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  1. Took a look and It states towards the bottom of the page that the face of the stump anvil is 1.5"X1.5" and the "thinner stump anvil" ( which I would call more of a bottom fuller) is approx. 1 3/8" wide. I can't help with anything else about them sorry.
  2. Tiger the cattle dog

    Thanks for the link Aus! Awesome stuff there. That would be great to go to but it's a bit of a haul for me
  3. Good News

    I've heard of the fountaining that can happen. We will see if it changes but I sleep like the dead. So if I get midnight duty she will have to practice her backhand.
  4. Just Joined Today

    Nice lookin knife. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service. Have you read the pinned post, "anvils, a beginner buyers guide", yet? Good info in that post.
  5. Good News

    I was really just joking with her but ya never know haha.
  6. Good News

    All great advise, Thank you. One thing that that has been great is we have wide open communication. As long as we can talk to each other about anything and work it out then we are good. I don't mind how the towels get folded. It was a little tough accepting how the kitchen drawers got rearranged but again that's fine and I'll get used to it. long as I can make my coffee in the morning. and she has been learning to cook for two ( or 3 really) instead of just herself. I can handle all kinds of compromises in the house because she said my shop is mine and she won't ask me to change it. and to be honest most of the house stuff needed done anyway. I will be sad to put away my many sharp pointy things displayed throughout my living room but that's more for the kids sake. I was told I'm out of diaper duty when I told her I'd wear a gas mask to do it. She said it'd scare the kid, tho somehow I doubt I'll really get out of it haha. All in all, I'm excited.
  7. The Temple Boxer

    Beautiful patina on the copper. Really interesting handle and I really like the sheath and latch and flower incorporated in the riveting of the handle. It's really reminding me of a couple military fighting knives I have. It's hard to explain but somewhat the blade shape handle ribbing. Awesome job it's really cool.
  8. Le Pig

    Hah I'll leave the wars to those more sure of themselves but I like the design. Not over the German style if I had one choice but this one is really interesting. I'd sure give it a try. And who wouldn't love to use an interesting and unique anvil.
  9. C.S.A tag on anvil

    Tag may be from a company that bought and used it. As a non expert it looks like a Trenton to me.
  10. Good News

    I understand Charles. It's a long road ahead for me. I know once it's going on that the plans I think about go out the windo but I have been planning on how to teach my child better then my father taught me or better then the too laced fathers or my friends taught them. It's all give and take. For sure I'll at least try to curb any bad sides I have with the kid. I have been getting into more a routine with my lady moved in. Still cleaning up my single life house and making it " ours" which I don't mind. My patience is much improved from my younger self and I see a lot of things more clearly. She respects my craftiness and what passions I have ( unlike some other women I have been with which Only wanted Me time) we are a good team. I appreciate the advise and will continue to improve myself and we get closer to welcoming this new blacksmith into the world. yeah. I know. Whatever path my child takes on I will love them and teach them my best and try to keep them off the path of my worst.
  11. Tiger the cattle dog

    I do see some of Andrews influence in the subframe and it works. The subframe shape flows and so does the sculpture once your done. Thanks for the picture. I need to work on that for some larger pieces I'd like to make. I barely ever find those points. Must be used a lot there. I'm always wishing they made opposite sides bottom plows. Man those would make for some cool sculpture parts.
  12. Le Pig

    Very cool anvil. The dog looks a little intimidated by it. thanks for sharing, now I'll have anvil envy all day lol.
  13. Tiger the cattle dog

    Wow Cathy, awesome work, especially for your first two sculptures. welcome aboard and to the fun. Keep at it! I'd love to see what else you make. Scrapartoz as well as Ausfire on here have both been very helpful and inspirational to me. Did you use a wire form on Tiger for the general shape? The hunt for good old scrap parts is always a struggle. good luck. Search on here for TPAAAT, it can be used to find more then just anvils. Keep spreading the word and eventually you'll have scrap just showing up at your door step haha.
  14. 5" post vise - Identification tips

    Many post vise you would not find out the identity. Since many are unmarked. From what I've learned and experienced, if the screw and screw box is good then it's a good servicable vise. The rest is pretty easy to make or repair.
  15. You bring up a good point rockstar. A few times I have been tied up in conversation before with people. I try to keep it short because at times there are other people trying to inquire about something and I have to tend the table. Sometimes it is great info, like about other local shows to attend and places to check out, or once in a while telling me about some old scrap they have " sure I'd be more then happy to have it" ok, that was one time... But anyway, most of the time they are considerate and let you go to talk with others. When they want to keep on its probably best to hand them a card and politely excuse yourself and ask them to email or call you later. I really need to get an easy up canopy too because it's not easy to sell some items when they can't even pick them up being so hot from the sun lol. Oh, and it's great to have a large "attention grabbing" item out front to draw people in. I learned that from my flea marketing days. I'm sure if you are demoing, then the ring of the anvil should be enough.