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  1. I just got back from vacation, I was at Island Rab in my home country Croatia. And there is an old town also called Rab, the buildings are old but surprisingly little old forged stuff (not welded with modern welders), except for few of these window grates. They are without a doubt cut with a chisel and it is quite a thick material. Just thought I'd share, never saw such design, very simple.
  2. Well here I am. I thought I just had a sore muscle, but after about three weeks of ignoring it, it got worse and then I realized: Ooo no. I don't think I did it with blacksmithing but it got worse after one session of it. Now I'm out of the shop and I have promises to keep on a project I started. "Luckily" it has been really hot past week (36 Celsius) so I wouldn't have been in the shop anyway. Hope when it heals it won't be a recurring thing.
  3. I made a couple of plant hangers. A while ago just now saw them mounted.
  4. Best advice. I my experience there are two types of people those with common sense and the scum. The common-sense people you will always find a compromise, you both bend a little and it works out. The scum they don’t care, they just see their side and will always find something to complain. You could plant trees and they will complain about the lack of sunlight you cut them down they will complain about not having shade.
  5. Davor

    First tongs

    What? First thing you made is a pair of tongs and they look that good? I’ll see myself out. I don’t know what you do for a living but it better be blacksmithing in the future.
  6. This is an interesting thread. What is the “anvil” in that last picture used for, it looks like it has a specific purpose. Bottom right corner on the stump.
  7. Wow, that is excellent. After it gets some patina on it, it will look like it was always there.
  8. You got me thinking, so as I was making some tools today I made a hanger from some scrap pieces. It is riveted, with only the horizontal bar welded. I punched a squer hole and welded it fom the inside. Not exactly what you had in mind, but as I said it got me thinking.
  9. Well I made links from some old rusty nails that looked about the right size and managed to close them cold. But I sure wish I found smaller ones because it was a pain in the butt to close it cold.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, good advice. The stainless shackles are really an eyesore.
  11. Walking by it every day made me like it more and more. The old cracked wood makes it feel as it has been there for years. So I made a full brace and cutout the silhouette.
  12. I've made a sign hanger for my shop and sign. The sign is temporary till I come up with something better, just wanted something to hang. Please post your signs and hangers also.
  13. Not doing much work, so here is my shop. On the left side is an unfinished forge chimney and I have a vice outside for cutting long stock or if I must do a lot of grinding. The doors are made so I can have them opened but the dogs can't get inside. On the right side is my fine bench, where I can sit and write, draw, do leather work, assemble fine things. On the left side is my crude bench, where I can weld and grind and pound on, it is higher so I can stand and work. The small shop has its limitations on the size of things I can make but on the other hand everything is right there, it is cozy and it gets so warm in the winter I can sit in my t-shirt.
  14. Listen to this man. You will try you will fail and get discouraged and abandon a very nice hobby. Learn to walk before you run. Meaning you have to build up your skill, with fire and hammer. It all looks simple when someone else is doing it. I haven’t tried forge welding yet I don’t think I’m ready.
  15. I guess I will be upgrading my forge blower sooner that I thought. No idea what it is from, but it works.
  16. Nice work and a nice story to accompany it. The hands are a lot bigger than I thought.
  17. That is outstanding. I would like to see more in the process pictures, how you start, what are the steps to the finished product.
  18. Soak your handles in the linseed oil, at least a whole day. In the pictures is a knife I made about six or seven years ago and it didn’t shrink a bit. I soak it in linseed oil and then I polish it with bees wax. It is interesting because it is cut across the grain and not with the grain. Just wood from the shed maybe dried for a year possibly less.
  19. With a hidden tang you don't need to use rivets. Just use a good glue, two components glue is rock hard when dry, use a leather spacer between the guard and handle and you need a way to clamp it together till it dries. Couple of long bolts and two wood boards will do the trick. I haven't made knifes in a long time but I have made a few and you don't need fancy equipment to do them. First leather I used was from an old shoe, the one in the picture is from a coil spring, coin, leather, horn, leather and a piece of oak. Leather spacers help to hide the imperfections.
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