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  1. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Since it appears you are using your weed burner forge indoors, make sure you have plenty of fresh air coming in to offset all the carbon monoxide that is pumping out and filling the house, or it may well be the last Christmas presents you ever have to worry about. A proper burner can be built relatively inexpensive, depending on your tools and abilities, and used in you firebrick setup, but the fastest way to get where you want to be is as stated above, dig a hole, light the charcoal and induce some forced air to get the metal hot. Better get digging before the ground freezes too hard.
  2. Anvil Knowledge

    What's up with the double step? Looks like it might have been damaged on the front edge and had an inch or two of the top plate removed for some reason.
  3. Railroad Spike Tomahawk

    It depends a lot on the style you're going for. You can use the head for the blade portion and just use your cross pein to move the metal into the direction you need it to go. I guess you could try to upset just below the head to get a little more mass for moving/shaping. If you want to leave the head intact and use the spike end for the blade, maybe just fold an inch or so beyond the point over at a 90 degree bend, then draw out the shape using the cross pein. Either way you go, it would probably be easier in the long run if you slit the shank for the future handle hole before you start shaping the blade.
  4. Help with slip rolls

    I found a reference to an add that listed capacity of the 36" model (R-636) as 22 Ga. and the 24" model (R-624) as 20 Ga., so I'd guess you might be able to roll at least 20 Ga steel with it, maybe just a bit heavier.
  5. C.S.A tag on anvil

    Markings tend to point to a 200# Trenton, overall shape also looks like Trenton, bottom surface shape could confirm it. Most likely will find a pill-shaped depression.
  6. The Temple Boxer

    Impressive as always. I don't recall seeing that lock mechanism before, very creative way to hold the knife in the scabbard.
  7. Chipped piece off of Axe

    Perhaps Mr Overhill is a cousin to Mr Underhill
  8. New bladesmithing specific logo - looking for input

    I get what you are trying to do, but I have to agree that the lettering of the NAZZ is too busy. As a suggestion, bump the letters apart by one pixel to separate them and compensate by increasing the anvil outline by one pixel all around. I like the shape of the sword on the left better than the right. Add one clear pixel between the hammer handle and anvil to separate them.
  9. Stuck in the city. Now what?

    A college sponsored club might be another option, if your school promotes such things.
  10. Church sign

    I like it so far. The only thing that looks a little off to me may be the lengths of the legs on the cross. The horizontal bars appear to be much longer than the top vertical bar, that might be what is throwing it off just a bit. Scrolls look pretty uniform and have a nice flow to them. Look forward to seeing the finished project.
  11. Use it as-is and get/make a portable hole for any hardy tooling. Attempting to "repair" it won't add to the value, more likely it will reduce it and the heat input from that much welding will impact the hardness of the existing face. I wouldn't want to think about re-heat treating an anvil that big. I'm glad you saved it from a life as an address marker, put it to use.
  12. Photos not showing for me, just a string of numbers in their place.
  13. 2 Dog Face... or Dog Head ?

    Nice hammers. As a side note, it looks like the corners of the slot you punched have pretty sharp corners. This could lead to stress risers and cracking. Might want to consider rounding the corners off of the slot punch.
  14. Sounds interesting in theory, but borax has a melting temp of 1369°F so you'd be looking at a crucible heated to at least that temp, and I have no idea what would happen when you cool it down at the end of the session (can you reheat and reuse?). I'd also think you'd need a significant amount in the pot to melt down initially.
  15. Simple Hunter

    Very nicely executed. One minor comment, I might have shortened up the scales just in front of the finger slot. They look a little fragile being that thin right at the cutting edge of the blade.