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  1. "Looks" like a hay budden to me. Other detailed pictures may tell a different story. I wouldn't worry about it and get to work using it. Keep track of the crack or seam, and if it gets worse Then worry about it. In that area it could be safely repaired anyway so no worries in my opinion. Cute kitty. I miss my forge cat Boots who passed a bit ago in november of 2018.
  2. Nothing wrong with the name. My favorite fire tool is a large, long handled spoon I forged. Don't hear of forge spoons too often, so a fire pocker is perfectly fine. Especially a nicely forged one as Davor made.
  3. I've seen many "antique, collectable" prices and"interests" plummet on things over the years. Who knows how the anvil blacksmith tool market will go, but I have a feeling it will drop off a bit. Also they can only go so high on prices till new anvils become the option, or with more knowledge in the general interested public, improvised anvils.
  4. Well, not saying it couldn't or wouldn't, but a 400lb anvil is much less likely to "walk away" than a 150lb anvil. I certainly would have one displayed proudly as a yard ornament if I had a bunch and had no money worries. I have a friend who has inquired about such anvils in folks yards and most of the time they are not willing to part with them even with generous offers.
  5. V it out, weld it up, little grinding and you're back in business.
  6. Could call it a fire hoe or fire rake. Whatever you wanna call it, it looks good.
  7. Something to be said of Frosty worried He would spook the Bear!
  8. Thanks Frosty, That is a great view. I'll have to reschedule for another weekend after I'm healed up if I can. I'm really missing forging and getting to pick up my daughters. Thomas, I'd have really been questioning the reasoning to be tortured like that.
  9. You are moving along Jennifer. Happy for your progress. Great people to help out too is always a blessing.
  10. Hope I don't for atleast a week haha.
  11. It was a chore to get into my jeep at work when I finally admitted to myself that this was something serious and I headed to the dr. office. Then really a chore to get back in it after the dr. sent me to the ER. (Yeah, they just let me go myself.) Finally made it after vomiting a few times. It was not a good experience. Got a ride home and haven't gotten in my jeep yet but I sure wont be jumping out of it any time soon. Tring to take it easy no matter how I move. Again still lucky I got 3 small incisions rather than one large one. I can handle a groan or chuckle. I should avoid bel
  12. TJD, sorry to hear of your grandmothers issues. Glad she was cleared and is home now. It's a shame the prices on some of this medication and antibiotics. Enjoy the time you have with her. Time is a precious thing. It's always sad to think of all the conversations I wish I had had with my now passed grandparents. I'm always grateful for the time I did have with them. Her and your family are in my prayers.
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