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  1. We did have an interesting discussion on how to photograph it for the grandkids. I think we are going with the large pyrex baking pan. (And wondering if Scorpions have problems with statin dust...) You my remember that my wife LIKES spiders as "fellow" spinners/spinsters. I'm very happy that she is willing for black widows to be relocated outside.
  2. Now use your wood burner to put the distinctive "Frosty" on it (tree optional)... I tell my neighbors to throw any broken pickaxe or sledge hammer handles my way to use as stock for handles for weird hammers I pick up; or firewood---some can't pick out a good grain handle if their wallet depended on it!
  3. Well for my trench forge, (needed to box fold some 3/8" plate for a firebox for the Santa Maria replica), I was using a shop vac as the blower. I forged a couple of 1/4" steel staples to hold the shop vac exhaust hose and the pipe to the tuyere in place on the ground---I just left a gap between them and how concentric I made the openings controlled the air flow. Another method is to take a hack saw and cut a cross ways slit in the air pipe and slide a tin can lid in it to control how much air gets by. Duct tape around the exposed sharp edge please.
  4. They would spend all night in their boat on lake Tenkiller running jugs; then the fish fry!
  5. Between 24 gauge and 1/2" plate depending on information you didn't provide...What metal are you wanting to use? Indoor or outdoor? What size will you be making them? (I'll just assume they will be 3D and not foil glued to the window.)
  6. Back before the Arkansas river was "Cored by Engineers", some folks used to go "fishing" off the bridge when the water was up using half inch manila rope, a blacksmith forged hook and some fresh roadkill. Now for gar you use a different method trying to tangle up their teeth... For me the trotline is the epitome of fishing; put it out and when you come back there is food on it! My Aunt and Uncle like jug fishing on the lake for catfish. I think one of my cousins has a Bass Boat...
  7. Older English anvils are weight stamped in the hundredweight system. In it the leftmost number(s) refers to hundredweights which are increments of 112 pounds, the center number is quarter hundred weights which is 28 pounds and the rightmost number is residual pounds. So an old English anvil stamped 1 1 1 weighs 112 + 28 + 1 = 141 pounds One stamped 1 3 22 weights 112 + 84 + 22 = 218 pounds The center number can only be [0-3] (except a couple of mis-stamps are known) and the last number(s) can only be 0-27 To confuse things more American anvils and some Swedish anvils exported to the American market were stamped in pounds and of course many modern anvils from outside the USA are stamped in kg. So knowing which anvils are stamped in what system can be a big help when buying by the pound, some sellers mistake the two systems either through ignorance or through malice: If someone wants US$5 a pound and claims that the 111 marking on an American anvil means 141 pounds then they are gouging you for $150 . OTOH if they are selling you an English anvil stamped 1 1 1 and only want $555 then you are getting the better part of the deal. (Guess which I've seen more often!)
  8. Yes the venturi burners require a high pressure regulator, 0-20 or 0-30 PSI to run correctly. They draw in air and mix it with propane driven by the high pressure jet of propane. Many gas grill regulators run at 6 oz. Plaster of Paris starts to degrade around 450 degF. You will probably want to be forging more around 1600 degF See a problem? Yes some idiot put up a video suggesting it's use and like lemmings many people have followed after without checking to see if it was actually a good idea. One reason I see given for it's use is that they can't afford a good insulating refractory, (like kaowool). I have trouble understanding this as they say they can't afford the correct refractory but they CAN afford to spend many times as much on fuel???? "I can't afford X but am willing to pay 6X more on fuel to save X?" When people in the USA want to get into blacksmithing I strongly suggest they find an ABANA affiliate and attend a few meetings to learn what works, what is available locally, and save a huge amount of time learning from people who know what they are doing. (I have actually seen videos online where the presenter says "I've never done this before; but this is how you do it." Guess what, they lied about the second part!) Don't worry about making a fairly common mistake; if we all gave up learning to drive after the first time we hit the brake instead of the clutch pedal or put it in reverse instead of drive; well the roads would be even more empty than they are now! (We can get a bit tetchy about things as we feel bad about people getting mislead when a bit more looking into things would have prevented it---makes us feel like all out efforts here are not helping as much as they should!)
