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  1. Purple Bullet, I had the opportunity to use a 30KW induction unit where I used to work. It was for zone annealing copper electrical components, but on occasion I used it to heat other things. I could take 4" of 1.25" round bar from room temp to yellow in around 10 seconds. .
  2. Welcome from the Southern Nevada desert
  3. with the horn pointing to the right, do you see any markings on the side? Anything on the front of the feet? That one will serve you well. My biggest anvil is a 306# Soderfors, and it is a joy to work on.
  4. One big difference I noticed was between US and UK forges, with the UK forges being side blast while ours are mostly bottom blast. I am starting to lean towards going with a side blast if I keep using coal to mitigate the clinker issues that bottom blast have. Do they use any side blast in Germany? Are there any German smithing sites that you would recommend that have good pictures of works done over there? I am always interested in seeing how common items are done in various countries. Same with leather working when I saw items that were done in Australia, and Europe compared to what I was used to seeing here in the States.
  5. Last week the Clark County Fair was held in my little valley of 7,500, and I helped my neighbor who is the Rotary Club president work one of the beer vending booths. Everything went fantastic in that the weather was perfect for selling beer (80's90's) , just a slight breeze, and lots of visitors as the Covid mandates were lifted. This was their best sale to date, and the money raised goes towards scholarships for local kids to attend college, or trade school. Looks like they can do 10 scholarships so far. I have not seen what the visitation was this year, but it had to be up near the top compared to years past (70,000+) The following week has brought strong winds with gusts up to 50mph and temps dipping down into the 40's at night. Yesterday was bad for wind, and today it is pretty nice. I'll have to venture out and survey for any damage and strewn items on the property. Happy Easter everyone!
  6. Billy, next time you get a long crate put it against the tailgate and over the cab. I have done that with a few items I didn't want to cut.
  7. Very nice. Love a working knife.
  8. could probably move the new pipe wrench jaws at a profit.
  9. It is an effect of the bade cutting it. I have seen that with a lot of stock over the years.
  10. JHCC, I know Japan reveres some older crafts people as national treasures.
  11. *The hardened face plate is missing. No more than scrap rate due to the cost to repair.
  12. I was killing some time recently at a thrift store . and bought a home brewing book. I didn't start drinking beer until after I moved to Las Vegas in 05. It was probably around 08 that I started getting beers when out with friends because my drinks of choice (cocktails) are so expensive. I had the choice between a $12 cocktail or a $3 beer, the beer won out. The $3 beers were PBR, or Schlitz, and later I started trying different beers like Blue Moon with the orange (orange also goes good in a PBR), Pyramid Ale's apricot, and Moose Drool ale is also pretty tasty. A friend got me a 22 or 24oz Indian Wells Brewing Co one time, and after half a pint I was already getting a buzz. Looked the full wrap label over and there it was 12%, no wonder it hit like it did. I don't care for the really bitter beers, but I am having fun trying different styles out. But if I have a choice, I will still take a cocktail over a beer at a party.
  13. Those Ruger Bearcats are fun shooters. I have a couple myself.
  14. Haven't been on here for a bit, so a little late in responding. Thanks for the tips. Rockstar Esq, that is one thing I try to do, think of other things when I can. Malleus, as one friend stated, Well, now you don't have to deal with moving all of it. Which is true. Time to move on.......
  15. Something else to try would be to hand buff the rust just enough with a rag to remove the orange, and leave the brown patina. After a few repeats it should have a good rust resistant patina built up. Similar to how firearms used to be "blued" - rust and buff, rust and buff
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