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  1. Nothing beats a good chunk of soapstone for slow release of heat.
  2. Trail cam critters

    Dogs in general, to be sure, but not all dogs. Lola the Pit Bull chewed two light-gauge SS bowls to shreds and still takes a chew at her new heavy-gauge bowl once in a while. Every once in a while, she'll carry it around the family room in an ostentatious manner, to let us know that we need to give her more food.
  3. I've seen video of Japanese smiths sprinkling water droplets on their blades and observing the presence and vigor of the Leidenfrost effect as a gauge of the tempering heat.
  4. Last week, I had a welding project that didn't work out, and it left me with a 9" long bundle of 1/2" rods welded at the end of a longer rod. It turned out to be quite useful as a heated block for tempering my last knife.
  5. With so many other more consistent, predictable, and reliable methods available, I'm wondering why you'd bother?
  6. New, out of the box, rookie

    Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST! As for starting out on the cheap, remember that you need the four "H"s: something to Heat the metal, something to Hold the metal, something to Hit the metal on, and something to Hit the metal with. You can make a JABOD forge for practically nothing, you can use any number of things as an improvised anvil, and almost any hammer can be modified to be decent for forging. If you're going to spend a couple of extra bucks on anything, get some decent tongs.
  7. Terrible smell

    Frankly, you should be sanding the face anyway, to get rid of those sharp ridges that are denting up your workpiece.
  8. First rounding hammer

    Very nice. Edges still look a bit sharp; might want to round those over a bit more. Otherwise, good job!
  9. A collection of improvised anvils

    It's an anvil. It may not have been before, but it is now!
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    So, curved as seen from the edge, but straight as seen from above? Looking at the Crooked Knife page on Vaillancourt's website*, that makes sense. Maybe I'll do it that way next time. (This is a commercial site, so I can't link to it directly. For those interested, it's www(dot)birchbarkcanoe(dot)net(forward slash)crooked-knife(dot)htm .)
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Now just to be clear, when you say "belly", are you referring to the sweep of the blade or to the shape of the edge? In other words, ice cream scoop or machete?
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Henri Vaillancourt?
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I wasn't working from any particular model; about the closest thing was some old drawings I saw online (which I can't find now, of course), showing such a blade made from a file with the end hooked and the main section pretty straight. This was just made from what I had on hand.