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  1. It's always a surprise what you get into next with an older house. Sometimes a "simple fix" gets into a major renovation.
  2. We'd love to entirely redo the bathroom but at the moment best we can afford it to repair the bad areas behind the tile and mitigate any further damage and possible mold issues. I've never really plastered or tiled so this should be interesting. Been doing some research and how to's. Funny that one video on the rotten backing behind the tile looked Exactly like my shower, same issue and same tile.
  3. Must be that time of year. Elizabeth took the kids to visit family in ny for a week and a half and my honey do list is long. Including replastering a wall in the kitchen and repairing a rotting tiled wall in the shower. She had wanted me to redo the hardwood floors but that project will have to wait due to time and money. I bet this week and a half flies by.
  4. So sorry for your loss Steve. My condolences to you and family.
  5. The warrior disc was $4.49 vs. the bauer's at $6.49 I'll be taking these two wheels to task early this week and see what life they have left and how it goes with the end of their usefulness. Les, I totally get it. Were this my day job I would go for the higher quality. I will say people should Always inspect the wheels for visible defects before purchasing or use, and always use best safe practices in use. I believe that is covered in another topic here. Thomas, I always keep an eye out for the higher quality products at lower prices either at fleamarkets, yard sales or
  6. You will make good use of it. You'll honestly love as soon as you can upgrade to a larger tank. Less trips to fill, better fill/exchange price for the bigger size and more work from it in the meantime. But you'll love you have it now.
  7. So I was looking at prices of their different wheels. I thought "what the Hay, try two different ones and see how they do" I couldn't see much difference in looking at them. In equal work grinding some rebar to points I noticed. A little unfair in I used 36 grit in the cheaper one (didn't have them in 40grit at the store) and 40grit in the "better" brand. Well in equal grinding work the "better" brand that boasted better performance outperformed. More disc and still cutting better than the cheapy brand. When I get out to buy more, I'd like to test prices and performance
  8. I got to ride in the caboose once. From hookup at the yard till the engine broke down and we had to wait to get towed by a diesel engine which excitingly hooked up at the caboose and pushed us. Was a fun ride.
  9. Nice. I'd love to see more and better pictures of the vise on the right.
  10. Just the huge skull would make for a very mean looking fire pit. I've wanted to do a dragon as either a mailbox (with the head and mouth being the mailbox) or atleast a mailbox holder (if USPS wouldn't allow a dragon head as a mailbox.
  11. Good one Kexel. Ah the hours I could put in before having kids...
  12. Got my welding wire in and made a few more gator teeth and got them tacked in. Man, these things got a lot of teeth. Never saw one in person thankfully. Guessing about 17 more teeth or so then I'll see about really welding them in. Lol, speaking of clocks, Alexandr is on it. Not sure I'll get into a tick tock clock for this guy due to effort vs. Price but the pegleg tool holder might be in the budget.
  13. I like the ideas Frosty & Biggun. If it weren't a fire pit I wouldn't hesitate to go with spark plugs as teeth. I fear between the heat, loading wood in and using fire tools they would be quite susceptible to breaking.
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