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  1. It works for both and is a very cool design. For a touch more shrunken head look you could keep the base that tapers to the hook thicker on top of the head and chisel it to look like hair. Sort of like a wizards beard.
  2. Very shrunken head looking. Nice work.
  3. Beautiful all around. Traditional or not that is a masterpiece as I always see from you. Thanks for sharing. Always inspirational. I will have to hunt that movie down
  4. On the holes, will you be drilling straight down then a second hole angled up from the side to meet it or drilling straight through?
  5. Way too much where I am from ( in southwestern PA. ) anvils seem to be going high everywhere but in my opinion it's way too expensive. : A little context: look at what a brand new anvil will cost from a reputable maker and judge from there.
  6. Well once you get to making your own tools it is hard to justify certain prices. I have come way down in prices on certain tools with the more experience and knowledge I have gained. It comes down to what you can make from what and is it cheaper to buy it.
  7. Well I'm no good at talking but on occasion.....
  8. Very nice contribution.
  9. Found a post vise on Craigslist today and told my friend in need of one about it. We stopped down after work and got to talking and I came home with these treasures. The block is 2"x4"x9" with 3/4" holes. Some usable tongs, star drills in all sizes ( great to make into punches) and other scrap art goodies. And a 4ton portapower not pictured. Very nice gentleman. There will be another trip to this place as he has much more unboxed. He wasn't sure what I meant by wanting junk gears, tools and stuff for scrap metal sculptures until I showed him some pictures of some things I've made, then a lightbulb when off and he realized what kind of stuff I was looking for. He gave me the braces, hand crank and steel block for free.
  10. Nice. I really like the profile. Looks great for some firsts and the pattern turned out pretty wild.
  11. Anyone would be proud with one of those as an award. Nice work.
  12. Go ahead with the tongs out of rebar until you can get better stock to make them out of. You got some places to look. Also look up some of Technicus Joes videos on YouTube. He has some good tutorials on making tongs. The rrspike flat jaw tongs I made from his tutorial are one of my most used. Sure you will work harder and longer without using better materials to start but if it gets you started and moving forward then it's a good thing. Just know that there Are way better materials to use for projects. I forged a pair of tongs out of rebar on a chunk of granite using a junky 1lb ball pein hammer just to see if I could. I sure didn't waste more time drawing out the reins but I was able to make a functional pair of flat jaw tongs. I doubt I could have done it without the knowledge of how to make them tho. It sure wasn't the best use of my time and not great materials to use but I did learn from it. And it is way easier with better materials. Get working and learning. check out those links and continue your research from there. Thomas and Frosty are trying to help you get thinking of easier/ better ways to go about it but If that's all you have right now and you want to try it go for it. Just be safe doing so.
  13. Aus, was tha side handle on that grinder? Many times people take them off to reach into tighter spaces. Removing the handle makes the tool Much more hard to control and Much more dangerous. Sometimes you just need the right tool for the job and die grinders with smaller wire wheels are better for tighter spaces. I do often wear gloves when using the angle grinder. The key is knowing and respecting the tool and keeping safe using it. I wear tighter gloves like mechanix gloves when using those. You need to be able to control the tool so loose or bulky gloves are not the best. Also No loose clothing that it can grab and wind into it.
  14. As far as I have ever seen they are cast iron and so not forging material. Have you done a spark test to see what it might be?
  15. Good to hear some things are improving. You're still on the list.