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  1. Stash

    Hitting the flea market

    I've used the Delta version of that sander for a while, before upgrading. There should be a way to tilt the belt mechanism from horizontal to vertical. I did that, and rigged a simple sheet metal guard, and I was off to the races. That grinder should serve you well. I was unable to kill mine. Steve
  2. Stash

    What are these for

    No,Thomas, I don't have any of them- really, no. No, don't look there- nothing to see here- please move on. Steve
  3. Well it seems to have started life at 114#, so subtract missing heel weight and general wear and tear, you might be in the 100-110# range as she sits. If the top plate is original with reasonable rebound and ring, I would put it in the mid $100's or so in USD, here on the east coast of America. Too many unknowns from the pix to speculate any more. Steve
  4. Stash

    Peter Wright Anvil

    Probably done late in the day on a Friday, or early on a Monday. Steve
  5. Stash

    Recommended tongs

    Well, stating the obvious, you need to make tongs that will hold the stock with which you are working. V jaw will give you flexibility to use round or square. With that size stock they will need to be beefy. Maybe think about adapting something like farrier nippers or flea market finds to your needs. Tongs, especially that size can be a frustrating experience for a noob. Steve
  6. You could use a garage door spring, just uncoil a bit and you're good to go. If you can find a small enough gauge, you don't need to draw down as much, and put a long taper on it then do your twist. When done you just normalize. Steve
  7. I would just use a chunk of rr track as-is, without grinding shapes on it. Unless you need that shape. No need to try and copy the shape of a London- style anvil. I keep a chunk in my basement wood shop for odds and end kinda stuff and that works fine. I just have a small assortment of other shaped metal bits that I can put in a vise, and I'm good to go. If I need more mass, I go out to my metal shop. Steve
  8. Stash

    Hammer hardening/tempering?

    Dave- no issues at all with the hammer. I can and have lightly dressed out dings with a file. Next time I see you I'll show you the heat treat app, just to make you drool. Steve
  9. Stash

    Hammer hardening/tempering?

    Hi Dave. A few years ago Nathan Robertson had a hammer making workshop for the PABA gang at Steve G's shop. What we did was normalize/ grind, heat to critical,water harden, and then set refractory blocks in front of the dragon's breath of a gas forge so only the eye area was being heated. We kept moving it around, till the face and peen were bronze and quenched it off. In a coal forge I would probably do the trick of heating an eye drift hot and insert it into the eye, and watch your colors, reheating the drift as necessary. Seemed to work for us. Hope this helps. Steve
  10. Stash

    Anvil ID please

    Yeah back in the day ss number was etched or punched or( ) into things to ID them if stolen. Looks old- is there a pritchel hole? I can't tell from the pix. If not, could be pre 1830 ish. Looks like some of the steel plate top is worn thru/ broken, but seems there is enough left to forge on. NO GRINDING ON THE FACE!. Clean it up if you want with a wire brush, and polish the top with hot steel. Steve
  11. Stash

    Third book

    I've enjoyed George Dixon's "A Blacksmith's Craft". Also the complete Aspery series. Just wait until Thomas P gets back on line. He might have a thought or 40. Steve
  12. Stash

    Sears 5162 Anvil

    I stand corrected (and not for the first time, either). Thanks for the info. I really need to get my own copy of AIA. Steve
  13. Stash

    Repousse Pitch

    I'm Presbyterian and we don't use red brick dust in our sacraments. Is that a Druid thing? Steve
  14. Stash

    Boiled Linseed Oil

    Definitely we don't want to set Das on fire. He is nobody's fuel. Steve
  15. Stash

    shady shade

    Yeah, that'll do. Steve