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  1. See if you can get a copy of the ASM Metals reference book.
  2. The only input that I can give is that Calcium Chloride is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture (water) from it's environment. It is also deliquescent (I just learned that one word, but have seen the result.), it will absorb moisture until it becomes a liquid brine. Ever use Damp-Rid?
  3. I think that the op is asking about cement as in the adhesive sense of the word, not cement as in pavement or construction material. I could be wrong though. Oh, I see that you already replied.
  4. I had a front fender for my Fairmont shipped years ago from Cali to Michigan pretty cheap using Greyhound. Not very heavy, but the size of it was what made other carrier's prices sky high.
  5. Frosty and Mikey the two of you sent me down the rabbit hole with this conversation yesterday and I am still there today. To say that the gases are superheated is maybe a misnomer. What I read yesterday is that superheated refers to any temperature above the state transformation from liquid to gas, whether it be 1 degree or two thousand. I looked into incandescence/incandescent and found some interesting pages. Here is the first page: http://www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/3.html And wikipedia, of course: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incandescence I kind of like this site: http://www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/3BA.html And the Oxygen vs. the Nitrogen causing the colors you see--could be both judging by the color spectrum of those elements. http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~pogge/Ast350/Labs/Lamps/index.html Oxygen has more in the blue spectrum but there is more Nitrogen. I did not go so far as to see what colors are presented by Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide, water vapor or other combustion byproducts. Google can drive you mad with too much unrelated information just because one word of your search term matched. Sometimes like a not too bright overachiever.
  6. Of course they don't. But I make sure that I have one for every vehicle.
  7. The single lug wrench, I suppose. What first came to my mind was the 4 way, which I always prefer for their intended purpose. But I had to force my brain to visualize the single which makes much more sense.
  8. JHCC mentioned balance earlier. I imagine if you were to choke up on those it would help with a heavy workpiece.
  9. I think that you are getting Alro steel jumbled up with NJSB, which is Aldo. I have bought from Online metals on Amazon.
  10. I heard those things were like, alphabetized, or something.
  11. Thomas, I know, I was being facetious. However, your answer was a very good summary. "The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!"
  12. I found this cool pdf: https://nickelinstitute.org/media/1687/guidelinesfornickelstainlesssteelsformarineenvironmentsnaturalwatersandbrines_11003_.pdf
  13. Have you been here https://www.nace.org/home in your quest for information? Or here? https://naceinstitute.org/home You might be able to glean some information while poking around on those sites, or find leads to other resources.
  14. Well Fido can leave her some reminders as to why you don't leave your dog locked inside for long times.
  15. You got to watch for the sawdust! I had a similar thing earlier this year in my ceiling. Hole after hole drilling to hang a plant holder. Hole after hole, no sawdust coming out.
  16. Find a safe liquid paint remover so you can strip it without creating any dust particles from the paint. Safely store the removed paint and spent remover and take it to a hazmat disposal event. Or otherwise as directed by such products' instructions.
  17. I am making a bit of an assumption, but it is probably the one in his other post: He has some impressive skills.
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