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  1. notownkid

    Anybody know what this is?

    paint scraper I would think the Square hole at the top might be incase your handle was on a sq, shaft and it would also fit.
  2. notownkid

    How to find a ball bearing.

    Irondragon you and Thomas are right it was a different time and place beginning to think we are on a different planet today. All this took place while I was employed by Uncle Sam Wearing green uniforms 24/7 like 90% of others my age. Enjoy the music more today than then.
  3. notownkid

    Legless Blacksmith Vise

    Looks to me this is mounted on a wagon tongue, used by both sides during Civil War, Spanish American war. Gentleman here on IFI wrote and sells a book on Civil War Farriers. Doesn't look like it would mount on a bench with the "Fang" sticking down on the top mount but would keep it from slipping on a wagon tongue.
  4. notownkid

    Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    If the You Tube listed in Glenn's message is the right one there is something wrong here. That is a picture of a much more modern jeep than a WWII it appears to have a gas tank hanging down behind the axle, All the early ones military and civilians had a 5 gal tank under the drivers seat. the springs set up shown also is not from the early jeeps much later. I broke a number of bell cranks on our jeeps ,95% of the time in real rough hard off road driving or using in the fields. I was harrowing with one in a 20 acres field, large for our area and was busy watching the harrows and drove up on a stone wall and broke one. my Dad not being happy over this esp. the time lost made me walk out across the field 3 evenings carrying by hand all tools and parts needed to change it Radiator had to come out save the antifreeze for reuse. Never had the right tools to start with so back across the field again and all tools had to be taken to the shop every night. He got his point across and it was 2 weeks pay for the parts. .Our jeeps never had power enough to twist and break a bell crank even with 2 hamsters on the wheel under the hood and our brakes were always so rusted and full of mud we did better throwing out an anchor to try to stop. Thinking tonight that our '50 jeep had a power take off on it that was the one I was harrowing with and our '55 had a 3 point hitch on it. They worked everyday right along side the tractors. I'm going to have to see more evidence on this axle twist broken bell crank problem I think. I can believe the V6 jeeps maybe but the 4's?? Just my opinion with some experience with the Willy jeep.
  5. notownkid

    Hello Again to all

    Welcome Back BTL.
  6. notownkid

    New to the site from vermont

    Oh there are a number of Vermonters here on IFI. There is a Hammer IN at Lake Champlain Maritime Mus. on Sat if you are interested give them a call if interested. A New England Blacksmiths Meet next weekend down in Brentwood in Southern NH. Info for that on NEBs sight here at IFI.
  7. notownkid

    Swage Block Stand Design

    Very nice
  8. notownkid

    Unidentified swage blocks

    You got a good deal. The small one looks like the one New England Blacksmiths have made and they sell to members at $180. + freight more to non members. Front one looks like what I consider a swage block. Got Holes.
  9. notownkid

    Still learning

    Still learning? You should be learning everyday until all your friends join together to give you a send off and your fire has died.
  10. notownkid

    Wood Floored Smithy?

    Wooden floors in Blacksmith shops were very common. Thinking back on the many in my town growing up they were all wooden. I have tracked down and Photo'd many others in the last 40 yrs . and have a bunch of historical pictures of shops through out the US and very safe saying the majority were wooden. Found one I had read about that when he rebuilt the shop when cars became a sideline for him he installed concrete except for a 12' x 12' section near the forges that he put a wooden section into it to shoe on. I have noted a number of original shops I've visited that the roof beams and roof boards are black and burned to charcoal in places from being on fire. One or two walls I've seen burned but no floors to date. I have concrete as it work for me. Just my observation
  11. notownkid

    What Would Your Anvil Say?

    " If you hit me with that hammer one more time I'm going to fall on your toes" "I set out here in the cold all winter while you were in Sunny Warm Florida, and now you are home I'm suppose to welcome you and let you beat on me. I don't think so!"
  12. notownkid

    Giving up anvil and forging stuff

    I understand on the vice, enjoy your old friend and the way down memory lane will be smooth.
  13. notownkid

    Giving up anvil and forging stuff

    Brazer all the best here, as has been said strokes are the worse, my Dad had one a number of yrs. ago. He hung in the family business until he felt I had what it was going to take to carry on. It would be nice if you or any of us could give a dedicated young person a "leg up" in blacksmithing by gifting your anvil and tools and your knowledge esp. Knowledge. Please stay on IFI giving us all the benefit of your experience it doesn't come everyday. Hang in there Blazer.
  14. The Lake Champlain Maritime Mus. , Basin Harbor VT will hold it's Annual Hammer In on Sat. May 26, 2018 at their facility outside Vergennes VT. It will be 9-4 with lunch included in costs. Cost $35. Judson Yaggy of Bristol VT who you see often on IFI will be the Demonstrator. Judson has over 25 yrs experience in the craft. He is also one of the state directors for Vermont to the New England Blacksmiths. Further info and registration is on Line at Call: 802-475-2022 Worth the trip to see the nearly new Blacksmith training center and all the classes offered there through out the summer esp. bladesmithing