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  1. The one on top is a bent welding wedge used for aligning, or gapping parts to be welded. I have a few of them.
  2. That is considered theft of company property and is punishable. Even though they may have been discarded, if you were caught by the railroad police doing so it would not be good.
  3. For around another $200 you can get a new 125# JHM. There are several manufacturers of new anvils today. So look around. But, I would also recommend looking at the improvised anvil thread. You can get far more weight for your money, if they even charge you for it.
  4. Just saw this. Glad everything went smooth. Take it easy. Think up some cool sculptures, and work on feeling better.
  5. A Fisher never rings, they thunk instead. They were even advertised as quiet anvils. I love my 260# Fisher due to how quiet it is. Looks like a wagon tongue vise to me too.
  6. Thanks Thomas. I am more of the patient waiting type, hahaha. But that METRO van does have me drooling more than the 210# Hay Budden he picked up recently. I know where he got the HB, because I had asked if it was for sale earlier in the year. At the time it was not. He is a neighbor of theirs, so he got first shot when they decided to sell. I grabbed the vise for a friend who I am helping get started. I found him a sweet blower when I was working in UT. When a friend of his passed away he was given 3 anvils, one being a big Fisher sawyer.
  7. Cruising through Facebook and saw a during the week yard sale on one of my locals pages. One of the pictures caught my eye. Sent a message as I was still in Fabulous Las Vegas NV. $40 and she would hold it for me. Jam on home and got some other goodies to go with it. II&BC house jack, a couple of large packing removal tools which I need at work, aa new AAA grade walnut Royal stock for a K98 Maurer action, a handful of new bimetal hacksaw blades,new sharpening stone, and some misc. I chatted with her for a bit and explained what some of her other items were. She said how about
  8. The face does not have to be perfectly smooth or flat to be used. advertising removed I like my JHM.
  9. I wouldn't use a rod. Make a pivot point and mount it to a swivel base.
  10. work on your hammer control to leave a smoother surface for starters. A good angle grinder should remove the scale in no time
  11. I have never seen a Ginkgo leaf with more than one centered notch in the outer edge.
  12. There are a ton of new US made anvils on the market today in sizes from 50# to 450# that are made better than the old names. No faces to delaminate, better alloys, better heat treating, one solid mass not several forge welded together. JDSokol, I paid around $1 a pound for anvils from 1977 to 2016. I noticed a spike in prices after Forged in Fire came out. Then they became the next hot "collectible" and that further fueled the price rise. Many of the FB sites created recently are by those selling the hype to maximize profits. To me they are simple tools, nothing more. I will always sugg
  13. Are you sure it is the clutch that is seized, or could it be stuck on area that it slides on?
  14. So...

    are you a big gun doctor? Or a big gundoctor?. I see you are in Nevada so i guess both are possible. I, myself am more the big gun doctor, preferring artillery to small arms0BC7EF2B-5C19-49AA-9444-6513164185F3.jpeg.eca112a0b620e81b473a51d05c924250.jpeg 

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