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  1. Daswulf

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard Cole. Making the tools is great. If you get good at it and make what people want that's even better for you. Welcome to IFI.
  2. Daswulf

    Show me your anvil

    That's basically the only situation I recommend taking a grinder to an anvil. There is a beautiful anvil at the last body shop I worked at. No matter what I tried they wouldnt sell it to me. Its still there. Last I visited a friend , now manager there, they had welded brackets to it to mount it down better than the bent nails it had before. I was a little sickened and the reasoning was the safety committee/ OSHA. Ugh..
  3. Daswulf

    Show me your anvil

    Awesome deal. I'll agree the welds are ugly. You could carefully cut it free, clean up the welds and if you like even reuse the stand with different a different mounting type. Or make a way better stand.
  4. I liked this handle style even before the twist.
  5. Daswulf

    It followed me home

    Well it can't ever be easy...
  6. Daswulf

    It followed me home

    Robert, cool find. I'm always poking around rocks or digging in the dirt to see what neat things I can find. When I was a kid there was a strip mine close by and I was always out there sundays finding fossils in shale and hauling back backpack loads.
  7. Daswulf

    Right or left?

    I'll also agree with whatever way works best for You for what You are doing. I mainly use mine with the horn to my left. I'll move around the anvil to what suits the work Or just move the anvil if it's better suited to the work at hand.
  8. Daswulf

    Show me your anvil stands

    If you do, try it and let us know how it goes?
  9. Daswulf

    It followed me home

    Glenn, I'm thinking I have a good Gast compressor without a tank. Might be an interesting project to mate the two. I have a good 80gal. Compressor now and a tire tank. Good ideas tho. John, or that, or a nice bbq grill if I get disgusted.
  10. Daswulf

    My first knife.

    I dig the style a lot. The choice of background for the photos is bad. A double edge dagger is ambitious for a first blade. Heat treating is an animal all itself.
  11. Daswulf

    It followed me home

    Well, it looks like they just aint like they used to be. After opening this guy up, seeing the issues, somw of the parts it needs just aren't listed. Can get the piston and sleeve for $50. But some bearings need changed. Hammer and brass hammer got it working but it's probably not lasting long. So a free big tank it is.
  12. Daswulf

    It followed me home

    Saw this shiny 33 gallon apple in the metal hopper at work today. I know the oilless compressors are fairly easily fixable for a low cost, so fixable or not its useful. Just plugged it is and it sounds like it needs a new piston and sleeve but still tries to make air. Marked that it was new in 2015 and still has the $350. Price tag on it.
  13. Daswulf

    the true history of the Tomahawk

    This fell apart quickly. Hew knew that might happen? Might take a bit to hone this one back into shape.
  14. Daswulf

    Show me your anvil stands

    I haven't noticed any issues with rebound with the rubber mat. There might be an ever so slight loss but I can forge on the ones with and the one without with nothing noticable to me.
  15. Daswulf

    Show me your anvil stands

    You should be fine then. Look forwar to seeing final pictures.