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  1. It's a whole different kind of earwax!
  2. You've corrected me so often; I'm just happy for the opportunity to return the favor!
  3. Not near me, but plenty of smithing folks in the area. Good luck, and maybe we'll meet up at Quad State. Good stuff. Also check out Mark Aspery and JLP Services Inc (IFI's own @jlpservicesinc).
  4. Hey, GrumpyBiker! Is that the northern part of central Ohio, or the central part of northern Ohio? I'm in Oberlin, and would be happy to meet up some time. (FYI, I'm primarily a hobbyist, but also a former professional woodworker.)
  5. That is really, really nice, @alexandr, both in itself and in situ.
  6. There are a lot of good IFI discussions of punch lube, SLNH. Coal dust is one option.
  7. The Odyssey, Book XII: "...I with my sharp sword cleft in pieces a great circle of wax, and with my strong hands kneaded it. And soon the wax grew warm, for that my great might constrained it, and the beam of the lord Helios, son of Hyperion. And I anointed therewith the ears of all my men in their order..."
  8. Copper Elf, I see that you're using a steel stand under your anvil. Such stands are well known for reducing the ring of an anvil, but a more period-correct (for the original scenario) stump or other wooden base doesn't damp the ringing nearly as much.
  9. hunting knife

    Can we get a photo of the spine? Also, photographing on a neutral background with an even, diffuse light makes it much easier to see (and thus critique) the details. There are some weird reflections on the blade that make it hard to judge (for example) the shapes of the bevel and plunge lines.
  10. Good to keep in mind. Impossible to get out of the mind.
  11. As a Vermonter, I resent that. And it's "JHCC" -- Henry, not Kevin.
  12. No, there are videos on youtube. Yes, but I've done it with a pair of tongs and some good running shoes.
  13. If only someone would come up with a simple, effective way to straighten heavy coil spring!
  14. I'm just a square. I don't have enough depth to be a cube.
  15. And you can use any leftovers as flux.