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  1. Do you have any chisels? A chisel can remove more metal faster than a file to rough it down.
  2. I have. It looks cool though...
  3. At those prices I would consider a new anvil. I have a 125# JHM, and they are a good anvil. I agree with Thomas, the most i have paid for bottom tools is $3 ea. and I have a pile of them. If you have a forklift fork, you have a real anvil, just not a London pattern one.
  4. Now you have forges to trade for maybe an anvil......
  5. LBS, did the fullering change the ring tone at all from one that was not fullered down?
  6. I have one of those, but I did not get the side unit. I have heard that they are gas hogs, and mine is going to end up as a "mailbox" at the end of my driveway.
  7. My friend Franceso Musci (known on here as Zanshin) will be on tomorrow's episode. Now I need to find someone with a TV to watch the episode.....I shut mine off around 9 years ago.
  8. Also look into this product
  9. Brownell's has blueing information too.
  10. The forklift manufacturers I contacted reported back with 4340-4140. I believe it may be on a sticky here somewhere. Some of the new forks are stamped with the alloy, look them over close.
  11. There are videos of openers that do a whole case at a time- they resemble the old ice cube tray divider/ videos of 100+ ways to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.
  12. I would be leery of a cannon with 5mm walls. I have see thicker ones come apart with disastrous effects. The CZ26 has a 40mm tube with I believe 4mm walls. They are one piece tubes with some swaged and machined features.
  13. Notownkid, are those welded in, or is it a cast iron layout table? EDE, the "jack" motor method requires another 3 phase motor that is as big, or bigger than the one to be run. You connect the 220V single phase through that motor and continue on to the one you want to run. To start, you pull start the jack motor with a cord around the shaft, then turn the power on. The motor will stay running, and then you just turn on the machinery you want to use normally. You only get 2/3 output due to only having 2 hot legs instead of three. So a 3hp motor will give you 2hp output.
  14. A bandsaw wouldn't cut those. Only 1/8"? They are thinner than I was expecting. The ones I have seen were 1/4".
  15. I would bolt/clamp the rail. That way the rail can be removed if you need to use the other surfaces and edges for a project. There is a video of a guy in Haiti? using rail to make charcoal ovens. He uses all of the surfaces for different parts of the oven.
  16. You can run three phase motors on single phase. There are a couple of ways to do it, I used the "jack" motor method, but I have a rotary phase converter now.
  17. Good for you! If you can contact him again I would make him something as a thank you gift. I have given away items , or sold at cost that I could have sold for more when I figured it was going to a good home. I have also received good deals that way too. I figure what goes around, comes around.
  18. Cut a length off, slit it, and flatten it out. I have done that with copper pipe to make sheet. Too small for CZ26 receivers..... Round punches, socket handle gouges, interchangeable face hammer heads,
  19. HSS can be used for metal lathe cutters. They are also big enough to make a form tool, wood chisel, or a tool for working hot items.
  20. Agree on the high price, scrap is not what it was 3 years ago after China stopped its buying spree. It dropped to one half cent a pound at one point. Lots of uses as stated above with gongs as the main one for selling. We had some for shooting at long ranges.
  21. You find the small table Bridgeports everyonce and awhile and they are less expensive because of the small table. I see used vertical mills for under $1500.
  22. $140 and it is missing the blower assembly....
  23. The best sheetrock anchors I have used are the ones where you drill a hole, insert the anchor, hold it against the wall, and pull the two tabs which mushroom the anchor behind the wall. Snap off the tabs in front and the anchor is permanently held in the wall. Kind of like a pop rivet for sheetrock. These don't fall out like a molybolt does when the bolt is removed.
  24. I would consider selling it first, then buying a more suitable chunk of steel. It looks in pretty good shape. 200# of steel should run around $50 at a scrap yard..
  25. For backers I have used copper, brass, and aluminum. Pretty much whatever I had on hand at the moment. One of the recent Woodwright's Shop shows had a guy on that forged a socketed chisel. He use wrought, and forge welded on an edge, but the process he used to make it may be of help for further projects.