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  1. Would you mind sharing a sketch of your design? Right now I'd hazard a guess that 1070 would be ok but you might want to go a little lower depending on the design.
  2. That's two of the best uses I can come up with. I also use it on occasion for handles for PW billets.
  3. I just used a wad of newspaper with kindling once the kindling had coals it usually lit the anthracite.
  4. A scrap of sheet metal cut a couple inches wide long enough to wrap around is plenty to secure it. It might look a little redneck or trashy to some but it'll work. One thing I did was I found a shop bac hose that fit in the pipe and on the "blower" (hairdryer at the time) and used it to keep the controls easily accessible. I had to let out some air so I cut a couple slits in the hose to let some out. I was burning anthracite at that time.
  5. How is C1 broad? That's like sayin 1080 is broad. From what I'm seeing C1 is ASTM A537 carbon steel. I don't see any mention of different alloys with the designation C1. You can find the specs online and compare it with other alloys know to be used as striking anvils and that should answer your questions regarding its use as such.
  6. Have you done any searching on C1 as I hinted at in your other topic where you asked about it?
  7. I can only dream of finding a pile of rasps like that. That reminds me I need to call my sister in laws farrier and see if he has any laying around lol.
  8. Looks like I'll have to find some tip cleaners next time I go to the store. I didn't even think of a possible blockage on the tip. I just assumed since it is the further of the burners it wasn't getting quite the same pressure. Yes I was going for a little bit of vortex or swirl instead of the straight down flames like it currently has. I this that would help prevent the new floor burning up like the current one has.
  9. I shouldn't try typing while my son is running around, I get distracted. What I meant was I was to make some modifications to both the body/liner and the burners. What I'm thinking for the burners is to make them straight and let them enter at a slight angle. I also think I should cut off the existing gas inlet for the supply rail weld it shut and drill and tap a new hole centered between the burners. For the body/liner, I want access to a longer fire (instead of the wide fire) so I was thinking about cutting holes in the sides to allow heating the middle of long items. I'm not going to permanently close the wide front opening in case I am working on a curved piece. Hopefully that makes a little more sense, if not tell me and I'll sketch my ideas.
  10. After reading a recent discussion about burners with bends and also being told the kit they sell to reline it is $140 plus shipping I've decided to go a different route. The forge in question is a "whisper deluxe model 1" which is the old one with the right angle burners on it. I was going to do a completely new build and use this one as a backup but decided I might as well just modify this one to keep costs down. What I'm looking at doing is cutting openings in the metal body on both ends and using soft firebrick to reline it. I will not permanently close the wide front opening but will plug it with firebrick when I'm not using it. I also want to take the right angle bend out of the burners if I can. My understanding from the other discussion where I read bends were bad is that I'll probably need to change the gas jet. I also think I'll need to change the way the gas is fed to the burners. With the gas fed from one end of a rail the second burner doesn't seem to get quite the same amount of gas. I'm thinking about building a new manifold so I'll be looking into that as well. Before I start cutting and end up messing up what I have that works well enough, I wanted input from our resident geniuses and gas wizards.
  11. I thought the very same thing when I watched that video, especially the comment I quoted.
  12. Sounds like I missed a good meal. I had pizza for dinner and wasn't that impressed. I found mine at the scrap yard some time back and I found out after I bought it my wife was hoping I did. She was smiling when I put it in the truck and I got in. When I asked she told me she was glad I got it that way she didn't have to hear me grumbling to myself about not getting it.
  13. That was exactly my point. I understand the suggestion but I'm not sure if it would do any good. This is one of those times that I'd actually like to be wrong.
  14. How about I just look you up if I ever make it to the UK? I have a growing list of people to find when I finally get around to traveling out my little bubble I live in.
  15. Never had deer liver either. Maybe next season I can get me a couple deer and see if it's any good.