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  1. Thought I'd weld a gear on at the shaft so it can go REALLY fast. might take a while to get started tho. I see it Aus.
  2. Stocking up eh? grab it while it's there for the grabbing.
  3. Personalized and everything. Great gift for him from you. That's something he will always remember.
  4. That's a nice batch there. For his benefit he should join IFI since there is a lot of info, not only on making things but great discussions on technique. There was a great discussion on Hammer technique and how to hold the hammer and posture to the anvil to reduce impact, shock and fatigue. There is so much to learn reading here.
  5. Get a giant bearing on that shaft and mount it on the ground on its side then weld some seats to it or better yet make a pavilion over it and make a big scrap art carousel.
  6. I do like that repair idea. It would beat trying to weld them on I believe. All that would've left is to forge the lower bracket.
  7. I'll have to call some pet stores down in Texas. None around here have any that big.
  8. Hmm.. How about some large pry bars and a Lot of luck.
  9. Out of curiosity why did you add the larger holes in the first place? saving a tiny bit of weight while giving up structural integrity is a bad plan. You never know how it will be used, or who will use it once it is out of your hands. I do like the profile and design on the blade. Well done on that. I would go with what Quint said and weld it. There just isn't much meat there to trust it.
  10. We're going to need a bigger truck.
  11. Excellent news.
  12. Appreciated.
  13. Good to hear Robert.
  14. Farmall, I'd be interested in seeing your progress on this vise. I have one the same style as yours. It was welded on the back of an old jeep cj5 I purchased for parts. Unfortunately they cut off the threaded parts. I just found some images on how these are supposed to be. So both studs and bottom bracket are gone on mine.