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  1. JHCC

    Forge top glowing after re-lining

    Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!
  2. JHCC

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!
  3. And it's only half an hour from the Miami County Fairgrounds. Shall we all meet up at Quad-State?
  4. JHCC

    "Inverted press" modification?

    No clue, other than to note that the gray one has a 1hp 115v motor, and the blue one has a 1.5hp 115/230v motor. (They're both also single phase, which works with my wiring.) Can't see the cylinder sizes in the pictures. brianc, any thoughts on typical sizes/speeds/powers for these beasties?
  5. JHCC

    "Inverted press" modification?

    I suspected it was for something like that. In other words, when the press is under load, the connection between the top and the frame is under compression. So, even if the mechanics are good, there’s a decent chance that I’d have to make up a new frame that would be strong enough to withstand the tensile forces that might tear it apart. Or make some kind of setup that goes on top of this, to pull the top die down from below, rather than pushing it down from above.
  6. JHCC

    Brand new at this.

    Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!
  7. A friend once gave me some tsikoudia from his uncle's vineyard on Crete -- kind of the Cretan version of grappa moonshine. In retrospect, I would have been better off using it as a solvent in the shop. A friend got interested in homebrewing when she was in the Navy. After an honorable discharge because of injury, she was given funds for continuing education, and she chose to do an advanced course in brewing. She's now one of the head researchers for the Boston Brewing Company, the folks who think up new varieties of Sam Adams.
  8. New slack tub! Excessively long gasser!
  9. The industrial surplus warehouse near me has a couple of hydraulic presses listed under the name of "inverted press". They look like they have fairly complete hydraulic systems with pumps, controls, etc all complete, and for the price (about $150) look like they might be a reasonably affordable entry point into hydraulic pressing. It looks like they push/pull a shaft up through a hole in the center of their top, but I have no idea how this was used originally or for what. I won't post the commercial links here, but here are a couple of images: My thought is either to flip one of these upside down (invert the inverted, as it were), or to cannibalize the cylinder and the works and make up a new frame to hold them in a more conventional arrangement. Any thoughts about what I should be thinking or looking for? Or indeed, running away screaming?
  10. A thick bead around the perimeter.
  11. I put a layer of gack/caulk between my anvil and its stand a couple of years ago, and I love it. I suppose it might be an issue someday if I have to separate the two, but in the meantime it’s solid as a rock — and that’s under the not-insubstantial whacking of the treadle hammer.
  12. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    He’d been working on a beautiful headboard, so the shop was nice and warm. Afterwards, I had dinner with his family, and there was much warmth there as well!
  13. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    At least you're one of them!
  14. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I am exceedingly envious of just about everything in Judson's shop, not least what he paid for his fly press. His is stamped with a "Y"; mine, with a "C".
  15. JHCC

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Had a fun visit with IFI member Judson Yaggy at his home forge. He showed me how he makes tongs on the power hammer, and we knocked out a quick pair. (His half is the one with the very clean taper on the rein. What can I say: I’d never used a power hammer before.)