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  1. Where in East Tennessee? I went to college in Jefferson City, so you're in that vicinity somewhere?
  2. Live streaming?! AL!!!!! My wishes have come true, no more sweating while standing still, I can enjoy the meeting from the comfort of my temperature controlled den!
  3. Like the hammer, I agree that the finish on the handle needs work - I don't mind a burnt finish but that seems overkill. I think I'd prefer just a stained handle of some kind, or just bare. Only other comment is personal - I'm STILL waiting for the trades to wake up one day and notice that women do some of the work, too. It's sometimes difficult for me to find a hammer (or power tools, or gloves, or....don't get me started) that fits my hand nicely - they're typically over-large diameter for a female's hand.
  4. Whoa, I've been out of pocket a bit, trying to get caught up with all the "what did you do in your shop today" posts. You guys are killing it! LOVE, love, love the post vise stand and agree with whomever it was that said if this is something you just slapped together I can't even begin to imagine what your planned work looks like. Awesome work, guys, all around.
  5. That is beautiful. Simple and elegant, you'll sell a ton of those!
  6. I'm a total novice and have had exactly 5 sessions with a power hammer, so take this with a bucket load of salt...but when I was learning to use it I had trouble with the part twisting until I took off the glove on my right hand. Apparently I wasn't able to maintain a good enough grip on the piece, so as the hammer came in contact with it, the rod was free to twist away, and it did. Removed the right hand glove, had one bare hand able to get better control, and away we went. Like I said, take that with a grain of salt and I'm sure someone more experienced will chime in, but for me that was the ticket.
  7. Okay, now I gotta go try that. Those are wonderful, I love the backs of the heads - perfect!
  8. The wood handled openers are gorgeous! I haven't made a bottle opener in ages, now I'm inspired to try my hand at one of these.
  9. Doctors to remove stitches, JHCC?! Wimp. That's why God made needle-nose pliers.
  10. I've never known anyone who had the hip surgery who wasn't GLAD they did it - the instant relief from pain was well worth the trouble. Just spoke with a friend yesterday who had it done a few weeks back, she's walking around without so much as a cane, tickled pink she had it done. Best wishes on your recovery, too.
  11. Ohhh, tool rack, why didn’t I think of that? Steak grill might have to wait. Das, I’m gonna msg you about those blades. Thanks for looking through your stock! I don’t know anyone in construction, but the few construction sites I’ve passed seem to be using the larger saws. I think the smaller are marketed to the likes of me, the homeowner needing portability, ease of use over power.
  12. Thanks, Das. Yeah, the 6” are used with the little portable, battery operated circular saws. 10” is too big for what I need em for.
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