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  1. Yes, it did have a side handle fitted but it was on the right hand side. You can see the hole for the fitting on the left side is blocked off. The operator is right handed, so you can see he was using the tool in an unnatural position for him. That was a contributing factor to the incident. You need total control over a tool like that. I'm right-handed and I would need the side handle on the left.
  2. Doesn't look like it was cut off. Perhaps just a clean break. Anyway, it's still useful.
  3. That seems a bit drastic. A chain would have done to quieten them down. However, a hornless anvil is still useful in the shop. Here's one I found in the scrap a while ago. It would do 95% of what I make.
  4. Mate of mine called round yesterday. Hand badly damaged from a wayward angle grinder fitted with an aggressive wire cup brush. It kicked (as they do) and caught the edge of his glove pulling his hand into the wire. Not fun. The glove is still tangled up in it.
  5. We have bags of cassiterite here, as our town was founded on the discovery of tin ore. I know that Brasso has managed to smelt some to metallic tin but I'm not sure of the process involved. I'll ask him if he would care to comment on this post.
  6. Thanks Frosty. I have taken note of all that for the next try. Now, when are you going to make that kangaroo? I'll settle for a wombat or a platypus.
  7. A couple of bull camp oven lifters for the tourists, an s-hook from stainless steel (that took three times as long to make as one in MS), a small ball pein hammer reshaped, and a first go at forging a water buffalo head.
  8. Lou, that is a really cool idea for bottle openers. I thought I had seen every possible bottle opener but they are out of the box. May I steal the idea to make one for our mechanic?
  9. You can post photos easily. Just click on 'choose files' below the reply panel and select the photos you want us to see. Reducing them to a reasonable resolution makes the process quicker. Give it a test run with a pic of your armour. We like photos here.
  10. Thanks for the comments. Yes, after looking at that footage of the white moose, I need to have the antlers more horizontal. They seem almost shell-like in shape. It would also avoid the rather alarmed expression that my vertically-antlered moose has. Mounting on a horse shoe was an afterthought. A work companion of mine said I should have forged a spoon on the 'handle' end. For eating chocolate mousse of course. Where are you Frosty? Fertile ground for your puns here!
  11. OK, Frosty, I decided to have a try at a moose head. Now don't laugh - remember I have never seen a moose! Seems to me from the photos, a moose has a very bulbous head, and perhaps I overdid it a bit. I forged it from the one piece of steel (as we do for bull and ram heads) but it didn't give me much to work with for the horns (antlers?). Started with 12mm square bar and they look a bit thin. Might be better to shape the antlers separately and then add them to the head. That would allow easy forging of some ears too. Next time perhaps. I mounted it on a horse shoe to make a wall hook of sorts. Anyway, here's the effort. Next one will be better. Suggestions welcome.
  12. Well, 'straight' to the pool room was a little figurative; merely an expression of my esteem for the object in question. (I don't even have a pool room.) I guess our friends in the U.S. wonder what we are on about. "Straight to the pool room" is a quote from a well known Australian movie " The Castle " . The pool room was the repository for anything which had great sentimental value. As I said, only Australians would understand the reference. (And Das, your initial thoughts were right - the pool room would have contained a pool table)
  13. I'm just blown away. I had just finished my demo today when Morrie (alias Brasso) showed up and presented me with the brass buckle that he had cast using my forge and scrap brass. It is highly polished and bears the serial number A001. Morris may well make more of these, but this one is special and it will be treasured. Now to make a belt for it and then it's straight to the pool room. (Australians will know what that means.) Thank you, Morris.
  14. Wow! That's really getting local. My place is at Wondecla - a small place between Herberton and Ravenshoe. I know the Ravenshoe - Tumoulin - Evelyn - Garnet area well.
  15. And you did well! You managed to centre the punch accurately to pop out a perfect plug like that without having it hinge on the back. Now, let's see if you can do ten in a row like that!!