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  1. Try to get in touch with Matei Campan here in IFI. Have a nice time there! Gergely
  2. Those are bent from 100 mm / 4" long 5x10mm stock. (First drawn out a bit.) I'd say 2" tall and a tad less wide. I try to get better pictures because that one above is really messy. My camera is getting a bit hectic. G
  3. Some runic pendants and lucky horseshoes - you know, to pay the checks Bests: Gergely
  4. Wow, Das! That's a keeper! Bests: Gergely
  5. Thank you for the info, James! Bests: Gergely
  6. Confidence, brother, confidence! Unique design elements make your work special not lame. You did a nice job, again! Bests: Gergely
  7. Glad to hear you're off the blade and the hospital too. I wish you strength and perseverance for the healing time. Bests: Gergely
  8. Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing. That anvil in the jewelry store just reminded me the time I walked in a jewelry store in Oulu, Finland. And noticed a bunch of nice axes and knives in the very middle of the shop. You could touch them as they were in an open display Bests: Gergely
  9. It's not just the PH. It does speed up the work, of course. But we're talking about 56 heats in 70 minutes. You need a good gas forge for that. But even that's not enough. You have to organize and set up work prosseses so precisely to do that amount of work so fast - and that makes the professional blacksmith! I can only admire that level, and wish I could ever reach half of that effectiveness. Thank you Judson for sharing! Please keep them coming! Bests: Gergely
  10. Oh, my! Your shop is soo clean and nice! And that is a beautiful anvil! It's a pity that there is that crack, but I'm sure you can handle/avoid it. Thanks for posting the pictures. Bests:Gergely
  11. Yeah, don't be too harsh on yourself. That's a good and functional coat rack, and perfection is something you want from Chinese CNC factories. You got the proportions well and I very much like the wagon iron tire stock you used. Aus is right about the small scrolls at the ends of the hooks. (Or at least you need to file/grind them to smooth ball like point.) Also you might wanna clean up the splitted flat stock where the cuts end. Only takes a couple minutes but makes big difference. When you use winegear have some washing soda at hand too. You need to neutralize the acid after it has done its work. That's a pretty beautiful looking anvil. If you have some pictures of it please do show them. You guys in France are so in luck with anvils, I just got of leboncoin after some drooling on anvil ads. Bests and happy hammering: Gergely
  12. Great work, James! The nose-heavy look on the bush swords is wild! One question: how thick are these long blades at the start of the blade? (Near the handle, I mean.) Thanks and bests: Gergely
  13. Okay, first of all: you guys made my morning and that's not bad as I'm already back from the shop after some cool pounding. First things first: 1. I'm sorry but forgot to mention that I punched the holes. Oopsie, I thought I told it in the first place but did not. 2. Around here all the log dogs have these Habermann bends. Although no one knows it's called that and who Habermann was at all... Also you must do full upset right angle corners othervise the iron doesn't fit on the squared timber log. Yeah, I'm happy with it 24 or so hours pickling in 3-4% winegear then neutralizing with washing soda, flame dried with PB torch, then took the angle grinder on it with wirebrush cup wheel. Worked like a charm. Finally heated with the same torch and got the beeswax/carnauba finish on it. On the other subject: I'b be very happy to help anyone here in IFI learning Hungarian - after all it was my job for years If any of you find yourself with overflooding Hungarian skills emerging from nowhere, just give me a howl! Finally: yes, the cursing vocabulary of Hungarian language is really wide and very-very offensive cowering all fields of relatives, sacred things and conceptions, body parts, bodily functions, proffesions, animals, colours, diseases, parasites, states of decay and so on... Better be without them. Bests: Gergely PS: I did these in the early morning, the wide bladed supposed to be 420J steel:
  14. Thanks, JHCC! That's all I have from the start. I really have to begin to document my starting stock better. Thanks, Mark! They have so much bulk in the bottom half I can't say they would be top heavy. Bests: Gergely
  15. Sort of, but without going into the wood on one side. I'm not completely sure. I'm about to talk with an old carpenter/roofer who may remember the application method and the Hungarian name. My old blacksmtih friend doesn't know the name... Thanks, Das!