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  1. Frosty's under the Weather

    Frosty get better very soon, this Flu crap is horrible this yr. You have 50,000 IFI friends in 150 countries depending on you and your words of wisdom.
  2. Horse shoes with Borium

    You keep the team to haul the manure they leave behind. The Justification for keeping horses is the same as keeping friends they are always glad to see you, Just that the horses are 100% glad.
  3. looking for advice on price

    In my humble opinion Worth? not much.! She should be lucky if you offered to haul them off for free. I don't know if the blower turns but at auction the other stuff would be lucky to get an opening bid most days.
  4. Horizontal/Vert or Porta Bandsaw

    I'm about to buy a band saw and have decided on HF $259 Horizontal one. It's that or nothing I know the stories of HF etc. but it's what I can afford. I have yrs of experience using this type in shops but have to admit we also had verticals ones available to us. I like the horizontal one for repeat cuts when building or working on a project and they are set and cut while you are doing other things and a lot easier on old shoulders and arms than a portable model. I have a older Multi Delta vertical band saw that I bought at auctions a few yrs. ago that is suppose to be a wood or metal depending on blade that I will set up as well and see how it works out. I've tried the cut off/chop type ones and not impressed except for making Hyd. Hoses which I no longer do so will sell it. Everyone has their own needs, desires and expectation of equipment hence that different designs, models and prices.
  5. It is December 25th 2017

    Merry Christmas folks, enjoy the day.
  6. Co-workers wife passed

    You are right about this time of yr. and my mother who was an RN for yrs. and would be 104 yrs old now always said "Mother Nature cleans house with the sick at the start of winter" I think she had something there. Plus it seems harder to deal with loses around the Holidays. Blessings on the surviving family members.
  7. liability form

    any form that a lawyer can write can and will be broken by another lawyer in half the time it took to write it in the first place. Too many of my friends and fellow business owners have come out on the wrong end of Liability Forms. That is why there are so many lawyers "Practicing".
  8. My shop progress

    in about 1956 I started work at a livery stable where they restored horse drawn carriages and sleighs my job was cranking the blower for the boss a couple hrs a week and this was just a 8x8 roof nailed to an Elm tree and no sides, this was in Vermont and it always seemed to be in the winter. A shop is a shop where ever it might be.
  9. Finally found an anvil!

    Good find, the rest will be envious about your hardy hole. Use it in good health.
  10. Old reliable. Littletown No. 25

    I grew up in the family Auto & Truck repair shop all we had for 40 yrs were a bench top vises usually 2-3 at a time and they were used rough and darn hard esp. installing U-joints and replacing rear end bearings. They lasted a number of years but we broke all of them in the end and as time went on the lasted less and less time. I never saw a post vise till I was about 30! I have a number of both now in my assorted shops.
  11. Another passing

    My Wife retired a yr and half ago from many many yrs of being Evening Nursing Supervisor in Long Term Care. I can't remember all the times she would come home and tell me one of her residents had passed. The number of times they would pass minutes before her shift change also not countable in number but she would always stay for the of couple hrs it took to do everything that was needed to get it settled. Many of the residents had become friends of hers and she was great with their families during the time of grief. I like Michael I never understood how she could do this everyday with a smile I tip my hat to these folks who can do it and thank the lord for them. A far better person than I. They didn't talk about the "Reaper" but they had a big, long haired cat that would wonder the halls and if she landed on someone's bed and curled up they were about to go. Other times she would sleep at the nurses station and watch people. PS they had a number of cats over the years that did this job.
  12. Hello fellow curmudgeons,

    Welcome Timberbull. The people on here are for the most part the finest you will run across. Your quest for an Anvil can be a short trip or a long haul. Considering there were many 100,000s of them imported from England and 100,000s more made in the US they seem to have decided they got sick of being hit with a hammer so much they hide now in dark corners of barns, shops, basements and only move in the dark of night. As stated many times in IFI you have to ask everyone you see, or know, every relative, friend, neighbor, fellow workers, your Doc. Dentist, anyone and everyone if they know where there is an anvil. If there is anyone within 100 sq. miles of you that doesn't know you are looking you are not working hard enough on it. Good luck, I also started my Blacksmith experiences cranking the blower for my first "Boss" at 10 yrs old, in the 50s. Good time to have started.
  13. Question about antique patterns

    Nice collection of patterns, they look like a similar collection that resides in my barn and have for 40+ years. I paid $5 for the entire pickup load and I was the only bidder that didn't plan on using it for kindling. I've tried to give them to a couple museums but they have had no interest. The big sled runners appear to be from heavy farm or logging rigs, I've got them as well. I have no idea what will become of mine esp. now that antiques have little or no value and a lot of Horse drawn vehicles being built are fiberglass not wooden. I'd guess that it will be easier and profitable selling the hub cap than the patterns. The piece on the right of the 4th picture with the hole and hook on the ends may be from a sled brake chain? Big question is where are these located.
  14. Running out of excuses

    For many years I shot competitively around the Northeast portion of the country. I shot with some top long shooters in the US, I not being one of them. I kept a small notebook of excuses why my day's shooting wasn't up to par. I would have an excuse and x the book to see if I had used it recently like wrong ammo, not enough sweatshirts, sun wrong, barrel shot out etc, When I came up with a new one in the book it went. Eventually the word got around and others would show up to get an excuse out of the book, Ran across the book when I moved last Dec. I've got nothing done in the shop recently and now I have my backhoe parked in there to get it out of the snow so I'm working on a new book, ",Pain in the butt to have to start the backhoe and move it out for a small job", "if I move it out it will bring snow back in the shop, " first two entries.
  15. Any very tall smiths?

    Tried the "Big & Tall" catalog? Don't have one handy at the moment to look at but on line. I'm a 6' version of the Fire Hydrant John mentioned above, and find stuff there as well.