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  1. "Donkey" hammer

    Go ahead! haha
  2. "Donkey" hammer

    After the dog head hammer post some ideas traspired. After digging through some hammers tonight I found a junky claw hammer begging for a more interesting life. So here is a Jack... Er. Uh Donkey head hammer.
  3. making first forge

    The lip on the rotor isnt too bad. sure it would be better without but the right rotor works. if you have the means, making a fire pot is still a good option. clinker is the impurities in cole and a lil bit in coke that dont burn but absorb heat and heat up blocking the airflow and need to be scooped out occasionally. the cleaner (better)the coal/coke the less you'll get. I dont have a clinker breaker but rather scoop it out when it builds up. you'll know when it is once you learn fire management and get used to your forge. some use a raised air inlet in the pot to get the clinker to form a doughnut around it instead of it blocking the inlet. I added that to my portable forge ot but have yet to finish and try it out. many times if it isnt too bad you can poke or scrape the inlet with your poker/fire rake and clear it.
  4. making first forge

    I have had some luck mig welding to the rotor but I would not suggest welding it to the bottom of the table. As others have said a rotor will easily hold itself in the hole of the table with the lip on it. Welding on a spacer and pipe and tacking in a grate worked fine for my own forge.
  5. First Attempt at a Feather Pattern

    WOW! I love the feather pattern and you really nailed it. Beautiful work Heap!
  6. Show me your anvil

    Shoulda got out the old misery whip.
  7. Cassowary

    I had to look that one up. The chain worked out great. I'm sure it was a bear welding it all up. Awesome job. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention and many pictures with smiling people beside it.
  8. making first forge

    The table top doesn't need to be real thick.It just holds extra fuel. The fire pot takes most all the heat. Looks like a good design. Sorry I cant help much on pot size other then to say an 8"dia./2" -three" deep brake rotor works great for me. you could look at the sizes sold by commercial fire pot makers in that design. Also 2" pipe works great for the T for me. Cool project and best of luck.
  9. Frosty's under the Weather

    I'd have guessed you had the chills but we certainly don't want to put you on deFrost just yet. It's definitely not a punny around here with you in bed sick. Stay warm Frosty.
  10. Ventilation Question

    Welding produces all kinds of nasties. I couldn't say exactly how much air flow you need, but you need air coming in and air going out, and a lot of it with welding. you also need to have the area free of anything flammable materials. Those sparks and weld splatter go Everywhere. Even at work we quit welding at least a half hour before any quitting time to make sure nothing is smoldering. (in the body shop). Also smoke and stuff can rise going through ducts and vents into the house. Sorry I don't have an exact for you but yeah more airflow and safer is better. Last thing you want is to be fumed out or burn the house down.
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Or. haven't been strictly kicked to the couch YET.
  12. Lol. I'm right there with you. Most is trial and error with me and computers, at least.
  13. I don't know on the @.... Never mind. It just came up looking for a name when I put in the symbol lol. Guess just the symbol then the persons name. Picture is how it looks when it comes up on my phone For the links I just copied and pasted the url from another window.