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  1. Finished the motor mount for the wood-cutting side of the vertical bandsaw. Here’s drive belt running to the wood side: And to the metal side: (Note the chunk of wood under the wood side motor keeping it from dropping down too far.) And here’s the view from the front: I didn’t try a wood-cutting blade on the saw, but I did run the wood-side motor with the metal blade already in place. All well. I still need to add something to keep the motors from bouncing too much while running; their own weight isn't enough to keep sufficient tension on the pulley.
  2. Finished the motor mount for the wood-cutting side of the vertical bandsaw: (More details HERE.)
  3. Also keep in mind that a pallet marked HT is only guaranteed to be safe the moment it leaves the pallet mill. The minute something nasty spills on it in the warehouse, all bets are off.
  4. Water being released might cause issues; you should consider reading this:
  5. To be perfectly clear: not a pipe wrench.
  6. Clearly a New England code, taking shallow bedrock into consideration!
  7. Sometimes "LARPing" is used disparagingly of those who affect an external appearance without the corresponding underlying reality, like a person who wears plaid shirts, jeans, and high-laced work boots like a lumberjack but has barely ever been in the woods, let alone picked up an axe or cut down a tree. Another good example is "stolen valor", when a person wears military uniforms and awards that they have not earned, in an attempt to claim unwarranted authority and respect.
  8. "Live Action Role Play". Basically the same thing as games like "Dungeons & Dragons", but acted out in the real world rather than on paper.
  9. In fairness, that could also have resulted from someone building up the horn and the saddle with Bondo. Why anyone would do such a thing is a separate question.
  10. You are right that it's hard to tell through the paint. Your plan of action seems good: decide on the maximum you're willing to spend, and be ready to walk away if it's not what you want or if it's more than you're willing to pay.
  11. What BillyBones and Daswulf said. I would also start with one of the older adjustable wrenches whose jaws are perpendicular to the handle, so that it's easier to judge how far you've twisted: the handles will be parallel with at least two of the sides, and you don't have to compensate for the angle between the handle and the jaws.
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