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  1. This is my second "real" knife. it's from 1 1/4" gaswell crane cable forge welded. 10" overall length ( again, Thanks Bearded Guy for the gift of the cable and some insight into working it.) All I know is it spark tested as High carbon so this was an experiment that turned out well except for an inclusion that showed itself in the tempering ( a forge welding problem I'm guessing). Etched in 5% apple cider vinegar at +- 150 degrees F for a while (all I had), then sanded wet with 2000 grit. handle is oak, stained with chestnut stain and several applications of linseed oil with 1/8" brass pins. dunno what else to say but I'm happy with the end result. It feels great in my hand. I learned some things along the way. #1 re-read about knife making step by step. #2 practice the forge welding. #3 have a plan for a knife shape/design. #4 don't mess up good handle material like an idiot.( Poor lacewood.) There's more..... I don't plan to specialize in knives but hey, they can be fun. I know I will make more here and there. what else? oh yeah have a belt grinder lol. Man, files and blocking sandpaper are killers. I did make a grinding jig for the bevels that I learned about from Steve's book but they might be a bit beefy compared to what they should be, but it helped. Yeah, I need to re-read that book before the next attempt.
  2. That's a beauty of a utility knife Templehound. The sheath is very nice.
  3. Lol Frosty, I was talkin about Bearded Guys grinder. I would love to come visit some time if I could. I'm planning a world trip to visit blacksmiths around the world. Just as soon as I hit big on the lottery. Now, to start playing the lottery.
  4. Nice looking flower. I like the wood mount. The torch comes in handy with peining the flowers on. I use it on my roses. It does take practice and keeping an eye out that you don't get the petals too hot.
  5. Sounds awesome. I bet it's a nice place. How much split fire wood was left there? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BxCmG5sG6A So.. have any pictures of the shop?
  6. selling point ( hype) on the wrought iron? I have a Trenton that the only identifying mark was the lower half to the diamond. wasnt worried about it since it is a good anvil. cool to know tho.
  7. But I like doing things the hard way. I will have to come check that guy out sometime.
  8. Yup Make a tool to suit the need you have. Forge one out! haha Knofebish.......forget the rebar for knives... Atleast read up in the knife making section and try with some coil or leaf spring steel. Something worth the effort.
  9. Nice work on the Nice looking tongs!
  10. Well played Brian.
  11. Well, I started shaping some blades, tried out and bought an anvil for a friend that is serious about starting out ( it's a no name 100# cast steel that feels and sounds like a vulcan but it will work and the price is right.) Made him a hot cut hardy to fit the hardy hole, shaped one cable welded blade some more (Thanks again Bearded Guy) and heated and hardened it. it is in the oven now tempering. And talked with the friend working on my website. Now I wind down and deal with the work week ahead.....
  12. Lump charcoal would be the way to go. Most big home improvements carry it, but you could burn down wood to get the coals you need as well, if not even build a charcoal retort. I had built a 55 gallon drum to make charcoal but only had used it once, then found a source for coal. Yes please direct them here and tell them to pack a lunch since there is a Lot of good info here to read through.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure that will help someone out in the future.
  14. That turned out great Brian. It was some good fun and I'm glad to share what I know. Maybe next time your over we can make some dagger bottle openers. Hmm.. Don't know if I ever posted those.
  15. ASO. anvil shaped object. It looks like a cast iron part of an old anvil vise combination and not good for forging on. you could use the horn part for small stuff. keep looking and when you get a fire going use that rail on end as an anvil.