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  1. Why is my leaf spring steel cracking?

    I just realized what the problem is: using a 42XX series steel.
  2. Le Pig

    Fascinating design -- the way the asymmetrically placed horn slopes up is really interesting. How is it to forge on?
  3. Why is my leaf spring steel cracking?

    I'm guessing a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, but that is (finitely) improbable.
  4. Is this wrought iron?

    Picture's too fuzzy to tell. Could you post another?
  5. Books?

    If there's a local college that you can get ILL privileges at, that should help immensely.
  6. Ever See One Of These?

    Or just get some disposable razors and a can of shaving cream from the dollar store.
  7. I think I recall that the judges determined that the young couple had cut barely enough wood for the winter, but also that they had the strongest relationship and ability to work together. The rich fellow with his "wafers" of firewood was a joke, as was his dismissal of their lack of food stores with "Well, we can hunt." That was a good show; I should go back and watch it again.
  8. Mini Foundry Question

    There's a violin shop in Fredericksburg that makes and repairs stringed instruments. That could be another possibility: luthiers use hide glue almost exclusively, both for its strength and because it can easily be disassembled and reglued.
  9. Mini Foundry Question

    I'd go with hide glue as well. There's no pour spout, as one might expect for a crucible, and the mass of the outer pot would help retain heat for a longer gluing job.
  10. Forum Rule? Press?

    What @Charles R. Stevens said, with the addition that location information needs to be included both for tailgating posts and CL/eBay descriptions. The world's greatest power hammer won't do a South African blacksmith much good if it's in Iceland.
  11. Here's my most recent one, made from a rolled-up piece of truck leaf spring. Note the small fuller on one end of the edge, for cutting part way through a workpiece. I got the idea from one of @basher's videos; you make the cut and then round out its bottom to prevent a cold shut.
  12. Food Safe Bronze?

    I had a great old '81 SAAB 900 Turbo that I bought for $585 back in '91. When I moved to NYC in '92, I was planning to sell it (the insurance was really high, and I didn't really need it), but it got stolen off the street. The funny thing is, the night before it got stolen, I got pulled over by the cops because -- wait for it -- they thought I was driving a stolen car! As it turns out, they were right, but early.
  13. Food Safe Bronze?

    Ooh, can I have some? I promise to be bad! Apparently, I had nothing to say.
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    The "Safety Glasses with clear lenses" from Harbor Freight are cheap and effective; for ten bucks, you could get half a dozen pairs and not worry about them growing legs.
  15. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    For a first-ever piece, that's actually quite nice. The overall lines are pleasing; you have a good eye. From a design standpoint, my one quibble would be that your curlicue is out of proportion with the blade. A knife of this style and size gets used for lots of different tasks, and that big protrusion is not going to let the blade get all the way down to a cutting board, if you're chopping or slicing something. As far as execution goes, the surface on the handle looks a little rough. It's hard to tell from the photo, but did you burn that part of the steel? If so, that could be a significant problem. Burning significantly weakens the steel, and you do not want any part of a knife breaking under load. Not knowing what steel you used or how you did with the heat treatment, I can't make any comment about that. Frankly, I'm not much of a bladesmith anyway, but there are other people here much more qualified to help you there.