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    Dating Fisher anvil

    The large 5 is the weight = 50# Check out the Fisher Norris museum page on FB. NJAnvilman on here is the operator of the museum

    It followed me home

    Having the spindle modified to accept R8's ,may cost more than a set of the correct collets. MSC use to carry oddball sizes. Then start with eBay, Practical Machinist dot com, or other machinery forums. There are a few Facebook pages for machining now. You can also buy a lathe and make your own

    Carbon brick for insulation

    I made graphite dies and a crucible for a continuous casting unit. The graphite starts degrading above 800F so the crucible was inside a containment filled with nitrogen when it was running.

    Green sparks

    I would say copper is present with green being the color.

    Sharpening steel

    You can also coat it in brazing flux to keep the oxygen off. I did that with parts I torch hardened at my last shop. The ridges are knurled on factory ones.

    damascus bar

    Thomas, I believe the Black Diamond Nicholson files are case hardened. When I talked to their materials guy (46 years with them) a few years ago he said they case, and pack harden some files to get more carbon in the teeth.

    Help with forge pricing please

    For me $600 is way too steep a price. I would suggest a JABOD if you are getting started, and a side blast has a few advantages over a bottom blast. There are far more less expensive air options than the high priced "vintage" ones.

    It followed me home

    Yes, just heat them up with a torch and they should fall off. The carbide I was buying and selling was used solid carbide form drills , and saw blades - high quality scrap. Even so, the carbide you have has value and the weight adds up fast due to its density. We used to braze old carbide cutters to the skids of parking lot sweepers to make them last longer. Depending on their size they may have a secondary application worth more than scrap value.

    It followed me home

    Carbide scraps fluctuates with the recycle market. I have bought it when it was $4 a pound and then watched it go up to $15 a pound. I was selling it for $30 a pound to users. New it runs well over $100 a pound. It is not forged due to the fact it is not a solid, but a powder held together with a binder.

    Not my Craigslist add with my photos

    I flag scammer ads on CL all the time. Usually an expensive item way too cheap, funky wording, wording does not match item pictured, etc.. It gets to be a game with me. Flag and refresh to see if I was the one that got it removed. I believe if it gets five flags it is removed. I had one lady tell me the trailer had been moved to Tacoma WA, but they could ship for free. I said excellent, I have relatives in Tacoma that can look at it for me.......all communication stopped.

    Cone Mandrel from Holland Anvil

    I always thought that cones could be made as a byproduct of casting the anvil. Pour the anvil and the sprue is in the shape of the mandrel. Cut the sprue off and you have a cone to go with the anvil.

    Discoloured and pitted metal

    Frosty, each arbor has a belt and the whole thing rotates around a stationary motor. Flip the arbor's belt over the motor pulley and use a spring or lever tensioner. The motor base could be a spring loaded slide. Pull forward to mount the belt then release.
  13. You are not size limited like a double though.

    Electrical trouble from multi-headed terminal bolts

    Heating and cooling wires also loosen electrical connections. When I worked at Jelly Belly we had an outside contractor come in that did thermal scans for insurance purposes. they would scan all of the electrical items in the plant like motor control panels, breaker boxes, disconnects, machine controls, etc Loose connections show up as hot spots. We would tighten them as he went along.

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Realtree, before you hack up that RCA boom stand you may want to research its value to collectors. It my be able to fund a lot more scrap brass.