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  1. look up canedy drills on the net and I have found a # of nice pictures of rebuilt drills, when I had mine
  2. Just reviewed some pictures from the New England Blacksmiths "spring "fling" in Fryeburg ME in June. The Demonstrators made Ox Bow Pins and I note they were made from flat stock not round. Now after racking what remains of a memory I do remember that some of ones we used 55 yrs. ago were flat as well. the Demonstrators who live and work in "Ox Country" used a jig to form them but I failed to didn't get a picture for some reason. I have a picture of a pin but I'm electronics challenged to get it from phone camera to computer where I'm traveling at the moment. I know how important pics are.
  3. Grill Carts are great, free beside the roads most weeks, I've used one for a compound miter saw for a number of yrs, moves around the shop as needed. Endless uses
  4. this is what I have, won it in a drawing at NEBs not sure if they still have?
  5. Thanks for taking him in and not booting him to the curb like so many people would these days.
  6. And the good news is the Forging Raffle should be Wide Open for a winner, I'll be somewhere between AR & MO.
  7. So Sorry to hear Thomas in our thoughts and prayers
  8. Threading, Tapping depends on the day, size of RR Spikes. I have some Mine spikes that threading would be easier than tapping, Gorilla Glue maybe, or drill hole in drawer frt. and then drive sq. spike into hole with glue works great.
  9. Not that any blacksmith would but don't throw out the heads of the RR spikes. When you cut them off leave about 1 1/2 " stem, drill and thread the ends as they make fabulous Draw Pull handles.
  10. Very nice! I passed through ODV last week, too late in the day to visit next time. Been saying that for 50+ yrs. I go by on the Interstate about 20 times a yr.
  11. I think they are cast but the joints are rough? I'm figuring the lay out table and the guy who had doesn't remember where he got it from.
  12. Well this piece of steel 31" x 39" got into my truck and followed me home from CT last week. It was given to me by an old neighbor last Oct. just before we moved. We couldn't get it off the floor, no idea how heavy 300 lb we are est. I finally got back there to get it after months of figuring how to load it. I decided on a die lifting cart we had in my brother in laws old shop and a much younger fellow(step son) to do a little lifting. we dropped it on and pumped it up exactly to the tailgate height, slid it in. Decided to strap it after it slid on every corner and 200 miles was going to be a problem. When we got it to my new shop I had the mate to the lift cart and my son to help it is standing against the back wall. 2" thick on the edges and 3/4" top plate with the welded braces underside and says Made in England. 3rd picture is my die lift I used handiest tool I have. I plan on welding some legs with wheels on for a welding table, would like a larger one but shop doesn't have the room.
  13. Lou: just a suggestion on any new auto product, let others buy the first couple yrs any new models. I set in on a number of launch meetings and most every time problems had just been discovered some worse than others but the decision to go had been made regardless and away they went and Hard working Americans plunked down their $ often receiving a "pig in a poke".. Set and watch reviews come in. Todays Products do not do justice to their name heritage.
  14. If I charge $1 for my work including labor I have to change Zoning, get a tax #, get some liability ins. keep books for when the fed or state revenue folks hear about me, (others at shows will turn you if you don't charge tax or display a tax # sometimes) plus who knows what. Did all that in a former life no more. If this is a hobby it will have to be a big one to generate the needed funds to make all the ends come together. If brave ignore all of the above and hope for the best?
  15. There are a lot of good vehicles being "Totaled" today just because of repair costs and nothing to do with drivability just cosmetics . In my early days the frame or drive train had to be destroyed to total one, no more. Sounds like you got a decent one Tom drive and enjoy, nice to have a new to you set of wheels. I sold 1,000s of new and used vehicles over 30+ yrs, only buy used today and mostly out of lease trucks.