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Deb could use a prayer


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I just got back from the hospital. Around 7:30-8:00 this evening Deb had a minor stroke. Well the evaluation says it's a minor stroke but we didn't know that till after they finished the preliminary tests. It was minor enough the risk of one of the more effective stroke treatments is greater than the potential benefits. She's improved considerably in just a couple hours her speech is clear, you have to look really closely to notice a difference between one side of her mouth and the other, her eye brows, etc.

They're keeping her over night for observation and her mood is pretty good.

Still, if you wouldn't mind keeping her in your thoughts and prayers I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks, Frosty The Lucky.

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Prayers sent.


Oh and tell her she's not supposed to be competing with you in the brain injury thing. You have a monopoly on that and won't allow anyone else to compete with you in that area. She should pick some other area to work on. maybe moose riding or grizzly wrestling.  :P

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Thoughts are with you both. 

Mum had a couple of TIAs, Transient ischaemic attacks last month. Her speech came back almost immediately. She has had two or three others over the last couple of years. The first one was the scariest of course. If that is what Deb had you can be very optimistic about the outcome.


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Thanks Thomas, I needed a god laugh I feel much better now. Deb called a while ago and she's feeling well, just bored to tears waiting for the docs to get on with the testing or whatever they're up to.

Yes Alan a TIA there is evidence of an earlier one that's almost completely (healed over?) (erased?) Seeing Ischaemic in writing makes it a lot more likely I'll remember it, the ER doc used it a couple times and I didn't remember it well enough to use in conversation then. That doc was very optimistic but wanted to keep an eye on her a while.


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