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  1. Burn some of it and observe if it is harder, than usual, to light. And when lit needs a continuous air blast to stay lit. If that is so it is anthracite. Regards, SLAG.
  2. And can those, a little below average, be adequate? (or are all those below average, INadequate?). SLAG.
  3. Frosty, Panjandrum = a person who has or claims to have a great deal of authority or influence. I t was used in the sense of Grand Poobah. Never bite a panjandrum. It could result in much pain. For example a great embodiment of panjandrum was, In my opinion, the late, much lamented, President For Life, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. I believe the correct spelling of x'Zema is Mr. Zuma. Sorry about that folks. A much chastened, SLAG.
  4. Ian, S. A. stands for South Africa. The Grand Panjandrum is the current, (I think), South African, Maximum Leader. Note, Mr. Frosty is totally innocent. He is also a good friend. Hopefully, you are one too. Warm regards, SLAG.
  5. Thomas, Good luck with the extra day. Hopefully it will prove to be productive. I really feel for you having to beaver along under four hours sleep. Ouch! We are all on your side. Hang in there. SLAG.
  6. Frosty, Are you casting aspersions on the S.A. Grand Panjandrum eX'ema? SLAG.
  7. Mr. Martin, My post was inelegant and incomplete. You nailed it beautifully. Thanks for your explanation. SLAG.
  8. Aus, Lovely work. Take a bow. Frosty, The feed dog term is fine. But, I have also heard the phrase'presser foot' for sewing machines. SLAG. p.s. The bird strongly reminds me of the birds depicted in the comic strip spy vs. spy. by Prohias, featured in Mad Magazine years ago.
  9. Structural steel worker. SLAG.
  10. JHCC, Great idea, A quick set up could use one half of the fork fitted into the hardy and the other could use an adjustable three way edge clamp. That is the clamp used to stabilize veneer edges to a board. Slag.
  11. Mr. Russell, Very interesting specimen of Australian Ingenuity. But I think that they are a little incomplete. May I suggest that these innovative footwear be used, in combination,n with steel reinforced asbestos spats. Just my two cents. SLAG.
  12. Stretched hardware cloth could make an interesting pattern. SLAG.
  13. Plumbago is the old name for graphite. It is also a plant name. SLAG.
  14. Mr. Ross, Spent most of military career at Eielson A.F.B. in the Fairbanks area. Has anyone tried using a dilute, sugar in water, solution as a binding agent? SLAG.
  15. JHCC & Frosty, You can buy high grade titanium dioxide powder at a large art supply store. The powder is used to make artist grade dry pastels. (dry as opposed to oil pastels.) It is mixed with distilled water and a binder such as gum Arabic, gum tragacanth, etc. etc. The powder can be mixed with other pigments such as lampblack to make a whole set of pastels of various values. Or it can be mixed with other colored dry pastel powder to make different colors. (for example titanium dioxide and cadmium red make pinks etc.) Of course titanium dioxide can be used for all manner of other purposes. All these different pigment colors can, also, be bought at the same art stores or on line. I have been making my own pastels for years. By doing so I can get the exact shade, tint, and value that I desire for art work. Bob Ross worked in oil media and also acrylic. His product line of materials are still available. But titanium dioxide powder is cheaper and you do not have to contend with the oil medium in the tubes of color. Frosty, Bob ross spent 20 years in the American air force. Most of that time in Alaska. SLAG.