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  1. Ticks and Lyme Disease

    I've had 2 rounds of doxycyclene over the years, with no follow up issues. Both times I found the bulls eye, and went right to the Dr. He took a look, said yup and wrote the script. Last time around, I texted a buddy " if you have the gin and tonic, I have the lymes". He didn't get it. I hate explaining bad jokes. Steve
  2. Hay budden

    That is a little higher than I would pay, but it seems to be par for the course these days. That's a good'un. Also depends on location. Steve
  3. Cleaning the old work table

    I've made paint scrapers from old files- just a 45 degree bevel that would make short work of the paint, as well as heavy rust. Quieter and less dusty than a grinder. You'll need the grinder with a disk or wire wheel to finish up. Steve
  4. That happens when your steel is only Luke warm.
  5. I'm a dad!

    Congrats, Das. Glad to here everyone is well and happy and healthy. It has already been said in previous posts, but I'll say it again. Your life will no longer be the same, but in a good way. Take care of your self, and love your 2 ladies with everything you got. Blessings Steve
  6. St-Paul leg vise

    Can't help you with info, just saying that's a good looking vise. You are now on the road to Damascus with St. Paul. Steve
  7. 5 post vises located

    If the movable jaw is frozen, it is just at the pivot point. pop it apart clean it up and that's that. If the screw is frozen that's another issue. You can do the electrolisis thing, or repeated applications of penetrating fluid. Good diy fluid is atf and acetone. Plenty of threads here on the whole process- get you some reading done. Once you can see the screw, look at the wear, or lack there of. They are square threads, so wear will be obvious. It is a pretty simple machine, the screw is key. Steve
  8. Overseas visitors

    Wow, thanks for the flash back, Thomas. I had one of those dinos too, probably now in the same place as yours- migration over the years back to their origin. I remember everyone wanted Belgian waffles but I just wanted a hot dog. Steve
  9. It followed me home

    Das- I have one of those turbines on top of my stack. You'll wonder how you lived without one all these years. Steve
  10. Wooden mallet material

    Dogwood is a very hard and heavy wood- more so than oak and my go- to fave. Beech is good, Persimmon is awesome if you can find it. Fruitwood- apple pear etc is pretty hard and heavy. Just use whatever you can lay your hands on. They break, make a new one. Like others have said make it so you impact with the end grain. Stevw
  11. Unidentified swage blocks

    Yeah, I would call that a screaming deal. Good on ya! Steve
  12. Heat treaters guide App

    Well that is what the entire 2 pages of this thread is about. start at page 1 and read. Question has been answered. Steve
  13. Safety questions for new forgers

    Isn't Emerson or Monserrat (sp?) just north of you in Beverly? They might offer evening or non- credit classes. Steve
  14. Frosty's under the Weather

    A little cabin fever kicking in? Glad to hear you're coming around. Keep getting well. Steve
  15. It followed me home

    So I took a little drive today. Last night a buddy texted me a photo of a classified ad in a local farming journal with a man listing anvils for sale, and a phone number. I called, he kinda described what he had, with no idea on how to send photos. I took a chance and drove to S. Joisey and did pretty well. The big one seems to be a Soderfors- flats on the feet and a stamp with 224 lbs,and a very faint 'swede' above the weight. The medium one is a 154# (1 1 14) PW with a little good honest sway, and good edges and ring. Just a few weld boogers that popped off with a chisel. The last one is what I think is a Trenton Acme (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Weighs ~ 100 ( no bathroom scale available, no weight numbers visible). Still trying to interpret the SN on the front foot. Left a few others behind for the collectors who showed up as I was tying everything down. Got them unloaded, cleaned up, and mounted the big one on a stand. Yow, she rings like a bell. So do the other 2, also. Steve Mod Note 478 pounds of anvils