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  1. Frosty's under the Weather

    A little cabin fever kicking in? Glad to hear you're coming around. Keep getting well. Steve
  2. It followed me home

    So I took a little drive today. Last night a buddy texted me a photo of a classified ad in a local farming journal with a man listing anvils for sale, and a phone number. I called, he kinda described what he had, with no idea on how to send photos. I took a chance and drove to S. Joisey and did pretty well. The big one seems to be a Soderfors- flats on the feet and a stamp with 224 lbs,and a very faint 'swede' above the weight. The medium one is a 154# (1 1 14) PW with a little good honest sway, and good edges and ring. Just a few weld boogers that popped off with a chisel. The last one is what I think is a Trenton Acme (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Weighs ~ 100 ( no bathroom scale available, no weight numbers visible). Still trying to interpret the SN on the front foot. Left a few others behind for the collectors who showed up as I was tying everything down. Got them unloaded, cleaned up, and mounted the big one on a stand. Yow, she rings like a bell. So do the other 2, also. Steve Mod Note 478 pounds of anvils
  3. I made my rake out of rebar years ago as a beginner project, and I still use it. Tongs probably not so much- lotsa work to get the ridges down so they don't shred your hands. Lots to read in the tong section, so read it. They aren't a beginner project. As far as the wrenches, medium carbon steel should work for drifts and things. Just be sure not to work plated steel (chrome)- it'll kill you. If it rusts you can trust. Steve
  4. hammer punch heat treat

    I gotta say- that's a nice run of colors you have there! Steve
  5. Minty Big One

    Sounds like a fair price to me. Steve
  6. Iron city

    Curved hot cut? Steve
  7. Atha

    I've also seen it called a riviters or a boilermaker's hammer. Steve
  8. Peter Wright Dating?

    In 1885 they started to make the top plate from 1 piece of hc steel. If you detect a seam in the top it's pre 1885. Steve
  9. 3 way pass thru

    Maybe pre slit for the 2nd pass thru so the slit ends up in the first one. Drift it thru at the angle required. Maybe a custom bolster is required here. then fish the other bar thru the slit. Hope that made sense. Steve
  10. No.40 Mohawk blower

    Clean the accumulated crud out of the gear box - probably solidified grease and stuff. Pull the fan cover- might have mud daubers, and other varmints. Don't force it. Take it slow and gentle and you should be fine. Never heard of Mohawk, so I can't help there. Steve
  11. Replacement gears for Champion Blower

    Nice repair on the gear. Seems like a bunch of fiddly work but it's worth it when you're done. Steve
  12. Good looking anvil, clean face and horn, edge chewed up a bit but not a deal breaker. I have a #179 and it's a solid worker. If the rebound plays out It'll do you well. Kinda spendy for me- I paid $300 for mine. Worth it to see if you could get a better price, but don't wait too long. Good luck. Steve
  13. Another new guy

    Welcome aboard Shawn, and welcome to the addiction. Lots of info on this site, as they say here, fix you a sandwich and cold drink and spend some time reading. I'm kinda mid- east PA, just south of Allentown. If you're in the area give me a yell. The PABA group is a good gang of guys, hope to see you at some meetings. Steve
  14. So yeah that will make a fine hot cut hardie. Probably won't even need to harden and temper- just forge and normalize. Steve
  15. You can make your own square headed lag bolts from ( unplated, ungalvanized) common big box hex lags. Square them up, wire brush wax and install. Easy peasy. Steve