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  1. SLAG

    So I moved my forge out of the ground

    Glenn, Scrap leather is a good resource for dynamic spats. An alternative is the scrap bin at leather craft stores. For example Tandy Leather company has bins of leather scraps, cut-offs, etc. Mr. Dragon is correct. An old leather purse will supply one with a wealth of leather. They can cheaply be bought in Goodwill stores, St. Vincent de Paul or other thrift stores They are not very expensive. SLAG.
  2. SLAG

    Seax Question

    Mr. T.P., Hollywood rarely budgets much for consultants. They tend to wing it with preconceived notions, well conceived ignorance, and dynamic misinformation, et cetera. (" do not confuse me with the facts, Sonny! ") A few producers are exceptions. Steven Spielberg is one of them. He hired Dr. Horner as scientific consultant for Jurassic Park, and it shows. It garnered more than a billion dollars in total revenue. Regards, SLAG.
  3. SLAG

    Seax Question

    Mr. George N. M. and Mr.T. Powers, I remember seeing a crane installation of a knight upon a horse. I saw it, many years ago, in a movie I cannot seem to remember. Hollywood is RARELY wrong! Perhaps said knight was very overweight. Please note that "Weightwatchers was invented several centuries later. Helpfully: yours truly, SLAG.
  4. SLAG

    They redefined the kilogram

    Mr. Twisted, Esquire, Weight loss in micrograms? Inter-city distance should be calculated in millimeters? We would get a lot more distance, then? Good luck with your diet! Regards, SLAG.
  5. SLAG

    They redefined the kilogram

    Really? , What's a few micrograms among friends? SLAG.
  6. Another good source for industrial information, is the center for disease control . (C.D.C.) in Atlanta, Georgia. They should be able to direct to a site with the relevant information, that you seek. I assume that you checked out OSHA . SLAG.
  7. The filter and pre-filter cartridges should last a long time, (i.e. be useful), for a long time. AS LONG AS they remained sealed with a gas tight seal. (I. e. unopened package). The majority of those 'gas' cartridges use activated charcoal. So put the respirator in a gas tight in a gas tight enclosure when not in use. Why? Because the charcoal continues to absorb air contaminants when not in use. Pre filters will be changed several times before the main cartridge needs to be swapped out. SLAG.
  8. SLAG

    Armistice Day

    Today is the centenary of the day that World War One ended. Fellow I.F.I. members, please join me in saluting all veterans, past, present and future, for their service and sacrifice. Thanks, SLAG.
  9. Das, Sorry to hear that your cat died. It is tough when a good pet buddy dies. SLAG.
  10. SLAG

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Welcome Helena, I love your sculpture of a man?, automaton?, or extraterritorial? Great project, and esthetic. I use a lot of roadside detritus, and dumpster gems for mixed media art, (really sculpture). You cannot beat the price. SLAG.
  11. SLAG

    Kitchen knife, learned a ton!

    Mr. Sfeile, Take 2 aspirins, and call me in the morning, HAH! Regards, SLAG.
  12. SLAG

    Kitchen knife, learned a ton!

    Mr. Sfeile, There are no ill feelings whatsoever. Apologies are not necessary. My post was not clear. Chagrinned, the word, denotes surprise and embarrassment. (mine). I am fine. But I endeavor to maintain high standards, and my aforementioned post was sub-par. (a little obsessive-compulsive, yeah). I do appreciate your 'concern'. Your post was a grace note, from a gentleman. (You). Best regards, SLAG.
  13. SLAG

    Kitchen knife, learned a ton!

    Mr. sfeile, You are correct and the SLAG, is a trifle chagrinned. SLAG.
  14. Mr. Stevens, Suggested binding magnetite and charcoal (I. e. or carbon powder), with wheat paste. and forming pellets. That works well. In the past I have resorted to using a viscous sugar-water solution as a binder. (wheat paste was not available). Yehh, I'm cheap and did not, really, want to dispose of the carbon fines.* The pellets, worked well as a forge fuel. Just sayyin, SLAG. * my young son and I had a frolic mixing up the "mud". The ex insisted that we hose down before entering the house. (no sense of humor?) Said son successfully grew up, and now makes "mud" pies with the grand children.
  15. SLAG

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Mr. H. A. Swords, After living a few too many decades, I had to concede that "Common sense", is surprisingly NOT common. A sad state of affairs, but true. Welcome to the group. SLAG