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  1. Here in the USA the has been a show going for some years, "Forged in Fire". In it, several smiths do challenges making bladed (usually) weapons. It has gotten a lot of folks here wanting to be bladesmiths.
  2. That is a good attitude. Just over two years ago my wife nearly died from severe complications while having open heart surgery operation. Fortunately she survived but one result of those complications was that her left leg was amputated above the knee. Also, the two greater toes of her right foot. She was like, "Well, this is what life is going to be from now on, I will get a prosthetic leg and learn to walk again." No long bouts of "woe is me", just kept moving forward. She gets around ok now. Hang in there Hondo!
  3. Don't leave out the text scammers. Recently I have been getting a lot of supposedly from my cell carrier "Thanks for paying your bill, click for your reward." NO. The most recent had the wrong name in it, shabby scam, cannot get my name right. The other common one are like "You have won a CVS (or any other retailer) gift card, click the link to claim it." Another big NO.
  4. We have a bandsaw at work, but I cannot get away with using it for such a job. Not only that, but also that sucker is heavy! Easily 300# or more. I had to drag it out of the back of the truck. So it is not an easy task to safely muscle it around/position by myself to cut. Or to reload back into the truck. And I don't have a porta band just yet. I agree that there is not more volume per minute, just a longer run time, whether it be painting, blasting, grinding, etc., But hey, I got a chunk cut off finally. It is a little lighter, but still a beast. I also got a jib crane at that same auction but I need to get a mounting plate made up for it. That thing will help move the heavy stuff around. Serendipitously, my work was throwing out some heavy duty chemical anchor type bolts and the chemical anchor itself. I brought home a bunch for that project! I will have more to spare.
  5. I bought that compressor new about five years ago, it gave up the ghost on the compressor side. It holds air fine. Part of the point is that even a broken compressor (provided that the tank is still sound) can still be of some use. In addition if one has a couple good compressors but neither has sufficient volume, they can be combined for greater capacity. Like I mentioned I had done before for doing some blasting. I did use the hack saw eventually as well, while the tanks built pressure back up. I bought new blades last week. I started cutting it the first two tries with a 14" abrasive chop saw that I got earlier this year at an auction. I thought that bad boy would make quick work of it, but it did not. Some research revealed that I was doing that wrong, I had the long section flat in the saw, if you can picture what I mean. I should have positioned it such that the smallest cross section was being cut, less blade contact at any given time and consequently less heat build up. If I can't fix that compressor, maybe it will become a small forge. But until then, it is not entirely useless.
  6. So I started on round three of trying to cut a piece off this forklift tine... This time I remembered that I had a pneumatic rotary grinder and some cutoff wheels I got at a recent auction. It did not take too long to figure out that this tool was consuming quite a bit of air from my 10 gallon compressor, causing the grinder to bog down and making me wait for pressure to build back up. So I brought out my 3 gallon compressor and hooked up the spare air fitting on the 10 gallon with a line to the 3 gallon. I had done this before while I was doing some blasting, 30 percent more air. The grinder was able to run all out for a while longer before I had to stop. The 3 gallon was not plugged in, not running, just the compressor on the larger one. As a matter of fact, the little one stopped working a couple months ago.
  7. Just because they are labeled for CO2 does not mean 100% for sure that is what they were last filled with.
  8. My wife's daughter and daughter's bf live up in NC. They visit us from time-to-time. I cannot tell you when, but the next time they come around I will ask them if they can drop off a care package from me to you. I have a whole bunch of files that I obtained at an auction, sledges and stuff that I have more than what I need. We messaged before, so you can message again in private. You are two and a half hours' drive one way from me, so it would just work out best if I can get them to take a little detour on their way back home their next visit. Be strong, stay safe and be positive.
  9. Yes, print a picture/pictures to bring bring with you when you pick it up.
  10. Nice. I do auctions a lot. I won a Delta miter saw yesterday that I have to get next week. No more of that yellow, cheap plastic miter box with hand saw for me!
  11. Well, I would give you an A for effort, you did not give up.
  12. See if you can get a copy of the ASM Metals reference book.
  13. The only input that I can give is that Calcium Chloride is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture (water) from it's environment. It is also deliquescent (I just learned that one word, but have seen the result.), it will absorb moisture until it becomes a liquid brine. Ever use Damp-Rid?
  14. I think that the op is asking about cement as in the adhesive sense of the word, not cement as in pavement or construction material. I could be wrong though. Oh, I see that you already replied.
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