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  1. SLAG here, Good evening. Marg the marvelous and I do not answer calls. We will do so if the said caller leaves a message. Answering calls that have familiar area codes are not a good reason to answer either as those scammers can spoof those area codes. Repeat callers get blocked quickly. Few folks leave messages, so we answer very few calls .I wish the good Lord would promptly strike them dead*. But, no such luck, it just does not happen. Regards to all, SLAG. * a suitable old testament punishment.
  2. I. Forger Iron denizens et al. Thank you very much for all your responses. They are really helpful. And I shall choose at least one very soon. If I can successfully wade through all the advertisement rubbish piled in/on my computer system. Wish me luck with that endeavor. Thanks, (again), and regards to all! SLAG.
  3. SLAG, here. I need help from the folks on this forum. The internet advertisements have finally got to me. They are incessant, obtrusive, annoying. Can anyone suggest a good ad blocking 'software' that helps with this problem? I shall be very grateful, and thankfu, for any suggestions. Regards to all. SLAG.
  4. Mr. U.S.A., Welcome to the forum. As others have already replied, there are dozens of members that are working their way through personal difficulties. And have found blacksmithing very therapeutic. Many folks, here, all manner of problems like the ones you mentioned and others like Asperger's, A.D.H.D, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, to name just a few. If you could fill a pharmacy with the total amount and variety of medications, many of us take, are you could fill out that drugstore. LOL. Feel free to use the forum for information, to solicit solutions for problems or skills, from the more experienced members, enjoy the comradery, etc., etc. Again welcome, Regards, SLAG.
  5. The reason that a person could get a patent issued for an old concept, is interesting. Such a patent was good law in England of the eighteenth century and years previously. All this because patents could be issued. The Statute of Monopolies, (1624) allowed the courts to issue a patent for a concept that was novel, and also for a concept that " Instructed the English people in a new industry". "that is one that was used elsewhere outside of England". SLAG.
  6. Messrs. Mcostello, and Administrator Glenn, The Archaeobacterium gets energy by oxidizing iron. That is rust or black iron oxide or both. Many bugs can do this. But this bug does it at a ferocious pace. Sincerely SLAG.
  7. SLAG, Just a little note concerning the Vikings and the L'Anse au Meadows Viking site. That "settlement" is locate in the far north west peninsula of the province of Newfoundland. Not Nova Scotia. The Viking "settlement" remains were rediscovered in 1960. It seems that the locals knew about it long before that date. Pedantic SLAG, Signing off for now. Ouch! It seems that Mr. JHCC has scooped me with a previous note. I should like to add to this thread. There were few domestic artifacts found at the site. But there a was lot of items relating to ship carpentry and smithing. Many scientists think that the site was primarily used for ship repair. And for no longer than twenty to a hundred years.
  8. SLAG here, How about a bacterium that "eats" iron? Check out this reference, Metal-Eating Bacteria That Can Eat a Nail in Three Days Found in the Andes (msn.com) Which goes to show that wherever there is a potential energy source, there is usually some "creature" that has adapted to use it. The discovery has potential for all manner of possibilities for us. Sincerely, SLAG.
  9. Mr. Frosty, A great comment with a brilliant observation and counter example. SLAG.
  10. Mr. T.H., Thank you for answering my question. Again great job and keep them coming; SLAG.
  11. Mr. T. Hound, Lovely knife. Great job. What is mammoth bark? I am intrigued. Regards, SLAG.
  12. Also called "Plug and feathers' SLAG.
  13. Sad news. I have been away for a while. Hence this tardy note. Every ones death is sad. Especially when they have had a good, long life. My sympathies go out to all the folks that knew him. I will ring the anvil three times, later this evening. Regards to all. SLAG.
  14. Folks, Spring traps often yield messy results. Thus sayeth the SLAG.
  15. Mr. B. bones, Chlorine bleach works really well. You can get rid of the smell by using photographers hypo, (a.k.a. sodium thiosulphate). It works almost instantaneously. And it's not very expensive. I used to buy it at photography shops but I was forced to buy the last batch on the net. Regards to all, SLAG.
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