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  1. Collins engineer bolo revamp

    Cool work, James! Bests to you! Gergely
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Well, my friend, everything IS a bottle opener. This rule applies well in this case, too Actually with good aiming there is more than one way to open a bottle if you got these babies... Bests: Gergely
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Yeah, It's the most iconic car of the ex Estern Block. Very good selling point to use its parts. These go under the power hammer. Had to widen the cuts a little bit, now it's more effective. The original tooling idea came from here, and it was a hand hammer with these sorts of cuttings.
  4. T wash

    Hi Joel, I'm really not sure but I remember something Colleen Du Pon said/wrote about this - maybe it's worth a shot to ask her. Bests: Gergely
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thank you, Aus! The usual Trabant leafspring I tend to like that stuff... Bests to you! Gergely
  6. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Made a pair of tongs, some throwing knives and a wine bottle holder. Bests: Gergely
  7. It followed me home

    Is there something like plasma cutter-envy? I'm feeling that all right Congrats and bests: Gergely
  8. Octopus

    Very sweet design and execution! And inspiring, too! Bests: Gergely
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thank you! More on their way. Fall did lead to mushroom growth of scrap steel in my shop...
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Actually I wear diaper cloths on my head It's simply the best to hold back my sweat. I can wear those like bandanas. Finally today finished the tooling for throwing knife handles. And made a prototype. Then the inspiration struck and made this: Bests: Gergely
  11. Huh! Thanks for the discount! I really appreciate it Bests: Gergely
  12. Thank you Gentlemen for your kind and constructive help! Pretty unbelievable that I've been poundering for over a year now at this problem, and the verb "forge" never popped into my mind as a synonim for the verb "iron". It looks like sometimes you just need to ask when couldn't get out of the box. I like the idea about keeping Ujravasalo on the international front line. Maybe also with the supplement "The Reforger". That clears up the picture a bit. Is there anyone else who thinks Ujravasalo is an acceptable name? - Considering its length and hard pronounciation. Thanks and best wishes: Gergely PS: It may sound silly but have you tried it like this: Uiravashaloo - it's suurin piirtein the way we say it
  13. Dear All, Once again I need to ask for your help related to English language. I want to get outside of the Hungarian market and go a bit more international. But there is one very basic problem: my brand name is absolutely Hungarian, and it doesn't work in international contexts. The name is "Ujravasalo" which means re-ironer in Hungarian. It's supposed to be a pun as it means 1. the one who re-uses iron 2. the one who irons clothes again 3. the horse has turned into iron again. It has a good distinctive function: those who understand the name usually also like my real stuff, those who just stare at the name buy the lucky horseshoes. (No judgement here only the experience talking, I'm fine with this ) The two main function of the name is to suggest there is re- or upcycled materials used for forging new things, and also to sense this is not the usual "wrought-iron"' concept but something creatively different. I've been thinking what possible English version could give the same impression as the Hungarian. Somehow I don't feel the "Re-ironer" could be too good. The monsters like Upcycliron or Recyroner came to my mind, but it looks like my English competence ends here. I'd very much appreciate any kind of help you can give me. Thank you in advance! Bests: Gergely
  14. Perils of joining a blacksmithing group

    This is a wonderful thread! Dear Latticino, can I please interest you in exporting swamp pounders? I very much think we could do great business around here in the European swamp regions. And Frosty: I rarely go to my wife and talk about IFI issues, but the above story of yours has became the favorite of the last couple years. Bests: Gergely
  15. The Temple Boxer

    Very well played with the dissonance and harmony factors. Congratulations, it can be seen that this hasn't come easily into the daylight. Bests: Gergely