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  1. polite? you sent me a request to pay for "my add" a simple, hey cut the company name off the top and we will be good, would have been polite.
  2. and another warning for complaining about the pettiness, even more pettiness. I suggest just ban me because I am going to just keep coming for each point you give me.
  3. you have to be kidding? I received a warning because I posted my local steel suppliers prices? you blokes really take the cake for pettiness. you should read and follow the rules and read the PM you got, it was posting the advert for your supplier not his prices. You were sent a polite note about it, but we can make it official warning to make you happy.
  4. Went to an antique fair in a nearby town on Saturday, Picked up some hoof clippers cheap, $5 to $10 each. Spent yesterday morning playing around converting them in to useful tongs. Probably would have taken as long to just make new tongs, but I had fun doing it.
  5. cheers Glenn, was wondering about this day you celebrate, what it was based on. In Australia we have two main days we remember those who served, Anzac day, 25th April, which commemorates the start of a battle at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915 (Which we eventually lost with great loss of life ) Armistice day, 11th November, which commemorates the end of the great war (world war one). There are other days, but those are the ones mostly observed, only Anzac day is a public holiday.
  6. I dont think stainless will match very well. It will also be about 5 times the price of a Galvo bolt. A Bottle of vinegar or pool acid to burn the galvo / zinc off normal bolts will cost you a lot less than the premium for stainless bolts. My forge is outside in the yard, I just load my galvo bolts in to a heavy duty dish, drop the dish in the forge and go inside and have a cup of tea while the forge does the job. Works for me. Where does the zinc go after these procedures?
  7. see if you have any local facebook pages for smithing, that's how I found my local group.
  8. If it is for the hardy, just a bit of sharpened angle iron with a bit of square tube welded to the base which fits the hardy will make a good hot cut. easy to dress when you belt it with the hammer, and will do the job just fine.
  9. Looking very nice. What are you going to use it for? Finding yourself a firebrick or two to sit inside as a floor that your stock can sit on can be helpful to make the lining last longer. Also acts as a sacrificial floor if your going to use borax. I made a flat spot in mine to support a fire brick, but have not got around to getting one,the flat floor is doing okay, but definitely starting to powder up where I scrape and scratch it with the stock going in and out.
  10. just need to fill in the bit in the middle and it will make a nice little anvil
  11. yeah,if it's a bad one - it's terrible, dogs even lay in the sun.
  12. Build day for our gas forges. Hopefully photos are in order. based on a standard 9kg LPG cylinder,
  13. My gas forge, made it at a blacksmith club day, where we all got together and made a dozen or so for ourselves.
  14. I live in Queensland Australia, it was winter hear last week, pretty bad one this year, I had to put a T shirt on in the forge for 3 days in a row.......
  15. your not getting the tub hot enough, which means it must be darn cold bathing in it at the end of the day before the missus lets you in the house.......
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