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    What did you do in the shop today?

    There is a mesquite tree next to my friend's apartment and it towers over her 2nd floor deck. Long straight trunk that is probably 24" at least. It is the biggest mesquite I have ever seen. This is in downtown Las Vegas. I planted mesquites and palo verdes around my place. That is a really small anvil, or the beers in Texas are huge......

    Old military forge questions

    Danzinar, where did you find the forge? I grew up in Fairfield, and there are still some treasures around that area.

    1st anvil

    Southern Crescents are also tougher to repair sine they have a cast iron body instead of wrought iron, or steel.

    Soldering Stuff

    Those are some very nice pieces you have made. Why can't you use the spoons?

    Review of Evaporust for rust removal

    Parkerizing is what the military used for decades to finish their weapons. Everything from 03 Springfields to M2HBs and beyond.

    It followed me home

    JHCC, looks like where a bucket pin or hydraulic cylinder would attach to a backhoe or similar piece of equipment. DCF- nice haul

    260# Fisher Saw Tuners Anvil

    The tops on Fishers are very hard, which also makes them brittle. Missed blows can chip them up. They were designed to have a cold saw blade covering them , so a missed blow was not a big concern. Bladesmiths seem to like them.

    Help with translation into English

    I would call that a beautiful corner sofa. Excellent work as always Alexander.

    Welding on an S7 Face Plate

    Frosty, I have always heard of sweating parts together as when the solder is between them to start and then you heat them until they fuse together. The Sterling SMGs were done this way. All jigged up then put in a furnace. With an inert atmosphere there would be no scaling. Otherwise the anvil may need to be painted with some sort of oxygen barrier - I have used flux on small parts. Yes, machined dead flat to get the best fit. Not polished, but a slightly rough surface, say a 60-125 rms finish. Just enough that a fingernail would drag on it. Ohio, If the steel plate is air hardening tool steel , and the solder melting temp is high enough you could get some hardening by just removing it and letting it cool, or blast it with an air hose. It may not be fully hard, but it would be harder than annealed. Another method I was thinking of would be to tin the anvil first with an O/A torch, then heat the fluxed plate up to temp and just set it on top to sweat them together. This would be a good application for an induction pancake coil.
  10. HojPoj, the PING is the enbloc clip being automatically ejected out of am M1 rifle (Garand). They make a distinctive sound. Rojo, I get where you are coming from. I don't have any kids myself, so I have been thinking about where mine will go. They have been a good investment

    Welding on an S7 Face Plate

    Frosty, sweat them together in a kiln. You can get silver soldering alloys in sheets. I have been considering this for an old cast iron ASO I have.

    Howdy from Las Vegas!

    What part of the valley are you in?
  13. It isn't the anvil that moves the metal it is the hammer. A 1# hammer used with a 500# anvil won't move as muchmetal as a 3# hammer on a 150# anvil. M1 carbine or rifle? Personally I would hang onto it and look for another way to fund an anvil.... I like the sound of pew, pew, pew PING! as much as an anvil's ring

    Improperly repaired anvil

    Just hit hot steel and you should be OK