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  1. Did that to the last one I found crawling on me. I absolutely despise the things. I also destroy them in other ways. tape was convenient that time.
  2. For chickens I just used a road cone with the pointy end cut down a bit and the bottom cut down. Added a hook to hang it upside down. Chicken goes in head first upside down and I'd bleed em out rather than just lopping the head off. That is an interesting butcher shackle tho. The really cool invention is the whizz bang plucker. I'd like to make one of those before I'd do and larger scale butchering.
  3. Ah the temptation lol. As cool as it would be it's hard to hurt a quality old tool or such to use for art. I have many I keep as is to preserve the history. Sorry to hear Twistedwillow. Still stock but I haven't forged any yet. Not sure if the copper burning off might pose an issue. It might. Mine were longer and wound up as garden poles. Still haven't found any scrap copper rod to play with. Have enough to do to convince myself to buy some to play with.
  4. I never had to cut a switch. I certainly got spanked or smacked or whipped tho. Even thrown a couple times. It was only on the worst of things or if we really deserved it. Mom holding up the wooden spoon or dad pulling his belt off, folding it in half and cracking it were quick deterrents after a few woopings. Being a father now, their words of " this will hurt me more than it hurts you" mean a Lot more. My kids are still pretty young so I'm hoping to never have to say that to them. Ugh. I hope they aren't like I was in many ways lol.
  5. The grabbers are likely a fireplace log grabber. Double check the copper rod that it is in fact fully copper before you use it. It could be copper coated ground rod. I've run into that a couple times. The feed hopper could work well for a forge hood.
  6. Just to show you what I use. It's a steel plate with holes drilled in it. I dont think it would be good to tack weld to your cast fire pot but I tack weld it to my brake rotor fire pot. When it wears out I can simply cut the 4 tack welds and replace it. It could easily (depending on your skills) be fabricated to fit in the hole with a lip holding it in place.
  7. I know the phrase. My interpretation is "very cool" or another phrase I can't say on here lol. I take it as a nice compliment. Thanks Munnzach.
  8. Prayers for all involved fighting and dealing with it.
  9. Hmm. That gives me an idea. I have a small tin full of old new stock inkwell pen tips. Might dig them out and see about making metal feathers that can accept them. That's a nice looking half feather btw.
  10. Never tried that but I agree with others that over time you'll hit more where you want without thinking about it as much. Muscle memory and such. Don't think that any one trick makes you good. There are Many variables in forging. Figuring out or knowing the steel/metal for the job/item you are making, knowing how to work/hammer that metal, knowing your flame or fire control, knowing how to hold it, knowing the right hammer and tools for the job, knowing that metals forging temp, when it is ready to forge and when it needs to go back into the fire, knowing if it needs heat treat and how and what to do it, or if it should just cool on its it's own or just quench cool. All these and MANY more are considerations learned through knowledge shared or learned through experience. Just hammering a nail with a ball pein doesn't make you a good blacksmith. Just means you have some coordination.
  11. Then you are already working on becoming better. All I can say is read read read. This forum contains So much knowledge. Keep reading, you'll find topics you want to learn and even if they side tracketrack that's more you learned. It's all great. If you already do all those things, keep doing them. You aren't there yet. I mean that in a nice way. Keep forging and improving your skills. It isn't a one and done. It is a journey. You mentioned leaving the forum before over getting some backlash over things. That is not the way to move forward. Steel and iron don't care about your feelings. They move like they need to be moved and we as the lucky participants of this forum need moved like we do. It is to refine and shape US as we refine refine and shape metal. Some hang around and share our experiences with others hoping to help others learn. There would be no iforgeiron without that passion. But it is up to the person to learn what they will from what is there. Just like looking at an old iron hook hanging on the wall and figuring out how it was made. None of us have all the answers but we each have our experiences to help guide others on. And here, even old dogs learn new tricks now and then. But you need to learn from the old dogs to be able to refine what they know to be able to build more on the idea to create a new trick. Just going on your own from scratch only learns what they've forgotten long ago usually for good reason.
  12. My advice would be to get proficient at hand hammering and then, if you do enough of something you'll know better if you need a special tool to help increase production it better the final product.
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