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  1. Bluerooster, I have seen a post vise made from forklift forks. Trim the verticals for the jaws, add a hinge, and screw. Fabbing one up from bar stock would also be pretty simple. The most difficult item will be the screw now that old house jacks are "vintage collectibles".......
  2. Das, do you know what the torsion bars came out of? MOPAR ones should be marked on one end. Some are worth quite a bit today. I am getting ready to go get a FREE aluminum "pontoon" boat in a few minutes. The guy posted pictures up, and I took one look at the so called pontoons and knew I had to jump on it. Don't know what jet they came off of, but they are some big drop tanks - 300 gallons at least by my quick estimate. At first I was thinking of just driveway entrance decoration, then an evil friend planted a seed in my mind to make a Lakes Racer. Now the wheels are spinning
  3. JHCC you can always run the flux core with a stick welder...12" at a time.
  4. That happened where I work too. They were going through 4 barrels a day per shift, per slurry room. Now the safflower oil comes in a 275 gallon bag in a box (5 barrels worth). The cardboard box is around 1.5" - 1.75" thick.
  5. George, I found the school site, but no way to translate it to English. Some sites have a little flag that you can click on.
  6. SinDoc, a lot of mower blades are supplied by one manufacturer and that are of a high boron steel that takes a very specialized heat treating. You may want to reserve them for items like hinges, etc. that do not require hardening.
  7. aaamax, man, ever since you posted this up it is all I have been thinking of. There is nothing tying me down here, and I could actually afford that place as well as the one here. You say no residential, but a bed and breakfast would have to have a resident manager, right? If I read the posting right it looks like it comes with around an acre of land. When you talked with the agent, did he mention any other restrictions? It appears to be part of a complex, so I was wondering if there were restrictions on the use of the surrounding property.
  8. Carbide is very brittle, so you need to stop any chattering as it just breaks the cutting edge off of the teeth. My Dad taught nuclear pipe prepping, and they wound the carbide burrs up as fast as they would go. His die grinder did 50 or 60,000 rpm. Firm steady cuts so you don't chatter. It takes some practice, and a real steady hand. You may try two handing the die grinder for more control. You need enough pressure to pull a chip, and not just rub the surface. With carbide you want the chips coming off blue. With a HSS burr that would be too fast and hot. HSS chips should be silver to a very
  9. aaamax, what is the average cost of living in that area? How much would one need to make income wise to be comfortable? And how are things like cost of fuel (gas or diesel)? It appears Gysinge is a fairly small town, and the nearest "big" city is Stockholm, is that correct?
  10. With the spread of the tongs I would say wooden tie moving tongs, not rail.
  11. Looks like it is in Southern Sweden , so the weather is better than further up North. Residency requirements for things like healthcare? I can understand that. I pulled up some information on living in Sweden, and it sounds pretty nice in a lot of ways, plus I love old Chryslers, and a lot of our finned beauties have ended up in Sweden I couldn't tell from the listing, but how much property comes with the shop? My head is spinning with the possibilities, and the chance to do some traveling. Here in the Nevada desert the summers can be pretty brutal (110F-115F) so a cooler cl
  12. TIKI, yes that is a pretty famous house , and it was up for sale, so you may get your chance to own it When I moved to the desert I looked into all types of alternative construction; straw bale, monolithic concrete over airforms, rammed Earth, Earth berm, subterranean, storage container, etc.. The high cost of concrete killed the airformed ones for me. But I have been looking at the FIBC bags (Super Sacks) we toss at work. They are 35"x35"x52", rated for 1,000kg with a 5:1 safety factor. Basically big sandbags. For a structure I am thinking fill with the sand and gravel on my property
  13. Also look up Schwenker grills, they are a German BBQ. They come in all sizes and several designs.
  14. I'll start packing my Volvo wagon. My 306# Soderfors can visit its relatives.
  15. After I sell my folks estate in CA I could buy that and move. Not a fan of rain and snow though, but that is a beautiful shop. I wonder if the Swedish bikini team is still active Any restrictions on non Swedes owning property?
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