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  1. Preventing equipment sweat

    I can host your tools for the winter months here in the dry desert....
  2. Probably where it landed after being shot. A dog is a great alarm and security system- depending on the breed.
  3. Safety questions for new forgers

    There is a metal casting forum called They would be best to know the dangers of foundry work. Just from melting lead for sinkers I can tell you that you want ABSOLUTELY NO MOISTURE to get into the melted metal. It turns to steam and can blow the metal all over the place. Some YouTube videos can get you killed or injured. Good thing you are taking this seriously.
  4. A7 tool steell

    Try annealing one by tossing it in the wood stove when you fire it up, and just leave it in there after you go to bed so it cools slowly. Here is some info to read so you can make an educated decision.
  5. Personally I would keep it around just as it is. I have some that I use for spacers, parallels, etc.. For hot cuts, etc you can use old axles, jackhammer bits, etc. some have used mild since it is still harder than yellow hot steel. Anything heat treated will lose the edge hardness after being in contact with forging temp steel.
  6. A7 tool steell

    I take it that since they are drops they will be annealed. If so, use as is.
  7. That is around $80 of HSS, sell it or trade it off for something better. Here is forging and heat treat info. It also very brittle and if it is not done right it can become dangerous if it comes apart while you are using it.
  8. High Speed Steel lathe tool bit, forget forging it. The heat treat procedure alone is enough to make one just use it for what it is. They make great parallels if you do not have a lathe. What size is it?
  9. It followed me home

    Scrap is not profitable at the moment. He may still be thinking it is what it was 4 years ago. Make a bribe gift piece to grease the wheels.
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Aus, I see big fish hooks made from the plows, and a fish from the plow points... The funky spring looks like a recurve archery bow, but doubled up.. Maybe that pile just needs to ferment a little longer to be useful..
  11. Question about working with S-7 This will give you the heat treating and annealing information.
  12. Salvaging Sandpaper

    JHCC we got a surface plate from a machine shop auction that is 3'x5'x10" thick for $150 on a nice stand. They come in two versions normally, black and pink granite with the pink being more expensive. For $50 I would snap it up and do some advertising. One that size is nice to have, and could make you some money. It also depends on what grade it is for accuracy. Setting on the floor it would be a nice flat surface to lay out and reference parts on. My partner remarked when he saw ours in person was "Well, we have our headstones covered now"
  13. 3" flip top custom cane head

    Thee are a few ways you could go about that project. welded / soldered up from separate pieces, or cast would be the two obvious ones. I have an issue with the sharp wings and ears as projections since that is where your hand goes on a cane - unless there is a handle behind them that is not shown in your design drawing.......
  14. Anvil ID and value please

    Marc1, it depends on the size of the stump and flooring. Mine are stable sitting on the sand and gravel we have here. Back home in CA we had a eucalyptus stump that lasted a few decades outside under the 260# Fisher before the bugs and rot made it firewood.
  15. Show me your anvil

    Agreed, offer both. My only other suggestion would be to up the size to at least 150# as that is a good starting size for a shop.
  16. Rebar Knives

    Rebar is the hot dog of scrap really never know what is actually in it.
  17. Show me your anvil

    Jymm Hoffman casts his anvils out of H13 too. I wouldn't say that ductile iron is inferior. The 125# JHM I have is a nice anvil, and has yet to show any damage. I loaned it to a friend from Italy who used to to make several pattern welded billets, and when he moved and gave me the anvil back he said he liked it too, but he wished it was double the weight. JHM gets some good reviews. Now having said that , yes different steels will do some jobs better than others. When I was making die sets I had to know which steel was best for the application.
  18. flipper's titanium liners

    Ti is super tough, so you could drop down even further in my estimation. But why counterbore? Drill all the way through and let the scales back up the bearing.
  19. Should I skip work for this?

    There was a nice Fisher on a factory stand at an estate sale recently, One guy went early and he was not the first in line, The first guy through the door bought it and the next day iy was on Craigslist with an inflated price. If you can afford new has several to choose from. I have a 125# JHM, and like it. Some other makers are Nimba, Peddinghaus. Rhino, Rathole, Also look up the improvised anvil thread here on IFI You can get a 200# anvil for $50 or even free in some cases.
  20. Anvil ID and value please

    Price wise I say not bad. I picked up a 138# PW for $100. But yes, you did good for being in Texas where anvils normally go for a LOT more than that . The only thing that I might do is to smooth the rounded edges with a flap wheel on a 4.5" grinder to prevent further chipping and leave less marks in a workpiece, A few different radii will be beneficial. Other than that don't touch anything else with the grinder.
  21. Show me your anvil

    You will have to do some good advertising to explain the benefits of H-13. A 125# JHM runs $574, and they are a good anvil.
  22. Should I skip work for this?

    I bought my Sodefors at a machine shop auction back in the 80's. 306# for $200 All of the rest came from newspaper ad, a school metal shop sell off, and craigslist.
  23. Salvaging Sandpaper

    I see lots of free granite tops. I also do leather work, and one source for slabs to do tooling on is a cemetery monument (headstone) company. I have seen where some have gotten 4" thick marble slabs for free due to a screw up during the engraving process.
  24. Show me your anvil

    Foundry guy. how much will these run?