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  1. Always bring everything lol. Including the forge. Ugh. Never know. Probably why I bring too much stuff to demos. Nice work for a rush job.
  2. It's a tobacco tin. There are very similar if you search "justrite tobacco tin"
  3. Sounds like an absolutely horrible nightmare of a situation to be stuck in. Other neighbors and I were being harassed and threatened with fines for our stuff on our property not long ago. (Even had to go to court to beg for an extension on time) luckily was able to do enough to have them ok it. Thankfully the offended nutcase is now gone and replaced with a Good neighbor. We had to hastily move and get rid of stuff to appease the township. Thankfully it's been quiet since the offended offender moved away. I really hope and pray you are able to save your property. If there was anything I could physically do I would.
  4. Deffinately cool Rojo. Im with Frosty and like pieces that get the imagination going as well.
  5. Between last night and tonight, finished up some different wood brands (pics probably tomorrow) and branded the year and large letters on 140 of these beer sampling paddles. (Forget the name of them atm.) Flight paddle, thats it. I'll say that smaller brands are cake. This big one was a nightmare to heat and use so much. Funny thing is I had no clue how many boards were getting branded till last night. And a day or two before that I didn't know I was doing them all. Ugh. Deffinately know what you are getting into. Picture is of my practice board that isn't packed away yet. Deffinately not the best. Going to go pass out now.
  6. They deffinately had more hammer heads than I've collected. very cool.
  7. Well, many questions on the unknown. A mouse or chipmunk could have loaded it with nuts or built a nest in it. Mud daubers could have built a mud nest in it. There could be a piece of something that is blocking the gears (may not have blocked it before but did now from sitting or moving it). The case bolts or fan nut may have loosened where the fan is wedging on the case. Just a few things to check without knowing more, and since you believe it doesnt have any broken gear teeth.
  8. Doesn't have to be a ball pein hammer. You could use roundbar (or any thicker bar stock) to make a texturing struck tool. Axle/cv shaft, tortion bar, even mild steel would work really. Just make it long enough to keep your hand a lil higher up away from heat, or make a twisted wire handle on a shorter one. Using spare/ junkie hammers is just expedient when they are at hand. Like thomas said, I also pick them up when the price is right and hang on to them for when a use arises.
  9. Thanks Fowllife. It's all helpful info. That's probably what this welder will be for and the rod suggestions help. Good to know about the Hobart rods, since all the local farm stores seem to carry them. After this weekend I should have time to go over the welder and try it out.
  10. Nothing wrong with rebar for certain projects. It can be a bit harder to work. I will say that some forging projects I've done with it where I wasn't looking to save any of the rebar texture would have been way easier using regular mild steel.
  11. Once you get a welder, you wonder what you ever did without one.
  12. Thanks Dax, takes a bit of hand sanding on a flat surface to get everything flat. Deffinately a learning experience making the letters. Had to add the braces so it wouldn't warp when heated. Aus you really have the ram and longhorn heads down. Really nice hooks.
  13. Nice work Aus! Looks like a quick seller. Better make more.
  14. Thanks Irondragon. I'll have to get out there some time and check out what's still there. Really interesting info.