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  1. Le Pig

    Yup. Blacksmithing is 'aard vark' all right. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Steve
  2. 55 forge tuyere diameter

    On my forge (not a '55', but that doesn't change things) my blower air goes thru a 2" pipe before transitioning to 4" at the flange below the clinker breaker. The 2" provides plenty of air for my bottom blast coal burner. Steve
  3. No spring or mounting bracket

    Don't have a pic right now, but it is a 1/4" x 1" flat bottom slot punch, forged from 3/4" 5160 and normalized. It is ~5" long, I hold it in tongs , cooling it every 2-3 blows. Punch 1/2 way through, or so, flip the piece and punch the slug(s) through the hardie hole. I just did a little touch up filing inside the hole, and flattened out the swelling on the bottom of the piece. Does that help? Steve
  4. What's your day job

    Retired after 37 years in landscaping, the last 23 doing my own design/ install gig. Previous to all that is some lumberjacking and tree climbing. I've slapped down a bunch of pavers in my day, but really focused on stonework. I'm also a certified (certifiable) plant geek. I'm now splitting time in the new house with wife, wood, metal and plants. Steve
  5. No spring or mounting bracket

    Thanks, all. I figure the damage was done by the notorious 'shop gorilla'. I once worked with one of those guys. Strong as an ox, but couldn't pour water out of a bucket with the instructions printed on the bottom. Steve
  6. Bathroom fan blower

    Just to clarify, the fan in the OP is being used to provide air to my bottom blast coal forge. It is not being used for ventilation. My side sucker takes care of the smoke very nicely. The fan, by the way, puts out 110 cfm. Steve
  7. Good News

    Good news! Hope all goes well. Prayers headed your way. Steve
  8. Bathroom fan blower

    Doing a bathroom remodel, pulled the old fart, and said to myself "Self, hook this up to your forge". So I did. This is what it looks like. I bought a few pieces- 4" to 3" reducer, 3" 90 elbow and 3" flex dryer duct.I had in inventory assorted pvc fittings electrical bits and a blast gate from a dust collection system. So I just screwed and taped it all together. The blast gate works as a dump valve, and it seems to be very adjustable. I played with it over the weekend, and was pleased with the results. I just need to pay attention- got a few sparklers as I was on the learning curve, but I got the technique down quickly. One thing I noticed- I get a better quality of clinker, and I seem to go through coal a little quicker. My Champion 400 is parked right in front of this setup, and I can switch over at the pulling of a hose clamp. Steve
  9. No spring or mounting bracket

    Oh no, what should I do? I found a cute 3 1/2" vise that seemingly had a hard life. Not only the missing parts, but the legs were bent in as if someone had cranked down on the handle with a cheater bar. I'm guessing the screw box also blew apart, because the current one doesn't quite look like it was original. The current screw and box is in excellent shape, however. So, I pulled it apart, the first step was to straighten both legs. Got them hot, laid them on the anvil and beat them into submission with a flatter and a small sledge. I then fabbed up the mounting bracket, keys and spring. All material was A36. Spring was 1x 3/16', bent cold. Saddle was 1x 3/8 drilled, hot punched and hot bent. Body blank was 1x 1" drilled and hot punched, then drawn down, saw split and formed. Keys were 1 x 1/4" chisel cut cold and filed. Put everything back together, and it all works a treat. I could do a little more tweaking, but it works pretty well at this point. I'll mount it somewhere and some how, use it a whill and take it from there. All in all, a fun satisfying little project. Steve
  10. What Did You Learn Today?

    I learned (after 35 years next Monday) that when SWMBO comes into the shop and says "I've been thinking....", I stop whatever I'm doing as quickly as I can, take out the earplugs and focus on her. I'm not in trouble-- just another project to put on the front burner. Steve
  11. New member from near Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Mr Bojangles- dance. I love David Bromberg's version. Anyways, I'm just S of you, in Q town, just off 309. Shoot me a PM and I'd be more than happy to show you my set up. Great coal supplier in Coopersburg, and the Pres of the local gang (PABA) is 15 min away. Steve
  12. New postvise stand

    Cool idea. If I were going to improve on that, I would do 2 things: 1 move the wheels toward the main post a bit more 2 Put a handle above the wheels so you could pull back on it onto the wheels like a hand- truck instead of lifting from the front. YMMV Steve
  13. Saw blade vise

    I have had one for a while, it is great for (wait for it..........) sharpening saws. Not beefy enough for hammering, but some other good ideas were already mentioned. I never thought any farther than it's original intended purpose, but now that I dwell on it a bit (hmmmm, head scratch) I could see it as a mini- brake kinda thing for small sheet projects. Might need to shift it from the wood shop to the metal shop and see how things play out. Steve
  14. found peter wright anvil, question

    Generally not much. Might be an id # of the finisher, inspector or the team forging it. With PW probably not. More likely an inventory stamp kinda thing at the forge /factory/shop it was used. You have pictures? That helps. Steve
  15. The 'anchor' looks more like a grappling hook. Steve