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  1. We should be around? Leaving for the West mid Aug for a spell and a few days to CT coast the week before that.
  2. I've got two sets of these used one once but make nice conversation pieces when someone with little knowledge of metal work shows up. We carried bolt cutters the size Lou L shows on our fire truck before the days of Halogen Tools and we referred to them as our "Breaking and Interior Tool" instead of "Forcible Entry Tools".
  3. What I have Id'd at the moment to move along is tractor equipment, counter weight, post hole digger. Blacksmith items take less room so not as much in the way and hoping my son will take some of it? any idea when you might be around?
  4. I'm afraid in my case "When my day is done" and I'm on my final trip to wherever. Even then I may try to get the driver to stop if something of interest happens to be beside the road "FOR FREE". I'm now at a stage in life where I'm re-gifting items to people who can use it. recently I was trying to get rid of a piece of old farm equip I didn't need again and a young fellow contacted me came to look at it and said it looked like one he remembered his grandfather having a while ago. I knew that already as it had come from his grandfather when I met him so I gave it to him loaded it into his truck and sent it home with him, that was a good day. Way too much stuff out there needing a good home to stop looking now.
  5. one of the most useful tools on a farm large or small, plus machine shops, auto truck service on & on, never pass one up at a yard barn sale if cheap. I have pointed, small flat, large flat and about any other design ever seen, 4' to 6'in length even one that went through a barn fire that bends like wet noddle, love watching people when they go to use it.
  6. I X my horsey neighbors and all their horse hides are still being used on the hoof.
  7. Just noticed this today, I had a mechanic in my dealership who had a giant sign over his Giant Tool Box, NO! was all that was on it. I also keep some cheap worn out tools and when people ask I say yes BUT they come with an operator who gets $150 an hr or any part there of. Seldom ask twice.
  8. only won 2 things there this time You are all safe at the fall meet as I'll be traveling in the west then. I could offer to buy the tickets for you!
  9. 50 yrs ago I used one of these most mornings during haying season to sharpen 3-4 cutter bars for our mowing machine. Treadle type with a seat that fit me much better then than it does now. Still in my shop guess I Will keep it for nostalgia but not much use these days will end up in our museum soon. Value not much.
  10. I believe they sell to the world but at a slightly higher cost, difference in cost I think is the amount of membership! and with a membership they will receive NEBs super newsletters. Right Judson?
  11. Wow that is nice, now I have to work on mine when the opportunity knocks. Please show the stand when you get it done. They ship out od Portland ME.
  12. I'm going to stop buying tickets on the castings, but would like to note that I'm very pleased the drill went to some one who really wanted it and a young man with a lot of potential. I understand he was on the winning team in the forging contest. I was interested to see how many young folks that were there and getting involved, looking good for our interest for another generation Thanking everyone at NEBs for a great event, very well done, Demonstrators were all great.
  13. $100, Sorry I didn't see you but glad you liked it.
  14. Lou Sorry you didn't make it. but I know how far it is, 4 hrs from my home in VT but you did miss me winning again. I think I may be on the "don't sell to this guy list" next time but no matter I'll be in the West then anyways. You may be happier with the fall location IF things work out right. This was a great meet, about 115 people registered and in my estimation a great Demonstration team of 4 people all at once doing a couple things with great narration. If no one else does I'll post a few pictures(if they come out) on the NEB sight when I get a chance.
  15. Most likely the same place I'm going! My truck with a considerably lighter load, have a safe trip.