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  1. On post vise, more important than the maker is the size, quality and completeness. Most important are the screw and screw box as those are hardest to repair or fabricate. Maker is useless if the screw and box are wrecked. Can you get pictures of them? Mainly the screw wound out. Kinda hard to see inside the screw box but it can be done. But if the screw is wrecked, the box probably is too. I was going to mention the bracket, hardware and spring being missing but i relooked and saw them on the side. Looks like the jaws meet up fairly evenly. It has has a fair amount of use but if the screw and box are good, it has many years of life left in it. Most post vise were not marked. Some markings could even have been put there by a previous owner. In my opinion there are good ones and bad ones depending on condition, and big and small ones depending on the work you expect out of it. First thing is I would want to see a picture of the screw.
  2. Totally agree George. If the animal is just being friendly give it some love or just ignore it if you don't like em. Heck with anybody being mean or rude to them. And good bye, have a blessed life. DHarris, you should see if he will sign/engrave the hammer while he fixes it up for 3x the going rate. A simple thing that will make it extra special.
  3. The old rule in the bodyshop ( mostly for young guys) is, if you borrow it twice or 3 times, you buy it. The guy about the knife has been in the business longer than me. I eventually sharpened his stump of a knife for him. He also borrowed a glass (eurathane) cutting tool with out me knowing and tried cutting out a bolt and beutyl glass and chipped it bad. It took some investigative work to find out he did it. I fixed it but deffinately lock up my tools better now. My bad that I trusted my coworkers at the time. I even bought tools that the shop provides one of because I was sick of tracking it down when I needed it. I do Not lend them out and blatantly tell them so when they ask unless I really trust the person as a good friend and I'm in a good mood.
  4. Ill agree with you there. I do have dress shoes if I Have to but prefer my boots, but my ratty hat accompanies me Everywhere, and unless its in a church out of respect, my hat is On. I Hate wearing fancy cloths. Prefer my regular work wear or even a halloween costume over that lol. The old goth/industrial music scene was fun for their masquerade parties. I'm not even sure what one is other than the ones I went to at the clubs in pittsburgh. Maybe they are snooty ritzy masquerade balls haha. The ones I know are open and accepting of anyone going to have fun, no matter your attire. There was anywhere from steampunk, goth, cyberpunk, vampire, rave, punk, grunge, regular suits, everyday attire and any costume you could imagine, and a few I'd like to forget. Ugh the fun old days.
  5. Lol, hadn't seen that one that I recall. Will have to find it.
  6. Cat and dog approved Alexandr. Nice work. Hondo, looks like you could have forged a little thicker to be able to get out the hammer marks. Also look into draw filing. I don't have a belt grinder myself but use some careful grinding with the 4 1/2" grinder then draw file to get a nice profile. After draw filing to shape then sandpaper in increasing grits on a block will polish it up. Looks like a start and you'll get your air figured out for the forge with more experience.
  7. Do it for the kids lol. I still love costuming. Frosty,if he keeps complaining we'll tell her to cut the bottom out of a jack-o-lantern and plop it on his head as a mask. Hmm. That reminds me of some weird race or something I've heard of where they wear jack-o-lanterns on their head and run naked through the streets.
  8. If someone asks to borrow a tool, first I assess their ability, then will ask what they need it for/what use. Then I decide if they are capable or what the proper tool would be. I was once asked if the person could borrow my pocket knife. I said no at first. Then was curious what he needed it for. He wanted to pry off a car mirror cap and surely would have broken my knife. I told him so and explained thatis why Im hesitant to lend tools. Bad enough when I do something dumb with my own tools. I asked him where his knife was and he showed me his broken dull knife... said his wouldn't work. Ugh! I offered proper tools for the job, a pocket screwdriver and plastic pry tool.
  9. Funny story Billy. Lol. Wish i could see her face when you told her. Be even funnier if your friend turned towards her and had a beard. Yeah Frosty, you make a good madd nurse. Back in my earlier band days I made a big syringe probably about 16" long with the plunger closed. It was a working prop and would shoot water with red food coloring. Wish I still had it. Had a clear plastic tube with a polished aluminum "needle" and steel handle with the loops. Some rubber bushings made it actually work. Haven't done a lot in costumes lately but have a good furry wolf costume I made about 15 years ago that I will still wear, and have stuff for a pirate costume including a wooden sword I made.
  10. Nice cone and at a steal of a price. Congrats!
  11. The sad part is some people Do get fooled. So far there is no real threat to the scammers. I've even heard they can call from local numbers and people call back and it is an innocent person on the other end. I get calls on occasion. Seems like they come in waves. I just hang up. If I even answer. If it is important they will leave a message or text me. Im wary to bother answer any call from a # not in my phone but still occassionally do. Far as email... I can tell right away and will delete without clicking any links. Sometimes you can look up the "warning" from the company and email or phone call and there are warnings it is a scam. Never just click their links. And the Irs, police or other important source will mail you a real letter or more likely a certified or a signature verified letter if it is important. They don't bother calling or just emailing when you are in hot water. If it is odd, too good to be true or suspicious, just don't trust it. Scammers are everywhere. On a side note, I love the videos of people messing with scammers. Lol, No legit big company will have you pay them with gift cards or have you mail cash in any way.
  12. Billy, I meant to also post on your photos and got mentally sidetracked lol. Love halloween and there are a lot into it here as well. That looks like a fun town. I haven't had the kind of time I've had in the past to decorate. I used to go all out. I still have some animatronic halloween decorations in mind to build. Unfortunately many of my old decorations and stuff have deteriorated a bit. Elizabeth is more into lawn inflatables and cheap decorations... "sigh" I like full on realistic scary decor.
  13. That's a pretty interesting idea Thomas! It is always nice to be able to condense stuff to pack it away. I've been getting asked if I'm making more helium tank jackolanterns but don't know if I'll have the time.
  14. Sounds like a fun competition. Did that 10 minutes include initial heat time? Glad you had fun and got to teach so much while you were there. When I do get out to a forging event I like to use most of that time forging because that's the fun part to me. I'm not usually much of a talker. I'm really sad I missed it but I was making memories with the kids over letting them go without me and me selfishly having my own fun. Not that they wouldn't have fun there, just that they were going camping with their grandparents either way. Hope to make it to the next one or atleast meet up at another event.
  15. Kubotas are great. Just keep it well maintained because replacement parts are not cheap. Not sure what year it is but some old ones are hard to find parts for at all. Mine is a 3cy. 4wd Diesel as well. They are tough tractors. Not overly powerful but powerful enough. Like a tank.
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