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  1. Chris, not getting it all right the first time is part of the learning curve. Persistance is how you get good. It's good to set it all down when you get tired and pick it up the next day with a fresh mind. Slow down and think about what you are going to do then once you have a plan, try it. If it isn't going right take a break to figure out why. There is a wealth of knowledge online. There are instructional videos on welding And forging. If your weld didn't hold, maybe look up a few videos to see if you could improve on how to do it. I really enjoyed TechnicusJoe's (on youtube) on how to make tongs. There are many others as well. In the end they just need to function. You can make more after and improve. If you have the time it's well worth using it to practice and improve. You'll get it.
  2. Lol Jim. Frosty, sadly I've known techs that would tend to wind up with large spare fastner bins, and not from used parts like I save them from. Congrats on the car Pnut, and the deal with the landlord.
  3. When he mentioned it, I bolted out the door.
  4. A friend messaged me this morning. Said he had a loader bucket full of bolts for me to make art with. For the price,($0.) I couldn't pass it up. All new. He said he got them dumpster diving, and scrap is low atm. Awesome. That'll keep me busy for a bit. I'll be making him a good thank you gift. Perhaps I'll get more.
  5. Lots of nice work everyone. Got some horseshoe hooks done for a commission. It's been a little crazy out and altho I'm not worried, my "head isn't in the game". Lots of distraction out there, not to mention still trying to keep up with the new addition to the family. Which, all is well and going great, just lacking a little sleep and anyone with kids understands.
  6. CGL, definitely ask before someone else does. If you saw it someone else might have too. Thanks Olfart, Les, Jim. Time does fly so I try to spent time every evening and weekends with my daughter. Now daughters. Still do have to get out, work and pay the bills tho. Thomas, surely not the reason. Where there is a will there is a way. Hammers Are cheaper to ship tho.
  7. Thanks Les. I am sure they will. So far Ayana has been absolutely great with lil sis. We have also been blessed with many hand me downs and new essentials so we really are fortunate. While the commissions and forge will have to wait a little, I'll be working on the most important things in my life, and that is family bonding time.
  8. Old Crew, great job! We considered home birth and we wanted it but they really put out a lot of things to get moms worried and she did start worrying so off to the hospital we went. As many can attest here, trade jobs are underpromoted and many pay well. I couldn't even guess yet what mine would choose to do but I sure have a Lot to teach them. CGL, it was always nice when you could hand them backafter a while or when they need changed, but I wouldn't give up the lack of sleep and tantrums for the world. Little ones are so precious. They do grow up quick. Seems like yesterday Ayana was like the tiny one we just brought home. Thanks all. I'm beyond thankful in my heart. First morning all together and it's all going well.
  9. Lol Randy, fore sure. Thank God I have heat in the shop if I need it. I took the week off work to see how we can "try" to start a routine. Ayana does seem to love her but a tough lil girl going into her terrible twos and an infant... oh boy. Thanks Rojo. They are pricey in ways. Definately keepers.
  10. Lots of nice things following people home! Today my second daughter followed me home. In a car seat. Adelyn. We rushed out to the hospital after I left work on thursday. Been "Prisoners" of the hospital till around noonish today. Now we are trying to settle and forge weld a new born and an almost 2yo. into one happy family. Wish us luck, haha. We are doing our best.
  11. Due the 16th but may be very soon I think. Go for it on the hook idea. JLP, haven't heard from the one biannual show I do yet. There are other shows but I may have to stick tighter to the old 8-5 job for a little bit.
  12. Nice work CGL! Billy, nice. Wow Jennifer, I have to say I'm behind on watching your great videos but plan to catch up once my second child is born and I have a lil time. Its been hectic busy lol. Anyway between working on the spiderweb shutter that hates me, got a couple samples done for a horse head heart coat hanger made. First has a horse leg as the hanger. But of the ideas she prefers the timber nail hanger. Easier and cheaper for me to make. It all sells so I'm not worried. If it doesnt I'll keep it.