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  1. John, All of them are on the list of our prayers and intentions. SLAG.
  2. IFI folks and lurkers., The SLAG has come across a hack that is a brilliancy. Have a can of food but no opener, and you are hungry!! And maybe you are experiencing armageddon? Fear not. "KGB survivalist" has disclosed, a vey clever method to open a can of food and feed yourself and your cat. (dog?) Try, https://www.tips-and-tricks.co/lifehacks/open-a-can-without-a-can-opener/2/ Enjoy, SLAG.
  3. T. P., For seven dollars a pound, we can buy a new anvil. SLAG.
  4. JHCC, Gotschaa! Thanks. Frosty, Yah I should have seen it coming. SLAG.
  5. Mr. Frank Turley 's death, marks the end of an era. Most of that group are long gone. But much appreciated. And I and many other smiths are grateful for. Mr. Turley: rest in peace and be with God. All our thoughts and prayers SLAG.
  6. John, That building is a prime candidate for implosion. SLAG.
  7. Fellow Denizens, Up north, the sun can be a serious problem. The Inuit know all about sun blindness. (and also how to cope with it), (sun blindness glasses). Northern folks also cover up to protect themselves from sunburn. The snow becomes a gigantic sun tan reflector. With all those considerations I would trade Saint Louis, Missouri for Fairbanks, Alaska, or White Horse NWT any day. SLAG.
  8. Folks, Many countries in Europe have adopted "right to repair" legislation for consumer goods. This after there was an outcry by many citizens. An example of the abuse is an example form the Netherlands. Manufacturers of house lights started selling lamps that had the bulbs permanently attached to the device. In other words, when the bulb burned out the whole lamp had to trashed. SLAG.
  9. Mr. D. W., Nice job. SLAG.
  10. Frosty, Is certainly correct. For example, plain, heavy ball peen hammers are fairly popular in Great Britain. (e.g. the FAO, UNESCO, series on black smithing, author uses a ball peen hammer throughout). SLAG.
  11. Herr Frosty, I always wondered about your avatar moose. Was it an indoor or outdoor pet of yours? What was its name? Just a little curious. SLAG.
  12. C.G.L., Glad that you are back. Congrats on your new home. SLAG.
  13. Citizens, Permit me to add a bit of trivia tidbit to the conversation. The tendency for 'real' wrought to have layers of ferrous silicate spicules, in it, made it rust resistant. The use of wrought iron was continued for sea-side bridges, continued many years after it fell out of favor for other construction, elsewhere. Those wrought iron bridges did not deteriorate as fast as steel bridges Some of the members, here, have capitalized from that situation by collecting, or scavenging, or even buying the demolished bridge scrap and selling it to other smiths. I bought some
  14. John, Thank you. You are ever helpful, and always a gentleman. SLAG.
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