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  1. Nice score Seldom. Funny when sometimes you stand there debating on something at the fleamarket and they toss a low number at you that seals the deal.
  2. I honestly haven't used it horizontally yet. I would bed it has to do with how it is mounted. It comes with different brackets for some different brand saws. You probably used the milwaukee hardware. Is there any adjustment that might square it up for a straighter cut?
  3. If it would make good blade steel, then wood carving knives come to mind.
  4. I like a red and black combination but after starting to forge I have avoided red for the most part other than some highlights. Reasoning is to train myself to avoid touching red things / hot things haha.
  5. Lots of nice work everyone. Always inspirational and sorry I never can comment on all the great work. Love the spoon Rojo. Jennifer that fire poker handle is Amazing. Love the flower style Larry. I could see the landscape nails working for large dandelion puffs too. Great idea and nice of you to offer it to the memorial.
  6. I just went out to look around and while the sky was clear at the moment, I don't see anything out of the ordinary. But! This evening I saw something I haven't seen since the day my eldest daughter was born in 2018 looking out of the hospital room window. Today We saw a double rainbow.
  7. I have a funny story about trying to burn out a groundhog from its hole with gasoline only to almost burn down my shop. Funny thing. Check Your Fire extinguishers to make sure they are still good. Mine was not and I barely kept my shop from catching fire. It was years ago and I can laugh now but wow, lesson learned. Then there was my cousin with a coffee can full of gas trying to burn out a ground bee nest almost catching himself on fire when we were kids.
  8. There are many ways to fix it Will. I prefer like many others to use a mount that isnt so permanent in a way and removable. With what you have now you could use a cut off wheel and just cut the bar off that holds the spring. Clean things up a bit and drill the bar and the weld mounted spikes to tap and use bolts to attach it. (If I seem unclear on that let me know and I will try to sketch a diagram later and attach it here.) Sometimes I'm not good at writing exactly what I am thinking. Also, tho it has been said that mild steel can work as a vise spring, I prefer to make them out of small leaf( as in trailer springs) or coil spring steel. No need to heat treat per say, just let it cool as forged. Your spring shape looks good but being mild steel you might have set it up to be tight and springy when with mild steel you would just want it to just bump it open and not a heavy push. Spring steel would be more forgiving.
  9. Hi Will, Welcome aboard. I'm about 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh. Look up PAABA. (Pittsburgh area Artist Blacksmith Association). I am a member but at the moment rarely get out to any events. They are a great group and hold meets and events in our area. The website is a little dated but has the main info needed. If you have any questions feel free to call Chris Holt or John Steel for info. The group is very friendly and welcoming. It would be well worth attending a meet to find others closer to you and learn a bit. What kind of forge/fuel are you using? If you need any help or whatnot feel free to let me know. Aric
  10. Ouch! Billy. Don't get down to the bones like the name. I can tend to cringe at some things I catch myself doing or see others doing and either stop or warn them. Sometimes simple things you typically do can go without the care or protection you should use. I really try to catch it early or remember to start with it but sometimes it takes an injury or brush with it to remind me. Safe habits are the best. I don't heal as quick as I used to. Heal up and try to remember safe practices First next time.
  11. Wow Billy, that looks cool. Can't wait to see it finished. Now I really want to make something similar.
  12. Frosty, they would probably just tangle and twist into an indestructible mess. Wisteria even fights itself, tangling and twisting around its own vines.
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