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  1. Denizens of I.F.I., Permit me to add my two cents. The most dangerous tool is me being inattentive. Should I notice same, it is grounds for an immediate coffee break or a well deserved rest. SLAG.
  2. Or florists wire. (it is a very small diameter wire). or extra long pipe cleaners. SLAG.
  3. Hammer Guy, Permit me to add a few tips into this thread, which should supplement your clever idea. Vitamin E is an oil soluble vitamin. It will readily dissolve in the quenching oiI. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that will slow down the oxidation of the oil. (also called rancidity). Note that water soluble vitamin C will not work here. If the volume of that dead space is considerable we can raise the liquid to the top by placing marbles into the container. (or some other inert material). There are also other containers that expand & contract that could be used. (but I suspect that that is over-kill Topping up the dead space at the top of the bottle, with an essentially unreactive gas will drive the oxygen in the air at the top of bottle). Carbon dioxide is good, nitrogen gas is even better. Wood workers top up their bottles of coatings and solvents with such gases in order to preserve the liquids. Wine connoisseurs use it to prolong their vintages. There is at least one product that is compounded especially for that purpose. It is called Bloxygen. I am sure there others. (but it may be too expensive us.) Regards, SLAG.
  4. I personally replaced the toilet ring, albeit more than a decade ago, and did so in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Perhaps the situation is different in the U.S.A. or manufacturers have changed the wax they use a while ago. There still may be some old stock bee's wax rings in a smaller plumbing supply shop. For that matter Canada did not go to limited water use toilets like the U.S. did. (thank you Jimmah Cahtah). Incidentally the regulations were changed after the Federal government discovered that many people were flushing twice, end of water saving, and their attempt at social engineering). Bees wax has a very distinctive smell. I know it very well having worked with it for years. Also, most Christian Orthodox Churches only burn bees wax tapers, and not paraffin tapers/candles like we smell in Roman Catholic Churches. The odor is unmistakable SLAG.
  5. Fellow i.f.I. Citizens A great source for reasonably priced beeswax, is the local plumbing supply store. Beeswax rings are placed between the toilet and the base of the toilet ring. (i.e. floor). One botched toilet repair (the second try worked out), and I was left with enough beeswax for the rest of my life. I got creative and turned a kludge into a source of said beeswax for my smithy. (& wood shop). I probably have enough left over to put it in my will. The botched toilet ring set me back about ten or twelve dollars. Buying that amount of wax, at a hobby store, would have required a second mortgage on my house. Cheers, SLAGE. So the moral of that story is that there may be a silver lining when you botch a toilet repair job.
  6. Ausfire, Frosty is not the only soul that enjoys a good picture and a delicious side-track. I love 'em too. Most mortals are content with a model railway. You, though, do it in gargantuan style. Bully! Thanks for the post, SLAG.
  7. Das, Thank you very much you are a capital fellow. Regards, SLAG.
  8. Herr Daswulf, Where do you get your wheels? I am, now, in the market for a set myself. Thank you, SLAG.
  9. Ms. Anna, She is, now, on the prayer list. SLAG & Marg.
  10. Mr. Aries, Forgive me if this post is repetitive or belabors the obvious. But here goes. Knife making, is most of the time, a two step process. Step one is to fashion the knife. Step two is usually to make a handle. The gang has explained that adding ash to steel is not a good idea. So, why not fashion the knife and then make the handle with integrated ashes? The knife part can be made by either stock reduction or the more skill requiring smithing of "raw" steel or even as a kit that can be bought at toll seller. (e.g. Woodcraft). The kit comes with blade knife-makers rivets but without a handle. That's how I started out long ago. That way you can make the blade first and when you are satisfied with the blade. Then commit the ashes in the handle making step. If you live close to New York City, you might want to contact Mr. Theo. He has, recently, started running a hammer-in monthly. You might attend that if you live close by. You could be located anywhere in the world. We have members situated all over said World. You have not divulged your location in your profile. Contact him, to ask for instructions. Or commission him to do it, if knife making is not your thing. You have started a noble enterprise. Pursue it. Regards, SLAG.
  11. The Mastercraft brand/trade name is owned by the Canadian Tire Corporation. They are a chain of 'hardware" stores. They started out as a mechanical parts, tools and hardware operation and now they sell all of manner domestic appliances too and also etc., etc., etc.. They have stores all across Canada. I have spent a lot of money there over the years. SLAG.
  12. Frosty, You are right. SLAG.
  13. Awesome! ::: i.f.i. technology and metallurgy fans, Great news! super hard windows are on the way and coming to, among other uses, a space ship located near you! Very hard boron nitride has been known for a long time and is prominent in industry. Dr. Moriyasa Nishiyama, his associates, and some equally brilliant German scientists have, together, fashioned CUBIC boron nitride crystals. This particular crystal form is much harder than standard run of the mill boron nitride. (which is nothing to sneeze at, itself.) Boron nitride is almost as hard as diamond, but it can withstand temperatures way hotter than diamond. I know enthusiasts, the suspense has been building and is probably almost overbearing. So here goes, Tell all your friends that you saw it here in this sub-forum. Regards to all. SLAG. p.s if you turn the house thermostat up to 1,560 degrees F. your wife's diamond ring will turn into very expensive carbon dioxide. Don't do it.
  14. Case harden it? Regards, Gadfly, SLAG.
  15. Glenn, Would you please put this tutorial up as a stickie? Regards, SLAG.