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  1. Neat effect -- I shall have to give that a try.
  2. The handle only about a foot long, but I can barely imagine anyone using this beast one-handed. I'm going to rehandle it for two-handed use and use it for upsetting anvil tools in the portable hole.
  3. From my neighbor's garage sale, a 16 lb stonebreaker's hammer for six bucks (3 lb cross-peen for scale). The trademark is a capital "A" in a horseshoe, with a "CAST STEEL" stamp. Can't tell if that's a name inside the horseshoe, or just decoration.
  4. Brazer, the advice above is very good. The only thing I would add is not to make any irreversible decisions before you have to. Keep us posted as things develop. JHCC
  5. Just in time for Memorial Day, someone left this beauty by the side of the road. OK, it was missing its grill and the height adjustment for the charcoal tray was broken on one side, but some election sign wire, some rebar, and a couple of extra cast iron grills I had kicking around, and we are good to go!
  6. That lanyard joke really struck a cord.
  7. My variac has an on/off switch, and my work area is about five feet square. If I step outside that area, I flip the switch. Either that, or turn the knob waaaaaay down. There's a PDF of the original version online here; it doesn't have an illustration of the cross section of the Indonesian forge.
  8. My late friend Gil (the French Canadian logger) got hit in the face by a snapped logging cable and lived. Even kept the bottom halves of all his teeth.
  9. Although that gives you less opportunity to straighten up, get some water, etc -- all the things I tend to do while waiting for my metal to heat up.
  10. Good to know. Maybe next time.
  11. Beautiful! Good lines, with a great balance of aesthetics and practicality. The knife is nice, too.
  12. As a thank-you to the guys from the construction company who let me salvage the leftover structural steel from the college's hotel project, I turned one of the pieces of rebar into a little rattlesnake.
  13. The illustration of the adobe forge on p. 98 of The Complete Modern Blacksmith doesn't show the cross section you describe, and the anvil is the broken shaft of a sugar cane mill, set in a stump. The bulldozer part anvil is shown on the following page, in a different set up of his own. Full marks for correctly spelling "cite", though.
  14. That's not galvanized pipe, is it?
  15. My stupid tends to be overly complicated.