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  1. Mr. Taylor, has written the following, " … To answer your question directly, I would say $150, which the Crabby Old Geezers around here might say is a tad high..." This old geezer 'thinks' it's very high. SLAG.
  2. Marc 1, Permit me to be a pedant. The ("white") Island, is a volcano, and it erupted yesterday. The island is privately owned. 21 people were rescued. The death toll is north of 13 people. Note to (my), file 'desist from climbing into active volcanos', in the near future. Regards kiddo, and all the gang. SLAG. p.s. Try this news report for more details,
  3. In this instance also include Mr. I Dragon. Bon soir mon ami Mr. 450. SLAG.
  4. John McP, Has written, " … Students are expected to show up with zero knowledge, and exit the program with enough useful abilities to be hired as an entry level worker in a production facility. (You scoff. Obviously, you are not familiar with the expectations of modern academia!). " I scoff. It sounds like "Neolithic brain surgery in just one semester!" A little over ambitious? Regards, SLAG. p. s. The original poster has not returned to this thread since he posted. Did we scare him off?
  5. I.D.F.C., and C.G.L., Oh come on. Teenager hood is a passing phase we all go through. SLAG.
  6. Mr. J. Kerr, I use high sulfur cutting oil for boring jobs in steel. The oil helps clear the swarf from the hole. It also cools the drill bit, and lengthens the time before I have to re-sharpen the bit. A sharp bit is highly advisable. SLAG.
  7. G.F.H., Has listed a good search phrase, namely, "Do a search for "log tongs" …." Amazon, for example, displays a whole bunch of them, of various different types. They look like a fun project for a smith. But if your friend is budget conscious, the prices for a commercial log tong look fairly reasonable. SLAG.
  8. Blacksmith 450, You're welcome. Frosty, I think you are correct, it probably is an example of the Faraday effect. SLAG.
  9. Mr. J. Frost, Further to your electromagnetic notes, permit me to add a further note. Years back, (about 30 or so), some research workers ran an experiment. they placed a copper belt on the lower back of several very adept dowsers. Behold , their ability tanked with those belts, descended to zero. When the belts were removed their ability returned. I suspect that dowsing relies on a person's ability to sense electromagnetic signals. The takeaway, to this factoid, is, 'never dowse while wearing copper under ware'. SLAG. Mr. Blacksmith 450 your wrought iron bottle opener is beautiful. Good job
  10. Mr. Les L., Cogently stated, and I quote, " … I can still wear the old one 10 yrs later, ain’t saying what that trip cost". The SLAG says, It may have cost plenty. We must remember that the good doctor is, probably, still paying off his student loans with the goal of paying them, in full, before he dies.. Just sayyin'. SLAG.
  11. SLAG, and Marg, (the marvelous), Wish all the members of I.F.I.* a happy, warm, and safe Thanks giving. SLAG. *and, also, all visitors and lurkers.
  12. JCL, Thank you for that information. I appreciate it. SLAG.
  13. JCL, Beautiful knife. Congratulations. What kind of wood did you use, for the knife scales? Where did you buy the mosaic pins? Thanks in advance, SLAG.
  14. Das, Thanks. I have one potential reservation with your master work. The end of the nose looks sharp. (it appears to be a screw.). (also the ends of the arms.) If it is, someone might bump into it, or step on it. Could it be blunted with an abrasive? (e.g. sandpaper or a rotary stone). It would take a few seconds with a rotary tool. (e.g. a Dremel) Regards, SLAG. I just had another thought. a drop of solder might suffice for the ends of arms.