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  1. Ever See One Of These?

    Being steel it may be heat treatable
  2. Ever See One Of These?

    If you want it smooth again make friends with the guys at an automotive machine shop. The one my friend worked at had a flywheel grinder that was essentially a small Blanchard. Or if they are set up for shaving heads, they could deck it for you for probably less than a regular machine shop would charge. That plate has a lot of potential for various projects.
  3. Ever See One Of These?

    I never made mine when I had my shop, I just bought them like the picture I posted. They are pretty affordable, and it sped up the process of making a die set. Redsmith, look around some more, you may find the top piece too Was he a machinist, or tool and die maker?
  4. Gurkhas kukri

    It still is the prefered blade for the Gurkhas. You can find them with the British military Broad Arrow marking from time to time. I saw a spec sheet one time for the issued Kukris that were made for WWII. As to collectability. Many times once you polish it you devalue it, kind of like with firearms. People want to see the patina.
  5. Ever See One Of These?

    Looks like a base plate for a die set. The rounded ears would be bored out to accept the pins.
  6. How do you set up your tables at craft fairs?

    As a fair goer I would say that the U shape is good. If you have items that you need to store in the booth having the front closed off is best for you. If you have an area that those items can be moved to , and you have a EZUp or similar tent, having the front open allows customers to get out of the sun. Here the summers are so hot that items that are not shaded can get close to 200 degrees sitting on the table. You just want to make sure that you can keep an eye on the items for sale---some may walk off if they are obstructed from your view. Not having items tagged with prices is a pet peeve of mine.
  7. Unique texturing tool?

    What? LBS I would have expected you to just make one..... I have one that my Dad made when were were taking smithing classes at the local community college. It was torched out of some thick scrap plate that had come in. Works great.
  8. Value of a 500 Lb. Fisher anvil?

    That anvil is in beautiful shape. Big anvils get a premium over the more common smaller ones.
  9. Laminated striking anvil

    Perimeter weld and stand on edge, don't lay flat. As to sources for homemade anvils: Rental yards Heavy equipment repair/rental Fab shops Hydraulic shops Heavy construction companies Look for; forklift forks, bucket pins, heavy plates, axles, shafts, hydraulic rams, hydraulic breaker points, dozer/scraper blades, etc...
  10. Anvil Identification (help)

    Anvil Brand is selling a house brand 120# anvil for $576
  11. A collection of improvised anvils

    Make sure the bearing is hardened. I have one that is not, and if you dropped it on an anvil it would barely bounce.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Read up on speeds and feeds
  13. Cost of Wrought Iron

    I would start talking with whomever is in charge of disposal now, and get something worked out.
  14. Need to change my name

    Smoggy took mine- Just Blades. Knives by JB Are knives all that you do? JB Forge JB Forged Knives
  15. Anvil Identification (help)

    If it says England on the side I believe that places it after 1910, when it was required for exporting items to be marked such.
  16. JHM uses ductile iron castings, and they are nice anvils. This company sells a few different brands at decent prices.
  17. I was thing along the same lines as Judson, tumble them , but with a waxed media.
  18. It followed me home

    The induction heaters we had at work were 30Kw , but it is the Hz that does the heating. We ran in the KHz ranges. The smaller the part the more Hz needed. Some units run in the GHz range.
  19. Cost of Wrought Iron

    Scrap is in the tank, so get all you can get. If ya sweet talk them they may even give you a bunch. This is one item that is not being made anymore.
  20. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Yep, I milled a hardy hole in a forklift for for a friend with a solid carbide cutter like that. Light cuts due to the length. You can also try stepping it down , then doing a final full face pass. I had to go around a few times until the bit finally stopped flexing.
  21. It followed me home

    Rock drill. Hit with a hammer, twist, hit , twist , hit........ More than likely a medium carbon steel to be tough without being brittle.
  22. Las Vegas

    I was actually in town when it happened. I was crashing at a friend's apartment when I woke up to go to work and had a text telling me to call her. There was a lot of misinformation in the early stages. Now the conspiracy theorists are getting into the act...... It turns out he had booked a room overlooking the Lallapalooza music festival, as well as the Life is Beautiful music festival here last month, so this was a very well planned out attack, not a random mental breakdown. Like Frosty mentioned, he had no priors, was a pilot and passed the mental screenings, passed all of the gun purchasing checks, etc.. We may never know what made him go off the deep end like he did. The metro area really came together. Blood banks had lines down the street and appointments were booked out a week in advance. People are volunteering services, and it really has united this community that has been known more for being standoffish. For those who were directly affected it will take a long time to get through this, I don't know if you could ever get over what happened. Unfortunately this is a sign of the times we live in, so we all have to be aware of what is going on around us. Situational awareness. The gun debate is just a symptom of a greater societal problem that we have yet to discover the root cause of. Just tonight out near where I live we had an innocent motorist killed by another vehicle involved in a separate road rage incident. Too much anger and hate today over trivial XXXX.
  23. How LOUD is too loud?

    High pitch noises are what get me the most- Shop Vacs, routers, pipe dropped on the floor, wood clapping, air guns, etc.... I have always had really sensitive ears and could hear stuff others could not. The trend today seems to be maximum volume at movies, bars, clubs... When I go out I always have earplugs in my pocket.
  24. Greetings from the Bay Area

    Welcome from the southern NV desert. I grew up in Fairfield, and my Dad used to race Hobie cats from Santa Cruz to Monterey. If you want to step up in weight look here my 125# JHM is a nice anvil.
  25. What's your day job

    Anachronist58 at the last shop I worked at we had solid carbide endmills that were 4 flute and .006" or .008" diameter. I would have loved to see how those were made.