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We haven't heard from Frosty for awhile which is unusual for him.  So, I sent him a PM asking if all was OK.  He just responded and it is not.  He has broken his lower leg while cleaning up gear after curling.  He asked me to inform the forum.  Here is part of his PM to me:

We were clearing the ice after curling last Saturday. I was bending over to pick some equipment up off the ice and my right foot slipped, shooting straight out sideways, then I it the ice. They had to drag me off the ice then lift me into a chair. I thought I'd sprained it badly so I had one of the others drive me home, carry  me in and put me in my recliner. 

Sunday morning I got transported to the ER by ambulance. I have two non-displaced fractures the Fibular platform and the tibia shaft and knob. My right leg is non-weight bearing for a couple month at least.

He hopes to be able to tell the forum himself soon but in the meantime thoughts and prayers are in order.


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Herr, Frosty,

I just got back on the site and got the news of your unfortunate accident.

I have warned many curlers to not resort to battle axes in the rink. Too melodramatic.

But no one listens to me.

Get well real soon. We need you, as well as Deb and the hounds.

Best wishes,


a.k.a. SLAG.


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