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  1. What material are you wanting to press into skillets?
  2. Maybe this will help https://www.weldability-sif.com/media/sif_tips/sif_tips_07_bronze_welding_brazing.pdf
  3. Yeah, but at a buck a pound, that might be a steal.
  4. People do not like to be uncomfortable. Nor do they like to be wrong. Should someone become "self-actualized" be it through philosophy or perhaps by being a monk, it is through much effort and discomfort. It is not easy to go from being a watcher of shadows to one who has a greater understanding of "life, the universe and everything". Once one has become enlightened through personal sacrifice and they try to tell another that their ideas, way of thinking, and so on are wrong-no one wants to hear that. It is very uncomfortable and will be met with resistance. Tell someone that we coul
  5. When one says "ball bearing" i assume it to be hardened as bearings need to be hard. I was hoping for the clarification that we really need a hardened bearing, not just a steel ball. Thank you and I hope that the distinct yes will be helpful knowledge for others in the future.
  6. Size notwithstanding, I still have not seen confirmation that one should use a hardened ball bearing vs. a steel ball which is not. That was what I was asking about.
  7. I was thinking about the ball bearing test recently and I suppose it ought to be a ball bearing, which should be hardened, vs. say, steel shot like for a slingshot. Yes?
  8. Improvised anvil for starters. I thought that once I posted I did pretty well with the pic. I paid attention to the file size, too.
  9. 48" forklift fork, six inches wide. 1 of 2 that came home with me. I cropped and resized the pic, time to see how well I did that.
  10. There are also other surface treatments for increasing wear resistance, abrasion resistance and more. In particular, thermal spray coatings.
  11. I am no expert but have been around machine tools for a while. It may not be the appropriate method of hardening you are presently thinking. There are methods like flame hardening which will harden just the surface to make it much more wear resistant while retaining toughness. Pack carburization is another method. Have you a mettalurgist or materials person to consult with?
  12. What was the purpose of that signal? Wake up? You are approaching a populated area.
  13. So you want to turn a rivet into a bolt?
  14. A chainsaw would waste more of the wood and can be more difficult to control. On the other hand, if you got one of those saws which require a buddy working the other end, you could make some nice, even cuts.
  15. Selfridge ANGB is in Michigan, not Maine.
  16. Drown out the anvil noise with some loud heavy metal music.
  17. I dropped out of high school in my senior year. I was bored with school. I was smart enough to know that my future as a high school dropout could be not so good so I decided upon enlistment. My Mom had to sign a waiver because I was not yet 18. Happy 18th birthday in boot camp, Great Lakes Naval training center in January. I got some much needed discipline and training, the most important of which is attention to detail. They drilled that into our heads over and over. That lesson has served me well in my life ever since. I got to a ship homeported in Italy, as it was the Sixth flee
  18. Look for ASM Metals reference book, it lists the properties of different metals and their alloys.
  19. Have you done a search for sawmills in your area?
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