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  1. Great looking striking anvil, You might want to consider welding the chain hanger tabs on the inside of the legs. That would save Frosty from barking his shins. (he is an invaluable asset to I.F.I., & we should strive to keep him in good shape). Welding the tabs at a descending angle to the legs would help keep the chain pulling off the leg. SLAG
  2. WPRSN, Thank you for the reference. SLAG.
  3. Charles, Perhaps bamboo slivers installed under their fingernails would prove more therapeutic? Just musing and sayinn. Regards, SLAG.
  4. I seem to be missing out on information concerning the Quad State Get Together. Mr. T. P. got a flyer about it. But I have not seen it. Are the contents posted somewhere on the net? He also wrote that he found nothing concerning it on the S.O.F.A. ( = Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil) website. Mr. 1forgeur saw a video about it. What is the u.r.l. for it? Were I to go there, I would require a little lead time in order to make hotel reservations, and other travel plans. Last year I received and studied the Ohio state tourist brochures. There was no mention of the quad state meeting anywhere that I could find. Are they not aware of the largest blacksmith gathering in North America? Did no one inform them of this meeting? I am beginning to get the impression that Quad state is really for a selected few. An "in crowd" affair, so to speak. Are all us neglected souls relegated to other, smaller gatherings, elsewhere? Hopefully, some S.O.F.A. member will read this screed and relate it officers in that organization. Perhaps they may be able to help out me and others that have the same questions. Regards to all on this site. SLAG.
  5. Mr. Stevens, Most worthy friend. Most unfortunates who are afflicted by stupidity are genetically impaired and have been so since birth. (Or before even). There is no "willful" involved. Willful ignoramuses are a different group of folks. The latter affliction is curable. But those so afflicted, seem to be proud of their condition and rarely seek help. Hoping that we are still friends. Respectfully submitted, Regards, SLAG, ( L.L.P. )
  6. ... & stupid is forever. SLAG.
  7. Ausfire, Here is a good resource for mooses, or moose or meese. Whatever. I strongly recommend it. Super first production. Keep up the good work. SLAG.
  8. Charles, Marg & I will continue our prayers for Sandy's further improvement in her health, Great good news. SLAG.
  9. Charles, I strongly suggest that you still post a dog warning sign even if it is not required by Oklahoma law. Such signage gives you one more layer of legal defense. It also displays that you have the dog's possible behavior, in mind, and have paid attention to possible harm to trespassers. Also, the Ok. law may be brushed aside if a child somehow gets onto your property & suffers some injury. (this idea is not idle speculation. I have studied actual, similar cases that occurred in other states and common law jurisdictions). That occurred while I was at law school and also while studying for the bar of Ontario, Canada. and New York State, U.S. Regards, & good health for You and Sandy, SLAG.
  10. S. S., Style should not shove aside function and usefulness. The rough texture of your chef's knife has indentations and inclusions that will make cleaning of food particles, and hiding bacteria difficult or perhaps even impossible, The lockjaw bacterium, (Chlostridium tetani) is notorious for hiding in minute crevices. Lockjaw (tetanus), is a very serious and sometimes lethal disease. Other bacteria and, indeed, protozoa, can also hide there too. I suspect that this may sound a little far fetched but epidemics have been traced to dirty restaurant or institutional kitchens. A costly situation. Those establishments face heavy fines for using cracked cups. They are illegal. Never drink beverages from them. Chef's knife designs have evolved over several thousand years. The knife designs have been empirically improved over that time to solve all manner of problems and improvements. It will pay to do some research about knife design, and history, and accepted usage and techniques before making stylistic 'improvements'. Please note that the above is not a personal criticism of you. It is constructive critique of your knives with some suggestions for improvement. And I know that you can make significant forward progress. Carry on & keep at it. Regards, SLAG.
  11. Blacksmith-450, Bienvenue a bord I.F.I. SLAG.
  12. Herr Ausfire, New Zealanders speak English. But many speak the Maori language (... 's ?). It would be a nice addition to the collection. Regards, SLAG.
  13. Mr. Wynn, Welcome. Glad you climbed on board. SLAG.
  14. Frosty, Are you hinting that your blood sugar level is too sweet ? ? ? Personally I'll stick with coca cola. SLAG.
  15. JHCC, Like K.Y. jelly? SLAG.