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  1. I'll deffinately be trying to go. We did an art show down there a year or so ago. Just know there's about no cell service in the area.
  2. I came a few millimeters from losing an eye to my pet rooster when I was a kid. Picked up one of the hens and all I saw was a white flash. Five stitches on my lower eyelid to patch me up. I won't tolerate a mean rooster now, and keep an eye on em when I'm around them. My rooster Cogburn is a gentleman and has never been agressive around people but I still keep an eye on him.
  3. Looks like the Trenton logo. Now, put it to work.
  4. Haha sorry George. I didn't really know what they were talking about when I was first asked to do them. The paddles are wooden (theirs were bamboo) and have round divots where the glasses set in. Like a base for carrying out the sample glasses. The proper term is "flight board" or "flight paddle" Yeah, sorry, I was digging on my phone for an image but it must have been cleared off when I got a new phone.
  5. They say you can't rush perfection. But at the rate you work I think they might be wrong in some cases. I can only imagine you working around your shop like a whirlwind Alexandr. Nice work. I like the in progress pictures too.
  6. I'll check around at the hardware stores. (Probably poke around online to get an idea of what is out there first. Might not have to go out durring the crazy shopping season.)
  7. It was really fun. I thought ahead and had caution tape around the forge area and there were enough people around (also keeping an eye out myself) for those in suit that might not have the best or wide compasing vision. It went really well and there was a ton of interest. I was actually asked to bring the forge this year as well but it ended up being a virtual event with concerns to covid. The fur isn't so much flammable without serious flame but will easily melt and some of the costumes are in the thousands of dollars range so yeah, don't need to be messing those up. I won't pass
  8. Billy, I'll have to see if it isnt already on there. If not It may be something I do. Congratulations on your new apprentice! Thomas, it's Western PA. Furry Weekend. It's a weekend event held at and around a building a park for fans of anthropomorphic animals/cartoons (Furries) and the like. It started as a small event focused on friends, fun,beer and food, and has grown pretty big over the years. Elizabeth always helps out in the kitchen preparing food. Last year they had me as one of the featured artists and had me make branding irons for sampling glass paddles they gave to
  9. I'm pretty set on a 2 part epoxy of the whole plate. I really dont want anything getting behind it. I dont think the wood will move that much to pop it off. These are obviously not machine washable and if they did it would be like anyone taking any other item and abusing it beyond its intended use and care. (I will reiterate to the commissioner to inform the recipients.) That's all I can do then it's out of my hands. The countersink screw is probably the better option. I'm really leery to be filing the heads down as I'd Really hate to mess up any engraving After they are attached to the
  10. On my Trenton only the upper half of the diamond of the logo shows. So it might be subtle.
  11. I will deffinately be using adhesive. The screws aren't a bad idea. I has thought of using small brass tacks in undersized drilled holes in the wood with a dab of adhesive before tapping them in. ( hole in the brass plate would be to size) I'll see if I can find some small brass screws that won't look too tacky.
  12. Billy, eh.. with all that, I'm afraid the poor frog will just have to lay in state. I'm actually surprised your mouse holds up to the handling and moving. Must be a photogenic lad. Reminds me of a story of a corpse of an outlaw or something that I read about a while back that was on display up till maybe the 60's? Then rediscovered and given a final proper burial.? Anyway, Dabbsterinn, still has to be nice to get into your own shop. You both can build from where you are restarting. Tonight I worked on a mockup of something out of my comfort zone. It's going to be an en
  13. Jackalope, if you do use the high temp paint be aware of and follow the curing instructions for best results. Any of the waxes or blo will need occasional touch ups as frosty mentioned. Another option is to make them from stainless steel for ones to be kept outside.
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