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  1. Mr. Farmall, The magnetic stirrers, used in labs, were called "fleas". They are usually coated with an outer plastic layer. SLAG.
  2. A little trivia for the gang. Long hair was a trait that was slowly bred into sheep, and goats. (think of angora goats for example.) The more modern breeds have to have their fleece sheared, when harvested. Older breeds shed their wool. That produced short hair. But there was an advantage, to the older breeds. Wool hairs are naturally sealed at the outer ends of the hair. Shed hair have the bottom end sealed too. That makes their hair/wool capable of holding the heat better. It also makes their fleece more water resistant, as they do not soak up water.
  3. Mr. Sells, Is correct. The blade should, probably, be cut using water as a lubricant. The dust is toxic. Why? Because there is a problem messing with soapstone, talc etc. Those minerals have small amounts of asbestos in them. Breathing asbestos can cause lung cancer* and, also, mesothelioma. Both conditions are usually fatal, and are a very nasty way to die. Just Sayin', SLAG. * Johnson and Johnson are, currently, in big time litigation over their talcum powder products. ** I just noticed that the person, in the video, is only weari
  4. Mr. Aaamax, Has asked, "Who on the green earth buys a 400lb anvil as home decoration? I just don't get it" The SLAG l.l.c. has a guess, Idiots or succers? Just a guess. SLAG.
  5. Mr. P17, Said, and I quote, "Frosty, mixing eating tool tookas wipe with the "taste" at the end was just a bit poor in taste". Are you sure. Did you taste it? Coprophagy is not recommended. stool is NOT, sterile. Rather, it's septic. SLAG.
  6. JHCC, Nice, French fries are one of my favorite health foods. Beware of them if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. Regards, the SLAG.
  7. John, Did the oil, fry doughnuts or fish? SLAG.
  8. T. P., A S M = ? An anagram dictionary was of no help, hence this post. SLAG.
  9. Mr. George N. M., GADZOOKS! man. Mr. J. Holden done beated me to the punch! And I thought I was being uber creative and mega clever. Sigh. Regards, Good Guy, SLAG.
  10. Mr. George, N. M., Brilliant, Simply brilliant! I never thought of it that way. The Sherman Williams theory of "Continental Drip". Thanks. SLAG.
  11. T.P, You are correct. SLAG.
  12. Amen, Mr. J.H.C.C. T .P. Most of the rain and rivers, down your way, flow south into the gulf of Mexico. Regards, SLAG.
  13. Mr. Powers Sir, I ended up in St. Louis after remarrying almost a decade ago. Marg, (The Marvelous), grew up in the city, and has spent most of her life there) I was in the process of retiring and she has a good job in the city. In other words, I gave up winter* for a wonderful gal. Yes, many of the rivers situated in New England flow to the Atlantic Ocean. But the rivers in the northern parts of Que., Ont. Man., Sask. Alta. flow downhill to the Arctic Ocean or to Hudson Bay. A few, (like the French river), flow to the great lakes , (Lake Huron), which drai
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