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  1. Prok-M, Wonderful job. It is art gallery / museum level work. (my personal opinion). Regards, SLAG.
  2. Mr. T. P., Your Concord grape side trip will put you close enough to south St. Louis, (namely Affton), for reasonable rendezvous. How about sate Bumbu, (a beef sate that is to die for). Rawon, (a beef stew that is not usually available in North America). I t requires keluek nuts as an essential ingredient). Fear not SLAG and the marvelous Marg have bought some.* And a suitable Indonesian curry. (you can choose between you and your spouse.). Kalimantan, (a.k.a. Borneo) is a bit more rustic (& junglefied), and tends to harbor more microbial mischief. Hence the extra shots, all three pages worth. Had I ended up in Java or Bali and before marriage, I would have married a local and stayed. They needed biotechnology types, then Folks, the food on those islands is one of the premier cuisines of the world. Singapore fried noodle was a staple at the emperor's table two centuries ago. At least one of their chefs was Malaysian. Some of the best such cooking is to be had in Amsterdam, and Hague. Yours, SLAG. *Fear not, we are incorrigible, collectors, pack rats and hoard the basic foodstuffs all year round. (we did not need the excuse of a virus to change habits) Also selamat makan, Y'all.
  3. Mr. Powers, Hath said supra, "I remember them practicing the gamelan, a group that worked in the building I was doing a telecommunications computer system install in in Jakarta* in the mid 1990's. I'm afraid my hammering would never be as melodic". We need more personnel and instruments. You tube has many selections, worthy of a listen. The SLAG has many more in vinyl and tape and few c.d.' s. You are most welcome to drop by, and listen, the next time you visit your family in Arkansas. I'll even cook a rijstaffel, for the occasion! incidentally the indonesian capital (Jakarta, formerly Batavia), is slowly sinking into the ground The government has decided to move the capital from the island of Java to the Island of Borneo, ( aka Kalimantan), very soon. The government opined that that island is closer to the "heart" of the country. Back to the forge. Be well "Possums". And stay safe. Let us keep the mortality rates low. SLAG.
  4. I like to play Javanese and Balinese gamelan music whilst hammering hot steel. The Kebyar gamelan music is especially suited for such activity. Medieval polyphonic choral music works great for less vigorous efforts. Miles Davis's "Kinda blue" is also a great c.d. SLAG.
  5. BMB & Frosty, The barking draw knives, I used ages ago, and the two that I still own all had wide blades than my regular draw knives Also the tools were much heavier than the other knives Does the extra width and weight helps it to do an easier job.? I always thought so. Regards folks, and stay virus free, SLAG.
  6. C.G.L., Living between both those jurisdictions, does that permit you to make your own choice. (if so, how civilized). SLAG.
  7. LBS, Check out the books by Sloan. There are several of them. Also A book by Moxon written early in the eighteenth century. I believe they are still in print and Moxon is available on the net. SLAG.
  8. The good folks at SLAG Industries l.l.p. recently got notice of your cryptic phrase. And : after considerable cogitation and deliberation have arrived at a probable meaning for the phrase. Namely, "Summer are; in summer are out". Which means that autumn is just around the corner. Thank you for that prognostication. We shall take cognizance and prepare for same, imminently. SLAG (senior pangandrum, of the said corporation).
  9. Frazer san, We are diligently trying to establish contact at this very moment. Our myrmidons are hard at work. We will keep you posted as soon as we establish such contact. Regards, SLAG.
  10. Mr. Frazer, sir, Should we, then, consult the expertise of an alchemist? I wonder. SLAG.
  11. Mr. Ohio, Woops apologies are in order. "rage" is a typo. I should have typed rags. SLAG.
  12. Mr. Virusds, You bring up an interesting point concerning skunk weed. Hopefully none of us has had to resort to using it. The anti-inflammatory, diphenhydramine is used for such itching. (it is available without prescription at the drugstore There is no shortage of toilet paper. The problem is to get it from the manufacturer to the stores. If any of us is caught with no toilet paper and cannot get out, they can use a rage or face cloth. After use, discard it or put it in a separate laundry "bag". Thorough hand washing is required after this performance. In other words using leaves should not be necessary. I hope that helps, SLAG.
  13. Folks, I remember seeing the C.O.S.I.R.A books on an English site. But I'll be darned if I can remember where they were located. Perhaps a U.K. google search would turn it up. Perhaps bamsite has all the titles that folks are looking for. SLAG.
  14. Aus, Outstanding sculpture. A "real tour de force". SLAG.
  15. For lockwires, and lodkwire tools check out. , for a visual picture. SLAG.