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  1. My local store just finished a three day parking lot sale and I saw they had some 6hp motors and fought hard to resist the urge to buy it. If I saw one for $8 I'd never thought twice.
  2. I like the looks of numbers 7 and 9. If nobody else claims them I'd like to get one. You can shoot me a message later and let me know what all you need from me.
  3. Not to put you on the spot but I have to ask. Do you happen to have any pictures? Sounds like a fun project if I had tongs like that lying around but not enough fun to make any just for that project. Makes me wonder about other tools and implements one might could make use of like that.
  4. I got mine from tractor supply a while back and i will not go back to running a single tank again.
  5. I go to a chuckle when I saw it lying there, first thing I thought was 'I got my roadkill today, wonder if he did?'
  6. Found myself a coil spring on the edge of the highway on my way home from work today. Looked like someone got bumped a little too hard right there. Not sure how the coil spring fell out in an accident that left so little mess.
  7. This might help you some.
  8. I called the number listed on the contact page. There was no answer and voicemail is not setup. Of course that phone number could be part of the hack if it was indead hacked.
  9. Definitely looks like a classic old school hack to me. If you have any questions reguarding the legitimacy of that message it could be cleared up with nothing more than a couple messages with the site admin.
  10. When I get around to starting over I might take you up on that offer.
  11. I fought with my belt grinder build. I got it running but not tracking right. The motor quit but I got it working again, it needed some oil in these little bearing oil spots I didn't think about. I'm gonna rebuild this thing since I'm not happy with its construction.
  12. I've done that a couple times and it makes a mess that causes bad clinker. That or destroys gas forge floors made of less than ideal materials.
  13. I apply mine as soon as the steel starts showing color and reapply when it gets hotter just to make sure I have good coverage.
  14. I thought that too when looking at that picture which prompted me pulling a tape from the frame to the wheel and double checking. The picture is at a bad angle as there is less than 1/16" difference between them. I did take the time to put a framing square (and a speed square) on it, even after saying I wouldn't today, and it shows that my top platen wheel is cocked up a little on the right side. The bottom is also a little out but I think the problem lies more with the top one. I'm going to have to redrill and tap the holes for those two wheels or figure out a way to weld much more squarely next time. I think I'm going to rebuild even after finding what looks to be the main problem. I found other issues I don't like including too much sloppy welding (I was using a flux core wire welded on this and results look hideous) and adjustments that just aren't right. Before I build the next one can someone tell me just how much tension should be on the slack of the belt? I feel like I shouldn't have as much play in there as I do. This is one finger pushing on my off hand (can't take a picture with my off hand cause I'm not that gifted).
  15. The old motor just died on me I will recheck alignment and everything just not today. I'll wait till I get the originally planned motor mounted and see what's what.