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  1. Bedded down in silicone will certainly knock out the ring for you, but I would still recommend ear protection. There will still be enough noise to cause damage over an extended period. Earplugs on a string work well for me, they go in once the fire is lit, come out when hammering is done, and I can still hear the radio. Plugs are cheaper than hearing aids. Be safe Steve
  2. Injured Grip muscles

    I had the same thing a few years back in the same location indicated, to the point that I had a raised knot bulging out. My chiro called it tendonitis, and recommended ice and stay off it for a few days, and that did the trick. It was from repetitive action- I had just finished laying a few thousand bricks for a patio. Steve
  3. New Coal Forge I just finished.

    I have the same firepot, and love it. Looks like you got their tuyere also- that wasn't available when I got mine. Forge looks good, but I think you will end up wishing you had a little more real estate on your table. The space between the firepot and the side cut outs looks fine, but you need a bit more room to pile your coal, tongs and stuff. What kind of flue/ chimney will you be using? Steve
  4. Quench oil.

    Absolutely. Smells a lot better than motor oil. Keep it covered when not in use- it will attract varmints. Steve
  5. Anthricite fire management

    Jonah- I don't know what you're paying for anthracite, but bitum is going for $8.50 to 12 per 50# in Lancaster and surroundings. Steve
  6. Anthricite fire management

    Jonah- there's a few bituminous coal dealers in your area if you want a switch from the hard stuff. I don't have my info available right now, but one supplier is in Smoketown. Have a look at the local gang at there are a few members of PABA and IFI in Lancaster (Crazy Ivan and JWS to name 2). Steve
  7. Any very tall smiths?

    Well, 32x 38 is my size also, but I wear them sideways. Steve
  8. Running two tanks

    If you're going to use 2 tanks, just run both into a manifold, cut the draw on each tank by half when you run them together. Shouldn't freeze then. Steve
  9. Auction in Phillipsburg New Jersey today

    Hey Ian- was just going to text you to see if you scored. Hate to rub it in, but there were 5 or 6 anvils for sale at the PABA meeting, up to 220 #. Sorry you had to work. Steve
  10. Le Pig

    Yup. Blacksmithing is 'aard vark' all right. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Steve
  11. 55 forge tuyere diameter

    On my forge (not a '55', but that doesn't change things) my blower air goes thru a 2" pipe before transitioning to 4" at the flange below the clinker breaker. The 2" provides plenty of air for my bottom blast coal burner. Steve
  12. No spring or mounting bracket

    Don't have a pic right now, but it is a 1/4" x 1" flat bottom slot punch, forged from 3/4" 5160 and normalized. It is ~5" long, I hold it in tongs , cooling it every 2-3 blows. Punch 1/2 way through, or so, flip the piece and punch the slug(s) through the hardie hole. I just did a little touch up filing inside the hole, and flattened out the swelling on the bottom of the piece. Does that help? Steve
  13. What's your day job

    Retired after 37 years in landscaping, the last 23 doing my own design/ install gig. Previous to all that is some lumberjacking and tree climbing. I've slapped down a bunch of pavers in my day, but really focused on stonework. I'm also a certified (certifiable) plant geek. I'm now splitting time in the new house with wife, wood, metal and plants. Steve
  14. No spring or mounting bracket

    Thanks, all. I figure the damage was done by the notorious 'shop gorilla'. I once worked with one of those guys. Strong as an ox, but couldn't pour water out of a bucket with the instructions printed on the bottom. Steve