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    Greetings and salutations....

    Great; I went to High School in New Jersey, Holmdel High back in the early '70's. Have you read Alexander Weygers' book(s) (Collected in The Complete Modern Blacksmith) He started out with degrees in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding and went on to do a bunch of other stuff including, art, aeronautics, blacksmithing, writing, etc and so on---put the poly in polymath!
  2. ThomasPowers

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Especially in Oklahoma where you can run across sucker rod masquerading as round stock! (A lot of oil patch stuff is hardenable as when you have 100000 pounds of drill stem on the hook the extra cost of the "good stuff" is minimal compared to having something give way.) Test don't Guess!
  3. ThomasPowers


    Jam the billet in a piece of unplated sq tubing to hold it together though it will loosen slightly at high temps.
  4. ThomasPowers

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Note that most steel you find around will not harden; you have to specifically ask for alloys that are hardenable. Hardenable alloys cost more and take special handling and heat treatment so factories tend to only use it where they absolutely have to have it. So it is not as common in the scrap stream as well.
  5. ThomasPowers

    Ever heard of Shragge Metals anvil?

    If it "passes" the ball bearing test; offer 4+ times what you might if it fails that test.
  6. ThomasPowers

    Supplier list

    My bladesmithing friends usually use the NJ steel baron for blade steel. Finding his website is left as an exercise for the interested parties. I have to ask though; must it be a website? What if there is a good supplier at 1/2 the cost a couple of miles away from you that's an OTC supplier?
  7. ThomasPowers

    New Beginner in Idaho

    Bend it to fit over a cubicle wall and you have a cubical hook for coats and backpacks. I've done around 30 of them so far for my co-workers.
  8. ThomasPowers


    Heating slowly in a reducing fire works pretty well in not burning the wire; but most folks are in too much of a hurry. Of course tie wire and baling wire are low in carbon...
  9. CRS: Only till she wises up! (Married 34 years now...)
  10. ThomasPowers

    Forges 101

    I can send you some vanes if that would help? It's a nice small family run place but being near the small engineering University they get a lot of weird stuff at times, I'll have to post a picture of the slab of steel with a hole blown through it courtesy of the explosives program at the University...
  11. ThomasPowers

    Forges 101

    Hmm my local scrapyard has a small pile of jet engine parts, I wonder if I could find any nozzle materials...Unfortunately they are probably closed over the Christmas/New Year break.
  12. ThomasPowers

    Portable Forge

    Not knowing what country you are in makes it a bit harder to make focused suggestions. We have over 100 countries participating here! JABOD is a bit harder to move around. I built a travel forge where the legs come off. You might look at some of the military box forges where everything fit in a metal box.
  13. ThomasPowers

    Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    Gotta have the time to answer the more involved questions that have not been answered. Which is why almost every new person is instructed on the proper way to research topics on this site, (Browser search engine with as one of the search terms.)
  14. ThomasPowers

    What did you do in the shop today?

    "recycling", please!
  15. ThomasPowers


    Since I often do bandsaw blade and pallet strapping billets I don't usually have any problems with the wire burning off before the billet is ready to weld. Thick layers can have that problem. Remember too you can drill hole at each end of the billet and rivet them together using a 16 penny nail. (Riveting pieces that were tricky to weld to hold them in position is mentioned in old smithing books; pre arc welding.)
  16. ThomasPowers

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Carrion: pronounced "carry-iron".
  17. ThomasPowers

    Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    If you keep asking questions that have already been answered, then you may not be dumb; but you probably are annoying...Respect other people's time!
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    Whatever unplated steel wire is handy and easy to use. For me rebar tie wire or baling wire. I usually include one longer piece to use as a place to grab with the tongs to start off. Brazing will interfere with the welding.
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    It followed me home Couldn't have said it better myself!
  20. ThomasPowers

    two leg vise ?

    Heavy plate with two pipe uprights welded to it that the legs drop down in, a couple of "set screws" to hold it against vertical forces.
  21. ThomasPowers

    Trenton year ID?

    I have a couple of commercial 2 and 4 oz ballpeens and some "shop class made" paper weight anvils and had the grandkids hammering on thick no lead plumbing solder while their parents were at the forge one Thanksgiving.
  22. "I do like the outer space suggestion tough. Good luck getting that back." No problem at all; just stand next to a roadrunner and wait! Dressing up like a coyote may speed things up, (or down...).
  23. ThomasPowers

    Post Vice ID Help?

    Doesn't look like the Cole Vise I have as it does not rotate around the front of the mounting plate and does not have the option of sticking a rod or pipe in the base.
  24. ThomasPowers

    Craft vs. Art

    I can envision some Baroque ironwork that would be "craft" and some minimalist ironwork that would be "art"---like some of the African sculptures that inspired some of Europe's "Modern Artists"...