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  1. Probably the roughest excuse for an anvil I have seen. Appeared on an on-line selling site for $40. Listed as 'home-made anvil'. When is an anvil not an anvil??
  2. It's only the distance that prevents that, Das!
  3. Running out of excuses

    Great photo of your workshop, Das. It looks like a place where work actually happens. What is the function of the wheel below your anvil block? Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    JAB, that's one serious-looking fuller you made there. Looks like it will do the job for years to come. I wouldn't call it rough and ready. Robust perhaps.
  5. Arkie: Ha Ha. Maybe I'll have to go to the other extreme now and see if I can make one from a 3mm welding rod or something. I've done a 6mm square one which was a bit tricky. Our mechanic at the Historic Village where I work wants me to make one from a 50mm square piece of buggy axle. He's offered to be the striker, but I think I'll decline the offer. I doubt the forge could handle that and I know I couldn't. I like a challenge but that's a bit over the top. Das: It's not the sort of bottle opener you can easily slip into your pocket, that's for sure.
  6. Running out of excuses

    Lately, it's too hot is the usual excuse. And sometimes you just have to clean the gutters and rake the leaves.
  7. That anvil has character. Totally usable. If it were mine I wouldn't part with it!
  8. For my friend Dave

    Will do. Strokes are so unpredictable. Prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
  9. First Things I've Forged

    A great start! Nice how you have upset the ends of the hooks to avoid sharp points. As Thomas said, you can countersink the holes so the screws lie flush. If you don't want to use Philips head screws you can square off a couple of lag screws in the forge and they look good.
  10. OK, I know, this is really overkill for a bottle opener. A mate of mine was watching me make a standard ram's head opener from 12mm square bar and he asked if I could make a giant bottle opener with a long horn bull on top. He has a collection of bottle openers. I already made a bull from a heavy tyre lever so I found the other tyre lever and made this opener. Very hard steel - these levers are not meant to bend! It does actually open bottles, but I suspect it will be hung on the wall rather than see much use, hence the brass ring around the neck. Here are a couple of pics, coin and 12mm standard bull's head for comparison.
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thanks Stitch. You can lift camp oven lids with a bit of fence wire or a tent peg, but these lifters do sell well. They are popular with caravanners and campers and I think people like the Outback style of them. I like them for demos too, because there is a variety of processes involved.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Been trying to catch up with a stock of these bull's head camp oven lifters to meet the Christmas rush:
  13. And are you burning charcoal, coke or coal??
  14. Like this, Thomas? The first one I made got it all wrong. I was unaware that the pips on opposing sides must add to 7. I don't make that mistake any more!
  15. brass/copper finish

    Yet copper is quite forgeable (if you're careful). Must be the zinc that spoils the party, eh?