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  1. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    It is the right direction - just left-handed !
  2. ausfire

    Just a photo.

    Exactly! And you guys get the horrific hail storms causing millions in damage , while we pay the high insurance premiums up here because we are in a cyclone area. The media love rough weather - we get the same sombre faces, dire warnings, State Premiers seeking the limelight on TV complete with signing interpreters, all predicting doom and gloom. All it does is scare people away from coming north. Our visitor figures have been way down. Sure it's hot, but we can handle that. The media is so patronising it's ridiculous. And Marc, I have visited Penrith once. Never again. Your traffic is horrendous.
  3. ausfire

    Getting cement out of a forge

    I would take to the edges with a cold chisel, lightly at first to see how it goes. It may crack easily and come away in sheets. If it doesn't you could back off and try something else. Doesn't look like it has bonded all that well, and the cast looks pretty robust. Nice antique by the way. Let us know how you get on, and please post a pic of the restored piece.
  4. ausfire

    A shed clean up - *sigh*

    Yes, indeed; a Champion 400 blower and working well. The air duct looks like a bit of old gal down pipe. Some homemade 'make-do' around there. When I next rebuild the work forge I would like to use a similar water cooled tuyere set up like that. We have all the required pieces to do it.
  5. ausfire

    A shed clean up - *sigh*

    This old forge and blower are there too. Seen a bit of use, but blower still turns OK. I like the water cooled set up.
  6. ausfire

    A shed clean up - *sigh*

    Friends out west having a clean up of the shed. Old blacksmith shop had these 'things' lying around. Makes you *sigh* doesn't it?
  7. ausfire

    Show me your snakes

    Nice rasp snakes, IF and TP. I have only tried that once - very tricky to keep the fold in the rasp straight. Finished up in the scrap.
  8. ausfire

    Show me your snakes

    Can't recall if I have posted this before, but these are the usual threaded rod cobras. Much easier to work than rebar.
  9. Rebar can be a pain, but it does make good snakes. I usually use threaded rod for these, as it is much easier to work and I hate drawing out tails in 1/2 inch rebar. But the rebar scales look good. Could we see some more snakes? Files? Stainless? Textured? Whatever?
  10. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    What happened here? I have done many hundreds of these bulls heads, bent round to make the handles of billy lifters and such. Never before has this happened. Steel was orange hot as usual, nothing different and it just opened up like this. Is it possible to have a piece of rubbish steel? It was new 10mm mild square bar. Right in the middle of a demo too!
  11. ausfire

    What is this?

    Aha! Yes, the hoof jack sounds like a good bet. It is on a western pastoral property where they would have done all their own shoeing. Thanks! I'll let the owners know.
  12. Friends of ours in Western Queensland have an old blacksmith shop they are cleaning out. This is one of the items they are unsure of. To me it looks like it could be a rest for long stock beside the forge. The screw would adjust the height. But why the hollow sphere below? Any ideas?
  13. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ha! My Russian is worse!
  14. ausfire

    Show me your anvil

    Hey Shoshinjoe, fellow Australian, welcome and congratulations on the Kohlswa! A finer anvil you will not find! (But I am biased because my work anvil is a K). Have you done a rebound test on it? 95% for sure. We had Swedish visitors to my forge recently and they said that the town still exists, but it is Kolsva.
  15. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Well, if you've been in Brisbane and travelled to Perth, you've seen a fair bit of Australia! I googled FESCO … what a huge company! 5000 employees and 70 offices around the world. Container ships, ferries, ice breakers - the whole deal. How long were you here and did you enjoy your stay in Australia?