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  1. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I think I saw one of those (in pieces and incomplete) at Quad-State.
  2. Lisa was just marveling this morning how she — a professional musician with degrees from two world-famous conservatories — “could have married a man with such an unusual sense of pitch.” One nice thing about the removable pages is that I’ll be able to take them out and make photocopies for shop use.
  3. I don’t read German, but it looks like it was published in Munich in 1959. The pages are in an unusual setup. They are not bound together, but are a collection of single sheets (about 140-150; I haven’t counted) held together by a spring-loaded binding. Most of the sheets have drawings of some kind of ironwork (mostly architectural), and there is a small section at the back of photographs. Here’s a sampling: Apart from a little browning of the paper, everything is crisp and sharp, and there don’t appear to be any missing pages. I don’t know if any had ever been taken out before I did just now. Not bad for $3.49.
  4. The last two books arrived in the mail from a used book seller, by the way; not related to Quad-State.
  5. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I clean up before I forge! Longer answer in two parts: First, when I'm doing work that doesn't involve firing up the forge, I just make sure I have a clear area around where I need to stand. I do a fair amount of squeezing-in-bits-and-pieces-of-cold-work-when-I-can, so I tend not not waste time on cleanup; this means that junk tends to migrate around the shop area somewhat. (I will sometimes do a cleanup when things are really bad, as they're getting now.) When I'm actually going to be forging, everything gets cleaned up once the fire is lit and is coming up to forging temperature. Second, the area behind the anvil doesn't get cleaned up as much, because the treadle hammer is back there and I therefore don't forge on that side.
  6. JHCC

    Very new to this...

    Welcome aboard! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!
  7. I would say the exact opposite: leaf blowers are generally waaaaay too strong, while mattress inflaters are better for moving a large volume of air. They're also a lot quieter, which will be easier on your ears.
  8. Some books arrived:
  9. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    That’s exactly what it is: a 5lb. weight cut in half and welded to a hardy stem.
  10. I actually came home with money in my pocket, but that was because (a) I had to leave early for a family emergency and (b) I had set some money aside to pay for a replacement screw and box for my post vise, but the guy packed up and left before I got back to him. Well, that’s a head start for next year.
  11. JHCC

    Meant for blacksmithing?

    They are now!
  12. JHCC

    Hi new member from Twin Cities, MN

    Welcome aboard! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!
  13. JHCC

    Blade Show, months later <Photo heavy>

    That's some really impressive stuff, and what a thrill to have Lin Rhea praise your work! Great job!
  14. JHCC

    G&P Machinery 2x90 grinder?

    Two items of note: First, I found someone on eBay selling a box of five 2 x 90 Norton R999B belts in 24 grit for $22.50 including shipping. I know that's a really coarse grit, but I figure it will get me started and give me capacity for rough grinding things other than knives. Hard to beat the price, too. Second, there was someone at Quad-State this weekend selling a practically identical grinder (fitted out with a 3-phase motor and VFD, along with some 1 x 90 AO belts) for $750, marked down from $900. Feeling even better about what I paid!
  15. I wasn't able to come down on Friday as originally planned, and so missed the cross forging. Looks pretty awesome. Oh, big lesson learned from my first Quad-State: Start saving your money for tailgating NOW!!!