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  1. I have about 20 sets of muffs from HF all over the farm hanging on all steering wheels of equip, in all the shops in the trucks. I have better quality muffs in my shooting bag but have to use foam ear plugs to shoot trap as the muffs keep hitting my stock. When shooting my biggest Mags rifles I have plugs plus muffs. Have shot for 55 yrs and at the beginning we never knew to use protection so I have hearing damage, Army didn't help that much either.
  2. Had a buddy weed whacking a few yrs. ago along an edge of a field in shorts and while working felt something hit his shin, when he looked there was a small scratch, little red spot on the leg. He didn't think about it till 3-4 days later when he couldn't walk on it and puss was leaking out. They took a 1" piece of rusty barbed wire out from between the 2 bones. It took weeks to get all the infection out of the leg a couple additional operations and a lot of off time. Only lucky thing was it was workman's comp. I have never whacked since without wearing my loggers chaps along with my logger's helmet. Just not worth getting hurt.
  3. I love the Roller shoe will make one for my shop and see what is said, I have a lot of horse people in and out during the summer months. I'll come up with a story or two for them.
  4. If you are happy with it then the price is JUST RIGHT, don't worry about IF you paid too much for it as that ship has sailed and you own it now enjoy it. Odd weight 82-84lbs or mine at 213 marked, actual ?? I'm not lifting it to weigh. Doubt many came in at even weights the way they were made. As others have said use it for a while and see how you do with it, can always put it back on the market.
  5. P T Barnum said it best about fools and money.
  6. We had some Race Horses that could have used them to get around the track they sure didn't seem to run fast enough.
  7. Now that is a major step in the right direction,
  8. When moving a farm recently I found a few boxes of caulks both round and treaded sharp & blunt. As A young person we used them on our horses that we logged and sugared with, worked good on ice and packed snow but tore up the stall floors, we pulled them as soon as we could in the spring. We also made real sure not to get stepped on by them in the barn. We liked the treaded ones as we could take them out if they weren't going to be used for a time. Usually had a hard time getting them back in with the treads full of "stuff".
  9. I think everyone has said what you need to know, the 2 things you need to learn and excel at 1. all aspects of business, financial, sales, management, laws esp. tax laws, where the money is coming from. 2 all aspects of Blacksmithing, when you hang the sign the time for learning the above subjects has ended you have to produce on a professional level. Customers will expect it from day 1. More Craft businesses fail from lack of business knowledge than anything else. But don't give up the idea just WORK at it from both directions. Good Luck.
  10. Shop looks Very nice, can I have the winch off the Kubota tractor on the trailer? Could use that this summer& Fall on a project.
  11. Ditto Dale
  12. nice stuff Frank, hopefully I'll get my collection sorted out after moving and consolidated and get some photos. Need to plan a new home for them as well at some point.
  13. Third party stretch? Maybe but look at the times lawyers are still trying to sue gun manufacturers in the US for making a product used in crimes. Not much of a stretch called "deep pockets" in the legal field. I didn't say they could always make it stick but your defense costs will BREAK a little guy and people like Stanley have in house attorneys. Large manufactures set aside $X from every unit for liability costs and that is aside from testing costs. Unlikely to see a $75 knife in a crime, don't bet on it, I was attacked a while back with a $100 double bitted axe, I was faster than he was. But the liability issue will remain as will the zoning, business tax issues. Personally I don't care go for it experience is the best teacher you will ever have.
  14. Welcome, you have come to the right place for information and contact with other blacksmiths. If you haven't take a lot of "spare" time and read the posts here top quality stuff. Might consider getting in the chat room sometime people from all over the world in there at times. Make contact with other local Blacksmiths though here would also be instructive. Wish you well with the swage block as they are scare here in the states or highly $$.
  15. Liability is the key word here. You are "fairly confident" in your work but not 100+%. Product tested by UU? (Of course Not $$) Can you get Liability Ins. (don't let a knife leave home without it) and does your zoning allow for selling your product as this now makes you a Business. Businesses need registering esp. with the state sales tax folks. All sorts of people out there looking to throw a wrench into your gears. Most ridiculous Law Suits show up all the time and after being on the receiving end of a number of them even when only being a third party It can be expensive. as Marc1 said make a gate. Not a bad idea seldom used in a crime which a knife could be and then it's your fault because you made it and sold it, on and on it goes. Good luck make your knives and enjoy them.