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  1. Hello Nicholas and welcome! Please try and do as PVF Al said. You're not gonna sorry if you do so. Those prices you wrote are very high even in the States. And as a beginner you don't really need a "real" anvil - so Flatliner's suggestion about reading through the improvised anvil thread is also very wise. Save your money for more important purchases at the beginning, then make some money with your continously advancing skills, and then you'll find the anvil of your dreams. Bests: Gergely
  2. Gergely

    It followed me home

    Hi GB, I always start with 3/8"-ish coil spring stock. I draw it down and then I screw it up every single time... Seriously! Bests: Gergely
  3. Gergely

    RIP Phil Johnson - Forgemaster

    On of my favorite pictures here in IFI: Phil's comment on the "Show me your hooks" thread.
  4. Gergely

    RIP Phil Johnson - Forgemaster

    I just read the sad news that Phil has passed away. Once again a very tragic loss for the forging community. Rest in peace Forgemaster!
  5. If you don't mind a piece of advice: take a store bought one with you when heading to the shop for forging your first. It's very annoying when you find out at the end that 1. the coil was drawn out too thick 2. it twists the opposite way as it should do. Bests: Gergely
  6. Gergely

    It followed me home

    Well, John, you just gave me some search and buy job to do... That's an awesome looking book, a bit more expensive than 3,49 but whatever. Thank you for posting pictures! Bests: Gergely
  7. Gergely

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ben: I really like the grain and color of that wood. Looks like a sturdy stump for sure. Among a couple of other things I played with some cold hammered hooks. Just for fun Starting stock was 5mm square, 120 mm a piece. These go into a perforated sheet tool holder. Bests: Gergely
  8. Gergely

    It followed me home

    Hi All, Finally the acorn-ish table has followed me home from the cutter shop! It weighs over half ton, 4' long, 2,5' wide, 2 1/4" thick plate on 6 3/8" (160mm) H-beam legs. I have found out some ways to use it even more than originally planned: I will attach the post vise (2nd pict, on the left in the background) to one of the legs - the vise gets more stability, and I get more shop space. Also a machinist vise and a smaller shear will get mobile platforms. That way it will be possible to just drop one of them in the holes and use it. After use just lift it out and put it somewhere else. Unfortunately the sensor of my welding helmet died on me so no welds today... Luckily I have other things to do, too Bests: Gergely
  9. Gergely

    366 Hooks

    Thank you for sharing! This guy's work helped me to create some new ideas I was struggling with for a while. Now nothing else left but work them into finished products. Bests: Gergely
  10. Gergely

    It followed me home

    That's a cool idea! These better ones go to the use-it-later pile, I always use the ones in bad shape. A couple once wanted a hanging kitchen pot rack made of an old harrow. I sent them the price and never heard of them since then. Bests Gergely
  11. Gergely

    It followed me home

    Zeroclick: Awesome vises! I really love those elegant shaped ones. John: I wish you better luck with the snips than last time. On my part I finally managed to get into the yard where I bought the plate material for the smallish acorn table. Scored 350 kg of 160mm H beams - enough for the legs of the acorn table and also for the legs of the fly press table. No pictures because I got the stuff straight to the plasma cutter shop where they saw them to size. But Tuesday I made a deal with a guy for the harrows he wanted to sell in the scrapyard. I bought all the 4 harrows he got because that stuff looked really good and old. Disassembled one of the four, and it's pure wrought iron, very nice, not too fine, not too coarse grain - the best for me! I can make 300 pcs rune key fobs and 30 bottle openers out of that one harrow. Here are the four harrows: Funnily there are two of them with almost completely ready openers in them: Now I must find out how to use the old square nuts these have. I used to make medals of them but they weren't very popular. Bests: Gergely
  12. Gergely

    Acacia thorn

    Perfect! Can't say no more... Bests: Gergely
  13. Gergely

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thanks, Frosty! I try and find the first heart I made a year ago. The difference is relevant (at least ) Hi, Ben! Very nice looking hammers and photos! The main change I made recently to enhance consistency is that I switched to laser cut starting stock. Originally it was 120x5x10 mm flat. You can see the new blank in the picture (It's cut from 4mm thick sheet): Other than that I use only a 30mm dia round piece in the hardy hole. It helps shaping the upper archs of the hearts. Bests: Gergely PS: 40 more horseshoes today + blackened the hearts
  14. Gergely

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Dear Frosty, today's main program really was the sweating. Although as they say around here: a man from far away can tell anything he wants - so here's some pictures Yesterday's and today's 90 horseshoes, luck I sure hope... Sundried hearts after vinegear bath: Bests: Gergely
  15. Gergely

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thank you, John! Looks like I'm turning my head towards the electrolysis basics. Got 40 hearts forged from 6am to noon. 40 horseshoes still ahead in the evening, if I'm done with those can call it a day Bests: Gergely