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  1. Any very tall smiths?

    Tried the "Big & Tall" catalog? Don't have one handy at the moment to look at but on line. I'm a 6' version of the Fire Hydrant John mentioned above, and find stuff there as well.
  2. Tin Roofing

    Best use is for Roofing, covering wood piles etc. All my buildings any size has metal roofs (steel), generally Galvanized and in the last 20 yrs colored, right down to an outhouse at hunting camp. Not designed to be heated.
  3. Anyone near me (South Shore, MA)?

    Welcome Cavpilot to NEBs, a real friendly group but spread over a 6 state region. There is a monthly meeting/get together at a Mus. in RI that is listed on NEB's website. I have not been, too far for me for a days outing, I have met some of the people and nice folks. Keep an eye on postings here as I know there is an active blacksmith from Rutland Mass who might give you some others in your area. See if you can find a class somewhere, great leg up and a better place to meet people of the same interest.
  4. touchmark register

    This is a NICE idea but who is going to be doing the work for this idea, registering them, keeping track of them, answering questions, enforcing the rules if they are enforceable without some governmental agency (what country) making the rules.? Then the $$$ funding is coming from where, who is the bookkeeper? and ending back at the enforceable question again. Certainly not fair to load this onto IFI folks.
  5. A close call

    I use high pressure hoses on all applications regardless of return or not, better safe than sorry in my book. It doesn't cost all that much different. What about -20F? I agree that they make good extinguishers esp. with foam additive but winter months??
  6. My 4 year old son

    our prayers are with him and your family, hard to have anyone sick to say nothing of it being a 4 yr old makes it that much harder. Hang in there.
  7. Perils of joining a blacksmithing group

    now that you have an address send him a dead skunk or something equal. Good Job, I've taken to blowing a whistle into the phone for the clowns calling about my computer needing service. How they do scream.
  8. What's your day job

    after 55 yrs working where I had to deal with humans daily I've found horses be more honest and enjoyable to be around than a lot of people these days. Now retired I can choose what I do and when I'm going to do it. A lot more fun
  9. Need some info.

    Welcome Dick to NEBS nice friendly group of people.
  10. Food Safe Bronze?

    maybe he wants to make Birch Beer?
  11. Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    I have no pictures of them as they were just every day wheels to live with and work in Vermont, but I was fortunate to have grown up with Jeeps. my dad's Aunt was a very early Jeep Dealer and he worked for her. 2 of the Canaday Bros. of Ohio, Willy's owners had summer homes in our town. My first driving experience was a '46 cj we used as a service vehicle at my Dad's Dealership then came a '50 that we used to haul manure out from under a large livery stable then came a long line of many Jeeps all yrs 15-20 of them. until about '88. When cleaning out my folks house a few yrs ago we found some early brochures for jeeps one showing all the accessories that was offered. 3 pt hitches, power take off, rear belt pulley and other farming equip. Most people don't know it but during WWII 100s of Jeeps were flown into combat in all major airborne operations inside combat gliders and landed behind enemy lines. I know this as my Dad was one of these Pilots who flew these glider missions. I Always have wanted another Jeep but with Fiat owning them now and I've heard they are looking to sell it, it isn't going to happen unless I find an original somewhere I can afford. To me the Jeep is as American as Apple Pie.
  12. Hope you are still doing OK with it and healing well. Haven't been on here much to see your post Still on the walkabout or maybe should be drive about. Any report on the Fall NEBS meeting if you were able make it?
  13. Fall meet 2017

    guess I'll use the money to buy a couple powerball tickets, Good Luck Lou
  14. look up canedy drills on the net and I have found a # of nice pictures of rebuilt drills, when I had mine
  15. ox bow pins

    Just reviewed some pictures from the New England Blacksmiths "spring "fling" in Fryeburg ME in June. The Demonstrators made Ox Bow Pins and I note they were made from flat stock not round. Now after racking what remains of a memory I do remember that some of ones we used 55 yrs. ago were flat as well. the Demonstrators who live and work in "Ox Country" used a jig to form them but I failed to didn't get a picture for some reason. I have a picture of a pin but I'm electronics challenged to get it from phone camera to computer where I'm traveling at the moment. I know how important pics are.