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  1. Perhaps you could buy shirts from Glenn that don't show coffee stains?
  2. I'd trade all of them for a good treadle hammer...much more useful in the shop!
  3. I saw that too and was wondering about the colour differences also common when folks botch an anvil repair with high Ni rod. Inadequate preheat allows for self quenching forming a brittle layer in the HAZ that hammering on can spall off as an even bigger chunk of the edge than the original issue someone was trying to fix. Usually when folks get to agonizing over wanting everything *perfect*; I tell them to drop blacksmithing and take up machining where such goals are laudable.
  4. Patrick the search tool on this site pulls a strong vacuum! Try searching using your browser and including as a search term. I just bought 3 powerhammers and a pile of old smithing stuff down here; how are things up in the colder area?
  5. The local Community College here has jewelry making classes that include training on lost wax casting. Probably better to learn how before doing a make or break piece. TheoRockNazz has done quite a bit of 3d printing work for handles; you may want to review the stuff he has posted here.
  6. He tanks don't have the explosion risk with abrasive or saw cuts. All empty tanks have an explosion risk for O-A cutting. I pick up a couple of sizes of He tanks at the scrapyard to hand out to folks wanting to build a propane forge. Got them hanging from a wire up high in the shop.
  7. I would just generally go to a place a company that made them dumped their "seconds" and pick them up for US$1 a piece. Being able to look them over I could check that the grain was good and that the problem that made them a second was either cosmetic or was in part of the handle I would be removing to shape it to my liking. Last time I visited, they had stopped carrying them. I was planning a visit up to Cassville MO to House Handle next time I visit the kinfolk in NW AR, USA. Nice handles, decent prices---they even have a category called "Blacksmith Shop Hammer Handles" in their catalog.
  8. I just picked up a couple of dozen old top tools; most look to have improvised wooden handles---broomstick, tree limb, etc. All came from working smithies and some will get formal handles and some will remain loose handled. Going to have to find a handle manufacturer near NW AR, USA and stock up on seconds again as rehandling all this stuff is going to deplete my seasoned handle store.
  9. CtG, we have an arroyo behind my next door neighbor's place and when it flows it leaves large puddles that dry up and make very large and thick clay plates as it cracks. I've collected a 55 gallon barrel of them for when I need a higher clay content than the soil has.
  10. It was cloudy last night and so stayed lighter out after work and I went and got 3 buckets of tongs, a pile of top tools, half dozen mill balls, 3 large old adjustable wrenches and 3.5 smaller post vises, though one of those is robustus, all with springs and mounting plates save for the .5 which has a truncated leg as well. Unloaded with a flashlight bouncing some light off the underside of the roof in the shop. Bad weather moving in and I had a rough night due to insulin issues---but no ER time this go around! Friday I have to go to my next door neighbor's party; so I expect it will be Saturday for the next loads and then the sorting, cleaning, repairing, can get started. I forgot to mention the 3 treadle sandstone grinders including a pretty large one.
  11. A side sucker and a 10" dia chimney would do fine as long as there is a source of make up air.
  12. Here in the USA, one the diameter of a US Quarter works pretty well. I have a bullpin (alignment pin for structural steel) that is just right at the top for truing up openers. GFH: from the Addams family movie: Eyes Fingers Toes the combination to the family vault.
  13. So smoke is not so much the problem but CO is. Are there any animals in this stable?
  14. We could use some help too; is this a coal, charcoal, propane, natural gas or induction forge? You know the details; we don't.
  15. I have a tool to help make them---it's a flat plate with a piece of angle iron or a sq bar welded across the bottom and a hole a little larger than the wire size drilled right next to the outside leg of the angleiron. Put it in your postvise, heat the wire and make a 90 deg bend in the end, reheat, drop the bent in in the hole and close the vise to trap it between the dependent angle/bar and run around the vise scrolling it. When cool, reheat and repeat. I also freehand them using light hammers. You can help pull them tight by flipping one over and pulling it against the side of the anvil and with pressure on the straight wire tap it a bit on the wound part against the side of the anvil. I've done spiral ended pins for my mortise and tenon post and beam tent frame and even pillar candle holders with the part held by the vise trimmed as a spike to mount the candle on and then the loose end bent up and over to make the handle. I found that the heavy wire used to ship rebar bundles with makes a great thing to recycle. Very soft under the hammer and often free. (Not rebar tie wire, shipping wire from places that don't use banding.)
  16. I don't know about down there but we celebrate any rain out here in the desert! It's a mixed blessing as it usually comes as part of thunderstorms and so more lightning.
  17. Usually when we get a warm spell in the middle of the winter it encourages the fruit trees to bud and set fruit that then gets frosted and so a bad year for fruit at harvest.
  18. I expect I'll be ready to sit in a comfy chair and stare at a screen next week. Just hope I don't have to type with a pencil held in my teeth because my hands won't close. I also expect that the hammers will move at a later date; save for the small helve which can go in my small pickup. I forecast lots and lots and lots of wire brushing in my future; perhaps the 60 mph wind gusts will be a big help coming up. I'm already planning to build another tool rack; I'm of the "You can't use a tool you can't find." school of things. He also just told me that the parts for the tire bender are probably around and if they don't show up loading they will when they clean the rest of the stuff out of the building. My wife is dropping off a key to the storage place and I'm telling myself I *REALLY* should wait till the weekend to start; as moving heavy stuff in poor lighting is a good way to damage oneself. I'm going to dig out my "In Rust We Trust" Tee shirt!
  19. DEAL IS DONE! A friend is getting the 50# LG, my wife talked them down another US$1000 and is taking a cashier's check over this afternoon. I hope to start loading Saturday morning---and it's a 3 day weekend! Looks like I will be getting none of the line shaft stuff, (yeah!), or the bellows, (boo) and of course the 114# lakeside anvil in great shape + 4" columbian postvise and 6 pairs of tongs that his wife is keeping, (sigh). I hope she takes one of my classes and is not too upset at what they sold me afterwards! So: 3 powerhammers, (50# LG, 25# LG, small helve---hawkeye? ), 200#? PW anvil, 1 large postvise and 4 smaller ones, stack of tongs and hammers and top tools, 3 forges (2 I can use and 1 selling on), a bunch of old hand crank or line shaft drill presses (to be sold on) and a cone mandrel (MINE!). Several hand crank blowers, including one with a smashed fan housing that may help others looking for a bunch of stuff I can't remember it all. I think I can sell enough stuff on to cover the family funds and my shop funds I'm using for the deal and still end up with a goodly amount of *useful* equipment residual. To reprise an old quote: "If you plan to be adding anything else to the shop it had better be a liquid!"
  20. With the current prices and detached smithies I worry about loss and how to prove something is mine without volatile picture storage like a phone or pc hard drive.
  21. Looks more like a slitter-drifter and not a punch as a punch removes metal in use.
  22. Keep the rubbing and if it ever walks off, you can prove it's yours!
  23. I've read of it being used to season cast iron; but its not a top pick. If you have it to hand try it and see if you like how it works on steel selling pieces---and please report back
  24. Spending my highschool years in a community that was heavily jewish (and having read the restrictions in our bible study) I was pretty up on Kosher; but I had to look up on the restrictions for halal---bears fall under the "no omnivores" clause. Back to chewing my cud and hiding my cloven hoofs!