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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Ranchmanben - That's real nice work, Ben! If I may suggest: shorten the cutter tool for the power hammer. A tool that tall can be very dangerous. You don't need more height than 1 1/2" - you can cut through 3" thick bar with it. I use this one, it's made of the equivalent of AISI L6 hot working tool steel, it's 30mm (1 1/4") tall: John Rigoni has a great video on youtube about the how to. Bests: Gergely
  2. @JHCC Oh, yes. And even the ones with all the education! Craft fair dialogue: C: -What these things are? Me: - These are key fobs with the signs of our old runic alphabet on them. (Showing the writing at the board.) C: - Ooh! I see. So these mean something? Me: - Yes. These mean the letters of the old alphabet. C: - Ooh, I see! Is there any system in these if want to find one? Child standing nearby: - Yes, dad/mom, there are the letters of the alphabet... I don't blame anyone though, there are so much to see in the world...
  3. Thank you, Aus! These are made of very fine grain WI, it usually forges almost like old mild steel. I do forge them at higher heat and stop it in time. The only problem I face sometimes is when the stock has some greater inner delamination - like the line showing at pic1. It can mean defection that is not worth repairing. But like in this case it's not always fatal. Yeah, I sell these, people like to hear about the old harrow story. My "business name" refers also to recycling, so I do keep telling these stories over and over and over... I'm thinking about labels attached to items, but people tend to not read signs and writings around here. Bests: Gergely
  4. hammer punch heat treat

    Hi Aus, If you want to use it for hot punching you don't need very exact tempering - the first dip in the orange hot stock is ruining all heat treating at the business end. If I were you and if it is a hot use tool, I'd just put its business end tip back in the fire for a short time (~10 sec in a normal coal fire). It gives some ease for the steel, and then the first punching job will do the rest. Bests: Gergely
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That's a beautiful rose, Ranchmanben! Some hearts to sell before Valentine's, there are gonna be names in them: A house number: And some Transsylvanian-Hungarian rune key fobs that people tend to like around here. Made of old wrought iron harrow tines: Bests: Gergely
  6. Some wrought iron openers made of old harrows. Bests: Gergely
  7. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    Awesome, thank you! Bests: Gergely
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I like it very much, Ben! Nicely grained wood with beautiful color, simple but yet elegantly decorative steel parts. And nicely welded for sure! Bests: Gergely
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Yepp, those were the ones that caught my eyes in an earlier picture. I have a factory made axe of the same style, and it has small cracks in the very same place, too. Now I may know how it got them... (or not ) Bests: Gergely
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    It's a cold shut, you're right! I've seen it and thought: how on earth got it a crack there?! But it's actually coming from the bending not from some cracking force. - Thank you!! And yes of course it has to go. Bests: Gergely
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    @JHCC That happens more often then one could imagine... There are some seams around the pivot that are pretty nice - you're really getting better continously. If you don't mind though I think when you welded the long seam holding together the angle iron and the base plate you either welded it too fast or with too low amperage. Also a bit more surface cleaning can help a lot. @Origins of Iron I like that tripod and trammel very much! I only had short time in the shop. Was fighting with a 1,5 kg / 3,3 lbs piece of 1045 trying to make it into a bearded axe. Not even halfway there but so far I got this time. My coal is so poor quality now that it makes everything very painful, finally I lost my patience and let it be. Also one of my main power hammer tools got broken. Been less nervous Today, hopefully I can continue, repair and make new tools. On monday I'm getting better coal, too. Bests: Gergely
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Hanging by the axe making feeling: made an axe drift and a portable hole for the drift. The drift was forged from an old railway wagon axle - ~2" dia and the starting stock was 3' long. I cut it to size only after forging the handle part of the drift. The second picture shows the bigger half resting on the 450lbs anvil (not bragging, just. size reference ) Bests: Gergely
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thank you, Guys! Hopefully today brings another one, will see... Some people just want to do it the hard way, eh, Das? Bests: Gergely
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Made my first real and ready axe. Made of 30x40mm (1 1/4 x 1 5/8") 1045 steel. It weighs 700g / 1,5lbs. I need to make some more tooling for the power hammer, because I really liked to forge this. At least some drifts... I did do the slitting with the machine - it sure was fun! Bests: Gergely