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  1. Something a bit different. I didn't have much time for blacksmithing but this is also heated in the forge and hammered on an anvil. First a couple magnifying glasses for about a two dollars. Then a copper pipe. Flattening bit by bit. Then a grove down the middle. And now forming a circle. Now the glass is very sensitive, just by trying to adjust it by hand it chipped, so I gave up and formed around the glass itself. Then some small bits I don’t have pictures how I made them but you get the idea. And this is where I am now with a new lens. So the handle. Ruff shaping and since I don’t have a lathe I shape it on the drill. And the finished product.
  2. If it isn’t red don't hit it. Well at least don’t hit it hard. I’ve hit a piece of coiled spring hard when it was too cold and it jumped back and hit me in the face. Busted lip and a red mark across my face, luckily no scars.
  3. This question is a lot more complicated then it seems. You could ask for permission, but what if you saw it on a picture on the internet where you can’t find the owner, or even do not speak the language. What if the artist is dead but the apprentice has continued the same style? How long should you be dead before it is a fair game? What if someone improves on your style, but the key element is the same?
  4. Great idea and impressive workmanship. Outstanding.
  5. Davor


    Skinner made for a hunter, made from a coiled spring, antler, leather and coin for a but plate.
  6. Nice idea but it might look better if it was even, if you didn’t leave one end longer. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But nice work, I like it.
  7. I did pre drill, deliberately smaller holes, but I didn’t heat the tangs.
  8. I’ve put the pieces of copper pipes on the handles because I’ve just hammered it in on the tools, thought it might split the wood and it did, a little.
  9. Made from scrap pieces of copper pipes. I’ve placed smaller pieces in one larger piece of pipe and forge welded it together in one mass. Piece of steel rod and an old file handle.