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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think I enjoy seeing your approach to tooling and the forging process you go through as much as I appreciate the end product. Watching people of your caliber work inspires me to try to do better myself.
  2. Very nice, I personally like the bold contrast of the low layer count.
  3. Thank you for sharing, very informative and well delivered presentation. Another vote for sticky!
  4. Yes, please.
  5. I like the bow tie design, haven't seen that style before. Now if you could tie the knot, that would be really impressive.
  6. This is something I've been wondering about lately, do you drift the taper only from one side (the top), or is it drifted from both the top & bottom for the hourglass shape as Swedefiddle indicated?
  7. That's a fine looking blade Das. The pattern shows up very well. I can't tell from the photos, did you insert a piece of copper tube in for the lanyard hole? If not, it might be a good way to protect the little chunk of wood behind the hole.
  8. Very nice, can always count on you for something creative and unique. Any reason in particular for the orientation of the tang, or is it a "just because I can" thing?
  9. Another approach that avoids the forge welding entirely would be to cut a 4 pound piece of the spring, then re-shape it to a hammer blank size block. For example, a 1" thick X 3" wide X 4-3/4" long piece could be re-shaped to a 2" Dia X 4-1/2" long hammer blank. No need to add mass, just move the volume to where you need it. Of course this all depends on the tools available, such as power hammer or striker, and your determination.
  10. Depends on which side of the door you are standing.
  11. I refer to mine as My Precious
  12. That is just way too cool Das. The roller chain face really gives it character. Great job as always.
  13. Love the sculptures. That's also a neat looking hammer rack in the background.
  14. Shouldn't the clean out hole be in the rear, under the tail?
  15. Pretty sure they are all the same gears, just different fans & housings.