgable here. Glad to know the proper name now. If you look up or as for a center drill that is what you will get. If you look up or ask for a countersink bit you would get something different anso those would be different for wood and metal. ( which I also have some of each) so yeah. Proof is in the proper name. Even if it can be used for multiple purposes.
  3. Daswulf

    Tool Barn Photos

    Tong handles can be adjusted for tighter or lighter grip depending on what is needed and what is comfortable to hold. Also specialty tongs are often purpose made for one task in one project, so it may be a one off. Someone may be along with a better idea eventually.
  4. Why Wouldn't they have added a metal ladder in the build. Thats pretty high risk setting that up and they have to pay himto do it. Just not a thought on building it? Add on after...?! I mean he has been going up the same spot for years. I could never do it lol. Climbed a radio tower once in my youth but I'm terrified of heights now. I'd be shaking so bad I might knock the bricks down.
  5. Al, to you and the others that made that, Awesome job. Wow!
  6. Daswulf

    What is it?

    Yeah John, seems like it'd be slow too. Wouldnt want that. Ugh. I'm still voting for root cutter.
  7. Daswulf

    What is it?

    Castrations? Wouldnt want to be in kicking range haha.
  8. Daswulf

    What is it?

    I'm thinking maybe for cutting roots as well.
  9. Daswulf

    Some more puukoos

    I always love seeing your work.
  10. Daswulf

    A Bit of something

    I have a bunch from my grandfather and other places but im no machinist. I'd say double sided countersinking drill bit.
  11. Daswulf

    New Work

    Beautiful designs and work! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Daswulf

    Memorial garden work

    Heres one thread I remember seeing on the benches but don't recall one showing a jig for the back slats.
  13. Daswulf

    Memorial garden work

    Nice work Joel. Thanks for sharing and adding to the inspiration here.
  14. Daswulf

    Tool Barn Photos

    Last photo T284 "Blacksmith Tongs" could use a more defined explination of what they are for. Personally I'm not sure on those. ( someone here would surely know). One thought is sheet metal bending tongs? Or for cinching a metal band around something? Thanks for the photos! Always love seeing old tools.
  15. Daswulf

    Lining a forge?

    Um... is anyone else noticing the elephant size hole in the room? Is there a forge pot that goes in the hole in your forge table? Looks like a rotor would fit in there as a forge pot. Or is my perspective way off on the photo?