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  1. Ya know, for me what you described is half the fun. I enjoy building and completing projects as much as anyone, but all that pre- project making gives me as much enjoyment. I'm just a simple guy. Steve
  2. I'm still using the bathroom ex fan- it works. I have a Champion 400 and a Canedy-Otto (sp?) hand crank and a Champion electric sitting idle, because the bathroom fan works. I ain't proud. Or tired. Steve
  3. If the face and horn are in good shape, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it at the right price. You need to determine what that is. Steve
  4. With all that extra hp, if something jams, you will quickly go 'code brown' and see the weak link in the chain. Kinda like the shear pins on a snowblower. With the 1/3 hp motor, the motor itself should bog down before anything else goes 'boing'. Steve
  5. Mr Slagster= here you go, my friend. Not well lit out there, but it's enough to find what I need. Steve
  6. I repurposed an old Ikea CD rack- ~6'high by ~6" wide by 1 CD deep inside. Added extra shelves so they range from 4-6" apart and stuck everything in there with the business end pointing out, arranged by use- punches, specialty punches, slitters, drifts, chisels etc. I have a few coffee cans down low with extra cold chisel inventory that also provides balance and stability. It is screwed to a post by the wall. Steve
  7. Hey Jungle- I picked up a bunch of blanks for diamond blades, I was told they were 4140. Hope this helps. Steve
  8. I tend to consider rust to be a finish for my outside metal- it is the most reliable for me. I just hit it every now and then with oil- usually blo, sometimes tung, Danish oil or whatever else I happen to grab.Depending on the size of the piece i might warm it up with a propane torch and do the classic blo/turps/beezwak wipe on. Whatever you end up doing, it will generally need periodic maintenance. Steve
  9. Merry and happy to y'all. Steve
  10. Like Anvil said, or go a bit more aggressive, hit it lightly with sandpaper or steel wool or steel wire brush to get the effect you want. Steve
  11. Don't be putting down unicorns. They are basically a cone mandrel on a mobile base. Steve
  12. I guess it also depends on how much you have invested in the grinder. If you put out a chunka chunka change make sure you have thoughts planned out as mentioned above. If you got a bragging deal on it, maybe go in another direction- treat it as a gift or permanent loan in exchange for what he has done for you and what he has the potential to do for you going forward. Either way, it is parked at his shop, available for your use. I would be hesitant to set out any kind of written agreement. Still thinking this through...... Steve
  13. Stash

    New dream vise day!

    Show us the post vise too. Seized up is generally just a matter of penetrating oil( ATF and acetone is best), time and gentle encouragement ( heat and/or beat). Steve
  14. Very well done. I have to ask- was the inflation done as in Elizabeth Brim's method? If so, I would like to hear some details. Steve
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