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  1. Well, I was assuming that the middle of the sammich was stainless, making the bulk of it after grinding stainless. Thomas disagrees, but I am still waiting on Phil's reply. I asked because you are not going to harden stainless, just the high carbon steels.
  2. The key thing about that paper is "edible oil production", as you can see on the second page. They were not studying BLO products sold at the big box or hardware store. Those may have drying aid additives which you certainly would not want to consume.
  3. Nice work. I have a question. Since most of it is stainless then you forgo the hardening quench which you would do if it was all high carbon steel?
  4. I was a bit skeptical about your claim Owen, so I googled it. You are right about many common BLO products which are sold. I did see, however, that there are some products offered without those heavy metal drying aids. I guess that armed with that knowledge one should carefully choose which one to buy and pay attention to any additives present.
  5. I have blasted in a box or bucket. Especially wear a mask, eye protection, face shield and gloves would be good too.
  6. Almost all of the wire wheeling I do is with my cordless Black and Decker, it tops out at like 750 rpm, so the little missiles don't have quite the velocity to become embedded in skin. Safety glasses are still a must, the eyes are too precious to risk injury.
  7. Ditto, for Windows 10, chrome, image not appearing.
  8. And I think that you would be facing federal offenses here.
  9. I have been following this discussion and it inspired me to do a google search for "blacksmithing with one arm". It lead me to this thread here from 2013, among others. It could be worse than having two bad hands after all, if you happen to be short one of them.
  10. And do not use sand, that exposes you to the hazard of silica. Abrasive or grit blasting is a more refined term. Aside from having different mesh grit to select from, you also have other media from which to choose. I have done some soda blasting before, it is probably the gentlest media for blasting.
  11. I see that you have gotten your location in your profile. How is the coal forge repair coming along?
  12. A 2mm "ball bearing" is smaller than what we call a bb here, quite small.
  13. No, you are not being picked on. It is often recommended to put your location in your profile, so that others can see where you are from when you ask for help or advice. They could be near to you, or point you towards some help near your location. You have only NZ in your profile but you specifically mentioned ChristChurch in your post. No one will know (or bother) to look through all your posts to see more specifically where you are located.
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