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  1. Lou L. I have not seen anvils made by the company, but my knowledge of that art is limited. The company made, among other things, huge castings for navy battleships. (Austro-Hungarian Empire). Also big artillery pieces, machine guns, nuclear power plant components, etc. etc. They still do. SLAG. You might try contacting the company. You are not that far away from some of their factories.
  2. The description mentions the name Skoda. The main Skoda works are located in, what is now called, the Czech Republic. My guess is that the language is Czech. The logos that you showed are NOT the Skoda trade that is used today. Incidentally, the company is owned by folks in the Netherlands. But people are not too sure who they are. The company has changed hands several since it was sold by the Czech government They have subsidiary factories all over Europe and abroad. SLAG.
  3. Billy-O, You informed us that the handle;s wood is spalted big leaf maple. Is the wood, that you used, cut from a burl? The last pic, that you posted, sure looks like it. Incidentally, the knives are spectacular. Beautiful job. SLAG.
  4. SLAG

    Chunk of Steel? I say anvil!

    The railroad hammer is called a "spike maul". SLAG.
  5. SLAG

    Chunk of Steel? I say anvil!

    "But of knowledge". OUCH! And I cannot blame it on the keyboard. No one would believe me. Sigh! Frosty, thank you very much for pointing out that typo. C. C. I am wrong. Incidentally Mr. Gandy was a major investor in nineteenth century railroads in the western U.S.A. SLAG.
  6. SLAG

    Chunk of Steel? I say anvil!

    For easier searching for the hammer that T. P. mentions, is called a "Gandy Dancer". SLAG.
  7. SLAG

    Power hammer

    Here is a harebrained idea, that just might work Explain to the rigging people that you a little low on cash and you would be happy to help them out in trade. You can, at least, clean the shop. Some will say no, & they may even laugh. But take it in stride, and hit the next shop. "Hey you never know". SLAG.
  8. SLAG

    NJ specific law regarding propane

    Charles, Where should I drop the poly? Oklahoma is a long drive away. I wondered how POLY- propylene. could be used as a combustible gas. The "propeline" misspelling threw me off. Propylene gas burns hades hot. If you want hotter acetylene is the ticket. Charles and Arkie thanks. Your clarification helped a lot. SLAG.
  9. SLAG

    Unknown Anvil

    J. H, Welcome to I Forge Iron. Nice family picture. I notice that you may have many potential strikers in the family. SLAG.
  10. SLAG

    Centaur Forge tool kit

    JW513 You are right safety glasses are easily put down and lost, in the smithy. A good way to cut down the losses, is a device older people use for keeping their reading glasses on hand. Visit a pharmacy and talk to one of the experienced staff. Tell them about your problem and they will direct you to a device that will help. It looks like stout string that has small loops at each end and sliding sleeve that chokes the loop, of each, of the glasses' arms. You put the device around your neck and let the glasses hang down when not in use. They are not expensive. Much cheaper than the cost of a new pair of safety glasses. SLAG.
  11. Hi SLAG, this is DocChuck.  I had drawn some unexpected fire when I shared concerns of silicosis in uncoated ceramic wool insulated gas forges.....I wanted to update you on the young smith's condition....

     I wanted to give you some follow up regarding the young blacksmith with silicosis from way back in January....he is awaiting further testing for some new nodules  that have appeared, otherwise the lung fields have progressed as expected in their appearance.   If no evidence of cancerous growth has appeared and he is still a silicosis patient, he will be awaiting heart lung bypass.   Given his age and health outside of the silicosis, he is expected to make a full recovery.   I do have a follow up X-ray that I need to remove his patient info for HIPPA considerations....Sorry about my prolonged absence, in that time span, I had lost my Mom and I finally am in remission from my leukemia.


    Hope to hear from you soon, 



    1. SLAG


      Dr. Wright,

      I am sorry to hear the news that your mother died. You have my sympathy.

      Late middle age brings on the death of parents. (and most of their generation) It is ineluctable, but sad nonetheless. I have been there so I can empathize.

      Good news about your remission.

      Yesterday, I read a report of a new breakthrough in immuno-therapy. They used CRSPR- (cas9?), to enter T-lymphosite  cells,  (T-car cells) to edit their genome to destroy melanoma cells etc.

       In vivo experiments should follow shortly. No virus were used.

      Check out,

      P.M. me with your e-mail address so I can keep you apprised of such developments, off this site. I read the science and medical press reports for about 4 hours each day.

      Such correspondence, here  is,  I think,  not suitable for a  blacksmithing site.

      Good luck to your silicosis patient.



  12. SLAG

    NJ specific law regarding propane

    Polypropeline is what? I would appreciate a clarification. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and did not find anything. thanks, SLAG.
  13. SLAG

    Unknown Anvil

    I suggest that you have a podiatrist check your arches. Flat arches can result in knee and/or back pain. If so the solution may be orthotics. Just sayyin. SLAG.
  14. SLAG

    The Vise to end all Vices.

    Aaamax, Seventeen centimeters equal 6.8 inches Nice find. SLAG.
  15. SLAG

    Brass Shell Casing

    T. P., Most of the information, of my post, above, was taken from that very same article. Touche Mon Ami, et bon soir. SLAG.