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  1. Biggun, I was looking at a camper a couple years ago for my ex father in law and I had the same kind of thing. The woman posted pics of a great looking camper and the price was crazy cheap. When I asked her she said it wasn’t local but could arrange to ship it to me. When she told me where it supposedly located I said “that’s great I’m actually going to be there next week for business I’ll let you know when I get there and we can meet up so I can look at it in person.” I never heard anything else from her.
  2. When the time comes and I get my forge set up again I’ll definitely see what happens with it and I’ll post about my experience with it.
  3. Frosty, I’m doing well. Lots of new things going on in my life and busy like I haven’t been in years but things are going really well. Thanks for asking.
  4. Well I might play with it but I might not. Thank you for your expertise John
  5. Here’s the other one. John you’re probably right as I was told it was railroad related scrap.
  6. I have been on a hiatus from the shop for months now. More than I care to count to be honest. I’m getting stable again and have started scrounging for some materials and stumbled across a couple interesting pieces. I know if I had my forge or at least my grinder running I could narrow this down a little and probably wouldn’t have to bother you fine folks with such a silly question. Attached I show two pictures of one piece that shows and interesting feature on what looks like a broken end. I’m thinking it’s cast iron but would like someone else to tell me to throw them back instead of doing it
  7. It’s time for another update. My meds have the depression well under control and the therapy has helped some as well. I am looking at moving about 80 miles or so north and starting a new life to get away from some of my triggers that are around here. I have a job lined up to start in a couple weeks so I just have to get things in order so I can get up there ASAP.
  8. I saw a sign and wanted to share what it said as I see it fitting. Some people persue happiness, other create it.
  9. Thank you, Adry, I’ll see if I can find myself a reprint to add to my collection of books.
  10. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been dealing with some tough stuff but I thought i should give everyone an update. My meds are 4 times the original prescription strength. I can finally go a few days at a time without being depressed enough to be a problem. I am dealing with a lot of things that try to pull me down and I’m finding ways to deal with some of the problems. Stress at work was getting to the point it was causing my health to be affected so I resigned my position of leadership and went back to being one of the crowd and it’s helped tremendously. Some of th
  11. I’m not usually a salad eater but recently I’ve been craving it (my body must need the minerals). Usually I like a salad with the little cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, and some shredded carrots are sometimes on the list. Truth is I’ll load my salad to the point it’s really not a salad anymore. It’s an experience lol. Charles, you have a few good points there. I took Chantix before and it worked great. I was no longer having cravings after the third day and was smoke free until I started working in close proximity to a chain smoker and thought to myself ‘one won’t hurt anything.’ The l
  12. I’m looking at some lifestyle changes that will probably help me feel better. I plan to start a new diet (not the weight lose kind) and an exercise routine to help get some juices flowing again. I remember when I was exercising several years ago I felt better overall and figured it was about time to start that again. We all know how important our diet is. If we eat poorly it affects our energy levels and our mood negatively and I’m guilty of not eating right most of the time. I’ve already made a few other changes, some small some bigger, and plan on still more changes as time goes on. Two of
  13. No I haven’t. I’ve had too many other things come up that needed my attention. I haven’t been able to make it out to the shop in a couple months now and it’s killing me. As soon as things settle down I’ll see if I can’t get back on this project and others
  14. No real good news to share. The meds are helping some but I’m still having bad depression that comes in waves. I was also recently informed by the therapist I might be manic as well and that I need to start keeping a record of my mood and the changes in it. I feel good most days and that’s a vast improvement. So I guess it’s not all bad news.
  15. I’m thankful for all the support from all the wonderful people here. Some of the things going on are not things I a willing to discuss in the open like this. Know that all of the advice I’m being given is invaluable with all that’s goin on.
  16. More bad than good the last couple days. The control I was gaining is slipping.
  17. The last two days have left me whirling with thoughts and emotions. Everything has hit me all at one time like I never thought it could. I have my feet back under me now and I’ve figured out my next few steps towards making peace. All will be better in the coming days and weeks as long as I can keep holding on. I have a couple friends in the real world who know about what’s going on and are constantly keeping a check on me if they think I’m slipping. Reading back over this it sounds bad but I’m actually not in as bad a place as it makes it sound. I’m still breathing and on top of the gro
  18. More good advice to remember. Thank you guys for all of it. I had a pretty good day yesterday. Spent most of the day in a good mood hit a stumbling block and found myself dwelling on my problems for an hour or so then managed to shake free and came back up. Today was the best day I’ve had in a while. In spite of being shorthanded at work and being on a tight deadline I still made it through the day with little down time. The only time I did get down was a brief 5-10 minutes when someone asked about a specific issue I’ve been trying to fix in my life. I talked about it with them and got d
  19. Yesterday turned out to be an ok day and today is shaping out pretty good. I have plans in a little bit with one of the people I hurt to help smooth things out there. So far on all the fronts that are of high priority I’m slowly gaining ground. I wish progress was quicker but I’m thankful for any progress and any wins I can get right now. I have to say one of the hardest things for me is remembering to take my meds the same time every day. There does seem to be some improvement of stability in my head the last couple days. I haven’t had swings as often or extreme as they were just a coup
  20. Charles there’s a lot of wisdom in that last post. I have let my direct supervisor know what’s going on and he’s giving me all the slack I need to try to get myself right. He even checked to see how much time I have I can take off work if I needed it. And it’s just as you said moment by moment things can change not just day by day. JHCC, the feeling is definitely hard to control and I’m at a point now where I’m just starting to control my thoughts again. They were going places and I couldn’t control it but slowly I’m regaling that control. One thing I’m having to pay close attentio
  21. Some of the relationships show signs of getting better at times while others looks as if they are completely lost. Yesterday brought more tension to one of them as a mutual friend showed their behind and said I was doing things I shouldn’t sitting up drama. I cut them free because I need no more drama in my life. I slept better last night than I have in a while and woke up feeling almost like my old self. I just hope I can hang on to that for the rest of the day. We have a new guy starting at work and I can’t afford to have mood swings while I’m dealing with him. This is going to be
  22. I can’t even try to respond to everyone’s posts, there’s just too much to reply to on a one on one basis. I will however post updates as I feel up to it and will continue to be thankful for all the support this great community has to offer. Yesterday and today were good days for me. I spent most of my day in a relatively good mood but did have a couple slumps to fight through. Today was a little tougher than yesterday because of the cooler temps today and being stuck in a warehouse stressing because I’m doing someone else’s job instead of doing my usual job. Tomorrow makes me nervo
  23. Thank you all for your support. I know this isn’t going to be quick or easy but it is possible. I’m relearning meditation techniques I used to do regularly to help with stress. Between the meditation, medication, and therapy I should be returning to normal soon enough. I just hope that the damage done isn’t permanent. I can’t lose all that’s on the line or I’ll be worse than I am now.
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