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  1. Well if you ever travel about 100 miles north give me a shout and you can drop by. There's a few of us within about 30 miles around me. Plus the AFC guys all around.
  2. Round about what part of the state do you call home?
  3. As of now I do not have any equipment that would benefit from an emergency shut off. I do have a main breaker right by the door as you enter/exit the shop as well as one on the power pole that feeds it. I don't think I actually need to shut it off every time I leave but I have gotten in the habit anyway. I do have a couple electrical shut offs that I plan to utilize when the right equipment does make its way to my shop.
  4. A very slight point could be beneficial, especially if you plan on punching holes you laid out with a center punch.
  5. That's a great material to learn how to control your heat. I learned mig welding on similar thickness. I miss working in the gate shop on occasion but don't miss the fumes at all.
  6. Yes the heat treatment will affect the etched pattern. Did you not cut off or grind off the welds after you got the cable forge welded? Did you do any welding where you see the light spots in question? I don't know why you would have welded in the middle of the cable but, that's where the only real light spots I see are at. Did you polish and etch more than once? Is the etchtant full strength straight from the bottle or did you dilute it a little?
  7. I just wanted to make sure. I've seen to many people do things unaware of the risk involved and things happen.
  8. Have you coated that liner yet? If not you could be blowing loose fibers into the air you breath possibly causing health problems later in life.
  9. I could suggest seasoning the cookers as you would cast iron. I believe that's what I've seen suggested for several cooking tools. I haven't tried it myself so I can't attest to how long it would last before needing to be done again.
  10. Is this a serious question or an attempt at humor? I chuckled either way. Here's a good selection of pictures for "squirrel cage blowers."
  11. New ones would work just as well with less chance of getting hurt (or worse) when the remaining propane catches a spark from cutting the tank.
  12. My local Ace hardware is usually the best bet for helpful and knowledable people. I went in looking for something not knowing a size (but had a scrap of worn out item to gauge by) and the guy walks me to the item on the shelf and cuts open a pack and helps me compare. He was ready to cut open the other sizes too if necessary. They carry most anything I've needed but not everything. As far as walmart goes, I'm not one to buy anything more than standard consumer goods (clothing, food, basic electronics, etc.) there. I also only buy in store, I don't like giving them money then dealing with someone else if I have a problem.
  13. Frosty, show some pictures and if you have any info on the grinder (model number etc) I'll see what I can do to help.
  14. That's a suggestion I'd never have come up with myself. I know of 4 local VFW places near me as well as a couple VA hospitals relatively close to me and never thought of the potential of it being a resource for research.
  15. I cannot comment on the build but I can comment on the video. I couldn't watch it to the end because the fast forward bothers my eyes and not seeing half of what's being done means there's no point watching.