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  1. Rivetless Scroll Tongs

    I've wondered about tongs with a joint like that. I've seen a few smaller tools with similar joints before and saw a video on YouTube where a guy made a small wooden pair of tongs from one piece of wood and that made me want to try. I haven't taken the time to try it yet but that may have to change after seeing this.
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I spent some time in the shop working on a belt buckle this morning. When a buddy come over to help with my truck we spent the rest of the day trying to get to bolts off my exhaust system. When I decided it was gettin late and it was about time he should probably go home (his girlfriend kept calling Adkin where he was) he said, "let me see your furnace." So we to the shop and I put a piece of 1/2" round in the little gasser so he could hit it a couple times. There was a light in his eyes I recognized from the first time I hit hot steel. He tells me I'm gonna have to teach him a some stuff. I guess I need to figure out how to do something where I can get some of the people together wanting me to show them some stuff and let them get their hands dirty.
  3. I started out with an 8'x8' storage building I did my cold work in. I had a little corner just for that leaving the rest full of other stuff. Hot work was done outside in a roughly 10'x10' area walls see a do kennel with tarps on the (I'm not a fan of people staring at me while I work). I had a dirt floor and loved it. If I needed power I had an extension cord I'd drag out. I ended up adding an 8'x12' addition to the building and cleared all the stuff out of it and used it for my shop. I had plywood floors and electricity in this setup. Cabinets from an old house on three walls and two custom workbenches. I moved to the very back outside corner of my property after clearing the wild growth that was here when I bought the place several years ago. I tore down the old shop and my current one is 12'x12' with pea gravel floor. I have a 10' garage door on one wall and windows on two other walls all of which can be opened for ventilation or whatever other reason I need. Again, I have electricity ran to this one. I don't have nearly the cabinets in this one as the last as I found I don't use them enough to have them take up so much space. I have debated on expanding but for now I'm relatively comfortable in my space.
  4. Food Safe Bronze?

    Makes sense but I'm a little old fashioned at times. I don't like using gender specific words and phrases improperly unless unavoidable.
  5. Food Safe Bronze?

    Jlp is not a man, just in case you didn't know.
  6. i wonder if this will work?

    I completely understand. My current job keeps me late enough most days I can't get to my steel or get to the scrap yard or most other things I need to do for the shop.
  7. i wonder if this will work?

    Make friends with plumbers and electricians. They have scrap all the time and some are willing to part with a little from time to time. When I worked in home remodeling we had a plumber that would come out and would do the job but not get all the old pipe. Often it was because of where it was at under the house it was difficult to get out without a special trip. The electrician we used was the same. He's get the easy stuff and leave the harder stuff for me. He even saved some shorter (less than 12" pieces) for me on occasion instead of taking them with him.
  8. Laminated striking anvil

    I'd definitely go that route (on edge) for a post anvil or anything needing real rebound. However I'm needing the wider surface which is why I was asking about brazing it together to better join the core of the plates together.
  9. Questions about Time with a Forge

    I'm no expert on swords and armor but I do know you're not going to make 'several short swords and a great sword' and a full set of armor in less than two days. Sure some guys are faster than others but I don't think anyone has ever been able to turn out that much that fast working alone especially without power tools at his disposal. On a different topic, you say you've never lived close enough to a smith that could teach you anything and that you don't have the time or the money to do it. Do some looking on here at some of Glenn's recent posts. He shows a guy on YouTube doing great things with Stone Age tech. Time is a relative thing. If you spend a couple hours a day watching tv or playing video games or playing on Facebook you could spend that time learning how to forge.
  10. It followed me home

    Will definitely try that. When I finally make it out there I'll report back if I find any goodies.
  11. It followed me home

    You have me curious now about the transfer station near me. We don't have a dump near by, instead a collection of dumpsters that eventually get hauled to the dump. They might have some goodies there. I may have to take a day off work so I can go by there and check it out.
  12. Laminated striking anvil

    Sorry, Charles, I was at work and got distracted while typing my last response and didn't reread it before submitting. I also plan to do some things like smallish axes and again don't want my anvil injured. Since I see no objections to my wild idea I'll get myself some plate and put it to use. I'll also look in my resource pile at the hous and see if I have what I need for the portable hole. I might as well make one of those while I'm in tool building mode. Thank you guys for your help.
  13. Laminated striking anvil

    I have thought about a portable hole, I'll probably build one but not right now. I'm looking at the striking and bill for when I have a helper punching larger holes and larger drifting jobs than what I want to do on my little Fisher. I'd hate someone too get carried away with a big hammer and damage my anvil because of a missed swing.
  14. Laminated striking anvil

    I was aware there was little rebound due to the lack of mass on a striking anvil. I just thought that the better bond from brazing would be more ideal then just welding the perimeter. The plate I'm looking at I don't have the specs for but I'm assuming it's just A36 since it's what we're using at work to scab thing together when they break. (For some reason the company doesn't want to fix properly.)
  15. Laminated striking anvil

    So far I haven't found anything large enough at the scrap yard. There's great stuff for stump anvils but I haven't seen anything striking yet.