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  1. Nice video. Its the first time I noticed that you forge with your thumb on top of your hammer handle.
  2. Thanks for the info. I did not make roll pin punches, just a small set of punches to remove small pins, rivits, and roll pins.
  3. I should have said "in the shop". I do have a steel handled eastwing 32oz for the little carpentry work I do. It's great for pulling nails.
  4. My shop was at 9000' and not insulated. The only heat was my forge. My business was year around. The forge kept me plenty warm between it and the anvil. My morning routine(after the sun hit the shop) was to heat up a piece of half inch plate the length and width of the face of my anvil to a nice red or orange. I'd place it on the anvil, and turn it over once. If it was a day of forge welding, this was a must. If I was doing general forging, I generally wouldn't do this unless it was a particularly cold day. And then, for my benefit. I never considered the anvil breaking due to hammering c
  5. What Thomas said. I always, to the best of my ability, want the grain of my handles to run vertically
  6. Very rarely did a striker hit the master by accident... However...
  7. Lol, my thoughts exactly. I wouldn't have or use a metal handled hammer on a bet.
  8. I've made a set of roll pin punches. I hand forged them, then filed them by hand to the diameter I wanted. I used coil spring, quenched in oil and drawn to a blue.
  9. great idea for a glass top table using an old treadle machine! And a great job. Thanks
  10. Now the real work starts. The devil is in the details.
  11. Winter,,, Minnesota,,, outside,, hmmm. Your exhaust pipe doesn't need to be expensive.
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