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  1. Nice work! Enjoy your hard earn fun ! That hammer is a real beautiful piece of machinery. Bests: Gergely
  2. As for the actual topic : - started to forge some bigger flower heads for a commission job - made a ball fuller power hammer tool from a 1 1/4" bearing ball - almost finished another PH spring tool, but the bend left undone - the new small combined grinder arrived so made a stand for it, and had some testing fun after adjusting/assembling the machine - kept wondering how fast my coal lessens...
  3. I really like the 3rd from the left! Nice texture and somehow the asymmetric shape works out very well. Good work! G
  4. Thank you all for clearing this up. Now I can understand the problem. Finding solution for it is an other thing. JHCC: Funnily enough I know even less about cricket than baseball bats. - But I got the concept through the sword, polearm and hammer picture. Nicely put, Latticino! Bests: Gergely
  5. Could you please explain this? I understand the words but can't get meaning of the sentence. Thank you: G
  6. I was planning the heat shrunk handle attach, too. But messed up the eye so went with the heat shrunk + MIG weld solution. It's no replica so I don't worry about welding it. Made the weld invisible though The handle is MS in this one, was thinking about using some sturdier but nothing useful was laying around (that quite unbelievable having about 2 tons of steel around ) I had to upset the 20mm dia handle stock to ~30+ mm to fit the eye, not sure I want to do that with higher C steel. But let's see what comes next. Trying to charm some re-enactor groups to order some... Actually it's kind of harsch for the hand, the plain round handle part is slipperry and uncomfortable. I think some leather wrapping could ease the pain there. Also some loop or eye at the end of the handle to have some sort of leather wrist-band could be a good add. Nice work with the froe weld! Bests: Gergely
  7. Finally finished the war hammer. Pretty heavy one, 800 gram/1lb 12 oz head on 60cm/2' long steel shaft.
  8. Yes, they do! Pretty frickin cool! Straight to the "must-try" folder Thanks for sharing! Gergely
  9. Hehe! I've seen worse That darned coat rack tricked me again - I have to do the assembling again from top, must tear apart what I've done so far But I found some nails at the yard and I plan to use them as hot rivets. Will see how it works out... Bests: Gergely
  10. Yes, sir! Luckily we have other business together with the contact person, so we're meeting next week anyways. I try and stay calm... As I made the budget calculations I better to be calm and find the plus ways to make profit - the human work costs are so high that it's a must to find external resources in the beginning. We have some sources for that, fortunately. Also the "invisible" costs are that frighten me. I have already collected a bunch of those (you can call them "the small things" as well) and just no way I can foresee the amount of those. I have some buffer for them of course... So stay calm is the motto G
  11. Hey, Ausfire, congrats on the 2000th post!
  12. Thanks, Slag! The meeting went pretty well. They liked my technical conceptions. In the last minute (earlier) I decided to forge an element of the smallest item (nightstand) to illustrate a different but technically well managable approach of the work. They liked it very much and accepted my changes in more other items, too. I felt it could be good to show something they can touch with their hands, and it worked good. I have to wait now for the actual answer but one thing is clear: there is no competition in the costum forge work. So only a bigger capacity fabricator - who can offer real low prices - can outbid me. But then the costumers lost their one-of-a-kind design ideas. Money is big lord, though, so let's see... Bests and thank you all for your kind help! Gergely
  13. Well, in a couple of hours I'm off to the first negotiations. I hope I've done my homework well G
  14. That's it Gentlemen! Keep it on! I wish I could finish the nail coat rack. - It's almost done but can't find the time for assemble it... Bests: Gergely
  15. Wow! and again wow! That is a beauty! So clean and well proportioned. And yeah, the blade is gorgeous! I'm really glad you share your work with us! Bests and thank you: Gergely