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  1. twigg, one thing to keep in mind when using bed frames is that they are mostly made from recycled railroad rails, and high carbon. They can develop cracks when welded, and not annealed afterwards. They do make nice wood chisels, and knives.
  2. You have my deepest condolences
  3. A lot would depend on the design and construction of the anvil. Plated aligned vertically I would say, bevel and weld. Horizontally-100% penetration to eliminate any gaps that could spring. Again, depends on the details.
  4. Personally I couldn't part with a family heirloom like that, and it appears to be in great shape. From what I have seen, a Swede of that size and condition would sell for a bit more than $900. Now, as to making some extra cash and buying it from your dad to help him out. You can do around $1,500 a month delivering pizzas depending on the city you live in. A security guard at work was making $300 a month recycling soda cans from the breakroom trash cans. I am constantly finding screaming deals at garage sales that could be flipped for a tidy profit. Not knowing your background, and skills, it is hard to say what you could do to earn the extra needed, but $900 is doable. There are also internet gigs that can earn you extra cash. Again, not knowing your details it is hard to recommend anything specific. But I would do what I could to hang onto that anvil. Sell it and the money passes through your hands quickly. Keep it, and make a lifetime of memories with it. Your choice.
  5. Just call your steel supplier, or look them up online.
  6. IF&C, my 2005 Vibe GT was the victim of a hit and run last night. Got their plate number, but who knows if the cops will follow up on it. Zippy made it through the scuffle with just a kinked right front fender, their car has a crushed in driver's door now.
  7. Nothing needs to be done to it except mount it and start using it.
  8. A local has two 1965 Jeeps for sale. One is complete and running with the original 4 banger. Not stock, and has had some modifications done. And the second one is a rolling shell, but he has a 4.3 Vortec and auto that he also had for sale. He was asking $7,000 , and $700. The Engine and trans with the computer $85. Looking to lighten the load before moving. No interest for me, as my 4x4 project is a 56 Imperial that I want to put on a second gen Dodge 2500, or 3500 4x4 with a Cummins and a stick. A single cab long bed is the perfect wheelbase, so no frame shortening needed.
  9. Marc 1, 7.62x25 Tokarev is a fun round. Essentially 30 Mauser.
  10. I wear foam plugs at work that are rated at 32NRR. You can get them in colors that are not noticeable when worn CORRECTLY..... I can put mine in deep enough that people don't notice the bright orange plugs. Too many just push them in, and do not compress them down before using them. There should be just enough sticking out to be able to remove them.
  11. STASH, all of the manufacturers of diamond saw blades told me they use 4140 for the body. Well my phone won't take a picture. It says not enough memory, but I did find an internet picture of the Whitney 20-1 punch I bought for $4 at the yard sale. And it appears the punches and dies I found in box of misc go to the Whitney.
  12. I have welded quite a few things with old rods. Before tossing them, give them a try first.
  13. Look for used billboard vinyls. You can get them from free to around $50 here. Check with the local companies that put them up, many times their name is on the pole with a number. Big and will last a decade out in the weather.
  14. I hit a sale Friday morning and got a ton of good buys. One standout is a c-frame ratcheting punch for $4. I'll try to get some pics later, I need to get to sleep as I work tonight. We have been working 7 days a week recently. I don't mind as Saturday is all time and a half, and Sundays are double time. Cha-Ching! Das, I just bought a Koenig Iron Works PTO winch for $10. Need to dust it off and check it over. Spins free, so that is a plus. It may go on the 56 Imperial 4x4 project
  15. Anachronist58, how much stuff needs to be moved? I am a days drive, but I have trailers up to 10K capacity if you need to borrow one. Unfortunately we are working 7 days a week at the moment.