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  1. Folks, Spring traps often yield messy results. Thus sayeth the SLAG.
  2. Mr. B. bones, Chlorine bleach works really well. You can get rid of the smell by using photographers hypo, (a.k.a. sodium thiosulphate). It works almost instantaneously. And it's not very expensive. I used to buy it at photography shops but I was forced to buy the last batch on the net. Regards to all, SLAG.
  3. King Charles the first is the martyred king and is an Anglican saint with a feast day. SLAG.
  4. Mr. JHCC, Herr Cromwell was indeed a military dictator but a military genius as well., SLAG. P.S. the SLAG, is a pro Cromwellian. (the secret is out).
  5. Mr. JHCC, Thank you for the update. But those were the days! SLAG. p.s. let us never forget "King" Oliver Cromwell, the alleged' Lord Protector".
  6. Mr. George and Mr. JHCC, Gone are the good old days. Sigh. SLAG. was King William a Stuart? (how about his wife Mary).
  7. Herr Frosty, et al., The vaunted polar bear tours are to be found in Churchill Manitoba situated on the shore of Hudson Bay. Hundreds of bears gather there prior to the freeze up whence they disperse onto the ice. The bears can be watched in Oct. and Nov. Polar bear fur changes from white to whitish yellow in the spring to match, the thawing ice. Some bears seem to be aware of the black color of their noses, and will cover them when stalking, their ring seal prey. It is fun to see the children, during Halloween trick or treating, with an elaborate group of folks and official patrols set to protect the kiddies. Also, the town has a polar bear jail for misbehaving bears. They are then helicoptered far away out of town. SLAG.
  8. Mr. George N.M., & Mr. Frosty, Polar bears are one of the few North American predators that will actively stalk humans. they are the largest predator in The Americas. In the far north just about every adult carried a high powered rifle. All that to avoid being eaten. I remember seeing a polar bear 'proof' fenced in area that was erected just before winter in order to protect some military equipment. When the folks came back in early spring the enclosure had been torn to pieces. The local bears were hungry. SLAG.
  9. Mr. Frosty, Great news about Binky. I hope that he (she) is in good form and enjoying life. Anyone that would get close to a polar bear is terminally ignorant or crazy. I remember years ago about us using a bell when we collected wild blueberries, in the bush, in northern Ontario. The bell was for announcing our presence to the brown bears were, also, out collecting blueberries. Neither the SLAG (& other family members), wanted to surprise the bruins, and they surprise us. They would hear the bell and move away to other blueberry patches. Wild blueberries taste wonderful and make great pie fillings. Yards better than the commercial ones. The bears liked, them in order to bulk up for the upcoming winter hibernation. Those bears' diets consist primarily of plant matter, with the occasional side dish of meat. So carry a bell or make a lot of continuous noise whilst trekking in the Northern bush. Thank you for the heads up concerning mooses. They do look cute. I notice a moose in your picture logo. Was it your, or Deb's pet moose? Regards to all. Your friendly neighborhood, SLAG
  10. Charles, Sorry about your recent life developments. i hope that your father is on the mend and that you are in better form. Good wishes to you and all the family. SLAG.
  11. M.J. Lampert, All the best of good pf luck for you, your folks, and neighbors. Hopefully the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), will be patrolling and looking for looters. Burying tools and other valuable items is a good idea. Looters are not going to spend much time digging around, where there are easy pickings elsewhere. SLAG.
  12. George, You are Not boring us with your medical details. I understand that it was to support a fellow member. A lot of us have type two diabetes, and those details are interesting for at least us and i suspect others on the forum. Regards, SLAG.
  13. Mr. Frosty, The tool that you describe is a called a "caulking iron". It was used in olden wooden ship building days. (and for maintaining them). For example stuffing oakum between ribs and boards Conducting an on line search using that phrase should get a better response with more contacts. I have seen them for sale in modern wood-working specialty tools catalogues. SLAG.
  14. Mr. JHCC, You traded your right arm away for ambidexterity, about a year ago. I, also, seem to remember that you offered same on another thread before that . Are you, now, truly ambidextrous? SLAG.
  15. Folks, you can indeed be taught how to do a skill using your non dominant hand. Or teach yourself. My mother was solidly left handed, but in her day, (late twenties and early thirties), the teachers insisted that children write with their right hand. Her hand writing eventually became excellent. It was better than at least 99.9 percent of the population. (it was really calligraphy). My parents were a mixed marriage. since my father was completely right handed. My brother and myself were/are ambidextrous and thoroughly conflicted. Mr. Glenn's idea of banging a box full of nails into a board is an excellent idea. Regards, SLAG.
  16. Mr. JRM ..., If the obstruction is a problem using your left hand may solve it. Left hand hammering is not very hard, it requires less precision than other tasks. Alternatively, you can do such hammering when situated at the other end of the anvil. SLAG.
  17. Mr. Ewert, Those tongs are lovely. Another use for them is as holders for steel punches. I remember that on line stores sell them. They have a good picture of them on their site. Regards, SLAG.
  18. Mr. Frosty, Even though plutonium is very toxic and mutagenic, it is not as poisonous as most people would think. It goes through the digestive system very quickly*, before much of its radiation is absorbed in the body. But the plutonium infested poop is a different matter. For example such plutonium laden poop, in the compost could cause long term problems if the growing crops are fertilized with same. In other words, do not play with the element** nor put the ensuing poop in your compost pile! Just Sayyin', SLAG. * average time is forty eight hours. ** plutonium is a man made element and very hard to come by.
  19. Mr. Charly, Welcome to the fraternity. Beautiful work, SLAG.
  20. Mr. T.P., Scale makes great material to cover and melt ice, too. SLAG.
  21. Mr. T. P., Lots of pectin AND calcium ions. You might be able to buy some of them ions at the drugstore. SLAG.
  22. Mr. IDFACW, I agree with you. The site has just got a lot more impersonal. The site improvements are hardly improvements. They are "schlimbesserungen". I miss all the old pictures that got erased a few years back. Saints preserve us from further such improvements. Respectfully submitted, SLAG. I miss being styed a "junior member". It took years off my life!
  23. Two very notable ammonia nitrate explosions, in the past, were, 1) Opau explosion at a BASF plant in Opau, Germany, September 21, 1921That blast killed 561 people. And, 2) Texas City, April, 16, 1947 which killed 581 people. After the latter blast , ANFO* was seriously studied as a 'safe' cheap industrial explosive. The cost was so low that nitrated explosives, were quickly eclipsed, and mostly driven out of the blasting market. Accidental ANFO explosions are unfortunately fairly common. Try, List of ammonium nitrate disasters - Wikipedia For a list of many of them. Regards to all the Iron banger fraternity, SLAG. *ammonium nitrate fuel oil.
  24. Mr. F. F., Why must the quillions be symmetrical. Good job! Forge away SLAG.
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