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  1. Little giant issues

    I’ll give a loving home to any of those orphaned machines out there. If anyone knows of one please let me know and send it my way.
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    TSA workers would have nightmares for the rest of their lives and would likely suffer PTSD from all the scrap they’d examine from a trip like that.
  3. Rail - evidence of heat treat?

    I didn’t mean anything by my comment. I was just saying I’ve gotten lazy and don’t research enough for myself. As a result I have gotten content with the answers given to me instead of finding out the truth for myself. The fact that biggun and Steve both commented with similar answers means there might be something to the idea of it being an artifact of the manufacturing process. However, I will do some homework and see where it leads me.
  4. Rail - evidence of heat treat?

    That means I committed a big crime and posted this in the wrong section I’m sorry. I actually thought the line might’ve been a result of the steel not being a through hardening steel. That’s why I posted here in the heat treatment area. I guess I need to do some more reading and digging to learn more before I give in that it’s just a natural result of the forming process. It’s nothing personal, I just need to practice researching a little more so that I don’t repeat this type of mistake later.
  5. Rail - evidence of heat treat?

    That’s an interesting idea but how would the forming process make the line like that?
  6. Rail - evidence of heat treat?

    According to what I just found on a website for a local rail manufacturer the specs for one type of rail they make are as follows: Carbon .72 to .84 Manganese .80 to 1.10 Phosphorus .035 max Sulfur .04 max Silicon .10 to .50 Some of the other weight rails they make have varying mixes of the above. I really wish now I had started my research durin lunch today so I could have called this company with some questions I’m starting to get. Looks like I need to write them down and call them one day next week and have a nice chat with them.
  7. I’ve seen mention several times about making a small bick using rail web and flange lately and decided I’d try again. (Charles mentioned it to me shortly after I joined IFI and I failed miserably on my first attempt) I took a short piece of rail to work to cut on our large bandsaw to save myself a headache trying to cut it with my limited tooling at home. When I finished cutting it I washed off the cutting fluid and noticed a line following the profile of the rail and it’s got me a little curious. Is this line evidence of the heat treatment? I know very little about the specifics of the metallurgy of rail but will be doing some more in depth searching to help figure out what this line is. In the mean time I thought I’d share a picture of it to see what others thought about it. Looking at this picture you can see what I’m taking about really well at the top and right hand sides. It’s visible all the way around but the lighting makes it hard to see it all at one time.
  8. Friend and coworker overdose

    Unfourtuanately I had to be off work today to deal with other things so I can’t do much for him today. He did go to work this morning and called me earlier looking for help with something I know more about than he does. He admitted he’s still a little weak right now. I told him nobody knows exactly what happened, I just told the other guys that he wasn’t feeling well and he’d be back when he was able. I told him if he wanted to share with them he could but I wasn’t about to tell them something like that. It will take time but I think things will go back to “normal” in a few weeks.
  9. Friend and coworker overdose

    I just got off the phone. He’s on his way home from the hospital and wants to go back to work tomorrow. I think I talked him into staying home one more day and getting some rest.
  10. Friend and coworker overdose

    He’s supposed to be talking to a social worker today to see what kind of help they can find for him. I was told he’s being more than a little feisty and that’s why they are keeping him sedated most of the time.
  11. Friend and coworker overdose

    Just got an update. He’s woke up and he’s eating some but still out of it.
  12. Friend and coworker overdose

    Thank you all for the support. I haven’t gotten an updated but imagine not much has changed since earlier.
  13. Friend and coworker overdose

    I have a friend here at work that’s more like family than anything that has been havin some difficulty lately with some of things. He talked to me about some of it and seemed to be getting back on track like things were going back to normal. Last night I got a call from him that didn’t make sense until his girlfriend called about an hour later telling me he overdosed and was on the way to the hospital. Right now he’s in CCU at the local hospital and is being kept sedated. Right now nobody knows when he’s gonna be able to home. I didn’t see any warning signs and looking back I still can’t see any. He carries his problems and worries deep inside and doesn’t share well. Hopefully that won’t bite him in the end.
  14. This discussion may help you with some ideas. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/44160-the-handy-rail-spike/
  15. notching cutting edge insert

    I believe it’s meant to hold the insert in while you’re getting things together to set the weld.