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  1. Prices like that in many areas in the world, they go quick. Best thing to do if you are looking is to have cash on hand and be educated on the differences between a good anvil and an ASO. good luck on the next one.
  2. Yup, if the rebound is good this one would get you going until you find what you are really after. And like Frosty mentioned you could get use out of it And probably even turn a profit of you sell it. Using a smaller ballpein I usually just hold very light at the end of the handle and let the head drop from about 10" or so above the face and see how high it rebounds. No real grip on the handle just letting the handle rest in the hand.
  3. $1. A lb. is a good price. How far is it that you would have to travel to see it in person. #1 would be a rebound test. At 350lbs there is more then enough good surface area over the sweet spot to just not hammer over that hole in the side. To me it "looks" like a wrought iron anvil that probably has a steel faceplate. So if it isn't too far go give it a rebound test and if that's good then personally I think it should be fine. Just my opinion.
  4. I liked them so much for the rifle range that I bought two pair. ( one for friends that show up unprepared.) They work great in the shop as well. Have had people hang out that couldn't handle as much loud sound as I can and just hand them a pair. I have used them for years now and they are still working perfect. I give them a thumbs up. Also friends I have let use them have bought their own.
  5. Beautiful work Bob!
  6. Lol
  7. I know what you mean.
  8. Ya mean letter opener? I'm sure it could open bottles too tho. A little forging on the spike head and it'll do both easily.
  9. No problem, good to hear. Remember there are 3 sizes. Do a fit test before you use it.
  10. That's a cool little gnome. Looks like he's been chopping the tops of of bottles.
  11. That's a beautiful anvil stand. Love the brackets/bolts you made. I liked it unpainted but hey. I get it I'm just a scrap junky and love scraps natural colors.
  12. Good to hear Thomas. Now get back to work.
  13. Thank you for the info Templehound. I would like to try doing a stacked leather handle some time.
  14. any flat surface is susceptible to a bottle perch.