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  1. ausfire

    Found My Dad's Old Anvil

    That's a lovely thing. Special for you, as you know its history. To be cleaned, cherished and used!
  2. ausfire

    Anvil Identification

    It's an ACME! Used primarily for dropping on roadrunners!
  3. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    That's really cool, Das. I don't usually go much for paint, but that green suits him perfectly. The raised handle looks great. And no doubt grass is his 'staple' food.
  4. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, the first one (many years ago) took me all morning, Now I can knock them off in half an hour, or 45 minutes if you have to stop and explain the steps when doing them for demos. They are good demo pieces because there are so many different processes involved - splitting, bending, twisting, drawing out, punching etc. I often get the kids to turn the forge to heat the middle twist section where they are not likely to melt the horns off. Parents like to take videos of that.
  5. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Quiet time for visitors to the forge lately, so I have been building up the supply of longhorn lifters for when the winter tourist season kicks in. February and March are our slowest months but things will pick up after Easter as the weather cools. Got a few ready:
  6. ausfire

    Beginner stuff for the wife!

    Nice use of rebar. Drawing out that 3/4 bar would have taken some energy. I like the cross pattern on that big rebar.
  7. Lucky duck. We have to pay the scrap dealer to take away steel.
  8. ausfire

    When to start signing your work

    Perhaps when you start selling your work. Buyers do like to have the maker's touchmark when they buy an item. At times I have forgotten to touchmark a finished piece only to have the buyer return later to ask for it to be marked. My one regret is that I did not add a serial number to some of the more popular items.
  9. ausfire

    It followed me home

    With all those wrenches you could make a plague of grasshoppers.
  10. ausfire

    Just a photo.

    March 14th. Autumn. Summer is not going to leave. Heat. 40C in places. Uncomfortable.
  11. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Beautiful hammer forging, metaldrms. And fine photography too, I might add. A fair length of round bar in that candle base, Das. Elegant scroll on the handle. Nice. And I had never heard of, or seen anything like a chicken popper either. Wonder what we would call them in Australia? A 'chook hook' perhaps.
  12. ausfire

    twisting rebar

    Thomas: Yes, some textures are not distinct enough for twisting. I chose this one because there was a sort of filleted look to the pattern (see left of Pic 1) and also two very strong opposing lines which could give a rope effect. It's sometimes good to add a twist to a long poker to add some interest to the long shaft, but after these trials, I am leaning towards the idea of leaving the pattern as it is. (Das, I had to look up H.R. Giger art. Wow! What's that guy on?)
  13. ausfire

    Dragonfly by Daswulf

    Ah yes, I remember it now. Nice to have another look though. Thanks.
  14. ausfire

    twisting rebar

    Rebar has a well-defined pattern and I wanted to know what would happen if it were twisted. As we are all aware it's not much use twisting round bar, but would rebar be any different? Wondering if anyone has managed to twist rebar in a way that makes interesting use of the pattern. Here's what happened: A tight twist, one direction. A bit of a mess: A light twist in a fullered section to define the twist. Ordinary. A long reverse twist. OK. A squared section. Not much good as the twist loses the pattern on the steel. OK for contrast perhaps.
  15. ausfire

    Overseas visitors

    Frosty, I had a couple of your countrymen come by my forge today. Very nice people who were interested in the demo and had lots of questions. The couple on the left come from Fairbanks, Alaska and the other two are from Seattle. They were happy to have their photo posted here.