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  1. Most of my vises have very square crossection threads |_| |_| and any rounding indicates wear. Hard to tell with the glare but that looks like a worn screw to me. Still got a lot of life in it. (And I don't know if that brand did things differently; but I have had over 20 postvises so far and all of them had the square cross section threads where unworn.)
  2. I hate to mention that when I was going through a little accessed part of my shop recently I found the mummified body of a roadrunner---looks like the local feral cats had got it and drug it in the shop when the door was open. No sign of anvil injuries! Used a pair of long tongs to move it outside.
  3. Lots of elbow room out here in the hot and dry! (Not much smithing equipment though...)
  4. Looks like it may just throw a wrench into my retirement plans; I may be retiring early due to University funding issues.
  5. So it was raining "anvil stumps"? We would appreciate some of that rain out here; however you can keep the humidity! I remember forging at Norman before and feeling "drier" working near the forge as the added heat would dry the sweat more than induce it.
  6. In general high carbon steel is not used except where it's properties are needed as it's more expensive to make and work and requires heat treatment after working to get the results wanted. Businesses tend not to like paying more unless they absolutely have to. On the other hand I have had High C scrap sneak into what I thought was only Low C stuff. So when working with scrap metal of unknown provenance you may want to test it with either the spark test or the heat past critical and quench and try to break test. (USE PPE! If it was HC; then it can shatter sending shrapnel!)
  7. Don Yors, an old friend and member of the now defunct Mid Ohio Blacksmiths, AKA the MOB, has died. I've rung my anvil for him. Don't know his age but he definitely had lived a full life!
  8. What's the screw look like? I've forgotten how many wedges I've forged at demos when I can't find any of the ones I previously forged for the post vise...
  9. BBQ sized tanks have a flow preventor in them to choke off the flow if they "think" they are in a runaway condition---hose cut or burnt through or no fitting attached when they were opened. Some are more sensitive than others. Opening the valves slowly can help not to trigger them as can using a good regulator. Some of these tanks will work fine for a forge if "babied" some will lock down even when doing common forging and should be traded out. Once you get a set of tanks that work well; don't trade them in; get them refilled!
  10. The divot underneath the hardy and the raised section underneath the heel and the shape of the horn remains makes me think that the anvil is a steel faced cast iron anvil. As such very hard to repair as you have cast iron to weld too. Use it as it stands! Most shops don't need ornaments but tools and that still qualifies as a tool---and one you don't have to worry about learning on. That raised section under the heel should produce a good guess as to the original brand if someone has AinA handy.
  11. I've noticed that when I call my wife by the name she uses now and she's asleep she ignores it; but if I call her by the nickname she had 65 years ago she wakes up and answers!
  12. Probably the heat; you need to keep your cool! I hope to get a little time in the smithy between 5 am and 9 am this weekend and then go estivate!
  13. Oddest shaped Tsuba I've seen! (The inlay reminds me of some of the tsuba I've seen.)
  14. I use cones on a fairly common basis; everything from hardy tooling cones made from bull pins to a medium sized cone that was the penetrator for a ballistic missile; to finally a full sized floor cone---part of the hoard! However I have smithing friends who never use them. Not a lot of uses for a bladesmith, quite a few uses for an ornamental smith. They are sort of like a swage block; lots of possible radii to bend to; but if you were doing a lot of the same size I would build a specif sized jig. So asking us what YOU need; based on what YOU do, based on YOUR methods, Your Budget, Your shop room for new tools and Your tool acquisitiveness---Seems a bit off....Now I do have a birthday still to come this year... My larger cones are used a lot to true up rings that I have forge welded, often bent the hard way for down hearth cooking spiders and trivets. My smaller ones are good for arrow sockets, chisel sockets, spear sockets, penannular brooches, etc. I even use one to plannish my wedding ring larger when it gets tight on my finger.
  15. Now you do know that heat treat does NOT mean harden right? Annealing is a heat treat that makes the steel very soft. So when you ask if you need to heat treat them you need to tell us if you were thinking of making them soft, or tough, or hard or what? If they were made from mild steel then heat treating usually doesn't do anything---you can quench very low carbon steel in water and it won't harden! If they were made from high carbon steel I would normalize them to make them tough but not brittle. So you need to give us what alloy they are to know if the heat treat result you want is even possible. If you will be hanging stuff from them you may want to round the contact edges to decrease wear on the hoses.
  16. And are excellent upper body workout tools!
  17. OK so NOT a Peter Wright. Not a surprise too as many smaller anvil makers started out with people who learned the trade at Peter Wright or Mousehole and when they set up their own business made what they were used to making. So a lot of "clones" exist. I don't have AinA with me so I can't look up that one and post on it before Monday. Anybody got a copy to hand?
  18. Had 2 of the 3 teeth out; Dentist wouldn't do the third in the same session so I get twice as long to have extraction pain; grrr. For pain: Ibuprofen 600mg---prescription which he said I only needed to get filled if I wanted it. As there was noting to grab a hold of above the gum line he had to be a bit brutal below the gum line and yes I needed it! But just took the same dose of the OTC stuff. The Antibiotic I had filled. Soft diet is really making blood glucose control more difficult. Took Thursday off work; but back today. Only supposed to get to 105 degF (40.55 degC) today. I expect I will be taking it easy in the house the next couple of days...running out of light reading books and not in shape for research reading. Perhaps I can go to the library at lunchtime.
  19. Signing off for today; I get to eat a real lunch and then go to the dentist for multiple extractions. May not be on tomorrow. I wonder what they give for pain these days? All y'all play nice while I'm gone!
  20. Sorry; already sold it to a fellow from Dubai! George C Parker would have been proud of me!
  21. What did you find when you did a browser search of: Frosty T burner plans site:iforgeiron.com ? I get 1400+ hits and good ones from the very start!
  22. I always used the clay in the local creek. (Lets see it's been a half dozen different creeks over the years and moves). Keep a lid on it so rain and snow don't affect it. (I've seen some nice JABODish forges done in old propane grills with nice lids you can close for protection when they are not in use.)
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