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  1. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Great bottle openers, Das. Looks like you nearly lost the top of that long bolt! Been there done that. The finish looks great - very much like the Rustoleum Clear which I use on most of mine. Perhaps harder and better wearing. Does the stuff have a brand name? I like to try different finishes and that looks good.
  2. ausfire

    sculpture or trash?

    Just caught up with this one MM. Great post - thanks. Undoubtedly, that is sculpture! I go along with all the ideas expressed above and I'm sure you'll come up with a mounting that reflects its beauty and history. I found the video disturbing. What a cruel fate for that grand old lady of a bridge. Was it not in the realm of possibility to allow it to co-exist with its modern neighbour? Could it not have had a walkway constructed for people to enjoy the structure and perhaps throw a line in the river? We let things of beauty and historical significance go much too easily. (Spoken by a museum curator who cherishes old things).
  3. OK, so Morris made me a mini anvil today. I took the process photos, but I'll let him fill in the details. About 12 pic heavy:
  4. Me, too. All of my snake heads are upset in the vice. Just can't keep 'em straight on the anvil face.
  5. Here's a picture of the mini anvil sitting on my Kohlswa.
  6. I'm with Iron Dwarf, only I would have a longer swim. I could fly, but I know I couldn't resist a purchase, and Qantas frowns upon anvils in hand luggage.
  7. ausfire

    Help with translation into English

    I think corner sofa describes it pretty well, but whatever you call it, the artistry is outstanding. You get such flowing lines and exacting symmetry. I noticed the curtain rod bracket too and the curtain holder. Your house must be like an exhibition of blacksmith masterpieces. Just beautiful.
  8. And I'm absolutely sure too, Morris! To fill you all in on the complete story, I left Morris at the forge yesterday after my demo. We found a reasonable sized crucible and a few scraps of aluminium. (A couple of Al spanners I tried to forge and failed.) He was just getting the metal to start melting when I left. Today I had a day off, so I did not catch up with Morris. It's been a busy tourist season and it's the first day I have not done demos since May. So what a surprise to log on to IFI tonight and see that lovely little cast aluminium anvil! I know that Morris likes a challenge and I think he won't stop with aluminium. There will be a brass anvil on the horizon soon. And how about a tin anvil? Herberton was established on the back of the tin discoveries here. What a great selling item. They would be heavy little paperweights. Engrave them with Pure Herberton Tin (I'll do that for you) and I'll guarantee you'll sell as many as you can make … and for a lot more than $27! Anyway, that's a great little casting and I look forward to seeing it in person at work tomorrow.
  9. ausfire

    shady shade

    That looks like a fine place to forge. I like the way you have accommodated the trees. They look a bit like our mesquite trees, am I right?
  10. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Weigh it, then cut the same weight of stock. Well, I know we have both made file snakes from rat tail files. And real file snakes do exist here. I also make hundreds of what I call 'shifty lizards', because they are made from a shifting spanner. (You probably call them adjustable wrenches). I have also made a dinosaur from a pipe wrench. A Tyrannosaurus Wrench. Here's a bunch of shifty lizards:
  11. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Looks like a bit of (very) flattened threaded rod for the snake there, Das. I have often been asked about forked tongues on the snakes. What is holding the copper (?) in place? And nice openers, Mudman. Clean design. Well done.
  12. ausfire

    getting better with the cobras

    Yeah, my wife is not too thrilled about them either. She tolerates the cobras but is happy to see them sold in our souvenir shop. She has not been happy with snakes since a brown tree snake (night tiger) swallowed a bunch of her newly hatched guinea fowl chicks some years back. And Das, I think I'll continue flattening the scales a bit, even though it's more time consuming.
  13. ausfire

    getting better with the cobras

    OK, here's today's cobra with the threaded rod flattened out before forging the snake. Not a big difference but the threaded rod is less obvious.
  14. ausfire

    getting better with the cobras

    Yes. I might forge one tomorrow with a flattened body. Well, at least with the threads forged down to give more realistic scales. I'll wait till after demo time - wouldn't be much of a demo flattening threaded rod! Pictures pending.
  15. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    He has attitude. Great stance. Well done!