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  1. My little lot from the steam gas and horse show fleamarket. The tongs are 4' long. For $20. I couldn't pass them up. The light I plan to use in a sculpture and the guy gave me a nice reusable bag to put it in lol. Also can't pass on a functional vise for $5.
  2. Really hope to make it Jim. You demoing? Liked your hammer demo at last years PAABA meet.
  3. Hey Pe3ssure, glad you met Jim. He's a great guy. Got some good finds. Think if all goes well I'll head down and check it out with my daughter in the am. Sunday is my morning to give mom a break and let her sleep in.
  4. John, might I suggest running cable through the spring (like on newer garage door side springs) so that if it fails again the spring can't go flying. I had a garage door spring break and flew into a metal cabinet denting the corner in about an inch. Ended up replacing them with new and ran the safety cable. A flying spring under tension is no joke.
  5. Billy, a body shop practically connected to a dealership. I'm paid flatrate, so when I'm not touching a car, I'm not getting paid.
  6. Um, pretty much. Bean counters that teach managers how to count beans more percisely. So far we are doing more paperwork, signing off on other employees work and spending atleast a half hour more in meetings. Not to mention updating the computer system on our personal devices and tracking down our parts and service writers constantly. It's amazing we touch a car at all.
  7. Aus, I've yet to try a knot. Those look great. Cool idea. Great first opener BEJ. I've been slowed down in the shop a bit lately. My boss hired on a consulting group or whatever to get our shop running better and reneged on our deal that I can start at 9am, and now I have to start at 8am for morning meetings. It's thrown off my daily routine which I got good with (and it's hard for me to even have a "routine"). So I've been bumbling aimlessly the past week, unable to concentrate or get going on anything. Tired earlier but my artistic side works best late. Oh what one hour can do. Anyway, clawing my way through making another skull for a larger piece. Already messed up the spine stem and have to rebend that. Probably going to redo the lower bolts for the eye sockets and move them up using thinner bolts. Guess it'll all come out in the mix.
  8. Yeah, thats pretty close to me. Never seem to make it out lately tho. Always something going on. Ugh. Maybe I can sneak out there sunday. Be prepared for slow traffic on rt.40. Since there are yard sales All along it. And good luck not getting stuck behind the wagontrain. I walked 20 miles with it when I was a boyscout and been stuck in traffic behind it as an adult. http://www.nationalpike.com/
  9. Do you have Hand forging experience with hammer and anvil? Because a power hammer is just an extension of that for working larger stock or working stock faster. If you have no hand forging experience then there is a lot to learn and mistakes will happen faster and worse with a power hammer.
  10. Whatcha making? Those are two totally different tools for different uses.
  11. Still a little difficult to advise without more info as Glenn mentioned. I can offer a lot of ideas about your forge but you might have modified it to where some are already done. Are there now cutouts on the sides to pass the stock through? Did you line it to get the fuel above the pipe? As it stands it would be very difficult to maintain a coal fire in that without totally rebuilding the fire often, And would be a fuel hog.
  12. I recently cracked one just starting the drift a bit cold. Mine was in hotdog steel. Good reminder to keep the work in the upper temps for this. You want a full heat to start punching, then duller red to punch the slug through from the other side. Black heat is no go. Drift at full heat.
  13. I was thinking that too, but to one side is thicker than the other which on a body spoon/paddle would tend to be the same thickness. Plus the thinner edge is protruding more which wouldnt make sence.
  14. Welcome aboard Jerry. You found the right place. Be sure to read this to get the most from the forum.
  15. How small are you? Hard to give any advise without knowing if you are 2' tall? 5'tall? Mouse size? Cat size? What tools are you working with? What are you making/going to make? What kind of forge, and how big of an anvil? Have a post vise or bench vise?