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  1. Yo Austin- welcome to the site. I have your anvil's slightly bigger brother. You will be very happy with it. Looks like I might be 20 minutes or so NW of you in Q Town. If you want to see my setup, PM me. I'm full of advice. My wife says I'm full of something else, but we won't go there right now. Steve
  2. Stash

    Horrible anvil joke

    That is a classic, Hans. Also known as a moldy oldie. I've been using or advocating it for years. Dunno- is it from the three stooges? Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Steve
  3. Stash

    Leg Vise find - Just Sharin’

    Good looking vise. I have it's twin, but not as purty looking as yours. Steve
  4. Stash

    Top tool? For what?

    If you are going to turn them into top (struck) tools, be sure to soften the struck end. Don't want shrapnel flying around. Steve
  5. Stash

    What is it?

    I'm not seeing the pruning thing- limb or root. (40 years in horticulture/ tree work.) Just not practical. Switch to farming? Maybe a de horner? Steve
  6. Stash

    Lining a forge?

    Looks like cast iron, so I would probably re clay it. And I do mean clay- dug from your garden is fine. Get it damp and pack it in place, you're good to go. There are plenty of discussions on claying a forge in this section- take some time to read thru all the whys and wherefors. Steve
  7. Basically the firepot allows your fire to not be so high on your table. The firepot also tends to get the sweet spot of the fire roughly at table level, so you can place your stock horizontally. You have plenty of room on your table with your adjustments to be able to use it effectively, raising the sweet spot and using the bricks to contain things. You also have the ability to make a larger or smaller fire as needed by adjusting the bricks. You have your system sorted out to work for you. I would just use it as- is. Steve
  8. Stash

    Lining a forge?

    If its crumbling, yes. Steve
  9. Watch that "ancient" stuff. That's the era I was born in. Steve Nice anvil, by the way.
  10. Stash

    Any idea?

    I'll jump in and suggest it might be for sharpening rock drills. (Think large pneumatic star chisels). Steve
  11. Stash

    Power hammer

    Hire a rigger. That is not the kind of job that should be done by someone who posts that question. Be smart and safe. Steve
  12. Stash

    Unknown Anvil

    Greetings, Joseph. Sorry you have to give up such a nice anvil. Isn't the surgery supposed to make things better? Anyway... Do a little cleanup with a wire brush and/or some paint remover on the face you have pictured, you might see a logo there. Also do the same on the front foot under the horn. You might find some numbers there. I'm guessing either a Hay- Budden or a Trenton, both excellent anvils. Also, if you can unbolt it, have someone tip it so you can take a shot of the base. Critical info will be there, too. Steve
  13. Stash

    Peter wright?

    Hey Rayner- yup, looks like a PW. The ID and weight marks will be on the side in the first pic you posted. Clean up that face with a wire brush, and all should be revealed. Steve
  14. Stash

    Condition scale

    Repaired anvils are generally a range from questionable to a shot in the dark. You really have to look carefully, and even then.... The rest comes down to your own knowledge of anvils, based on personal experience, or info gleaned from a reliable source, eg I forge iron right here. Read the threads, and learn from our successes and failures. Talk to people who don't have any skin in the game. Condition is one thing, price is another. what is it worth to you? What is the market in your area? You got a great looking anvil. Learn how to appreciate it properly and get on with things. I picked up a Soderfors a few months back, thinking to flip it. I'm now planning a better stand for it. Enjoy your new anvil, and polish it up with some hot steel. Steve
  15. John- if that's all you're wearing, I'm running the other way. David- opening ceremony is Wed at 11AM. Demos and lectures start at 1PM. I downloaded the schedule app- should be real handy. Steve (big mustache, floppy green hat)