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  1. SLAG & Marg, Have added all the good folks to our list and intentions. Good news about your house and property. Hang in there, Chris C. SLAG.
  2. Mr. Ichudove, Your defanged mortar bomb is a brilliant idea. Sheer brilliance. SLAG.
  3. SLAG

    Aluminum oxide

    Mr. F.-Pepsi, Where did you study chemistry? By the way, Mr. Powers is absolutely correct. And Messrs. P. & P. are completely uninformed. SLAG.
  4. SLAG

    Forges 101

    Mr. Dragon, Mr. JHCC, et al., 'Ayyup', Texas is a big place, indeed. But some years back SLAG Industries (L.L.C.) bought an enormous spread in Antarctica. We are breeding thoroughbred penguins there. SLAG. ( CEO), p.s. great joke John.
  5. SLAG

    Show me your vise

    P.R.S., Thank you for your information and prompt reply. SLAG.
  6. Mr. S. Fiddle, (a.k.a. Neil), Your copper ferrule idea is an excellent one A slight variation on that theme is to purchase plumber, copper end caps for pipes. I drill a proper sized hole, through the end cap to accommodate the tang of the respective file. They are not expensive. Certainly cheaper than the ferrules that specialty wood stores sell. (which are not really that expensive). But the end caps are thicker and more robust. Cheers everyone, Bedtime for the, SLAG.
  7. SLAG

    Show me your vise

    P.R.S., What size are the vise jaws? SLAG.
  8. Japan drier was mentioned as an additive for the iron coating mixtures. Japan drier covers a number of sicatives. (i.e. driers). Some of the drying salts are made from metallic salts. Some of those salts are toxic such as cobalt, zinc, zirconium etc. Preliminary research should be done where the coating mixture is to be used for iron implements that are used for preparing or serving food, Check to see that the siccatives are food grade/safe. Just Sayyin' SLAG.
  9. Senor Stevens, Goat makes great curry. Especially West Indian style. Regards, SLAG.
  10. T. P., Might lithotripsy, be an option? SLAG.
  11. Frosty, Ridicule is for bullies or folks with weak ego's. Expertise speaks for itself, &/or, is self evident. SLAG.
  12. Mr. James R, Outstanding work. SLAG.
  13. SLAG

    Pro forge 200

    Pnut, et al., Colloidal silica should work and glass microbeads will, also, thicken glues, (also acrylic &/or oil paints). Art supply stores sell it. But they are expensive so another source will be preferable. They are also used in ANFO* explosive slurries. So an explosives supplier person would be worth a call. You could also check Amazon for leads and chase down those leads. Regards to all the iron bangers that read this site. SLAG. * ANFO is ammonium nitrate fuel oil
  14. Mr. R. Pedro, Thank you for the wood I. D. SLAG.
  15. Robert, Thanks for the info. Then I believe that it is. indeed, a nail puller. Time to feed it some nails. SLAG.