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  1. T. P. Please relax. It was just an attempt at humor. Regards, SLAG.
  2. T. P., Effendi, You must have forgotten the letter 'R' in the word fiend. Methinks, "friend" is a more fitting term. Mr. Stevens is a good and generous man. Just my opinion. Respectfully submitted, SLAG.
  3. GREETINGS ! Forging Folks : You might avoid wearing 'very' dark lenses by using a spot lamp to illuminate the area when you have to look into the fire to determine color or other observations Also, pulling the iron out of the fire for such observations, and then returning it to the fire, when done, may be worth the extra effort. Just sayin', SLAG.
  4. Gergely, The commentators and the content of their posts "cover the waterfront". There is not much more to add, except to wish you good luck. All the best, SLAG.
  5. Frosty, Gotcha. Thanks. How about a lead boot? SLAG.
  6. Coach ..., Would a pulley work for lifting the top leaf? Just a stray thought that might be out to tea. Welcome aboard, you'll fit in just fine. SLAG.
  7. Steve, Thank you for the definition. Regards, SLAG.
  8. Steve, Could you tell me what "production F series" signifies? I will appreciate that. Regards, SLAG.
  9. A measurement of the jaw length helps. Also, the weight of the vise would be good to know. But your vise is secured to a base. (concrete?). It looks like a winner. you'll get good service from it. SLAG.
  10. John, If you are "just that old" you are in good company. Namely ME!!. And I suspect, many others. Yes I remember Cecil the seasick sea serpent. Fond, long ago memories. SLAG.
  11. Mr. Confed..., The Patent Office has a list of patent assignments. (that is patent outright sales). Such assignments are kept in an office compilation and that can be searched. The Patent Office does not record patent licenses. You will have to search elsewhere if you require that information. Often licenses are engraved on the patented tool in question. Combination inventions are frequently denied patents on the basis of obviousness. That is that there is not sufficient invention to merit a patent. A famous example of that was, if my memory serves me, (Eberhart Faber's development of placing an eraser on the end of a pencil). The Patent Office refused to allow a patent for the concept, & Mr. Faber sued and lost. Obviousness is one of the hairiest concepts in patent law. Regards to you and "tout la gang", SLAG.
  12. Greetings, Many of the I. F. I. fraternity, also work with various woods. For example, knife scales (knife handles), mixed media sculptures, etc. etc. But many woods are problematic. And a minority of woods can cause all manner of serious problems, and a small number are extremely poisonous. Some woods can cause difficulties such as Irritation, Skin sensitivity, Allergies, Allergy sensitivity to other woods. nausea, Brain, (neurological) problems, Asthma, Heart problems, Lung problems, Most of the problematic woods can be worked using a respirator, or outdoors, or with good dust control, eye protection, etc. (or a combination of the preceding measures). A few woods are super poisonous and should be avoided altogether. For example Oleander, Sassafras, Laburnum, Greenheart, Milky mangrove, Manga, and Yew, etc.. (this bunch can cause heart damage among serious other problems). Wood toxicity information is diffusely available on the net. A little bit here and a little bit there. In bits and drabs. I have chanced upon a complete coverage of woods and their potential problems, on one list, & at one site. Try this, I strongly urge those who work with wood to have a look at that list. (especially when exotic woods are used, for example, for knife scales). Regards to all the metal bangers on this site, SLAG.
  13. BGD, You're welcome. What are you afraid of? I don't bite. SLAG.
  14. Hadara, Mr. Geist is right. Lovely, well done. SLAG.
  15. E. j. railroad track lives nearby. He might be interested in talking with you. Check B. A. M. and try them. SLAG.