  9. 61 degF, nice and sunny out right now and I'm locked in a 9'x9.5'x15' box with a 6'x9' window to taunt me. Oh well I expect to get to the scrap yard tomorrow...
  10. There's living dangerously and then there's increasing the odds of dying violently in your sleep! (Said by the guy who left a live scorpion for his wife to find on the kitchen table this morning...)
  11. My grandfather ran a Bait business in Arkansas back in the 1960's, had a vertical set up: minnow ponds down near Havana AR, wholesale route and a retail store in Fort Smith. I've heard that tale and several others over the years....The ones I really liked ended with I can see you are not convinced; come out to the pickup...and a paddle fish, gar, or huge catfish would be filling the bed...Shame that the big old ones are not the best eating...
  12. I can't see the regulator details on your pictures, can you describe it and what pressure you have adjusted it to? What colour is the flame when burning?
  13. Chris, trust me on this----don't imply it's why you married her!!!!!
  14. WelshJ; My father used to say that "*all* engineering equations had to have a $ in them". As he was an engineer, became high level management and taught engineering when he retired I figure he knew what he was talking about. I also like the saying: "In every project there comes a time to shoot the engineers and start production".
  15. Woke up this morning and found something else had decided to shelter in place with us. Nice fat scorpion on the wall in our master bathroom. Caught it in one of my ever growing pile of empty pill bottles, (good sized as it's for a 3 month supply), and left it on the kitchen table for my wife to see when she wakes up. I hope we can get some good pictures of it to sent to the kids and grandkids and I expect part of my Saturday will be walking it out across the arroyo and letting it go. Fat as it is I wonder if it's about ready to have babies? I'm not expecting the current directives to stop the spread of Covid-19; just hoping it will slow it down enough not to break the health care system. We currently have 4 known cases in our county; but of course we have 0 hospitals able to deal with major problems.
  16. I, for one, love to read info like this from folks who have actually worked the stuff! I strongly doubt I will ever work anything more pricey than silver or more exotic than Titanium; but if I do I know where to go to get info!
  17. I personally like hammers with a swelled bulb on the end, lets me let them side through my hand during use but not exit my grip! I find that straight handles I tend to grip tighter which is harder on my hand and arm. Good way to roll with the punches---when life gives you lemons---make high powered lemon shooting cannons! Supposed to be in the mid 70's degF here this weekend; time to switch to short sleeves and shade!
  18. It's possible to find springs with very few miles on them; or even to buy new "drops" from a spring repair place if you find one that still makes their own springs. Places that do raising or lowering of vehicles often swap out the springs and due to liability they get scrapped. Some folks will take a brand new vehicle and jack it up for 4WD discarding springs with trivial use on them. (I had a student that worked at a place that built EMT vehicle conversions from new vehicles; he brought me spring packs that had 19 miles total on them!!! Depot to Dealer to Conversion shop, all in town.)
  19. Sorry I don't see the picture of what the bottom looks like? That's 150 as it's the weight in pounds. The bottom will nail down the maker and the serial number can be correlated with the date it was made.
  20. Practical Blacksmithing;Volume 1, published in 1889; page 110: "For my own part I am satisfied not only that the sharp edges are useless, but that they are also destructive of good work. I cannot account for their existence except as a relic of a time when the principles of forging were but little understood. I want both edges of my anvil rounded, not simply for a part of their length, but for their whole length." Does that make you feel any better?
  21. Welcome! When I teach; I tell my students after their first heat and pounding hot steel on the anvil: "Now you are a blacksmith; however you can spend the rest of your life working on becoming a *better* blacksmith!" It's good that the blacksmith village has a smith; in certain places in Europe at certain times having a blacksmith was a requirement to get village status rather than just being a hamlet. (Took things like church, blacksmith, market to be considered a village and when you had more people it could grow into a town.) I live in a rural town in New Mexico USA that has a small University in it so we're divided between farmers and University staff and students. (Around 10K people when the University is in session).
  22. Coming from Arkansas; I have to say "It's a Joke????"