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  1. Charles & Sandy you are in my thoughts and prayers, it is most difficult esp. during a Holiday Season. Be Safe.
  2. Dale Russell, so glad to see you on here and Safe at the moment and your report on Moony. Often think of you guys esp. since the chat room seems to have gone away, miss you guys. Don't get on IFI as often as I did life seems to be dragging me hollering, kicking and screaming in 20 directions since retiring and returning to the home farm. Now the first major snowstorm of the season started couple hours ago will slow things up more. Great to see you on here Dale best to your and yours this holiday season. Dale Johnson
  3. So sorry to hear, hope his passing was swift and without pain. We have him and your family in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
  4. I guess getting back to the original question, Why should we adopt metric? The rest of the world can follow us if they want. We have no need to follow them.
  5. Maybe a roofing hammer for shingles with the nail puller.
  6. If me and this amount of $$ I would look into a New Anvil and see the difference in costs, somebody will buy this and at these prices you know it will not be in scrap. What are your plans for use if land it and leave it in one place 236 lbs ok but if you might want to do demo's or move it to use a 125lbs is a lot more pleasant to have. I have both. vise value? I have spent $45 and $100.
  7. After the loss of our great dog a few years ago we decided not to have more as we travel 4 - 5 months a yr and will for as long as we can but this morning I was in the blacksmith shop moving things around into winter storage position so the Backhoe can get in when we leave in 3 weeks .Out of the corner of my eye I saw something white scoot across a bench then behind a box setting there. Couple minutes later a white Weasel appeared with a mouse in it's mouth and calming had it's breakfast keeping an eye on me all the time. So Herman the Ermine will be the shop pet/security system for the winter. Will be interesting what happens when he runs into the red squirrels in the Big garage / tractor shop hoping he wins.
  8. you can purchase a new cast fire pot from New England Blacksmiths and they can ship. They ship them all over the country and you can get infor from their sight on IFI here
  9. Sounds to me like you did and are doing OK on this anvil. We all want to pay less but it doesn't often happen and on top of that getting a job out it is frosting on the cake, En joy
  10. A few Pictures from the 2018 Fall Meet in Colrain Mass. Inside the Shop with hardly a seat left Mar Asprey Demoing everyone listening closely Green Coal Tent
  11. Stars were not completely lines up BUT Dale Martin won it so almost got it right, plus I've got everything already. Mark did do a fine job and he certainly tuned me up to attend the ABANA 2020 meet if possible. It was a great time the Morrell's do an outstanding job never miss one there. Have a good winter see you on the cape in the spring.
  12. Reported to be 148 people at the NEB's Fall Meet, said to be the largest ever. Mark Aspery Doing fabulous Job Demonstrating with humor thrown in. Had a huge Iron in the Hat last evening after a great Pig Roast dinner. Worth attending this event just in the eats. Demos this AM 9-12.
  13. It is Show time, Green Coal Tent up and running mid Fri, Registration underway, super Pot Luck Supper last night and a great slide Show by Mark till about 9PM. The Main "Mark Show" starts in the Main Ring at 9am today. Still a chance if you live nearby to get there.
  14. Just a reminder that the NEB's Fall event in Colrain Mass is this weekend starting Fri evening through Sun Noonish. Presenter will be Mark Aspery, described as a "Living Legion" and Writer. Should be very rewarding. More info Check out the NEBS web sight or on IFI. Can still attend.
  15. if I might suggest that you contact your Grandfather and try to make arrangements to see him and talk with him. Maybe just Maybe he will be happy to have a grandson interested in blacksmithing (I know I would) and maybe some tools he has surplus to share. It is hard to get started in blacksmithing and don't expect a complete shop immediately. Any organization local or state wide?