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  1. You cold make some miniature swords to answer those boys who always ask at demos, "Can you make a sword?'
  2. OK, so what have you all been doing for ANZAC day today? A very long day for me … local town Dawn Service at 4.00am followed by a couple of other services and a day of blacksmith demos at work. A good public holiday crowd. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." I have heard that a few times today!
  3. I think Mr Pr3ssure sums up the feeling of many of us about alexandr's work. He makes us all feel a bit inadequate.
  4. A fine octopus, Das. I feel your pain with the rebar. Interesting snakes. Can we have a close-up of the head with the copper (?) tongue? Very useful eye punches, too, John. Drilled first and shaped? Looks too neat for the ball bearing method. I would like to find a way of forging an eye punch that has a spot in the middle. I don't think it's possible. My demo today was ram head bottle openers. Nothing special enough for photos. Also did a couple of 6mm round bar knots into key holders. Tried one in 6mm stainless and it finished up in the scrap bin. Painful stuff to bend into a knot.
  5. A.R. - Shaun the Sheep. I like that. Funny. Nice dogs, Bart. Your workshop is safe.
  6. Forged a few letter openers from some old floor mesh off cuts like the one in the middle. These are the pieces of floor mesh that are cut out around plumbing fittings before the concrete slab is poured. Our builders at work just throw them in the skip bin, so I rescue them, cut them to the size I want and make these. I like recycling stuff.
  7. Mike, they are not aggressive to us, but they can get a bit cranky with strangers, especially if there are chicks about. A few that my wife hand raised are very friendly and follow her around. We have a few that we put under a bantam and she hatched them out and cared for them. They were almost adult size before they realised they were not chooks and joined the guinea flock. Horse, I agree. Great bug controllers and they give any snake that happens by a hurry-up. Das, your one guinea fowl will be lonely. They really are a flock bird. Pity I can't mail you a few. Frosty, they reproduce at an alarming rate, but survival rate is not good, especially in stormy weather. They are not good mothers. And as for alarming procreation, well the dog gets a bit concerned over the action and attempts to separate them. I guess she believes there's an act of aggression going on. She's the same with the chooks.
  8. I've never heard of a Davidson anvil, but it looks to be in great shape. It's just waiting for work!
  9. I am managing to manoeuvre it by using a chain and slings attached to the roof of the workshop. Today I have welded on the legs and adjusted them so they sit evenly on the floor, but with the main weight resting on the belly. I have some tidying up to do and then I'll post some pics. It's pretty busy at the work forge at present (250 visitors today). Easter is one of our busiest periods of the year. Probably even more tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I have been keeping progress pics of the croc, so should have some to show by next week, when things have slowed a little at work.
  10. And speaking of laying in the shade, our guinea fowl have been procreating at an alarming rate. They lay hundreds of eggs and the chick mortality rate is pretty high with raptors and snakes about. I know Das has guinea fowl … things are getting a bit out of control here, Das. Check this lot out:
  11. Well I like your door knob ant, Das. I have done a few of them , too. We call them honeypot ants because the brass doorknob looks like the big gold abdomen like they have. Here's one of mine:
  12. Any of you guys know where I can source 6mm square bar?? I used to get it from Orrcon Steel in Cairns but they are not supplying it any more. Had no luck with Tonkins or Onesteel. I use a lot of 6mm for troll crosses, letter openers, pendants, key ring holders, twist hooks etc etc. I guess I will have to freight it from somewhere, but I've checked the usual suppliers on the 'net with no joy. 8mm square is getting hard to find, too.
  13. Very nice design features on that first leaf. I like the way the scroll sits against the shoulder of the leaf. It leaves my first one looking a bit ordinary!
  14. A 55-gal drum (44 gal here) would make an awesome spider, Das. I have a few big old LP gas cylinders that would do a fine job too. I'm a bit over big scrap art at present. My 3.2 metre crocodile is progressing well and I am now onto the legs. I've rigged up a hoist set up so I can raise and lower him. Got to make sure those legs are going to sit evenly on the ground. Spending too many hours on him though, and the weight is starting to scare me.
  15. Very clever, Das. Now, how about a huntsman spider?
  16. G'day,. Don. I had a retired blacksmith from Ingham way turn up at my demo at Historic Village Herberton the other day. I think he said he worked with the blacksmith at Macknade Sugar Mill. Hey! That might be you! If so, I'm glad you took my advice to join up IFI. If not, good to have you along anyway. Come up to Herberton for a chat and a bit of forging.
  17. I have elbow problems as well. Very painful at times. I just put up with it, but I guess I will need to take some positive action sooner or later. Wish I could use the other arm for a while but that's not an option. I'm dangerous left handed. I hope Rockstar finds a treatment that helps his condition and perhaps he will let us know.
  18. I've said before … I just don't think Alexandr sleeps! The sheer volume of his work, not to mention the outstanding quality, makes me wonder how he does it. Amazing stuff.
  19. Very nicely forged twists there! The tabs on the openers look a little small, but I guess testing will decide that. I have often wondered what the advantage is in using a slot punch for bottle opener loops. I have done hundreds of these and always used an ordinary tapered round punch. After all, you want a round hole, use a round punch! Perhaps, using say 12mm square bar, you may save a small amount of metal by aligning a slot punch along the material, but I'm not sure it's a significant difference. Just wonderin'. In the shop today I made a couple of lifters for fishing out small objects that like to bury themselves in the forge charcoal. Things like key rings and small troll crosses etc. I also made some BLT wax according to directions given to me by Das. 50% beeswax, 25% turpentine, 25% boiled linseed oil. It cooled to the consistency of soft butter and is easy to apply with a brush. I used the mix on one of the lifters straight off the forge ( a dull, matt finish). I removed the scale from the other one before applying wax and I prefer that finish. Both finishes seem to repel water so we'll see how they last. Here's a pic of the two lifters and the BLT. (My wife laughs at my BLT label - she says that means Beetroot, Lettuce and Tomato)
  20. Yep, great snake material. Looking forward to the photos, Ben. PS. I like your dog. Is that a Sheltie??
  21. I have no idea how you did that, but it's a lovely piece. Well done, sir.
  22. Well, you upset the end of the bar to give some mass, and then forge the head shape hammering back towards you. Using a ball pein hammer, widen out the bar just behind the head and then push the steel outwards on each side, trying to leave a ridge in the middle for the throat. I try not to overwork it, as I like the stretched scales across the back of the hood. (That's if you're using threaded rod, of course.) And I always punch the eyes before forming the hood. Much easier that way. Practise widening a piece of scrap bar before you forge a snake.