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  1. No winch on that rig- what are you looking at? There's a loader on the front, and a backhoe on the back that got framed out of the photo. What kind of project do you have going on? Steve
  2. Here is today's project. You might be able to see on the flakeboard- x marks the spot. I pulled some translucent panels out of the way, and made the hole in the wall. My side sucker box is 13" square, and 4'long. Plenty poking in to give good clearance, and plenty outside to miss the gutter and overhang. I have at least 8" spacing from the box to any combustibles. When the forge is going all day, it doesn't get too hot to touch, but I still wanted some separation. I added some bracing inside after cutting and shifting one of the horizontal purlins, and beefed things up for the angle steel bracing holding it all up outside. The box in in place, and I set the first section of 12" flue pipe. The next step tomorrow is to get the outside braces set, finish the pipe and lid, and then flash and weatherproof it all. It has been a long time coming, but the end is (somewhat) in sight. Steve
  3. Moving back into the shop you can see the coal forge roughly in place against the back wall, then I start spinning clock-wise to see the space. The final shot is my portable rivet forge with the propane forge also mounted on it. I haven't used the rivet forge in a while, so the propane is a semi- permanent fixture on the cart. I can roll it where ever I want it, and can roll it out of the way when I'm done. I did fire it up last week- I was really jonesing for some hot steel, and I got my fix. I really enjoy how quick I can be up and running, without the mess of the coal, but I'm still anxious to get the coal forge going. I've had the propane for ~ 5 years or so, a basic freon tank 2" of kaowool and a burner by Steve Genscheimer of the local PA group, PABA.
  4. After a rather substantial delay, I'm back with an update. I've been putting things kinda in place, bringing in more stuff, and shifting again. There is now some semblance of order. I finished all my hauling from the old house- 22 loads in the dump truck.First image is the last load, sitting at the new house. I've made some good progress in the forge area, putting things away and placing the major stuff, anvils up on stands, and a whole bunch of head scratching. I think I have it mostly figured out. As I did at the beginning of the thread, you'll see the shop from the back door of the house, then front view, and walking into the center bay. I had to pull the little green tractor out for the photos, and will do the same when I fire up the forge. The bay on the left is packed full with my big mower, mini loader and my wheelbarrow and landscape tool piles. The building is a pole construction, 24x 36', with vinyl siding, one more overhead door in the back of the left bay, and 60 amps of electric. I'm waiting for the electrician (or someone just like him) to set me up with some 220 outlets for my welder
  5. As my grand daughter would say, " It has an 'owie'" Steve
  6. At ABANA '14 in Delaware, Roberta Elliot forge welded fireplace screening onto a pipe vase she made. The texture created was pretty incredible. No reason x metal shouldn't do the same. Steve
  7. Checking in after a great PABA meeting. Don't know if you were there or not. By my count, there were 5 anvils for sale, 3 vises, 3 blowers, 1 complete forge, as well as all the other bits and bobs you would need to set yourself up. The pricing was reasonable, better than what goes on Craigs list. Crazy Ivan was there and did a demo in the afternoon- a 5# cross pien hammer. A great time was had by all. This thought goes out to all beginners out there- find your local gang, and get yourself to the meetings. Steve
  8. The PABA gang has a meeting tomorrow ( Sat, 2/11) in Mount Joy, just outside of Lancaster. JW has done demos there- it's just around the corner from his shop. Steve
  9. Very nice. Hope you earned a few brownie points. Steve
  10. Make a large socket insert the wood handle and pin it with a tricked out rivet. Steve
  11. I have a similar looking Champion setup, the pan is stamped steel. CI would be thicker, and usually has the instruction cast in to 'clay before using'. Either way, claying would be a good idea. Steve
  12. I've been in horticulture the last 36 years, the last 24 as a self employed design-install landscape contractor. No metalwork in my background until 6 years ago. Steve
  13. And here I always thought the plural for moose is'meese' ( as in "I hate meeses to pieces"). I'm feeling very sheepish now. Steve
  14. Here's a little sumptin I found on CL today. The guy left his phone # in the ad, so I called him live and told him I was on my way, while everyone else responded thru CL's e mail. Got a great deal- just a benjamin for the lot. The blower is free spinning, I just need to clean it out and put in some light grade oil. The pot and tuyre just need some bolts drilled out and re tapped, and fab up the ash gate on the bottom. Steve
  15. Well, lessee- I use the v and 1/2 rounds on the edge, the circular depressions on the small block, and I park my guillotine in one of the square holes, cone mandrel in another and I set my bolster block over whatever hole is left on the big block. I also use the different round holes for dishing. Steve